Davidson Interview on KPOF Denver – Update: Posted

I have been scheduled to be interviewed on The Morning Drive Show, with Roy Hanschke, on KPOF radio, this coming Wednesday, September 24, 7 – 8:40 AM (MST), live.  KPOF, AM 910, is broadcast across the Denver area from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs.

If you are not in the Denver area you may be able to catch the program on the Listen LIVE link on Roy’s webpage.

UPDATE: You can now listen to the interview in its entirety on the Appearances Page or on AM91’s website.

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  1. Awesome! That is a big market. I will pray.

  2. Mark, you did well inspite of the constant commercials, music, weather reports, traffic reports and conversations by the Hosts. I would have tuned out much sooner if it wasn’t you. They let you speak for two minutes then go to a break…another minute then comments from the Hosts. I don’t think you spoke longer than 15 minutes in a 1.5 hour interview! But I believe the Lord will use the time you were given.

  3. Hi Rob,
    I know what you mean. Sometimes when I listen to a 2- or 3-hour show with lots of breaks it can seem like the main topic does not see much airtime.
    However, I think the time there with Roy, Gordy and Denise went extremely well. I had perhaps 7 or 8 segments at 4 to 7 minutes each, and we planned what the topic of each segment would be. I think we had a total of about half the time in the discussion and on top of that I do believe the Holy Spirit showed up, and Roy being the gracious brother that he is, let Him work.
    Keep in mind also that much of the audience is working people going to work and if they can only catch 15 minutes of the show, at least they caught one segment. It reminds me of a lighthouse – just as a lighthouse periodically casts light out to those who need it, so Roy and KPOF were periodically making the message known for much of that morning to anyone in the greater Denver area who had ears to hear.
    And thanks for your encouragement, Rob.

  4. Mark, I just believe that the message that God has put on your heart to write this book is so important for the Church to hear. I was disappointed in the amount of time given you by Rick Wiles and now KPOF. I promise if you ever make it down here to the San Antonio area, I will personally visit the radio/TV station or the Pastor and beg them to give you adequate time. /Brother Rob

  5. Thanks, Rob. God bless you, brother.

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