A Prelude to the Second Signpost: Iran’s Call to Mobilize

Most of the world sees only a limited regional war – a skirmish, really between Iran and ISIS. Most of the world does not know about the imminent Second Signpost. The world does not realize that we are on the cusp of a massive Sunni-Shia War where it starts with Iranian forces executing a blitzkrieg across many Middle East countries. This is why certain news stories significant to the Signposts make big splashy headlines and other stories that are equally significant, do not.

There are a few things that usually happen before a war of any size. One is that the threatened country declares a red line which, if crossed, threatens the aggressor. Though Iran is the real aggressor, it is playing the role of supporting the threatened side, since Baghdad is in Shia Muslim territory after all. The news story about Iran declaring a red line to ISIS broke a couple days ago. Whether one thinks the war between Iran and ISIS will be limited in scope, or the next World War in size, the red line declaration caught everyone’s attention.

Another action that countries do prior to a war is to call for the mobilization of forces. For two weeks prior to the “red line” story there have been a number of articles reporting Iran’s call for a mobilization of its Basij. This is a story that the world is ignoring. But to those that know the Second Signpost is coming, this story is just as significant as the “red line” story.

Why is the story ignored? Because only a “small” call-up of Basiji perhaps on the order of 50,000 or so is all that is needed to deal with ISIS. This is a typical number that is called up for annual military exercises.  And though 50,000 Basij marching into Iraq would make headlines and make people nervous, the consensus would be the force is there to deal with ISIS. However, for the Second Signpost, a call-up of over one million is needed – a number on the order of those called up for the Iran-Iraq War.  So the call-up of the Basij will potentially be much larger than the world is expecting, and cause panic.

Who are the Basij? The Basij, which means “mobilization”, is one of the five branches of the IRGC from whom the remainder of the IRGC draws its recruits. The Basij is an all-volunteer force. Estimates of its size range from one to twenty million. I wrote about the relevance of the Basij to Iran’s plans for the Second Signpost, in Daniel Revisited:

“I believe the Basij’s potential to overwhelm with its numbers will be behind the bulk of the invasion. … As stated before, most estimates place Basij reserves at one to three million. It would be quite an undertaking to call up, say, 1.5 million reserves. To call and recruit a force of 1.5 million will require conditions similar to those during the Iran-Iraq War, i.e. an enemy that is encroaching on Shia Muslim territory. The Iranian regime may take advantage of some crisis and argue that it is critical to Shia Islam in order to call up 1.5 million Basij volunteers to go into battle. It is possible that such an opportunity could come about from the current civil war in Syria…”

“The civil war in Syria is already triggering an escalation in hostilities between Sunnis and Shias. But, with mutual Sunni and Shia hostilities generally approaching a boiling point in the Middle East, if it isn’t Syria it may be some other hotspot in the near future that provides the trigger. If all-out war between the two major factions of Islam erupts, this would be consistent with prophecies regarding both the Second and Third Signposts. It would contribute to allowing Iran to call up the Basij reserves that it needs to kick off the Second Signpost.” (pp. 195-196)

There are a series of news stories that came out recently showing Iran is mobilizing its Basij. I thought Iran might have trouble doing this without being noticed by the world. Not only is the world misunderstanding it, but the Iranian leadership is also being discrete.

Let’s look at these stories one-by-one. We will start at the top in the government of Iran and work our way down. The first is a Reuters article reporting that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei is quoted as saying, “Given our vast maritime borders and the enemy’s huge investments in this area, our armed forces should continuously improve their (combat) readiness, irrespective of political calculations.” The article goes on to say that Khamenei is calling for increased readiness, but he is using the nuclear issue as a cover, rather than mentioning ISIS. He said this Sunday, November 24 at the start of the annual Basij Week.

Supreme Leader Khamenei address Basij leadership during Basij Week 2014

Supreme Leader Khamenei addresses Basij volunteers during Basij Week 2014

This story was released two days later on November 26, in the English-version of Fars News. It begins,

“Senior Military Aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi called on all Basiji (volunteer) forces from across the Muslim world to stand against Takfiri streams.” “Takfiri” refers to “deviant” streams of ideology which includes all Sunnis and especially ISIS. The article goes on to say that Shia populations in Iraq and Lebanon are using Iran’s model to set up their own Basij, however the vast bulk of anything called “Basij” is still in Iran. I believe he is telling Basij members in Iran to be ready to be deployed.

