Iranian Leadership as “Saviors”

A couple of interesting news stories came out this past evening regarding Iran, making me think we need to consider the Iranian leadership as part of the line-up of future “saviors.” The Four Signposts tell us we will likely see a series of Caliphs: starting now with IS, then Iran in the Second Signpost, then the Sunni Confederacy in the Third, and finally the Antichrist himself in the Fourth. Many of these Caliphs would also present themselves as “saviors” as well – men portraying themselves as saving people from a bad political or military situation.

The Bible tells us that the Antichrist will present himself during the Tribulation as the answer, the savior, to Islam’s woes as well as to the world’s economic woes. He will emerge first during the Fourth Signpost, and he is portrayed in Daniel 8 as the little horn growing out of one of the four horns on the goat.

Before him is the prominent horn of the goat in the Third Signpost. Having conquered all of the Middle East (except Israel) he will most likely proclaim himself Caliph. He will also portray himself as a savior, having rescued the Middle East from Iranian occupation which began during the Second Signpost.

Before the Islamic State (IS) came along, Iran could be thought of as the naked aggressor, starting the Second Signpost simply because its ideology said it must invade the Middle East. But with these two news stories the series of saviors starts earlier: Iranian leadership is now claiming also to be a savior. The two horns of the ram are now proclaiming themselves as saviors to people to rescue them from IS. Iran’s leadership, and particularly the head of the international branch of Iran’s IRGC General Suleimani, is advertising that Iran is the answer to the woes in the region.

According to one of the stories, the IRGC branch Quds Force Major General Qassem Suleimani is on a PR tour of sorts. His picture was taken with some Kurdish fighters, and has gone viral. It is shown here. Iran is using IS to endear themselves to others in the region.

Suleimani having his picture taken with Kurdish fighters

Suleimani having his picture taken with Kurdish fighters

In addition, what is common to many saviors? The answer is that they are (or think they are) impervious to whatever it is that they are saving people from. The second story quotes an IRGC officer as saying, “…we don’t think that anyone (the Islamic State group) dares to approach Iran’s Western borders given our control over the region.”

So not only will Iran wait until it is ready internally to invade, but it is also looking more like Iran is waiting until it is begged by everyone in the region to save them all from IS, to be their “savior.”

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  1. Beating IS seems indeed a very plausible reason to welcome Iran as a savior in Iraq/Syria.
    But could there be more?
    It is sometimes stated that the support for IS in the common Sunni population of Saudi Arabia is considerable. I do not know whether this is true, but if it is, I wonder:
    Suppose IS does become more powerful in the near future, and then there is also an IS-friendly uprising in Saudi Arabia against the present Saudi regime, would that not make an Iranian “rescue war” even more plausible, including them “saving” saudi Arabia from IS?
    Does this idea make any sense?

  2. Adamant,
    Yes, there is some support from the native Sunni populations that are conquered by IS. And you bring up a good point – wherever IS establishes itself as the local power within a Sunni region (but near Shia territory), Iran will be welcomed as a savior and rescuer. I would think that if IS does take over a region in Saudi Arabia, the people in the eastern areas (Shia areas) of that country near the Persian Gulf would welcome Iran’s help.

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