How the Signpost Message and Davidson Got Tied to the Shemitah

Truth, we find, is stranger than fiction. Some things that happen to us when in relationship with Christ no writer could make up. And I am amazed continually at what our God does in my life and in this world.

The message of the Four Signposts as written about in my book Daniel Revisited is solidly Biblical as my readers can attest. It is a message of four signs to come prior to the Tribulation.  And these are signs and not dates. These signs tell us where we are in God’s plan to show us how close we are to Antichrist’s coming, but more importantly, where we are in Jesus Christ’s glorious return. The Pre-Trib Rapture would take place toward the end of the Fourth Signpost, since at the end of that Signpost, the Tribulation begins. The First Signpost (with Iraq and its democratization) has already occurred and the Second Signpost (with Iran and its invasion of the Middle East) is what is next.

What happened to me on September 24th, 2014 took me a few weeks to come to terms with – taking much prayer. And I have come to the decision to break the silence on this event in my own life for it is far bigger than this author. I may also be risking my reputation as a more level-headed person, but I am stepping out in faith as this is what my Lord would have me do.

First, let me explain the term Shemitah (or, Shmita) in the title of this post, for those who do not know. The Shemitah is the seventh Sabbath year in the seven-year cycle found in Leviticus 25:1-10. I credit Jonathan Cahn and his book The Harbinger for bringing this little known passage to light. Not only did he point out that 9-11 was on the last day of a seven-year cycle, but the worst day of the 2008 Financial Crisis happened at the end of the next cycle. The end of the cycle after that falls on September 13, 2015. This is the date that supposedly portends a terrible shaking of this nation.

In this post and this post I suggest it is an event connected to the Second Signpost, for that Signpost will indeed shake America and single-handedly has the ability to bring this nation to its knees.

Our God is a God of timing – exact timing. In my own life since Christ grabbed me in 1997 and showed me He has to be my God, He has shown me who He is, the way He is, and His goodness, and His love. His perfect timing has been demonstrated to me personally again and again and again. In 1997 with my finances a shamble there was a material need for clothes for the kids. For the first time in my life I saw the Bible says “do” not just “know” so I laid the $37 concern on the altar of Philippians 4:6. Two days later a rebate check showed up in the mail from the utility company in the amount of $37.

Another time I was on a mountain, learning to listen to Him – how to sift through thoughts whether they were from Him or my own. I was confused, and asked in prayer to give me a sign to show me whether these thoughts were His or mine for I was leaning toward it just being me. At the instant I said “Amen” at the end of my prayer, a bicyclist showed up on the path (I literally hadn’t seen anyone all day), passed by me and said “…and you thought you were all alone, huh?”

A few years later, after seven confirmations (I needed lots of assurance) that He gave me I was about to go down to a car dealership to buy a car and I knew I had a $200 per month shortfall in the budget. I stepped out in faith and as I was leaving to pick up the car, my central manager called me to tell me I was getting a raise out of the blue – the amount came to $200 per month.  These events are three of many.

So now God has shown up yet again. After I left the radio studio at KPOF in Denver, I went to my day job as usual. I was laid off that morning. I’ve had many who are close to me say in the past that God would transition me from my day job to fulltime writer and speaker – I just thought it might be later when the Second Signpost strikes. But it was Nelson who pointed out to me the exact and amazing timing of my layoff. At that time the sun had just set in Jerusalem. It was the first hour, of the first day of the seventh, Shemitah year of the current seven-year cycle. Having learned how my God operates, I felt He was speaking to me saying, “Mark, you are now free to spread the message fulltime. You have one year to spread it. GO !!!!”  As for this author, yes, I am ready.

Though I look for work as many would require me too there are no prospects out there for what I do. So in the meantime I have already begun to meet with pastors and lay people in the Denver area to a level that would have never been possible.

Many people who I know have expressed sympathy for my plight. Though it is appreciated, I say not to worry about me. I am right where God would have me, and therefore I am fine. Be concerned about yourselves, learn the message of the Four Signposts in Daniel 7 and 8, and prepare.

The Rapture is not next – three of the Four Signposts are what is next. We may have years to go watching these signs. We may need to prepare physically for years – how many I do not know. I do not think it will take another forty years, but I do not believe it will all happen in one or two years either. This is just speculation on my part but if the Second Signpost does indeed start at a new seven-year cycle it might be possible for the Second, Third and Fourth Signposts to occur in a single seven-year cycle.

I do not know if this message will hit a national show. I do not know if the book will ever become popular. But what I am doing is partnering with our Lord, doing what I can in my weaknesses, and watching Him work. My goal is for the Church to wake up and realize that when the Second Signpost strikes, it is the call that says “Christ is coming!”

You who are Christ followers and have read the message and it resonates in your soul as truth, spread the message and prepare. You who are fence-sitters – during this year and the Signposts to follow it is now time and your last chance to get off that fence and follow Christ wholeheartedly.

May our Lord keep us and help us overcome the world.

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  1. Mark, Thanks so much for sharing your personal journey in sharing your understanding of your revelation. Related to the Lord’s timing, I wouldn’t have known about you unless first seeing your website on Joel Richardson’s page. I started listening to TruNews about 3 months ago led there by the Holy Spirit. God is good. I too, have been sensing for sometime the urgency to write, blog, and speak as the Lord directs. We are praying for you.


    Jym Hitte
    Cleveland, TN

  2. Mark,

    I’m sure you don’t mind if I tell the “rest of the story.” The idea of losing one’s job on a Smiitah year entered my mind 9 or 10 months ago. I had an undeniable feeling that someone needed to quit their job. Of course, I thought this message was about me. I put out a fleece based on God’s promise of provision in the Bible. God did provide for me, just not the three years of harvest (income) he promises as a provision for the Smiitah. Obviously I didn’t have confirmation to quit my job, so I’m still working. The extra provision has been utilized for publishing my first book, Are We Ready for Jesus? Mark was among the gracious readers who critiqued the book prior to editing.

