A Possible and Shocking Kickoff to the Second Signpost

Thanks go to one of my readers for bringing the following news development to my attention. K.T. McFarland, former national security advisor to President Reagan, stated in a Fox News interview that the situation with ISIS has really come to the place where we have three options remaining: (1) have the U.S. abandon the area, (2) have U.S. troops return by the thousands to fight ISIS on the ground, or (3) have the United States ask Iran to invade Iraq to take out ISIS.  Her interview is in the second video posted at the link.

It was Option #3 that shocked me. Of course, anyone who does not know about the Four Signposts would think it strange anyway that the U.S. would Iran for help – it would be like asking the farmer asking the fox to help with the chickens. But to those who know the Signposts, it may seem like a shock because we know the Second Signpost is next, and so we know Iran is to invade.

The question is, how does the invasion start? The Bible doesn’t say. But we can speculate. I had always thought it would be by surprise – analogous to the head-butting the ram does when it charges out. Perhaps Iran will show off a nuclear weapons test, and then announce it is holding the oil fields hostage and nobody had better interfere.

But this idea that the U.S. would actually ask Iran – that would indeed be a surprise. When the West would see Iran massing troops at the border, they would think that’s part of helping in

Iraq. The surprise would come when troops kept pouring over the border. If the U.S. told Iran to hang a right at Baghdad after going west from Susa, to fight ISIS, and did Iran did that but also went left to the oilfields that would indeed be a surprise. Iran could end the petrodollar before the U.S. could do anything about it.

I’m not saying the Second Signpost will start with the U.S. actually asking Iran, but it seems appropriate that the Second Signpost would start that way since the U.S. has almost single-handedly orchestrated the First Signpost.

One last thing. From the Signpost perspective, my vote is for Option 1 above. That may seem heartless and cold, but it is the only option that either keeps our troops safe, or would make it harder for Iran to invade. Of course we caused the First Signpost so we now have an obligation to “help” in the region.

When the Second Signpost begins and if the trigger was the U.S. government asking Iran to help in Iraq, the U.S. government should remember a line that Bugs Bunny always used in old cartoons telling someone before a consequence was known: “…and remember, you asked for it.”

I also sent K.T. McFarland the following note on her website –


Hello K.T. McFarland,

One of my readers told me about your commentary today (Sept. 18), where you mentioned that one of the possible scenarios is that the U.S. might consider letting or even inviting Iran to invade Iraq in order to stop ISIS, in exchange for giving Iran nuclear concessions.

I am the author of a Bible end times prophecy book titled, Daniel Revisited: Discovering the Four Mideast Signs Leading to the Antichrist. The message of my book is a radically different interpretation of Daniel from the popular view, and my book shows that there are four events prior to the Tribulation. The first event was the democratizing of Iraq, which has been fulfilled. The second event is to be the invasion of the Middle East by Iran. The Bible does not tell us how the invasion starts – just that it must happen. Both in my book and on my blog I give several guesses as to how it might begin, but I never guessed the United States would specifically allow Iran to invade Iraq. However, this developing story fits exactly to the fact that the Bible says Iran must invade the Middle East.

When Iran invades the Middle East, the Bible says no one will be able to stop Iran or rescue nations from their power. I certainly do not want to see our troops there. And this invasion by Iran will also cause the end of the U.S. petrodollar.

Ancient history shows us how to properly read Daniel – and this new interpretation from Daniel is fitting current events perfectly. Check out my website at foursignposts.com. I would enjoy hearing from you.


Mark Davidson

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  1. WOW!!

    Mark, Obama really doesn’t seem at all serious about stopping ISIS. He has a 40 nation coalition, but none of the representatives are prepared to get their hands dirty. I would agree that in order for Iran to invade Iraq, the US will have to pull back. It would seem that Iran really wants Obama to do exactly that.

  2. Wow, Mark! You took my information and ran with it! Would love to know if KT actually responds to you! Maybe she could even mention you in the future on FOXNEWS during one of her interview-analysis segments with a FOXNEWS host. That is how Joel got on as a guest on the Glenn Beck program when he was on his FOXNEWS. Basically, he wished to his posters that he could somehow be on Glenn Beck…well, Joel’s posters (myself included) took that to task and emailed the Beck producers about Joel, and Joel eventually did a guest spot on Beck which was the will of God. His “Islamic Antichrist” book became number one in theology and number three in eschatology after that national airing.

    I pray that somehow the same thing happens to you but possibly through KT since Beck is no longer at FOX.


  3. Hey, Mark…one additional thought…I would send a courtesy copy of “Daniel Revisited” to KT if somehow she responds to you…it would be worth a shot.

  4. Thanks, Good4u1, for the tip! It is a significant development if not at least a signficant idea.

  5. IF Iran decides to take the war to ISIS…..who will stop them? Daniel 8:4 He did whatever he wanted and became great.

    In fact, the motivation to get ISIS may be so great that the nations may actually encourage Iran to do so. Daniel 7:5 It was told, ‘Get up! Gorge yourself on flesh.”

  6. I’ve also seen where Iran could join the fight AFTER the us lead coalition fails. And based on the public perception of the plan, it could be opening the door wide open for Iran to show up, and prove their military might to the world. The option 3 above or what I’ve stated could be quite eye-opening. Then we will see turkey fly in when the ram feels satisfied and redraw the map of the Mid East. Pray earnestly for His will be done in all things.

  7. Looks like John Kerry and Iran’s deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi are discussing Iran’s involvement according to this article from Jerusalem Post.

  8. Mark…

    Breaking…straight off of twitter retweeted by Joel…today, Sunday…

    KT MacFarland was not just opining last week on FOXNEWS mid-day…she now has strong backup…US is contemplating this with Iran…unbelievable!


  9. Hi Good4u1,
    If the U.S. position on Iran and IS is changing it would be in the following quote from the article –
    “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday that Iran has a role to play in defeating Islamic State, indicating the U.S. position may also be shifting.”
    The article is mostly talking about Iran being willing to exchange defeating IS with more room on its nuclear program. Iran will wait for the U.S. to make the overture. And of course Iran would be willing to do this – it would be like their dream come true.

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