The Petrodollar’s Creator: Iran Greater Threat Than ISIS

This news story appeared in the last couple days. While pondering it, a reader emailed me about it. Having a reader tell me about this seemed to confirm its significance in my mind.  It seems old Henry Kissinger is back in the news.

Back in 1971, Henry Kissinger was the Secretary of State under President Nixon. I’ve written both in my book, Daniel Revisited, and in various posts like this one, that the one thing that will make Iran’s invasion and the Second Signpost very hard for life here in the United States is the ending of the Petrodollar. If the Petrodollar were to end, it would drastically change the economy and living conditions here in this country.

It seems they don’t make American Secretaries of State as intelligent and shrewd as Dr. Kissinger any more. Not only did he navigate the dangerous waters of dealing with Soviet Russia in the thick of the Cold War, but he also opened up China to the west in the mid-1970s and he caused the Petrodollar to happen – he was probably most responsible for birthing it. Here is a photo from the early 1970s where he is seen negotiating with the Saudis.

kissinger with saudis 1973

So it is interesting to me that this old politician had something interesting to say in the thick of the events going on right now where everyone seems to be going gaga over ISIS and thinking it might be the end of the world with ISIS doing its thing. Kissinger said, “I think a conflict with ISIS — important as it is — is more manageable than a confrontation with Iran.” He is right. Iran is the real threat here, not ISIS.

He goes on in the article,

“There has come into being a kind of a Shia belt from Tehran through Baghdad to Beirut…This gives Iran the opportunity to reconstruct the ancient Persian Empire — this time under the Shia label — in the rebuilding of the Middle East that will inevitably have to take place when the new international borders [are] drawn. The borders of the settlement of 1919-’20 are essentially collapsing.”

The creator of the Petrodollar can see what is happening and most likely sees a possible end to the very system he helped create 40 years ago. And, yes, by itself what ISIS is doing is truly terrible, but it will pale compared to what is to happen next according to God’s Word – the invasion by Iran.

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  1. Indeed! I read this Kissinger interview w/NPR earlier as a result of the reader’s link. It’s as though Kissinger was either reading your book or reading Daniel chapters 7 and 8…the proverbial “writing on the wall” is mounting consistently now. The US stock market is at an all-time high…over 17k…most Americans will not see this coming economic downward turn of events, let alone the inept Obama administration. However, I have to wonder about timing…I have been watching and looking for patterns.

    With the first blood moon passing on Passover earlier this year, we have had the most recent conflict between Hamas and Israel this summer. Coincidence, perhaps. The second blood moon is coming up on Sukkot next month, again perhaps something to do with Israel. Prophecy students will just have to wait and watch.

    However, if tradition holds true, it will be the gentiles turn for difficulty in 2015…will Iran wait until then to invade the Middle East and succeed beyond anyone’s expectations? It will depend upon what happens, if anything, after the Sukkot blood moon regarding Israel.

    I’m really thinking hard about pulling out of the US stock market early next year…selling high…


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    An interesting follow-up to my concluding remarks to Middle-East Events and Bible Prophecy, as here >

  3. Great post Mark. The writing is definitely on the wall! I listened to Obama’s speech last night. His plan to arm Syrian rebels appears terribly misguided. Some of the rebel groups who fought against al-Assad’s regime are now loyal to ISIS. Hence, by arming the rebels, Obama will arm ISIS. It is next to impossible for him not to have some awareness of this.

  4. Hi Good4u1,
    I’m thinking 2015 as well. However, who knows except the One in control? I’m already out of the American stock market. Its as I said before, “get out of the dollar!”
    May He guide each and evry one of us to do what He would have us do, amen.

  5. Hi Vernon,
    I still wonder if the administration is clueless due to their Marxist ideologies blinding them, or if it really is as D’Souza’s book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage (which I recommend) says and that Obama is purposefully trying to bring America down to the same level as that of a third world country. As the Bible says, our government is instituted by God, and so in this way Obama is serving God’s purpose for our country for Daniel 8 says no one will stop Iran (and that means the USA too).

  6. Hi Mark, thank you for your article. I’ve been trying to warn of the Iranian Oil Bourse for several years now. By starting their own Bourse they have no need for the Petrodollar, which is, unfortunately, our dollar reserve. A bourse is a commodity exchange, Iran started this one in 2005 on an island in the Iranian Free Trade Zone of Kish Island. It opened for business in 2008. It will take local currencies or the Iranian Rial. Not only could they come boiling out of their country and take over the oil fields, they already have in place the mechanism of selling said oil. I have to wonder if ISIS is using this bourse to fence their stolen oil now. Either way, your book (I have read twice) and web page are timely. Thank you and God bless you Mark.

  7. V interesting to learn just now that Turkey is pulling out of Obama’s anti-IS scheme (see’s-strategy-Turkey-backs-out-of-US-led-war-on-IS-Germany-UK-say-no-to-air-campaign)

    Also, with reference to your anticipated Arab confederacy, the Arab League very recently announced action against IS.

