Publication of “Hidden In Plain Sight” Ending

It is with mixed feelings that I am announcing the end of the printing of Hidden In Plain Sight. It will end before December is out. This book, which first came out in January 2012, is the first edition of Daniel Revisited and was my first attempt at writing and publishing a book. During the two years prior to Daniel Revisited coming out, it produced a small worldwide community of brothers and sisters who became aware of the Four Signposts.

However, its continued existence will only cause confusion since Daniel Revisited adds to, revises, and improves the original material. Despite my warnings that one will only waste their money at this point buying it, people have continued to purchase it. And Hidden In Plain Sight is done serving its purpose.

Hidden In Plain Sight cover

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  1. Well, Mark it was a very good and brave first attempt. But it is time to put this to bed and retire it and you are doing the right thing. Will it be taken off Amazon completely?

  2. Good4u1,
    I’m glad you were there to read it. You’ve been very encouraging over these years.
    Yes, it should be removed from every bonafide bookseller’s listing. Depending on hardcopy or e-book it will take 2 to 4 weeks starting now.

  3. I did not have opportunity to read Hidden in Plain Sight, but have enjoyed Daniel Revisited.

    You are very thoughtful to remove this book, I know it must be difficult. Will look forward to learning and gleaning more informations in the future as the sign posts come into view.

    LORD bless.

  4. Hi Ali,
    Thanks for the sentiment. Don’t worry about having missed it though because Daniel Revisited presents the whole Signpost message much better.

  5. Instead of paying attention to the sermon at church today, I was thinking about God’s statement that he does nothing without telling us through the prophets first and about the near/far fullfillment. I’m thinking each prophet was given a portion of the end times story that corresponded with the near fullfillment that he was telling the people about. Seems that most of the focus these days is on Rev. and Dan. It would be great if all the prophets predictions could be fit together into one complete story. I know that you were/are working on fitting Ezekial in with the signposts. Do you know of any big efforts to create such a masterpiece?

  6. John,
    That is an interesting idea, telling one long story from all the prophets, Isaiah to Malachi. Remember too, though, there is much to tell and not all prophets have material on the same events, the events being – signposts, rapture, tribulation, Second Coming, judgment, thousand-year reign, the ending of the old earth/heaven, the new earth, new heavens and New Jerusalem. Joel has much to say about the Second Coming. Zechariah has much to say about the thousand-year reign, and so forth.
    I think people concentrate on Daniel because his book is the one most complete narrative of the signposts through to Christ’s coming and judgement and that is what most people are most concerned about – what is going to happen sooner than later. I don’t know if anyone is doing this. However, such a task within Daniel is on my radar scope.

  7. John, I think such a task is beyond the ability and time of any one writer. A combination of writers however probably could do it. Don’t forget the Psalms which have prophetic info and the stories within the writings of Moses (Days of Noah, Joseph, Days of Lot, etc.) which also have prophetic meaning. Even a dozen writers so engaged would probably miss something but it would be a start.

  8. What a daunting idea. Inspiring.

    If such a treatise should be written, oh, how I’d love to have included a determined study of Jeremiah 25:15-38 !!!

    Here is link for entire chapter:

    The first 14 verses seem to be about historical, past fulfillment. But the chapter takes a radical turn at verse 15, naming so many in-the-news Mideast countries, then exploding across the entire planet.

  9. Jeremiah 25:26 — all the kingdoms of the north, …. and of the world….”and the king of Sheshach //Iraq// shall drink AFTER them” – ???????? !!!!!!!

    Might this indeed be a reference to the final destruction of antichrist (with a small ‘a’ — his doom is sure, his disempowerment a done deal) ???

    This is surely an “EVEN-SO-, COME, LORD JESUS” passage. Hope its part of someone’s forthcoming writing, should God so lead.

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