Davidson In-Studio Interview on KLFC 88.1 FM Branson, MO

It was my honor and pleasure to appear for a third time with Charlie and Keith on their Good Morning Ozarks program on 88.1 FM in Branson, Missouri. This time though, the word “interview” seems inappropriate and felt more like a “visit” where brothers in Christ gather around a table and have fellowship. This third time with Charlie and Keith was live in their studio, and is now posted on the Appearances page.
I was invited by Charlie to visit Branson (this was my first time to that city) where I was blessed to experience the hospitality of Charlie and of some of the pastors in the area. I was also given the opportunity to share the Signpost message with some of them.
Charlie’s enthusiasm reminded me of something, too, about the Signpost message. He brings to the forum as many readers do, a fresh exhilaration and excitement about the Signpost message because events in the Middle East are happening right now, in front of our eyes, with exact Biblical details. Sometimes I forget about this or let the toil of spreading the message dampen my own excitement about the events occurring right before our eyes. He has the same excitement as I had when I first discovered the Signposts on the eve of George W. Bush’s address to the nation that he was going to remove Saddam Hussein and democratize Iraq.
Regarding Branson, it is a very unique town like none I have ever encountered. As I said on the interview it reminds me of a Disneyland and a Las Vegas, for Christian families, in terms of the shows and attractions. There was something else much deeper about it, though, that gave me a sense of comfort. Throughout Branson, Christ is proclaimed. The Church’s presence is felt everywhere.
The people are warm and friendly. I was having breakfast with Charlie one morning in a small diner that didn’t have any Christian paraphernalia on its walls, but when two customers were leaving the waitress just called out loudly to them, “Have a blessed day!” In that moment it occurred to me how you won’t find that in most parts of the country anymore these days. It also hit me that I thought I just saw a tiny little second-long glimpse into eternity where everyone has knowledge of the Lord just as the Bible says.
There is a strength to the faith of the people in the area. Branson has a 30-foot tall fully lit Nativity scene sitting on a hill (Mt. Branson, actually) overlooking the city. Between the obvious presence of the Church, the Nativity scene, and every-day men and women like that waitress calling out, “Have a blessed day,” I pray that no matter what may come in the future including things like the ACLU calling for taking things down in the name of political correctness, or even the Second Signpost assaulting our country, that the people of Branson continue to stand up and resist and remain what their town is – a solid oasis of God-fearing folk expressing their faith fearlessly, and a beacon and example for cities all over America. It is my greatest hope that the churches all over Branson and across the world know what the Iranian invasion truly is when it strikes.

The Nativity Scene across the water facing downtown Branson

The Nativity Scene across the water facing downtown Branson

I look forward to future visits to the people of Branson.
On a final note, on my way home I was able to visit Joel Richardson. He and I caught up on some things and it was good to see him again.

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  1. Great to hear you and Joel got to visit! And that the people of Branson exhibit genuine faith. I would love for my family to be in a town like that. Does Joel accept the 4 signposts view? I know in Mideast Beast he still say things differently? Keep up the great work and let me know if you are ever in the South Bend Indiana area.

  2. Hi Michael,
    I believe Joel now accepts the Four Signpost view, but only in that it emanates from Daniel 8, and that he believes in waiting to see how it plays out.

  3. Dear Mark

    Just read the following article from Business Insider…the writer makes some very interesting comments concerning Iran’s interest in Iraq. Thought you might appreciate the link.


  4. Hi Casey,
    Yes, news links brought in by readers like yourself is always appreciated.
    Knowing the Signposts we can make some slight adjustments to the article. It says Iran “wants to provide military assistance to make sure that the Islamic State is turned back and eventually defeated.” I believe, though, that it is providing military assistance to allow a stalemate so Iran can carry out its invasion when it is ready.

  5. Did you notice that the writer stated a two fold purpose in this?

  6. Yes, Casey. But the second purpose has been stated in many articles in the recent past so I wasn’t going to bring it up again. However, thanks for mentioning this because when I looked at the article again, the author’s last sentence speaking to the long term effects caught me as prophetic to a degree that even the author could not guess –
    “This will all go a long way to make sure that Iran maintains its power within the country after the war is over.”
    Sounds like Daniel 8:4b which is the final part of the Second Signpost – “He did as he pleased and became great.”

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