  8. Please consider the Jewish Shemitah, at Elul 29, Sepember 13, 2015. See Jonathan Cahn’s recent youtube concerning this matter at

  9. Hi Jymhitte,
    Check out my older posts. I address this subject here.
    It is very possible the Second Signpost will begin on or around that date – but I remind us all that the date of the Second Signpost is speculation, and not Biblically based.

  10. Also remember, September, 13, 2015 is a “warning” type…not an exact day of disaster according to the Shemittah cycle. We can see this possibly taking place with Israel this year, as I stated earlier in this thread that the blood moon happened this last Passover. Nothing on that exact day of Passover happened in Israel, but within 90 days Hamas conducted rocket shelling upon the nation of Israel. It is timing of events we need to watch for in correlations.

    The tetrads on the Lord’s Feasts days combined with the Shemittah cycle is a warning to be especially watchful and prayful, imo. Not that those exact days are doom days…God does not say that that I know of or we would be gods ourselves. So let us not jump to conclusions and get ahead of God. But do be watchful and prayerful for his timing when God does work and moves his prophetic plan by paying attention.


  11. good4u1,

    Your approach to the Blood Moon tetrad and the Shabua/Smitah cycle is most appropriate: watch and pray.

    I just want to emphasize for Mark’s readers that the Blood Moon tetrad is not the Celestial/Earthly disturbance which precedes the Day of the Lord. as found in Isaiah, Joel, Matthew, Luke and Revelation. I detail this later event in my new book “Jesus is Coming! 5 Things We ALL Need to Know” (Mark is currently reviewing the draft) The Prophet Joel clearly says God displays his “wonders” during this disturbance. This is the same Hebrew word God uses to describe the plagues of Egypt and the Exodus. If you read Mark Blitz and others you might think this will be the end. I think it might be the beginning.

    My speculation (not in my book) is this may be the beginning of the “Birth Pang” period detailed in Matthew and Luke. Luke specifically mentions “Signs in the heavens” as one of the aspects of the Birth Pangs. The 2014/2015 tetrad is an amazing event. Of all the tetrads in the last 2000 years it has the most symmetry. It certainly classifies as a “sign in the heavens.”

    Much more important I believe than the minor “war” between Hamas and Israel at the first blood moon was the rise of the IS Caliphate in June. We know from Rev. 13 and 17 that the Ottoman Caliphate is the head of the beast that is healed. (it received its fatal head wound in 1924). Although ISIS is not the Ottoman Caliphate revived, is the beast alive upon the earth once more? Is ISIS a first step in a series of 4 caliphates (IS, IRAN, TURKEY and finally THE BEAST)? Only God knows. It is certainly a time for watching and praying.

  12. Nelson,

    The reason I mention the conflict with Hamas and Israel from this past summer, is that according to “tradition” it is held that when blood moon eclipses on Jewish Feasts days are seen it is a bad sign for the Jewish people. And true to form, within 90 days Hamas started to harass Israel with rocket shelling. Now, I am looking for another sign after the next blood moon on the night before when Sukkot begins for the Jews. We shall see and I will be watching and praying for another confirming sign and it will have to do directly with the Jews. If something significant happens in adverse way directly regarding the Jews…it will be another confirming sign that God is at work. Time will tell.


  13. Good4u1,

    It is believed there was a blood moon on the night of the crucifixion in 33AD (Acts 2), blood moon tetrads occurred the year of the Jewish war for independence and the year Jerusalem was liberated. All of these things were “positve” for Israel.

    Blood moons are technically not a “biblical” sign expect for the Celestial/Earthly disturbance which occurs at the sixth seal of Revelation. Saying it portends something negative for Israel is a man made convention. Whether or not this blood moon tetrad is a “sign in the heavens” is also debatable. However it might be, we must watch and see.

  14. Blood moon tetrad is another money making hoax, like Y2K or Dec, 12,2012. The only 2 things our savior has asked his disciples to watch and pray for eschatalogically is 1) the day of the Lord & 2) arrival of his kingdom on earth. Of course without clinging and embracing his mercy & grace on our lives, the blessing of seeing & experiencing the day of the Lord & his kingdom will not even transpire.

    Even if the end of petro-dollar does not transpire, we can always count on Christ’s kingdom as an absolute.
    Can I get an Amen?

    Mark: I am crossing my fingers on your 4 beast theory and hope it is correct. For me it is more real & biblical than the tetrad theory.

  15. Yes, AFO, the one thing we can all agree on – preterists too – is that Christ is returning.
    And when reading Daniel 7 and 8 with the simplest most straightforward meaning, in the light of history, the Signposts do stand out as real.

  16. Agreed it is not necessarily biblical, but there is then evidence of both good and bad for Israel and I can also give you proofs that it had adversely affected Israel and or the Jews. But the blood moons for them (the Jews) to be relevant MUST occur on Jewish feasts days. Nelson, you did not indicate in your last post that those Jewish events occurred on tetrads on Jewish feast days. That is the relevance. We shall indeed see if this is merely man’s invention or a work of God in his world. We must look for correlations and verifications, otherwise, it is discarded. The jury is still out on this verdict so let’s not so easily dismiss until the full time has passed.