Major General Safavi calling on Basij to mobilize

Major General Safavi calling on Basij to mobilize

So how many Basij are there in Iran right now? Here is a story in the press earlier in November that announced Basij Week this year. It also said that Brigadier General Ahmad Zolqadr stated that there are almost two million registered Basij members. This number is certainly consistent with earlier estimates and declarations of the strength of the Basij.

Basij Rally in Tehran during Basij Week 2014

Basij Rally in Tehran during Basij Week 2014

Just based on these three stories, there are statements by Iranian leadership that 2 million Basiji reservists are being told to be ready to deploy, and to be ready to fight.

Finally, this story talks about Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi (Commander of the Basij), boasting with typical Iranian rhetoric that “millions of Basijis (volunteer forces) are ready in Iran to be dispatched to Syria and Gaza.” The world would view this as empty rhetoric. From a Signpost viewpoint, I see the General boasting that 2 million Basij can run out across to the west (and the north and south while they’re at it).

Basij Commander Brigadier General Naqdi

Basij Commander Brigadier General Naqdi

To those who are watching the Middle East for the beginnings of the Second Signpost, do not forget to watch for the Basij.

How much more time to we have? I don’t know the answer to that. How long will it be before ISIS would try to invade Baghdad? How long would it take to mobilize one million or more Basij volunteers? I don’t think it will be next week but it seems at this time that the circumstances God is orchestrating might cause the Second Signpost to begin in a matter of months.

In any event, it does not seem very long. Spread the message. Get ready.

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28 replies

  1. It looks like this is going to be a massive year ahead.

    With things like the oil price conflict as a very likely lead-in to the Shemitah and economic crisis, along with the blood Moon Tetrads suggesting trouble for Israel, combined with this setup for the second signpost, it seems that we’re going to get a crippling economic crisis across the West which further encourage what happens next in the Middle East.

    Alternatively, what happens in the Middle East could precede and encourage the hit on the West, which means it will have to happen in the next 10 months assuming the Shemitah is correct.

    Do you think one or the other is more like Mark?

    I’m inclined to choose the first option because the economic and voter pressure on the U.S. would give Iran a lot more freedom – no one would want another war when the country is falling to pieces. That would set the scene for the whole world encouraging a regional response. Enter Turkey and the third signpost.

    Then again, I can’t see the U.S. wanting a ground war against a million plus Basij even without an economic crisis. They still might very well encourage a regional player response and Turkey is of course the top dog.

  2. That’s right – 2015 looks like it will be the big year in terms of the next prophetic event starting up. I believe any fluctuations in the oil price will be noise compared to the effect of the Second Signpost when it strikes. So the cause and effect I see is Second Signpost affects oil prices which in turn makes life miserable most everywhere else.
    I believe the economic crisis that occurs will embroil the rest of the world during the years of the Third and Fourth Signposts. When the Antichrist finally arrives with his mark, many in the world will be ready to join his system. All the more reason that the church needs to know the Signposts and be a light to that same world that Christ is indeed coming soon.

  3. I am currently reading your book and have recently come to believe in both Mid-Wrath and an Islamic Anti-Christ, although I have for years been pre-trib and Roman based Anti-Christ, due to my upbringing. What I am seeing is that ISIS is nothing more than a catalyst for Iran’s Second Signpost prophecy. Iran, couldn’t just start invading countries without the world powers forming a coalition to stop them. However, under the shadows of helping the world to rid it of ISIS, they can accomplish the same thing and MORE, before the world even realizes what has happened. If this isn’t of God’s design, I don’t know anything that could. Only He knows the hearts and minds of man (AT ALL TIMES.) One thing however, has me baffled, what does Barack Hussein Obama play a role in this. I know he has reduced our position in the world as a super power, but is that it? Or is their something else? He walks like a Muslim, talks like a Muslim, so I believe he is a Muslim, he’s certainly no Christian. Also, he is the first African-American president ever. Don’t you find it strange, that considering the racial tension in our country, and there are many white supremacists, that no one has attempted an assassination. I’m not saying someone should as I hold that office in the highest regard, but just find that interesting. What are your thoughts on all this rambling. Sorry, but once I get going I can’t stop. New student to eschatology. Thanks if you can reply.