    But when Mark told me he was laid off, my mind instantly snapped back to the time 9 months ago and my “word” from God about the Smiitah. He instantly saw this might be a “God” thing and calculated that the lay-off actually occurred in the very first hour of the Smiitah. The odds of losing your job in the first hour of a Smiitah year are 1:60,000+. The fact this is a highly anticipated Smiitah AND the fact that Mark has a God assigned task to accomplish during it makes the odds astronomical in my mind.

    Please pray for Mark as he works to accomplish his mission.


  3. Dear Mark,
    God is raising up people like yourself, Walid and Joel . You have had your hearts and minds opened by The Lord and you have responded with humility,dedication and courage.

    I pray that your spreading of this seed of God’s prophetic revelations in the End Times be blessed accordingly as you bring Life to the nations throughout the world.


    Canterbury, UK

  4. Thanks, Nelson.
    Lets all pray that for all those for whom the Signpost message resonates in their souls, that God shows them also the path set before them to spread the message in their churches and towns, so we may all prepare for the next great event to come.

  5. I posted this powerful post by Mark as a guest blog on my website. You can read an expanded version of the “rest of the story” at the end of the guest blog.

  6. Speaking of God’s timing, Mark. I am not sure if you are aware of the really, really cool website about God’s prophetic timing and calendar. He makes a very compelling case for his position. When you have time watch his videos (he has a Brit lilt) and read his web site. Basically, he asserts Daniel’s 70th week MUST take place during a lunar cadence of 86 moons and ironically “The Last Shofar” makes the same case about 13 months within the Hebraic calendar. This CANNOT be coincidence and God is revealing more and more prophetic information and we who watch and pray must pay close attention to prophetic signs now.

    Here is the link I was discussing above:


  7. According to an article on IranPolitik(link on the right), Iran is not joining the USA in fighting a common enemy(ISIS) because they easily recognize that the ultimate goal, not usa only but Turkey’s as well, is the overthrow of Assad in Syria. Of course, this is an ally of Iran. Mark, you’ve mentioned before that Iran will choose its timing carefully before making its move. Just a thought, many are starting to worry about the economical stability in the USA and if it did collapse, would that not be a perfect opportunity? God bless you as you serve him in works of faith!

  8. Thanks good4u1. Its very possible that not only could the Tribulation be over one of these seven-year cycles, but so could the signposts.

  9. Hi Henry,
    Good reminder there. Indeed, it could go either way where Iran’s perfect moment comes after weve fallen economically, or the invasion is the black swan event triggering our economic fall. We wont have long to wait to find out.

  10. Interestingly, on Joel’s Trumpet web site, Joel discusses that it is TURKEY who has greatly helped and financed ISIS and blocked the US efforts to combat them. There is proxy war going on between Turkey and Iran already for those who understand prophetic trends. Mark, shades of your sign post theology is starting to manifest itself for those who are watching and praying and are spiritually perceptive. However, it will take some more time for the rest of prophetic community to catch up and then the church in general. We actually could be in Daniel’s 70th week as early as the Autumn of 2017 as the next possible date.

    Time will be the great teller.


  11. Yes we will see, as to the date. If the Second Signpost begins next year that would mean all three of the future Signposts (2 to 4) would have to unfold and finish in just two years – unlikely.

  12. Intrigued to have read email alert of this yesterday Mark as I was writing about a ‘God-incidence’, which your opening para only serves to endorse! Will quote it when blog complete. Tried to reblog this some hours ago but it failed for some reason.
    All I can say is the jigsaw pieces are falling into place for you too – it shows the Lord is with us!

  13. Great post Mark! I am right now wrestling with the issue of moving into full time ministry. The possibility of beginning a small home fellowship is also weighing on my heart. The more I push the issue of the Gospel in the end times, and the potential for an Islamic Antichrist, the more it seems that local assemblies shut me out…including my own! I anticipate the need for sound advice and direction in the coming year.

  14. Yes, it is unlikely but not out of the realm of possibility and here is my basis for my response. Remember, the prophetic signs are called “birth pangs” by Jesus for a reason. As a male, you have never experience this physical phenomenon but perhaps you have watched your wife go into maternity labor. The signs of a baby being delivered start out slowly, but as the process progresses the “birthing pangs” increase in intensity and frequency and the mother is desperate to have that baby be born!

    I submit to you that as the “sign posts” effects are executed they also will be in the same like manner. Nations globally will be so ravaged by these sign posts conditions that happened so rapidly they will desperately welcome anyone who seems to be calming the global crisis that they cannot. Then the long-awaited prophesied “man of sin,” the Antichrist, steps fully onto the world stage, strengthening the “covenant of death” with Israel and the Islamic world and things begin to settle down and we begin the 70th week of Daniel. Remember, we cannot begin the 70th week of Daniel without the strengthening of this prophesied and famous covenant mentioned by the Prophet Isaiah. God’s prophetic countdown clock does not begin without this event. His prophetic calendar “to do” list may be on-going, however.

    This is just my personal hypothesis during prayer time. It certainly could be wrong and I am flexible in these thoughts by others.

    This is why Jesus commands his disciples (especially those who love the prophetic Word of God) to watch and pray.

    Time will tell.


  15. Good4u1

    It makes more sense to choose the 2025-2032 timeline as the 7 year tribulation period.
    1) Daniel’s prophecy of 490 years ended on AD 32 timeline and if we assume that 2000 years completes and finishes the era of the Gentiles, then that will take us all the way to 2032.

    2) Wars and developments of war take time. See how long it took for the 1st sign post to start and end. Even if the next 3 signposts get accelerated in their development, we will need at least 10 years to transition between the remaining 3 sign posts.

    3) If God is planning to get her bride ready for the end times, it also makes sense to give time for all of God’s chosen to repent, while they are being refined through trials and tribulation. God is very patient when it comes to waiting for his children to be chastised and so that as many that are chosen in the book of life, will also be ready as the 5 wise bridesgroom. Perhaps the next ten years will be defined as the decade of purification of the saints, as God prepares her bride for what they have to go through the tribulation.