    Remember, Hanukkah was also not a subscribed Jewish Feast day originally given by the LORD and became a Jewish tradition, even celebrated by the LORD Himself. But became highly relevant for the Jews and will have relevance at the close of the end of the age, if you read “The Last Shofar!” which I know you did as did I. This is my proof that just because it is tradition does not mean God will not utilize it but we must pay attention to what He is doing. I highly recommend all serious prophecy students read this book and you too, Mark.


  17. Its been on my list. True, the whole tetrad/blood moons subject is not specifically Biblical but there has been enough correlation to real and significant events to at least qualify it to keep in mind. And I may be wrong, but it is very possible this next set of four we are in the middle of, will bring in the Second Signpost which is just as significant prophetically as Israel becoming a nation.

  18. AFO, believe it or not there are over 30 separate references to watching, seeing and being observant in the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24 and 25, Mark 13 and Luke 21). In my new book (not out yet) I devote an entire chapter to what we are to watch for.

    You are definately correct, we can all agree on the coming Kingdom! In Luke 21 Jesus commands:

    But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near (Luke 21:28)

    Before that, when Jesus mentions the beginning of the birth pangs he discusses “wars and rumors of wars.” Obviously war is endemic to human existance. There are been hundreds if not thousands of wars. Jesus cannot be referencing these “generic” wars. He must be referencing wars that are prophecied for them to be “signs.” What war is prophecied to occur in the end times right before the rise of the Antichrist? The great Sunni-Shia war in Daniel 8 is my answer. So I believe Jesus is mentioning this coming war in his “beginning of the birth pangs” period.

    At least those are my opinions.


  19. Good4u1, The blood moons CAN be biblical IF they are “signs in the heavens” as mentioned by Jesus in Luke 21. Hannukkah is definately a prescribed holiday because Jesus celebrated it. It did not need to be mentioned in Leviticus. Mention in the gospels is plenty! My family and I celebrate a “Christianized” rememberance each year.

    As for man made interpretations of the blood moons: this is good/bad for Israel, this is good bad for gentile nations; I think we are treading on sandy soil. We are not even sure these are signs in the heavens yet. I think they are but I’m not sure and it requires further watching.

    Again, those are my opinions. Believe me I will be watching very closely when the next blood moon occurs next month on Tabernacles. If ISIS arose and the Hamas war with Israel followed the first, I am interested in seeing what if anything occurs this time.

  20. Nelson:

    Looking forward to reading your book. Your writing style is smooth, inspiring & very practical.

    Mark: Are you working on anything? You have a gift of insightfulness.

  21. Mark,

    I was was watching FOXNEWS mid-day today (9/18) and they had on K.T. McFarland (former Reagan national security advisor) opining about the options to stop ISIS and it boiled down to this: the local ‘boots’ are going to defeat ISIS with guidance from the US advising (unlikely and wishful thinking), US military ‘boots’ with their so-called allies (well, we know how the POTUS feels about that with wishy-washy allies following a weak leader and also likely a no-go) and finally…your second sign-post…Iran. Interestingly, McFarland hinted that preliminary and possible back channel discussions could be taking place next week on this very topic during the ever-delayed Iranian nuclear armament negotiations to be held again next week.

    KT said out of sheer desperation, Obama may be willing to look the other way to have Iran route ISIS from Iraq…but she cautioned Iran will not do it for nothing. Does Iran do anything out of the goodness of their little black Shia hearts? You may will indeed get the realization of your second sign post before the blood moon tetrad completes its cycle.

    All so very fascinating…and well worth watching those negotiations.


  22. Good4u1,
    You bring up an interesting point about Iran and the Second Signpost – is it possible that the powers may be begging and inviting Iran to invade? I thought that was too incredible and far-fetched, and that Iran would do it because they wanted to assert their will without an invite.
    But now with Russia trying to stop US dollar hegemony might they want Iran to invade the Middle East? After all, if oil triples in price Russia can only benefit; and that doesn’t include the killing of the petrodollar. And our government might be so stupid and short-sighted to actually beg Iran to invade. Looks like I will have to start considering this possibility. Thanks.

  23. As we all know, since Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard in the early 1970’s and Kissinger shrewdly in its place instituted the US Petrodollar, the US dollar is nothing but a house of cards living on borrowed time. All it takes is for some strong-armed nation to commandeer by surprise the Saudi oil fields and the US Petrodollar collapses in a very short time.

    Most Americans do not realize this…I bet Kissinger’s newest book entitled, “World Order” (how appropriate) is very revealing regarding the developments in Mideast politics. Kissinger is 91 years old and just released this book, is mind is as sharp as a trap, and I bet it is a very good read. I’m thinking about getting the e-book.


  24. AFO,
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Regarding your question, I am seeking His wisdom on what I should write next. Between my day job that pays the bills, and working a project with Nelson, and publicizing Daniel Revisited, it doesn’t leave much more time. I am contemplating two possible books, one of which I will announce if or when the time comes – maybe sometime after the first of the year.

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