Greater Albania: Tempest in a Teapot or Third Signpost Development?

Every now and then I check the news on Albania.  The heads of the beasts of Daniel 7 are the modern inheritors of the historical kingdoms that tried to destroy the Jews.  And there needs to be, after all, a modern inheritor of the Seleucid dynasty who ruled their part of the Hellenistic Realm, and so is also one of the four heads of the leopard, as I write about in Daniel Revisited.  Albania is the candidate for this role.  At a population of 3.2 million people, Albania is by far the smallest of the four Sunni nations forming the Confederacy during the Third Signpost. Only about half of all Albanians (who are all overwhelmingly Muslim) live within Albania.

There is a move afoot among some people to try to have Albania unite with Kosovo, and to return lands with Albanian majorities in Macedonia, Greece and Serbia, to Albania, forming what is called Greater Albania. If done, Albania would double in size and population. Governments will deny there is anything to the story but it is supported by many in Albania and Kosovo.

So it was a couple weeks ago that during a soccer match between Serbia and Albania that a drone buzzed the stadium in Serbia carrying a “Greater Albania” flag. This caused a riot and the game had to be suspended.

Flag of Greater Albania flying through a Serbian stadium.

Flag of Greater Albania flying through a Serbian stadium.

The Serbian prime minister said that “Greater Albania is not only Serbia’s nightmare, but also the nightmare of Europe and all mankind.” Serbia of course is the Christian nation that has been trying to suppress the political power of the Muslims of Albania by doing everything it could to suppress them. It was Serbia that was the power behind Yugoslavia which controlled the region for many decades during the 20th century.

Though the Albanian prime minister denied their government is pursuing any such goal, it was the prime minister’s brother that was accused of sending in the drone.

Whether Albania becomes Greater Albania first before it joins the Sunni Confederacy is unknown, but with the resurgence of Islam in many places it would not surprise me if Albania becomes twice the size it is now when it joins Turkey, Egypt and Syria. It remains to be seen if this issue is simply noise, or part of Albania’s path to the Sunni Confederacy and the Third Signpost.  However, with the strong reactions displayed by Serbs and Albanians, this issue isn’t going away.

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  1. Should there really come a Greater Albania, then this would indeed make your Albania-is-one-of-the-four options much more credible.

    For at present, Albanian power seems to fit a head of a four-headed house cat better than a head of a four-headed leopard! 🙂

  2. Yeah, I hear you Adamant, and I agree. Maybe a four-headed kitten. I sometimes wonder myself if Albania is more physically suited to be a tail than a head. But there has to be some political authority inheriting the dragon’s head that is ancient Greece, regardless of how strong or weak it is.
    Funny how things might seem to work, but the heads of the four beasts are kings or kingdoms as it says in Daniel 7, and so Albania is the result of my hunt for the modern Hellenistic heir – there is a strong link between Albania and Antiochus Epiphanes IV. I might say Greece itself would be a better candidate, but the horsemen are only to operate in the Muslim realm.
    I imagine, too, that when the Confederacy is forming and Syria joins, Syria won’t have much left to it physically or militarily either.

  3. Mark

    Were you aware of the following mentioned about the IRG being in Iraq already?

  4. Casey,
    Thanks for the link. Yes, I was aware that the IRGC deployed roughly 2,000 troops earlier this year. I mentioned the story in this post.

  5. Thanks, for the link. I must have missed that post.

  6. Adamant,
    We all realize Albania is currently a small and insignificant country globally. Historically however the Balkans were a part of the Ottoman Caliphate. Revelation 13 instructs that the Beast has seven heads. These heads are the historic kingdoms that Satan used to try and defeat God’s plan of redemption through the Jews and later through the Church. These kingdoms existed in an unbroken stream until 1924 when the WWI western powers broke up the seventh head, the Ottoman Caliphate. Rev. 13 describes the Beast has having one of its heads appearing to be slain. This was that event.

    That head will be healed however and the Ottoman Caliphate will most likely return. I detail this in my upcoming book, “Are We Ready for Christ’s Return?” due out in early 2015. It is overwhelmingly likely that Turkey will want the Balkans as part of that Caliphate, especially as a springboard to Western Europe. In the upcoming months and years I expect Turkey to increase its influence in the Balkans for this reason.


  7. Hahahah you made me laugh what a story 1001 dreams of Aladin.Let me tell for all of you who doesn’t know who are Albanians where do we come from and does religion affect us.First of all we are the oldest nation in the world we are the descent of the Zeu’s, Hercule, Achilli and the Alexander the Great our language is the first from the indo-europian languages.And religion does not affect us never did let me say just one example during the World War 2 not a single jew was killed in Albania and in the Memorial Yad Vashem in Jerusalem its written that Albanians are the only nation in the world who protected the jews.