    4) 2015-25 seems to be the year of transition, both for the church going through the fire and Anti-Christ’s political strategy of bringing all the nations surrounding Israel under his control. It also seems that the next 10 years both God and Satan are preparing for the ultimate showdown
    during the tribulation.
    5) God wants his son Jesus Christ to be a victorious King in Jerusalem, both for her bride and as well for Israel. Satan will also try to prepare his son, the Anti-Christ for this occasion.

    6) Praying for God’s will to be fulfilled on this earth and Christ’s 1000 year rule to be established.

  16. Good4u1, as you are aware, walid has been pointing out turkey’s connection to ISIS as well. Your comment pertaining to being perceptive of prophet events unfolding reminded me of a couple nights ago. I couldn’t sleep so turned on my tv and happened upon Jack van Impe. He was going on about Putin being Gog and Rosh being Russia, etc, etc., the same old flawed arguments. Sure is good to be in the company of those who are willing to bend their ideas to scripture rather than vis-versa! God bless!

  17. Good4u1,
    I concur. I believe also that the Signposts are the beginning of the birth pangs.

  18. Afo,

    I agree that the possible date of 2017 is a long shot; but at the same time, I also think that the 2025 date over shoots the understanding of what Jesus means by “birth pangs”. It is likely somewhere in between these two seven-year cycle possibilities. Men think they have God’s prophetic plan all figured out and God may give us many surprises along the way and I am humble enough to learn to be open to His Spirit’s leading. I’m not saying it could not be 2025 because it does fit the 86 moon/13 month Hebraic calendar requirement of God’s prophetic timing. But considering all relevant signs taken together and in conjunction with Mark’s sign post theory which all well-versed prophecy students should undertake; we are likely going to be thrusted into Daniel’s 70 week sooner than 2025. It is just my personal opinion and you don’t have to agree with it. I do not have the corner on absolute truth….hahahahaha! 🙂


  19. I was pondering over Cahn’s book recently, and it hit me, “Why are seminary students coming out of seminary preaching tithing and nothing about how it connects to the Calendar. Russell Kelly states about 3 out of 4 SBC ministers believe in tithing to the church directly, Yet these churches don’t follow the Jewish Calendar nor a Sabbath. Judgment during the Shemitah is not really a mystery if you think about it. We are not to add or revise to God’s word. It is not about money guys. Preach it Mark, Don’t hold back

  20. Mark, You have some great insights. I must ask a few questions. In a careful reading of Daniel 2 and 7 it talks of 4 kingdoms. The final kingdom of the four, which appears to be Roman, is the one which is destroyed by the rock. Due to space I’ll be brief.

    In other places it says a king will change the times and seasons.

    In 1582 the world went on the Gregorian calendar. The church over the millennia got away from the feasts of the Lord as in Lev 23 and replaced them with Easter and Christmas. In affect, times and seasons where changed by Rome.

    The Holy Roman Empire has always existed. Start with Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Hapsburgs, the German second and third Reichs, etc. The fourth kingdom in Daniel is still in existence–Roman!

    Clues are hidden in plain site. The EU Parliment building looks like a classic painting of the tower of Babel, outside the building is a statue of a woman riding a beast. It goes on and on….

    I can see a war among Sunni and Shite as you say, but ultimately a clash between “Rome” and Islam will take place. I don’t see a Muslim Antichrist based on all the above.

    Even Muslim countries cover no more (most likely less) than 1/4 of the land mass of earth. I still believe we will see a clash between Europa (rides the beast) and Islam. Rome will administer the Holy Land and the Antichrist will some how arise.

    Carefully read Daniel especially concerning the fourth and final kingdom.

  21. Hi Neil,
    Have you read Daniel Revisited? A careful reading of Daniel and of history does yield the signposts. Can I get a witness?
    [Note too, if the passage about the times and laws being changed is a stumbling block, remember that Islam switched to an all lunar calendar so that the years and the days regress backward as time goes by (thats why their holy fasting month of Ramadan is never set during the same time of the year). Their holy day is Friday – not Saturday or Sunday.]
    And yes Europe and Islam will clash ultimately. Europe will be overrun and overwhelmed.

  22. Mark, at this time I will respectfully disagree…I believe that Europe will defeat Islam and administer the Holy Land, allow Muslims access to Jerusalem, and double cross the Jewish people. I see Islam as God’s nation of judgment on our apostasy.

    In Revelation it says the whole world is decieved. There is nothing deceptive about Islam…they chop off your head if you refuse to convert. They want to destroy Rome and all infidels…nothing deceptive about their approach.

    If the whole word is decieved it can’t be Islam doing the decieving!

    Having said that I believe much of what you are saying will occur…I just see Europe winning and setting the stage for antichrist since Daniel indicates Romes as the final kingdom. They are the great deceiver of the world–and have been for millennia!


  23. Vernon, I am lifting your decision up in prayer.


  24. Neil,
    The changing of the laws and times is an action of the Antichrist IMO, not an historic action. Daniel 7:25 is clearly speaking of the little horn who is the AC himself. I look for the AC to eliminate the BC/AD years and base years on Mohammed not Christ. I look for him to establish Sharia law, eliminate the Sabbath, etc. I think that is what the passage is speaking of although we need to watch to know.

    I also suggest you read Daniel Revisited and Mideast Beast by Richardson. These books will help establish the overwhelming evidence that Islam is the fourth beast. It is critical to know where to watch for the events Christ, Daniel and John prophesied or one can be taken by complete surprise by what will come about on the earth. This debate is not one of who is right and who is wrong. Life and death and potential great suffering hang in the balance.

    Blessings to you brother.

    Nelson Walters

  25. Hi Neil,
    You wrote, “Daniel indicates Romes as the final kingdom.” How does Daniel do this? Is it Daniel 2:40 where the iron leg empire crushes all the other empires in the statue? If that is the case, history shows us that Islam crushed all the other empires, not Rome. For instance, Rome didnt even conquer Persia. Is it Daniel 9:26 where the people of the ruler to come will destroy the city and temple? If that is the case, history also shows us the roman soldiers were syrians and egyptians amd arabians.
    You are basing your belief, most likely, on 18 centuries of misunderstandings and historians’ exaggerations. Please check out the Appendix A attachment pdf here.
    Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but I ask you to re-check the foundation of history and information on which your belief of the roman antichrist is based. It could drastically change how you prepare for the times ahead. I thought as you do, before I stumbled across all of this a number of years ago. Better yet, read the book.

