Interview with Today’s Issues on AFR Now Posted

The interview on the American Family Radio (AFR) show, Today’s Issues with Tim Wildmon has been posted on the Appearances Page.  The Archive page for the show goes back only seven days and so some readers had alerted me to the fact that the sound file was no longer available.  But thanks go to the staff at Today’s Issues for making available the sound file for posting here at

The interview took place on Thursday, January 15.


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  1. “this site” Needs the link!! Please and thank you 🙂

  2. I just listened to this radio spot and Mark, here is what I would do in on your next interview…as I watch the news cycle regarding ME developments, the pundits are clear…Iran is growing in alarming rates its sphere of influence within the ME. Iran has now developed beach head strongholds in the following countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen. These strongholds in conjunction with their nearly completed nuclear weaponized program and longer range missile launching capabilities makes Iran a force to be reckoned with and a clear and present danger to global stability.

    This is no small matter…these developments, imo, are God Himself doing stage-setting (for those who watch and pray and know your signpost interpretation) of Daniel 7 & 8 for final fulfillment! Mark, this is nothing short of astounding! It is abundantly clear to any rational person that Iran is ready to exact revenge on the Sunnis for all the wrongs they have suffered in the past. It will come at a time of God’s choosing, of course. It may or may not happen this year, but it will be before Obama leaves office because Iran doesn’t know who the next POTUS will be or if they can pull the wool over eyes of the next POTUS in 2016.

    You need to start emphasizing the first paragraph, at least, in your radio spots, Mark. For those who follow current events, this will truly make listeners think twice about how close we are to the LORD’S return and read your book.


  3. Good4u1,
    You are my 3rd confirmation. God bless you, sister. I was praying about the need for a shift in presentation just a couple days ago. Then yesterday Nelson called with an urgent message about shifting the presentation. I thank God for your (and others’) sensitivity to the Spirit.

  4. I still don’t see a link to the interview on AFR. I listened on the radio in real time but would like to revisit so please indicate the link.

  5. Hi W D,
    The link is gone. Today’s Issues on AFR only keeps the last 7 days’ worth of broadcasts from the current date. However, the producer sent me the soundfile so you can listen to it on my Appearances page. Hope this helps.

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