  8. Hi Honi,
    Yes, Albanians are descendants of both the Illyrians and the Macedonians. The blood of Alexander the Great is in the Albanians. The blood of Seleucus, general to Alexander the Great, and the ancestor of Antiochus Epiphanes IV, is also in the Albanians. The Ottoman sultans viewed Albanians as the mightiest warriors and so were made the Janisaries, the elite force in the empire.
    I also agree with the idea that Albanians are not really sold on a religion. Of all the peoples in the Balkan Peninsula that were under the thumb of the Ottomans for almost 500 years, every other ethnic group held on bitterly to their Christian denomination, but the Albanians did not. They accepted Islam so that they could be higher in the echelons of the Ottoman Empire’s administration and government. This conversion continues today where 80% of Albanians and 90% of Kosovans (all people in Kosovo are Albanian) are Muslim. Islam was a means of making life better at the time.

  9. @mark davidson Dear Mark am responding to you in a simple logic common sense that look at the officiall census done in 2012 if im not mistaken its says 50% or more declare as muslims sunni and a bug chunk of that is muslim bektashi , and from all these 50% albanians says that they belong to muslim religion but in reality maybe and bearely 10% of that practice islam daily , the rest just celebrates officiall religious holidays , and the rest its mostly christian catholic or orthodox, latly protestant, baptist, etc and 15-20% of albanians declare no religion . Dear Mark go back to history and find one single book or info from when the ottomans invaded us until our days, that says the Albanians are actually islamist radicalls or anything like that . As matter of fact thanks to medevial albanians christianism in the western civilazations was saved by the Albanians armys standing against the ottomans almost 50 years and giving their blood to protect christianism . I reccomand you to read about medieval albania our hero and christian hero Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu

  10. Hi Mark

    Yes ottoman empire ruled ballkan for 500 years but it was not all black and white, its not true that all the nations in ballkan kept christianity religion and we albanians did not.Let me say something at least 2/3 of all Grand Vezirs in ottoman empire were albanians and one of ottoman great pasha Haki said that if the albanian history is reveald that will be the end of ottoman empire.For example in serbia 80% of serbian nation were muslims until when ottoman empire lost the war against the russian empire then all the sllavic orthodox nations won the right to keep sllavic language, religion etc.After the second serbian rebellion against ottoman empire serbian king Obrenovic won the independenc and issued the law that every serbian muslim should change the faith to orthodox or they will all be killed in that time 80% of serbs were muslims, only in the city of Belgrade serbs destroyed hundred of mosques. “Grek” nation 20 years after serbians rebelled also against ottoman empire hahahah and they were not greeks they were glory Arvanites (Albanians) they won the war.We all know what came after that all slavic-orthodox nations including so-called greek nation waged war against us Albanians.We albanians we have europian routs we drink alcohol for centuries and we are the only nation in ballkan that we never marry a girl from our bloodline, 5% to 8% practise muslim religion and go to pray daily in mosques we have so many mixed marriages between albanians (muslim and christian) religion and we continue to do that with no problem.And for the end we are the sons of eagle and we will do everything to keep Albania like in the time of Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu and with the help of Almighty it will be so.Long live ALBANIA until the end of times.

  11. Hello Elis,
    I am aware that those who call themselves Muslim in Albania are mostly secular. About 60% of the population adhere to Islam and 20% more identify themsleves as having that background. And Sufiism, of which you know Bektashi is a sect of that are particularly peaceful.
    And I am aware that before the Ottomans came along Albania – in fact the whole Balkan Peninsula – was Christian. And yes, Albanians fought off the Ottomans for years under Skanderbeg but finally succumbed in 1479. After being conquered Albanians turned to Islam out of convenience.
    I don’t dispute anything about what you say. Please don’t misunderstand me or what the Signposts are saying. Just because it looks in the Signpost interpretation that Albania would join a Sunni Confederacy doesn’t make Albanians crazed Islamists. Half the Muslims in Turkey and Egypt and three-quarters of the people in Iran are all secular. Unfortunately all these more peaceful people are to be swept up in these events. Just as ISIS forced themselves on peaceful Kurds.
    The peculiar thing I find about Bible prophecy is that until the time and conditions have been met for some prophetic event to occur, it usually looks like it could never happen. For instance, who would have thought 20 years ago Iraq would ever be a democracy or that Turkey would all of a sudden suppress its own military so Erdogan’s party could rule and steer the country to Islamism?
    For Albania to be excluded from all these events to come, another modern Muslim nation in existence today has to be the inheritor of Antiochus Epiphanes’ Empire. But I have found no other. In my book in chapter 5 I show why Albania is included.
    Thanks for your comment and God bless.