  26. Hi Mark,
    In Dan 2.40 it speaks of the 4th Kingdom and how it is divided into two–(eastern and western Roman Empire). Iron mixed with clay could very well be a United States of Europe. They are like mixing iron and clay for sure!

    All scholars agree the 4th Kingdom in Daniel is Roman. It says in vs 44 in the days of these kings….the reading shows the 4th kingdom never ends until crushed by the rock.

    Historically that 4th kingdom was and is Roman. Then in Daniel 7 Dan’s dream is the witness to the king’s dream in Dan 2. The four beasts are the same four kingdoms in ch 2. The forth beast is the final beast kingdom just as the 4th kingdom in Dan 2 is the final kingdom–they are the same. The visions and dreams witness to each other. Daniel understood the 4th kingdom was the final kingdom dominating kingdom until the end of the age.

    There have been many reincarnations of the “Roman Empire” throughout history beginning with Charlemagne. Even Hitler was fascinated by this Roman Empire history. He sought the crown jewels and the spear of destiny because he thought they would give him power to rule.

    The Third Reich was a counterfeit millennial kingdom and a reincarnation of a Holy Roman Empire that failed.

    Look at Napoleon…he too was attempting to revive the HRE…he had a vision of a United States of Europe…common education…common currency…. This spirit to revive the HRE is alive in Europe today. Hidden in plain sight.

    Signs and symbols are hidden in plain sight everywhere. Europa was seduced by Zeus who came in the form of a bull… he seduced Europa and she rode the beast into the sea. Europe is named after her!

    Europa rode the beast…the statue is right out in front of the EU parliment bldg…hidden in plain sight.

    I’m not saying the Pope is the antichrist…but a reincarnation (EU) of the HRE will clash with Islam and defeat them. Then the Vatican will acheive their millennial quest to administer and rule the Holy Land. An ages long quest. Past history affects future history and events. This spirit has been alive forever throughout our history. Jerusalem will be divided and may be under western rule after this clash.

    Revelation says the whole world is deceived…has been deceived by pagan Christianity for two thousand years…we have gotten away from our original Hebrew foundation and feasts of the Lord. Too long to get into here.

    I can make a strong case for all of this scripturally.

    I have also researched what the Jewish sages from the past say about the end of the age. They too look at Rome to be as much, if not more of a threat, than Islam.

    Islam wishes to wipe out the Jews…the HRE will allow them life but will oppress them and desire to take over their Holy Lands. As it says in Daniel the AC will use flattey to acheive success–deception.

    I see Islam as God’s chastising rod of judgment on the sinful apostate west. When the clash comes I see scripture as having the King of the North (EU, Germany, West) defeating the King of the South (Iran and her allies). Dan 11.40. Geographically this works when viewing a map. Historically this is an age old clash.

    I also do not believe in a pre trib rapture. If God is going to rapture out a christian church that doesn’t make a peep about the persecution of christians in the middle east, He is going have to offer a humble apology to those brothers. We are going to suffer along with our Jewish brothers. We are grafted into them…the destiny of the church is tied to physical Israel. We will go through tribulation just as Jesus warned us in Matt 24.

    Anyway brother I am reading your stuff as I can and seeking the Lord. We all have a piece of the puzzle. My major complaint which the church at this time is the deception she will be raptured out…can’t make a case for it in scripture…the servant is not above the master.

    Thanks for the dialog…we will keep seeking…Blessings!

  27. Hello Neil,
    This is a good dialogue.
    The points you make in your last comment, I believed too. These are all arguments that the Roman antichrist school of thought says. But what I have discovered that what is right for basic gospel passages also applies to prophetic passages – and I know you would agree with this – that as Christians we need to pay attention to all the details in every verse in Scripture. This is obvious. For instance, Jesus’ sayings in the Gospel or Paul’s letter ot the Romans must be carefully read and covered so we arrive at the saving knowledge of Christ. All of the statements in your comment are based off of the very first sentence.
    So, too, I have discovered that we must pay careful attention to key verses such as Daniel 2:40. With all this said, look at your very first sentence – “In Dan 2.40 it speaks of the 4th Kingdom and how it is divided into two–(eastern and western Roman Empire).” I would argue Daniel 2:40 does not. Look at the text. What is it saying? Look at the words. I believe what is happening in that statement is one is taking the visual fact that there are two legs, and adding any significance of two legs to the text of the verse. We cannot do that. We must give the greatest weight to the text of the Bible and what it is actually saying.
    The text of the verse says simply that the empire of iron must crush/pulverize all the other preceding empires. Now look at history and honestly determine was it Rome or Islam that crushed Babylon, Persia, and Greece? Ask yourself, too, what does it actually mean when the text speaks of pulverizing and crushing? The text says that just as iron crushes the metals so to the empire will crush the others. What does it mean for the iron empire to crush Persia, for example? I discuss all of this in Chapter 1 of my book, but we can answer these questions here.
    In addition, any argument should be taken to its extreme conclusion to check for validity. If one assumes the two legs are indeed west and east, then why are they both coming from two thighs of bronze that are Greece? Was Greece divided into west and east? No it was not. With that argument, why wouldn’t a west roman leg come from a west greek thigh?
    The text of the verse is what must be assessed. The roman antichrist camp has not honestly assessed history in order to properly understand what the verse is actually arguing for. On this last note, I urgently recommend you read the Appendix A pdf on the Excerpts page – it shows how expositors over the centuries mishandled the topic to build today, a tradition.
    Take care,

  28. Mark, I guess we will have to agree to disagree…the toes are the final manifestation…Roman culture heavily borrowed from Greece…Rome was an empire of iron, crushing all in its wake in ancient times, persecuting christians throughout history…inquistitions and the like…still ruling with iron until this day…Hitler was a manifestation.

