In The News: A Reminder of Shifts Prior to Fulfillment

This news story just broke in the last day or two reporting that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has been hospitalized and is in critical condition.  He has been under watch by doctors since he was diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago.  It has advanced to stage four and apparently the effects of the cancer are catching up with him.

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the current man behind the first horn of the Persian ram.

This story should remind us of the ever-changing and shifting world of prophecy fulfillment.  What I mean by this is that even though it is fairly certain that Daniel 8 is showing us the Persian ram will have two leaders during the Second Signpost, and the Turkish leader will lead the four nation Sunni confederacy during the Third with four leaders coming after him, the actual men fulfilling these roles is unknown until the fulfillment is under way.

Ayatollah Khomeini was the face of the first horn of the ram until 1989.  Ever since that time it has been Ali Khamenei.  But the man who is the first horn when the Persian ram runs out will not be known until it happens.  It might be Khamenei or a successor.  And as it turns out chances are now high it might be someone else other than Khamenei.  Who might it be?  The Assembly of Experts will decide.  But whoever it may be, it will be someone God will use to carry out the Second Signpost.

Remember the horns are positions of power and could be held by anyone.  Erdogan is the best candidate for the first horn of the goat but that does not mean that it will be him.  Generals Soleimani and Jafari are likely the best candidates for the second horn of the ram but it may not be either of them.

This is yet another reason why we must watch.  Watching, like our King commanded in Matthew 24, requires perseverance and being alert.

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  1. The article posted by both you and Roz indicate that Jesus’s command to be watchful and pray regarding prophetic events is sage wisdom. Jumping the gun too soon may prove in the end to be wrong, but not being watchful and verify events to compare the prophetic Word of God could leave a believer unprepared and vulnerable. IF it can somehow be verified that the current Iranian Supreme Leader is dead it will almost be a sure sign, imo, that the Iranian nuclear negotiation agreement with the western powers is a no-go.

    How is one to know? Time will tell, so be watchful and pray.


  2. Also the link within it about the Tower of Babel is interesting

  3. Lisa,
    Yes I’ve seen the story. I don’t think much of it because every few months another brigadier general, or lower level cleric makes some boast or assertion of Iran’s influence in the region. By the way, here is a more accurate version of Walid’s slight changes to the story –
    Quds Force commander General Suleimani told General Petraeus way back in 2008 that Iran controls Iraq. Again this isn’t new. Thanks for the link.

  4. Thanks Mark.

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