  4. Hello Jim,
    Thanks for your comment. Its always good to have new people, eyes and thoughts on this. Before I attempt to answer your question, I like how you wrote “However, under the shadows of helping the world to rid it of ISIS, they can accomplish the same thing and MORE, before the world even realizes what has happened. If this isn’t of God’s design, I don’t know anything that could.” You are hitting the nail on the head on that topic.
    God is using Obama for several things. He is being used like other presidents to allow the United States to be one of the chief players in causing the Signposts (e.g., like Carter and the Shah of Iran, George W and the First Signpost) and Obama’s role is to give Iran permission to invade, and carte blanche to finish their nuclear weaponry. But Obama is also being used unlike other presidents domestically. I believe he is God’s vehicle to bring about judgement on this nation. Single-handedly he has more than doubled the national debt, caused deep divisions between blacks and whites, and between democrats and republicans, fostered a government that puts out lies upon lies causing distrust, and so much more. Mark Levin has called him the human wrecking ball. We are being set up for judgement and Obama and the democratic party are unwittingly doing the setting up.
    Obama a Muslim? I don’t know. Is he a Christian? Definitely not. I still cannot believe we have actually elected a marxist for president. But once the junk hits the fan with the Second Signpost, then the way this country is structured in its economy and government will lend more easily and in a big way to the consequences that this Signpost will start.
    Any thoughts, anyone?

  5. It sure looks like the U.S. is almost inviting Iran to step into the fray and do the dirty work for them. Secret sanctions on Israel are another slight of hand action taking place unseen. Tensions are broiling and the world seems poised to allow Iran to step in, get rid of Assad and bring peace to the region. what a crazy thought.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that a year from now the ISIS militants join with Iran in preparations to fight with them against Turkey or the southern Sunni nations.

  6. This just resonates in my spirit, truth. My prayer is that my tongue be as the ready writers that you, Mark and so many of your followers here, may be. I have been saying for the longest that President Obama seems to be the personification of the judgement brought upon this nation for it’s blatant disobedience. It would seem that that is turning out to be so. God’s purposes being fulfilled before our very eyes. Soon and very soon every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess, to the glory of God the Father. It shan’t be long now!

  7. Obama isn’t even trying to hide his agenda these days. I don’t buy him as a Muslim but he’s Marxist to the core – Islam is just another collective ally in his fight against the freedom Christianity and capitalism has brought the West. Boy has he enabled Islam though, sitting idly by as the Middle East transforms. “Human wrecking ball” is the perfect description.

    The way it is though, the West absolutely deserves Obama and he looks very much like just judgment on our entire culture. I believe God, in his mercy, will use the trouble ahead to lead many to Christ and this is the wake up call we all need.

    My hope and prayer is that Western Christianity might get an injection of life as we watch our brothers and sisters

  8. Sorry, iPad went haywire and decided to publish ahead of time…

    To clarify, my hope and prayer is that Western Christianity might get an injection of life even as our brothers and sisters are murdered across the Middle East by the precursors to and eventually by the beast.

    By the end, I think the beast will have at least some reach into most nations but again, I pray that some nations will be able to offer refuge to those fleeing Satan’s wrath.

  9. Athisfeet,
    That is a hope I have as well, that some nations resist and can be a refuge.
    And you are right – Obama isn’t really hiding too much. When the Second Signpost strikes what will the United States do? Will it go down the path of joining the beast’s economic system, or will the brothers and sisters be a light to this nation and enlighten their nation to what is happening so our nation can say “no.” I think that requires a revival.