    Let’s look at the first four sign posts in a strictly historical context. The dreams in Daniel 2 and 7 are basically saying the same thing.

    In Dan 2.38 Nebuchadnezzar is told he is the head of gold or the first kingdom. In verse 39 he is told afterwards a second and third kingdom will arise after him.

    In verse 40 he is told a 4th kingdom will arise…more terrible, etc, etc. There is no other kingdom after the 4th that dominates like that or replaces it.

    The dream in Dan 7 is in the form of beasts but they are representative of the 4 kingdoms in the first dream. The second witness that is required in the law! In Dan 8.20-21 it describes the ram as Media Persia and the goat as being the king of Greece.

    Historically these align with the dream in Dan 2 and 7, further explaining the nature of the kingdoms to come and what they are going to do. This is all agreed upon history.

    Scholars and Jewish sages of old agree the four kingdoms are: Babylon, Media Persia, Greece (later split into 4) and finally Roman. This is the history as agreed on by Bible scholars. So why are we not acknowledging this?

    Prophecy is dual I will agree…but how you connect them to future events makes no sense to me.

    For instance Jesus spoke of wars and rumors of wars. Historically that has been occuring since Jesus said that. If we look at recent history since WW 1 through the present times we can say the pace has been quickening.

    Connecting Matt 24.4-5 as being Saddam Hussein makes no sense. Pure speculation…how and wheredoes scripture say that? How does history witness to it?

    What I am seeing has historical presidence…

    Historically Daniel was seeing the final four dominate kingdoms on earth. If we think only as “Roman” as ancient it is hard to connect…but the “spirit” of Rome has ruled in the Christian church and world. since Emperor Constantine made it the state religion. This is where the great deception comes into play.

    Throughout history a Roman “spirit” has deceived the world. Throughout history that ancient spirit has attempted to re-establish the dominance of pagan Rome. That is what we as believers are called out of! Come out of her my people!

    We are called out of paganism to worship the one true God as revealed in the Old Testament–not images, saints, and Marionism.

    When we begin to understand this history we see Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Napoleon, and Hitler all trying to revive the “Holy Roman Empire” again and again. To enslave the population to that Roman spirit.

    Islam does fit into this. God used Assyria and Babylon to chastise or judge the Northern Kingdom of Israel and later the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Today the Islamic hordes are once again coming against Christianity. This is an ancient historical clash. Think Crusades and Spain and Vienna (1500-1683) when Islam was stopped in Austria.

    How is Islam deceptive? They chop off your head if you don’t believe. The true deception is found in the apostate Roman spirited church which we are exhorted to come out of.

    When the King of the North (EU, west) in Dan 11.40 defeats the King of the South (Iran and allies) the world will rejoice that the “antichrist” has finally been defeated.

    Then we will see the whole world finally deceived (Rev12.9) and the true AC will take the “seat” to world acclaim and the tribulation will begin in peace and security.

    The Holy Land will be administered by the King of the North and he will flatter the Jews into thinking he is on their side…until mid trib he double crosses them! Then we will go through the “shortened days” of 42 months looking upward and praying earnestly for His return…until the Jewish people say…”Hosanna (Save us!), blessed is he who comes in the name of Elohim.” See Zachariah 12.9-14…Amen.

    Appreciate the dialog…you may have the last word…

  29. Hi Neil,

    If you won’t read Mark’s book, “Daniel Revisited” then you really do have an obligation to take Mark up on his Appendix A he has linked for you in a prior response. The chronology of Appendix A is the absolute best undertaking I’ve ever seen to understand the misunderstanding by the Church Fathers regarding who the fourth kingdom is and if you read it with an honest, open mind, you can draw no other conclusion once you finish Appendix A.

    I issue you a challenge.


  30. Neil,
    Yes we will have to agree to disagree, as I have already agreed to disagree with eighteen centuries and many theologians’ views exactly along the same lines you are mentioning here in your last two comments. And I am saying I was there – I thought the same, had the same views, and could not see anything else. What I challenge everyone to do is look at the text of Daniel 2:40 and look at history and see what Daniel 2:40 is really saying in light of that history.
    As an example, you say in your last response, “Rome was an empire of iron, crushing all in its wake in ancient times, persecuting christians throughout history.” Daniel 2:40 has nothing to do with persecuting Christians. It conquered and ruled all in its wake, yes, but the very problem is ROME DID NOT CONQUER PERSIA. Please excuse the caps, but I wanted to get your attention on that last point. So that in itself right there is a problem with Daniel 2:40. Since Daniel 2:40 tells us the iron empire crushes the Persian empire, you must be able to tell me how Rome crushed Persia in order for your argument on Daniel 2:40 to be valid.
    Many roman antichrist supporters say Rome crushed all ints wake. The problem is Persia and Babylonia both have to be in its wake, which they are not. Did you know that after Rome conquered the city of Babylonia it held it for only 8 months. Why? Because the local people rebelled, through rome out, and were free from Rome for many decades until the next time Rome held them for a few months. That is not “crushing” Babylon.
    Islam though, conquered Babylon and Persia and held them ever since. Islam crushed their religion, their language, their alphabet, their culture.
    Please, please I ask you stop going over the circumstantial evidence and the popular mantras and bylines and re-examine for yourself the actual text of Daniel 2:40. The popular bylines and mantras are based on a superficial reading of Daniel 2:40.
    What triggered my investigation into all this was the overwhelming sense I was missing God’s plan in these last times. Look at Europe – look at Rome. Nothing is happening, but every day and every week Scripture per the signpost interpretation is being fulfilled in detail in the Middle East. Perhaps the reason you are thinking nothing is missing and Europe is showing signs of heading toward a roman antichrist is because Europe is so steeped in roman culture it is being mistaken as signs, like buildings and names. Just remember that view of Europe is based on a superficial and incorrect interpretation of Daniel 2:40.
    In the end I also ask you take this away – that when Iran runs out and ravages many countries, and runs out to the north, south and west of the area of Susa, you remember the signposts, and that you please question and reconsider the interpretation of prophetic scripture.
    God bless you and keep you,

  31. Neil, you are all across the board and are arguing from tradition not scripture. (“Scholars and Jewish sages of old agree the four kingdoms are: Babylon, Media Persia, Greece (later split into 4) and finally Roman.”) I recommend taking one single verse of scripture and see what that verse says before making any other arguments. Then move on to other verses.

