Announcing Interview on The Bottom Line, on KBRT AM 740

An interview has been scheduled with Roger Marsh, the host of The Bottom Line, on KBRT (that’s “K-BRITE”) AM 740 in the Los Angeles area.  It is being taped this week and I will announce here what the broadcast date is.  Showtime is usually 3 pm weekdays and Sunday at 6:30 am.  For those who do not live in Southern California, there is a “Listen Live!” button at the link above.

The message of the Four Signposts would seem to be a very good fit for this show since, as the show’s website states, “Get your daily dose of current events with a Biblical World View.”

K-BRITE broadcasts at 50,000 Watts during the day and is heard all over the L.A. metro area from Orange County to Ventura and from the coast to the Inland Empire.

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