  10. I just want to thank you for obeying God when going against the traditional grain is not always easy. I have been following the Islamic Antichrist revelations since 2007 with both Joel & Walid. Your book has really been a catalyst for me to pull it all together. It ties all of prophetic scripture together by filling the pretribulation void. Love it! I write for facebook page where we are all anonymous and we share your information and website along with your friend Nelsons The Gospel In the End Times like crazy. I also shared your information with an online Pastor, Paul Begley who is starting to come around to this truth. He mentions you in the video here: http://youtu.be/vEOWkmxwnO0. Remember that he is not all the way there yet but he’s starting to understand. Just wanted to let you know that this is being shared as we have close to 5,000 followers to date. Love you, my brother in Christ. Keep up the articles so we can share!!!! 😀

  11. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for your kind words and your encouragement. Stories like yours with successes with pastors, are just starting to come out. I will keep posting here for as long as I am able.
    May the Lord help us all yield fruit.

  12. We should Buckle up about now !

  13. Yes, Thank you Kate. I believe Pastor Begley mentioned you by name in that video. Awakening the church is our call and it’s done one on one, believer to believer. The internet is a powerful force for good or evil, and if harnassed for good can make a huge impact.

    Bless you


  14. God bless you Mark. My mind keeps going back to Dan. 11:2 – it seems a new Iranian leader will have to emerge (via succession or coup) and he will be the one who lashes out in war. In other words, I count Khamenei as the 3rd king of Persia (beginning at either 1948 or 1967). Thoughts?

  15. Thanks Nelson!! I also included your website and he linked it to the video. What an exciting time to be alive!! KEEP POSTING articles and we will keep sharing them with our subscribers. Love you both!! Blessings!!!

  16. Hi Christopher,
    I’ve had other readers say the same thing. If Daniel 11 is also indeed all end-time, this might make sense. However, what works against this idea is that Daniel 11:2-20 has exact – and I do mean exact – fulfillment in ancient times leading up to Antiochus Epiphanes. Not only that, but in that text (in verses 6, 8, 13, and 20) it mentioned “some years” or “many years” or a “few years.” So it sounds like decades are going by. If this has end-time application Jesus might still be 80 years away if Daniel 11:2 applies to today. Indeed, 150 years went by in the ancient fulfillment.
    I will be making a post soon about Daniel 11 and I think there is a different angle to it. But I don’t want to say anything until I am relatively secure with it. However, right now, I am leaning to Daniel 11:2-20 being ancient only.
    Good question.

  17. I believe I have mentioned once here some time ago, that the whole chapter 11 of Daniel has an end-time application and fulfilment. Not only Daniel 11-12, but also 2, 7, 8 and 9. Actually, I understand that all the prophetic information in the book of Daniel (chapters 2, 7, 8, 9 and 11-12) is part of one whole story. In the book of Daniel there are five pieces of prophetic information (2, 7, 8, 9 and 11-12) that tells one story line. Said that, I believe there are three different perspectives or how we can look at these passages: (1) historic, (2) historic-eschatological and (3) eschatological. To be very simplistic, the historic perspective of these five chapters has fulfilment in the historic events as from the Babylonian empire with Nebuchadnezzar until the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, however a partial fulfilment, i.e. many details did not happen with Antiochus (specifically those in Dan 11:36-45), and the ultimate climax of prophecy, the coming of the Messiah and His eternal Kingdom, did not arrive at the dismiss and death of Antiochus. The historic-eschatological perspective has fulfillment in the historic events as from the Babylonian empire until the Islamic Empire or Caliphate period, culminating with the future and eschatological events of the great tribulation and Antichrist preceding the second coming of Jesus and the Millennial Kingdom. The eschatological perspective has fulfilment in end-time events as from the rise of the nations in the Middle East in the 20th century, culminating with the events of the great tribulation and Antichrist preceding the second coming of Jesus and the Millennial Kingdom.

    From my understanding all five pieces of prophetic information should be analyzed and identified as one whole story, without segregating one from each other, in terms of fulfilment. Therefore as for my three perspective above, I can see clearly three whole stories with some overlap. One story, with three applications in time.