    I recommend you look at Dan. 2:40 first.

    Then there will be a fourth kingdom as strong as iron; inasmuch as iron crushes and shatters all things, so, like iron that breaks in pieces, it will crush and break all these in pieces. (Dan. 2:40 NASB)

    Notice it says the fourth kingdom will crush and break all these (the other kingdoms) in pieces. As Mark has correctly pointed out, Islam conquered Babylon, Persia and Greece. Rome conquered Greece, Babylon for ONE YEAR only (not a crush by any means) and NEVER conquered Persia.

    RED FLAG ALERT: Rome doesn’t match scripture, it cannot be the fourth kingdom. Forget all your other arguments if you can’t get by this verse.

    Second the word “crush” means to pulverize. Islam crushed the languages, religions and culture of Babylon, Persia and Greece, substituting their own. Rome allowed the cultures, religions and languages to flourish. Greek even became the language of commerce of the Roman Empire.

    RED FLAG ALERT: Rome doesn’t match scripture yet again. It cannot be the fourth kindgom.

    After one see’s that Rome is not the fourth kingdom, we can begin to look at all the other arguments. BTW, you keep saying Islam isn’t deceptive. Correct, it isn’t the beast who is deceptive but the little horn! He is the one who is a master of intrigue. Not the fourth kingdom. The fourth kingdom is crushing all things under its feet!


  32. Well, since Nelson and Mark both replied I couldn’t help responding. I fully intended to give y’all the last word but I am weak!

    First let me say that I never said the Antichrist is Roman, ie the Pope or anyone connected with the Catholic Church. He could be Jewish, Muslim, or any person. When I speak of “Roman” I am speaking of the Western culture that has dominated the world since ancient Rome–our society and culture is Greco-Roman and has ruled the world.

    And…I am diligently trying to allow the Bible to interpret itself, even if you guys don’t believe that.

    I HAVE READ DANIEL 2.40 OVER AND OVER, please excuse my caps–this is how it reads to me:

    I believe Daniel is seeing many millennia into the future. You completely overlook the fact that Daniel is seeing succeeding kingdoms of which Rome is the 4th one. You just jump right over it with no regard to world history!

    You immediately jump ahead to our time. Hippolytus was correct. This spirit of Rome has been the dominate power since Yeshua was crucified. Western culture has been strong as iron.

    You insert Persia for what is clearly showing the final kingdom which IMHO is Roman. Yes, Rome never conquered Persia, but “Rome” did repel “Persia” from the west and Vienna in 1683. And Persia has not, nor ever fully conquered Rome–as of yet.

    When I say “Rome” as I have tried to explain in prior posts here, I mean the “spirit” of a Western Roman Empire led by a church Roman in nature for the two millennia since Constantine. You blow off history in totality up to our present time. All of Roman history includes Crusades, Inquisitions, the Reformation, etc, etc. Muslim culture has not dominated the world like Roman.

    Speaking of history, Daniel was a historian, and understood Jeremiah and realized when the captivity would end. He was aware of politics and had access to Kings. Many of the OT prophets understood current and past history. It played a crucial role in their prophetic words. PAST HISTORY PLAYS A CRUCIAL ROLE, excuse caps, just to get your attention. History is always in play chronologically in the Bible.

    This Roman spirit has ruled with an iron fist for centuries in Europe and in persecution of true believers for centuries. Roman has ruled the world. The martyrs under the altar in Revelation include all those who have been slain by Roman–and Europe used beheadings in many instances. Both the Roman and Reformed churches persecuted believers creating many martyrs. They historically crushed whomever disagrees with their “religion.”

    This Roman spirit has ruled over the earth. One manifestation was the British Empire. “Rome” and “Persia” have been clashing for millennia. The Turks ruled for 500 years, but they did not pulverize “Rome.”

    The world uses a Roman calendar–even Persia must use it to conduct trade and politics with the West. Their calendar is used only in their countries. The Roman Gregorian calendar is used throughout the world.

    The Roman West divided up the Ottoman Empire after WW 1 and WW 2. This Roman west has exploited and ruled with iron over “Persia” for quite some time. The IS Muslims want to correct that and are ravaging the Mid-East as we dialog. The Roman West reopened the Holy Land to the Jewish people.

    Now Islam is rising again…God’s agent of chastisement on America, the West, and all things “Roman.” Europe and the world are filled with Roman architecture, philosophy, etc, etc. We in the west are totally Greco-Roman.

    The 4th Kingdom is clashing with Islam, which did not arrive until 730 AD, approximately. The Koran is a mixed up Hebrew OT and Christian NT. Mohammad mixed a nice stew and came up with a religion that has HISTORICALLY BEEN GOD’S TOOL TO CHASTISE HIS REBELLIOUS CHURCH. We are now being chastised for turning from the Lord–Islam is God’s agent of chastisement on us.

    Now, since Daniel was looking millennia ahead it is still to be determined whether “Rome” will crush and pulverize Islam…the final battle still has not taken place. It is still to be determined who will win the upcoming clash. I believe it will be “Rome” defeating Islam in a horrible war as described in Revelation.

    If my interpretation is correct there will be a gigantic clash in which some of your interpretation of wars and such will be a part of it. The victor either be “Rome” or “Persia” –on that we both agree–one or the other will “pulverize” the other.

    I see Islam as God’s punishing agent on an Apostate Western Roman culture. Islam is going to clash with the West and be very destructive. If my interpretation is correct then the West (Roman) will defeat the East (Persian) in a very costly clash.

    It’s difficult to be too conclusive about all this…each preceding generation believes they are the one to see the end. If I was alive in WW 2, I would have surely believed Hitler and the Nazi’s where the Antichrist. They were not.