  12. Hi Honi,
    I appreciate you and Elis commenting and filling in some facts on Albania from some Albanians’ viewpoints. I remember hearing about groups of underground Christians in Middle East nations and it breaks my heart that so many people including my brothers and sisters in Christ are going to be dragged into this. My heart went out to the Coptic brethren who were under complete assault a year or so ago in Egypt. I hope your kinsmen and home country can escape and fend off what may be in store.
    But these are the reasons (and I hope Elis reads this too) why I arrived at Albania as having a role in these Signposts –
    1) The nations involved will have a muslim majority, though of all the nations named (like Turkey and Iran) Albania has the least percentage of Muslims but it is still a majority in Albania;
    2) There must be a modern nation who is the inheritor of either the Seleucid Empire geographically, or of its king ethnically, which is the bloodline from Seleucus, one of Alexander the Great’s generals.
    The pickings are very slim, and unfortunately Albania looks to be on a very short list of candidates. It cannot be Turkey, Syria or Iraq or Iran for they are all the candidates from other ancient empires. It cannot be Greece or Macedonia because those nations have a Christian majority. It cannot be Bosnia both because the Muslims are not a majority there and because ethnically they are not related to Seleucus.
    Please keep in touch, and God bless.

  13. Hi Mark

    What is religion and how can religion affect nations to wage war against each other in purpouse to rule the world.
    1 Let’s start from prophet Moses and the jewish nation.As we know jews and arabs are from the same bloodline Abraham or muslims Ibrahim.So then jews are semitic nation and why now 90% of the jews are white and have green and blue eyes.There are some theory’s about this one of them is the theory of a Khazar Empire, but my theory is that many europian kings wage wars for Jerusalem so they changed the whole jewish nation.And now in the today movies or pictures its shown that Prophet Jesus Christ is white and has blue eyes.
    2 Did muslim religion in south east of europe changed the christian religion structure among some nations including Albanians, i say no and the reasons are
    a) Albanian national flag is black double head eagle and is a atheist sign.
    b) Albanian National Hero is Georg Kastrioti Skanderbeg who for more then 25 years defeated ottoman islamik empire and saved christian europe.
    c) 90% of albanian heroes are those who fought ottoman empire.
    d) Albanians today are the same like scottish or irish nation, albanian girls wear the same clothes like in London they are educated in western european tradition they are identical like scottish or irish girls.Albanian female has all the rights like any other western europian nations.Albanian family tradition are totally different with the middle east ones.
    3 Albanians are sorroundet with orthodox nations and the reason that albanians kept muslim religion was to save the nation, Faik Konitza great albanian philosoph quoted: if albanians kept christian religion the would be way larger nation but they would not be albanians.So like in the history of Khazar Empire who choose to take jewish religion to preserve against East Christian Roman Empire and in the other side the Islamic Caliphate.

  14. Hi Honi,
    Some interesting points.
    Although on a lesser point here I will have to disagree with you on the first one about why it seems Israelis have white skin and blue eyes. First, Israeli Jews come from all nations – there are Ethiopian Jews, Indian Jews, and European Jews. Its just that the European Jews had the biggest hand in settling there and founding the nation. I believe why you see so many of the Israelis looking like Europeans is because their families not too long ago came from Europe. And Jesus tends to be whatever color of the race that is portraying Him.
    Albania picked up Islam while in the Ottoman Empire and it opened opportunities for Albanians in the Ottoman administration and army. Are you saying that Albania purposefully retained Islam in order to retain its national identity?

  15. Hi Mark,

    I took a jewish nation as example for many reasons race, religion and their nationality.When said that Prophet Jesus was white and had blue eyes its europian race and the other side Prophet Muhammed had darker skin and dark eyes its from semitic people.
    My point of view is that albanians are white with blue or green eyes (europian nation) and they
    preserved their europian race and they are completely different from other semitic nations in middle east.Did albanians purposefully retained Islam in order to retain its national identity?
    First of all we should answer how did one of the most stronghold Christian countrys in europe transformed to a majority muslim religion.
    1 First of all Catholic Church did not help albanians to fight against ottoman empire and other europian kingdoms they had their own problems and they turned their back like with Spain in the 8 century against the Islamic Caliphate.
    2 When ottoman empire ruled Albania they issued a law that all of them who do not change religion to became muslims Sulltan would take all the land and wealth that they had and then a small number of people in purpose to stay alive they become muslims and in ottoman documents they change their name also but secretly they held christian religion.
    3 Then when Sulltan understood that method did not work with albanians he issued another law to take all grown male childreens away to become soldiers jannisaries and large number from those childreens become even Grand Vezirs.This was the other method that albanians change religion.
    4 After some times even then albanians had majority christian religion but as time goes bye in order that albanians to live in a better way under ottoman empire gradually began to change the religion.And ottomans were helped from sllavic nations because that all muslim preachers that they arrived in Albania were serbian, russian, bulgarians etc in order to destroy albanian nation.
    5 From 1800 to 1912 when Albanian National Awakening called (Rilindja Kombetare) began when albanians with the help of a Austrian Empire of Habsburgs albanians start to educate in Albanian language and they open the first schools the whole ottoman way of live was changed and Albanians become again the most stronghold of western europian values.Even in today Albanians are factor of stability in south east of europe.
    6 You see one of the reasons that albanians held muslim religion was to retain national identity, becouse we all know that Albanians are sorrounded with hyenas sllavic greek orthodox preachers with the purpose to destroy Albanians.Greek state even that they are in Europian Union in 21 century in greek constitution is written that if you want to have greek citizenship you must change name and religion.Europe must understand the real danger in the whole Europe are sllavic orthodox russians serbian greeks just see how did they expand
    200 years from now serbia was 10.000 km now is seven time bigger greece from 20.000km now six time bigger, and russia six time bigger country even now they wage a war for land in Ukraine.They are the real danger of the whole world dear.Mark you should consider to write about this.