    Now to Daniel 11:2, where it says that three more kings in Persia and a forth, I believe to be four kings of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the grand Ayatollahs or supreme leader of Iran (Khomeini, Khamenei, a third that will come to power at Khamenei’s death and a forth king). This forth king of Persia is actually the second horn of the Ram that grew higher than the first (being the 3 Grand Ayatollahs). This forth could be the president or Iran or the leader of the IRGC that would take over in a coup.

    Regarding the timing issues in Daniel 11, like some, few, many years, I do not see necessarily each mention of years as a couple or several decades. It could simply mean a couple years, like 2, 3, 4 or so. I would take as a reference the time frame periods in the end-times that are in the book of Daniel, like time, times and a half of time, 1,290 days, 1335 days, 2,300 days, one week or half of the week, I would count each mention of years in Daniel 11 as from 3 to 7 years. Therefore the total expansion of time as from Daniel 11:3-21, could be a decade or two.

    Hope this helps.


    Perry Brown

  18. Hi Perry,
    Good hearing from you. Quite a bit there to consider. I agree that the prophetic chapters of Daniel are giving us one story. I’m doing some study myself and am in the thick of that theme.
    I have to take exception to your 2nd-to-last paragraph though. The persian ram will run out with two kings; two leaders. The commander of the IRGC is already considered by some experts more powerful than the supreme leader himself, and so is the second horn that has already grown up, longer. As far as whether Daniel 11:2 applies to the end-times we will have to see. Daniel 11:2-20 applies so well to ancient times the fulfillment at that time cannot be ignored.
    Its as Joel and I were discussing Daniel 11 and agreed – theres more to it than we are seeing right now.

  19. As you well know, there are some very specific reasons to apply chap 7 and 8 to the end-times within texts themselves. Some clear verses are indicators for such approach, like verses 8:17 & 19, were the angel specifically tells Daniel that the vision is for the end-times. What vision? The entire vision, the ram and the goat, four horns and the little horn.

    I believe that within Daniel chapters 2, 7, 8, 9 and 10-12, there are many reasons to apply the oneness of the story line to the end-times, which I described as the eschatological perspective.

    As regarding to chapter 11, in verse 10:1, Daniel mentions that he was revealed a word from the Lord (a vision), that it was concerning, according to many translations, a great conflict or war (other versions say that the appointed time was long) and that he understood the matter or the vision. Actually, he did not understood it at the very beginning when the vision was revealed, only latter when the angel came down after 21 days. The angelic explanation of the word (or vision) revealed to Daniel is recorded in chapters 11 and 12. In verse 10:14, the angel tells Daniel that he came to give understanding of what will happen to his people in the latter days and that the vision (which was revealed to Daniel and explained by the angel in chap 11 and 12) is for many days, meaning the timing is future. So, as I said in the other post, there is a historic fulfillment of chapter 11 with the Persian and Grecian empires, however Dan 11:36-12:3 did not happen in ancient times.

    The angel came to tell Daniel what will happen to his people in the end-times. Within chapter 11, only as from verse 31 onward is what really will happened to Daniels people, although there are very brief statements to his people in verses 14 and 16, however not significant as compared to the unequaled Jacobs Trouble in the great tribulation. The angel is concerned about what will happen to the Jews in the great tribulation, as well as all the other prophets in OT. So, the fact of the matter is that verses 2 through 30 are the preparation stages or the context scenario for the great tribulation with the Antichrist.

    I believe we should not divorce the beginning parts of chapter 11 (2-20) from the ending parts (21-12:3) and separate them with a 2,000 plus years time gap in between. The complete understanding will come when we read all as one, I refere to chapters 2, 7, 8, 9 and 11-12. It really gives us one clear picture of what’s to come and developing right now before our eyes.


    Perry Brown

  20. From just a political perspective, the current oil pricing crises, will only create further tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The history of Japan attacking the US Pearl harbor, due to control of oil distribution by US, can be repeated between Iran and Saudi Arabia due to control of oil pricing by the Saudis.

    Iran will probably be backed by Russia, Iraq, Libya and Indonesia for this endeavor until June of 2015. I think once the Saudi Arabia is taken out of the picture, then Iran can fully engage in its conquer of the Middle East.