    I appreciate your work and I am reading through your Appendix A…it has not changed my mind. I am however gaining some fresh insights and will keep it all in the deep parts of my mind and heart.

    I too try to allow the Bible to interpret itself. We are both sincere in our seeking…but it always amazes me how we can all disagree on so many things…I believe in the Millennial Kingdom Jesus will rule with a rod of iron that will get us all on the same page…we’ll all be surprised at some things we’ll be learning at that time.

    I spend many hours seeking and praying over these issues just as you do, Mark. I study history and have asked the Lord to understand HIS-STORY from His viewpoint. I respect your work–and you may be correct–TIME WILL DECIDE. In the meantime we will watch things play out on the world stage.

    Mark, I will continue to review your writings and if I have a change of heart you will be the first person I’ll reach out to. We are living in exciting times.

  33. Hi Neal,
    I appreciate your heart brother, and I appreciate you remembering and storing these new ideas. And I also appreciate this dialog and where you are at because I was right there too prior to 2001. And yes when we say “roman” antichrist we mean european/western in general not necessarily Italian, granted.
    One thing I would like to say about something you wrote towards the beginning of your last comment again is about Daniel 2:40. You wrote,
    “I HAVE READ DANIEL 2.40 OVER AND OVER, please excuse my caps–this is how it reads to me:
    I believe Daniel is seeing many millennia into the future. You completely overlook the fact that Daniel is seeing succeeding kingdoms of which Rome is the 4th one. You just jump right over it with no regard to world history!”
    But I agree Daniel is seeing succeeding kingdoms. I will repeat the text here, and hopefully you would see that the text does not mention Rome at all – you inserted that because of what we have all been taught (in Appendix A that you are reading, at the end the Amplified bible inserted the word “Rome”). And then you say I jump right over that fact with no regard to history. This is rather ironic – please forgive my saying so but to those who understand and agree with the signpost interpretation, this statement is sort of the elephant in the room. The reason for this irony is that history itself shows us the exact opposite – not history of commentary or history of thought – but history of who actually crushed the other three empires. Here is the NIV text of that verse here and some commentary of mine inserted –
    “Finally, there will be a fourth kingdom [MD – we aren’t told here the identity of the fourth], strong as iron-for iron breaks [MD – crushes, pulverizes is the meaning in the word here, as well as break – to break something like a gold head into little tiny bits] and smashes everything-and as iron breaks things to pieces, so it will crush and break all the others.” [MD – JUST as IRON breaks all the OTHER metals in the statue, so the IRON EMPIRE must BREAK all the OTHER empires – this is a plain reading.] And so actual documented history tells us Islam and not Rome pulverized Persia for one, as well as Babylon and Greece. Rome tried for 7 centuries to break Persia – Islam did it in 5 years (check out my book in chapter 1). Check your history – as well as chapter 1 in my book – there is no way that Rome could have ever done to Persia what Daniel 2:40 says, but Islam did.
    Why do I do this? Its to reach out in love to fellow brothers like you and everyone who loves and follows Christ, to wake them up to the freshly unsealed message of Daniel. I have had many who have read the book and it completely turns them. My best buddy from high school was a staunch roman antichrist supporter. When I first told him this he thought I was absolutely crazy. He finally gave in to reading my book and he said it completely turned his thinking around and now he is spreading the message to his church in southern California. If he has time maybe he might pipe up here.
    Take care brother,

  34. Mark, what I mean by jumping over history is that you don’t see Rome as the 4th kingdom, but apply it to Islam, jumping right over Rome and world history since the end of Alex the Great.

    Islam overcoming Persia and becoming the dominate religion of the Middle East is different than pulverizing all other kingdoms and dominating the world as western culture has.

    I never said Rome has pulverized Islam–neither one has pulverized the other. Roman Culture, Western civilization, has arguabley dominated the world since Jesus was crucified.

    As I said, the clash is developing now in our time…you believe Islam will be the pulverizer…I see the Roman West culture as arguabley dominaing the world and pulverizing Islam in the war to come.

    I’ve made a strong case for what I believe based on scripture and allowing the word to interpret itself. So have you.

    That winner of the coming war with Islam…which war many of us have seen for decades…will bring the prophecy of the 4th kingdom into final fruition. In our secular world the West can win the war and a moderate Muslim could become the antichrist for all anyone knows. He could be president of the UN and become world leader.

    I just don’t see Islam as the world leader or religion in the final days. It is a so obviously violent religion that I don’t see how “deceiving the whole world” fits Islam as the ruling power. Deception is much more subtle. I see nothing subtle in Islam. There is nothing very deceptive in it–it is what it is–very intolerate toward all others.

    A secular politically correct Apostate Roman Western version would be much more deceptive and appealing to the world.

    In fact such a politically correct animal could easily elect a former “moderate” Muslim to lead a world body and therein become a “Muslim” antichrist. That would be a great deception!

    Sorry, but in the sense you say above I’m not awake…I have a view and I have read your view…if yours comes to pass I will be awake to it because I understand what you are saying…I just don’t see it that way. So keep what I’ve said in the back of your mind…I once leaned towards the Islam view you hold.

    I’m interested in all scenarios…I enjoy debating about it ’cause it causes us to dig deeper. We’ll see how it all comes out. A friend of mine is a “Pan Tribber”…it will all pan out in the end he likes to say.

