Possible Successors to Khamenei


This story from Business Insider presents a fairly informative list of possible successors to Supreme Leader Khamenei, for whenever his passing may be.  The story’s author consults Ali Alfoneh, who is an expert on Iran and its leadership.  Alfoneh is author of Iran Unveiled: How the Revolutionary Guards Is Transforming Iran from Theocracy into Military Dictatorship.  From my own research I consider Alfoneh truly an expert on Iran, but obviously he does not know about the Signposts.

The story gives a list of possible successors as well as scenarios.  What follows is my own assessment of the choices given in the story, from the Signpost perspective.

Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi (pictured here) – Ideologically, Ayatollah Yazdi would be a fine candidate, and sure to march Iran towards the Second Signpost.  The problem is his advanced age of 83, which makes him 8 years older than Khamenei.  On the other hand, if the Iranian leadership knows the war will start soon, the voting Council of Experts may not care about his age.  In an interesting development two days ago, this same Ayatollah Yazdi was elected as head of the Assembly of Experts – the body that will elect the next supreme leader.

Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi (pictured here) – Ideologically conservative and very likely to lead Iran into the Second Signpost, Shahroudi at age 66 is a strong candidate for Supreme Leader.

Three leading possible candidates to replace Supreme Leader Khamenei.  all of them are ultraconservative and would support the Second Signpost moving forward.

Three leading possible candidates to replace Supreme Leader Khamenei. All of them are ultraconservative and would support the Second Signpost moving forward.

Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani – Relatively inexperienced, and relatively young at age 54, this is Alfoneh’s dark horse candidate, i.e. if he wins it would be a surprise. However, he would also lead Iran into the Second Signpost.

Hassan Khomeini – Though he is Ayatollah Khomeini’s grandson, he is not an Ayatollah. It is highly unlikely he would be chosen.

Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani – This is the man who has been a supporter of the Green Movement which would put the brake on any invasion by Iran. If the Second Signpost is to proceed, Rafsanjani would be a highly unlikely candidate.

Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi (pictured here) – Idealogically, Ayatollah Yazdi would be the perfect choice to lead Iran into the Second Signpost.  He is considered the most conservative (that means most likely to invade the Middle East) cleric.  Remember former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his views and statements?  Yazdi is his spiritual mentor.  He may be considered too radical to win the Council’s vote.  The other problem is his age of 81, which makes him 6 years older than Khamenei.  On the other hand, if the Iranian leadership knows the war will start soon, the Council may not care about his age.

Mojtaba Khamenei – Though he is a son of the current supreme leader, he is not an Ayatollah. It is highly unlikely he would be chosen.

Rafsanjani’s idea of a “leadership council” – Just like with Rafsanjani himself, this alternative is highly unlikely in light of Daniel 8.

The IRGC seizes power – This is an interesting scenario, but not likely. Remember, the Persian ram runs out with two horns, two leaders, and two bases of power. According to Signpost theory, the first horn is the supreme leader. The second is most likely the leadership of the IRGC. I agree with Alfoneh in the article saying that the IRGC replacing the supreme leader is unlikely. Not only due to the Signposts, but as studies on Iran have indicated, the IRGC looks to the supreme leader as their spiritual guide.


According to the Signposts, Iran is to invade and occupy the Middle East.  All indications show this as happening soon.  If supreme leader Khamenei does not last long enough, a successor would be needed.  It would seem the two Yazdi’s and Shahroudi would make the best ideological candidates for continuing the path to the Second Signpost.  Shahroudi, though may be the most likely candidate, in my opinion, due to his younger age and for not being known as the most extreme.

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6 replies

  1. I strongly believe the next leader will be the one who invades per Dan. 11:2

  2. Christopher,
    Daniel 11:2 is an interesting verse, with the three more kings and the fourth that is rich and “stirs everyone up” to attack Greece. But verses 2-35 were fulfilled to the letter in history with Alexander and Antiochus. Lets not forget foreshadows, and they can work in reverse into the past too. Yes we may see three supreme leaders and the fourth, the IRGC is the rich one. But they don’t stir “everyone up”, in fact 80% of Iranians want no part of it. The ancient fulfillment did stir everyone up. But just as history in the past can be a foreshadow of a later fulfillment, today’s events can repeat as a “foreshadow / hindshadow” of what was fulfilled exactly in the past. To set up the end time battle between the kings of the north and south, Persia has to attack Yavan, again.

  3. Whoever the next supreme leader is, Iran’s supreme authority has already decided that Iran’s capture of middle east will start from Iraq, especially that the senior adviser to Rouhani claims that the new capital of Iran is Baqdad. Very interesting development from Rouhani and whether he wants to establish a new authority of leadership over IRGC!! Something to think about and see whether the current president will challenge his authority over the supreme leader!!

  4. AFO,
    As I have learned, the president holds no real power. Its all for show.

  5. Have you heard of David Wilkerson’s book, “The Vision”? In it, he says that God gave him a vision where he saw oil fields burning in the Middle East (possibly from an Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia), and then after that, he saw America completely destroyed by a nuclear attack. What do you think about this? Do you think America will be destroyed in this way?

  6. Hi Janae,
    I’ve seen several predictions/visions given from a few men who I believe have not been disproved to have a prophetic gift. They all point to an attack on the USA. They may happen, they may not. The purpose of them, if they are true, is to warn people to repent. If you have repented and are following Him stay close.

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