  21. Hi Perry,
    The key I believe to Daniel 11 may be in what you wrote where you said, “In verse 10:14, the angel tells Daniel that he came to give understanding of what will happen to his people in the latter days and that the vision (which was revealed to Daniel and explained by the angel in chap 11 and 12) is for many days, meaning the timing is future.” [italics mine]
    The vision is for many days – not many days in the future per se, but for many days, i.e. the vision goes on and on and on for many many days. Yes it speaks of a great war, but a different kind of war.

  22. Afo,
    I was going to speak to this issue soon. The oil price crisis is only a crisis to sellers. Average John and Jane Doe American is benefitting greatly by this fall in prices.
    From what I’ve been reading, the fall in prices is due in great part to the extra oil put into the market by the American fracking movement. America is actually producing half again more oil than it did six years ago. That’s a lot of oil.
    Iran will invade regardless of what Arabia does. I believe Arabia gets taken out by Iran’s invasion.

  23. Mark,

    Yes, the reference of many days in the end of verse 10:14 could very well mean that the vision occurs over a long period of time. This could be in reference to verse 10:1, in some translations, as related to the vision, which says the time appointed is long.

    Yes, the entire vision does cover a long period of time. This is true for an historic and ancient fulfilment as well as an end-time fulfilment. How one considers “long” is very relative.

    Daniel understood the vision revealed to him as a great war or conflict. All through chapter 11 war are mentioned, maybe we should call them, battles of one great war.

    Each battle fought between “Persia” (Iran) and “Greece” (Turkey), between the kings of the North against the Kings of the south and great destruction by the king of the north (Antichrist) are all part of one great war. Each battles are connected to each other.

    I believe the text does not grant understanding that part of the great war or conflict is ancient and the other part is eschatological, separated by 2,000 plus years. There is no connection at all between the Persian-Grecian wars, the Syrian wars (Seleucid and Ptolemaic empires) with the wars of the antichrist waging against Egypt and destruction of many other nations. There is no continuity between these events. I believe chapter 11 demands continuity in the all of the events described, Dan 11:2-20 and Dan 11:21-12-3.

    The king of the north that rises (stand up) in verse 21, rises in the place or in the estate of the previous northern king. I just can’t see a 2,000 year break between these verses. Verse 21 continues from verse 20, and then all the way back to verse 2. It is all part of one story.

    I hope I am helping here, this is my solely intention. We all are searching out to understand this marvelous book in the Bible, called Daniel.



  24. Hi Perry,
    I appreciate your heart and intentions. As brothers we are going to have to disagree for the time being on Daniel 11.

  25. All the talk and rereading and rereading of Daniel, brings light to or shows that the book is being opened. I find it strange that with oil prices plunging, the media is starting to talk about a conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia. I have also been studying Islam in great detail lately and find that the fact a Muslim can deny their religion as long as it is for the glory of “Allah.” Points to my friend and yours BHO. He has systematically been depleting our military, reducing our influence on the world and has all but ignored what’s going on in the Middle East, even to a point of chastising Israel for defending itself. He only authorized attacks on ISIS (albeit minimal) because he had no choice. Would it surprise me that he doesn’t step out and become the “Next Caliph?” No it wouldn’t, but if that’s all they can muster, Satan’s weaker and dumber than I thought :-). Just saying I’d keep an eye on him after he’s out of office. We may begin to see some interesting things in a little over 2 years. Who knows, with ISIS, Iran, Saudi Arabia and oil, this may happen sooner than later. All out war between Sunni’s and Shiites within two years and who steps in to bring the peace and unite the Islamic Regime? Just saying.

  26. Hi Jim,
    If you are suggesting that BHO could be the Antichrist, that idea can be argued against for one simple reason. Everyone should remember that the Signpost theory includes passages not only from Daniel 7 and 8 but elsewhere in Daniel and the Bible. And these passages tell us with the help of history what the ethnic background of the Antichrist will be, and that is Syrian most likely, or Arabian or Egyptian (see Daniel 9:26 and Chapter 2 of Daniel Revisited). Last I checked BHO was none of these.
    For that matter, this negates the idea that the Antichrist could be Roman, English, or even Turkish.
    And the Antichrist will “unite” only by war in the Fourth Signpost.

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