    Blessings, Neil

  35. Neil,
    Ok then. I’m glad we are all going into this with eyes wide open. And in a sense I am glad to hear that you honestly believe the Roman empire is the answer to Daniel 2:40 and that you are not “in love” with one theory as some people are.
    I will leave this one point with you that you talked of toward the beginning of your last comment. You say I jumped over, so to speak from Greece to Islam and so ignored Rome as far as history is concerned. That is an important point. One thing I forgot to mention is that the dream is Nebuchadnezzar’s dream; the dream belongs to the king of Babylon and is from Babylon’s perspective. So after the Babylonian Empire, it saw the Persian Empire. After that it saw Alexander’s Empire – that is considered Greek of course. But after Alexander Babylon saw it become the Seleucid Empire (still Greek) and then the Persian Empire again – from about 90 bc to AD 115. At that time Trajan comes along and conquers it for a few months. After Trajan dies just a few months later, the Babylonian people rebel and shrug off Roman rule – hardly being “crushed.” Then the Persians take over again. The Persians rule Babylon until Islam takes over in AD 640 or so. From that time, Islam replaced their aramaic language with arabic, their home gods with Allah, and their cuneiform alphabet with the arabic alphabet. The culture and country that was Babylon was completely changed and made unrecognizable by Islam. And there is not other candidate that could have crushed Persia or Babylon, than Islam.
    Anyway, I am glad to hear your eyes are open and I pray that when the time comes you know what you need to know.
    May our Lord bless and keep us,

  36. Ok, Mark, I will just say that the coming clash between Islam and the west will answer one of our two scenarios. I am watching to see who is going to win the terrible war that is coming…I look forward to the Millennial reign of Yeshua…but weep in my heart for all the the human suffering that is coming before it is established. I’ll keep abreast of the Middle East developments on you blog.

    God is good…Neil

  37. Neil and Mark:

    Good debate.

    Both of you are assuming that Europe will always remain a Christian continent. I’ve got news for you. In 10-20 years, Europe will easily transition into an Islamic majority. It might even be integrated as part of the Middle East empire, controlled under Turkey’s rule.

    In one week city of Mosul became an Islamic headquarter of ISIS in Iraq, when all the Christians were forced to leave. Same thing has happened in Syria. Albania is almost at the brink of becoming Islamic. Thanks to Turkey.

    Rome and Islamic empire theories are just speculations. We really don’t know how AC will rule the nations.

    To complicate things further, AntiChrist could have parents of mixed religions. May be a mix of Jewish/Islamic parents and act as a godless humanist that wants to bring peace between Israel and the rest of the world.

    I like the pan-trib theory, because it is God that ordains the activities of nations to work according to his will.

  38. Hi AFO,
    Nice to have you join in. I’m not sure why you would think I am assuming Europe will remain Christian. With Europe’s debt, no oil or gas, and its multicultural attitude, Europe will be easily overwhelmed by a renewed Islamic Empire.
    God’s word in Daniel has indeed given us the signs we the church need in these end times. If the Signposts interpretation, based on real history and thorough and simple exegesis of Scripture and confirmed by events today in the Mideast, is true then there is no “could” or speculation.
    Antichrist will have a specific lineage, will have a specific religion in which he comes to power which is Islam, and his emergence will occur in a specific sequence of signs.
    The (to me) shocking and specific fulfillment of the First Signpost and of the ram’s second horn growing longer, is evidence that the Signpost theory is correct and that the invasion by Iran of the Middle East will proceed next.

  39. Hello AFo,

    Very possible and probable the AC will be a mix of Jewish/Islamic personage. There’s as many theories about who this man is as there are end time scenarios!

    I find it hard to believe European Countries like France and Germany will allow their culture’s to be over run by Islam. At some future date I will not be surprised if after a black swan event they expell all Muslims from their respective countries. They will have to if they want their culture to survive. If they don’t you will be right about integration.

    We do know the AC will rule through flattery and deception. Most likely that person will not be elected but installed through popular demand or an independent organization. He or she will be very smooth and deceitful.

    I will say that the Beast appears to be a political union and the woman a religious entity. The woman will ride the beast. The beast will do the dirty work for the religious entity. As Jesus said, “Pray that you may escape all these things…Luke 21.36. It isn’t going to be pretty.

    Blessings, Neil

  40. Hey Mark,

    I appreciate your work and I lean towards agreeing with your theory.

    One thing I would point out to Neil is that regarding Islam and it’s obvious violent nature, this seems to only be obvious to those of us who are willing to be politically incorrect, assess Islam by biblical standards, and speak truth.

    If you watch western media however, you would swear that Islam truly is “the religion of peace” that is wrongly vilified by “hateful racists and bigots”.

    Even with the Islamic State murdering its way across the countryside before our eyes, not to mention a historical murder toll estimated to be well over two hundred million people, Islam is treated with the same political correct drivel that cushions other social evils.

    The ongoing joke is that Islam itself is “unIslamic” according to the leftist media.

    And how many Christians do we all know who will defend Islam as if it were the teachings of Jesus all because they “have friends who are Muslim and they are the nicest people, even nicer than many Christians”.

    There is such a deception regarding Islam in the west today that this deception itself is a strong defence of the Islamic antichrist paradigm. What other than a strong delusion could blind so many people to Islam’s 1400 year reign of terror?

    Either way, may God bless you all in your watchfulness – we should all be well versed in all the key theories so that as events unfold, we can dismiss and accept according to the scriptures.

  41. Dear Athis (and Neil),
    You are right, it is good to watch and good to be aware so that when the events come we know what they are. I have to say though, and this is the purpose of this ministry, it is even better to know ahead of time so one can better prepare.
    The facts of history as they shine on Daniel 2:40 and 9:26 are before us. Daniel now shows us an alternative future and path to the rapture and tribulation that we were not aware of before – and it is a much rougher road. If the antichrist is indeed roman or european there are no signposts – we go straight to the rapture or tribulation. But the antichrist being muslim is a package deal with the signposts. If that scenario is indeed true, preparation this year ahead of time is better for you and your church.
    The economic situation is analogous to a stock market fall – its better to leave ahead of time then for you to join the millions heading for the exit at the same time. Another analogy is to try to pick up plywood or candles when a hurricane is bearing down on you rather than do it at the start of hurricane season.
    This is why the situation requires real study. Those who whole-heartedly support the old roman antichrist theory do not truly address or explain the text of Daniel 2:40. They say the fourth empire is Rome without looking at what the text is saying. This verse is the key. This verse requires the study. Do a word study on every word. Truly try to understand what it is saying. Look at history.
    You can do it on your own or read Joel’s Mideast Beast or my book Daniel Revisited in Chapter 1. Reflect on this, please. I will be making a post on this topic very soon.

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