  16. Hi Honi,
    Your points one through four are consistent with what I have learned. Various legal and cultural forces were at work to turn the majority of albanians to be muslim – if not in heart then at least in confession by mouth.
    Its interesting you use the term “hyenas” for many of the countries surrounding albania. Indeed just as hyenas will nip at and pester and keep down another lone animal, so too Greece and Serbia and others have been hounding Albanians for many decades.
    Russia was a danger for a long time and could still be if it wasn’t for impending events. I started a series on Russia with Part 1 and was going to write a Part 2 but I’ve been busy. Russia’s leadership may have some agenda for why it does what it does, but I believe strongly and will give reasons why Russia will stand against the Antichrist’s empire, and will be one of the few nations to do so. Russia will be the source of oil and gas to China, which in turn will provide the invasion force to the Middle East as it says in Revelation. Russia has been allowed to do what it has done in its geopolitical position in decades past because it was needed so that Russia could fulfill its role in these last few years before Christ returns. So I will write about Russia, but only from the Signpost perspective.
    By the way, what is your own personal opinion and view of Greater Albania. More Kosovans seem to prefer it then Albanians in Albania. Do Albanian Christians or Muslims favor it more?
    God Bless,

  17. Hi Mark

    When i used term hyenas what else can i say for state like greece when they even today they have a War Law against Albania, when they killed and massacred albanians in 19 century more than 100.000 albanians and expelled at least one milion half in turkey and half in Albania, when they paid 1 billion dollars in 1997 just to destroy Albania and they expelled just for two weeks more than 300 thousands albanian workers, and with the help of other orthodox churches they occoupied the Holy Synod of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania with spy preacher from greece Anastasios Yannoulatos.
    And on the other side serbia is the state that started 3 wars 2 balkan wars and World War 1 by killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajeva.Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts have issued Memorandum to destroy Albanian Nation and the head of that was Ivo Andric the man that won Nobel Prize for literature what a shame for europe during that time they massacred more than 200.000 albanians and like greece the expelled more than one milion albanians to turkey.The whole wide world knows about the war in Kosova in the year of 1999 when serbian paramillitary and millitary terrorist forces for 3 months killed more than 20.000 albanians and expelled from Kosova just for three weeks more than one milion to Albania causing humanitarian disaster.
    In the picture that you show during the game in Belgrade where the drone carrying a flag that shows not Greater Albania but shows where Albanians are autochthonous for more than 5 thousand years.And what a shame what UEFA did we all saw the game and UEFA sentenced Albanian team for the drone with the horrific reason that flag started the riots what a shame, we all saw how albanian football team was attacked from serbian mob fan and security guard.And its very important to quote that in stadium was allowed to enter zero Albanian fans, could that the conspiracy of drone was developed by serbian secret service one of the strongest secret services in europe.
    And for your question dear.Mark of a greater Albania that term was invented from serbia and greece just to attack albanians and hide their goals to destroy Albania.Albanians no matter what religion they have all the want is to have Natyral Albania to enter in Europian Union just like a free modern democratic country among other western european countries the place were Albanians belong.

  18. Hi Honi,
    I did notice that the red area on the flag was where Albanian majorities live, yes. The world and the greek media called it the flag of greater Albania. I did see information that 80-90% of people in Kosovo want to join their new nation to Albania, so the unification at least seems to be wanted by Albanians.
    One thing I think is certain, and that the Albanian people are not done rebuilding their nation after five centuries of Ottoman occupation and another fifty years of Nazi and Communist rule. We will see what the Lord has in store for Albania and for all of us for that matter.
    Thanks for your inputs, Honi.

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