Add Shooting Down Israeli Planes to President Support for Signposts

Those who have read Daniel Revisited or read sufficiently older posts here realize that the United States has indeed had a very heavy hand at doing God’s bidding – even if unconscientiously – moving the Four Signposts along.  Yes, though the Bible does not mention the USA by name, the USA has been providing a great force behind the scenes to move these Signposts along.

So it was this news story that just broke yesterday that reminded me how long the list is growing of U.S. presidents’ actions supporting the Signposts.  The story reported that U.S. President Obama was said to have threatened that he would have ordered the shooting down of any Israeli planes that would have tried to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.  It is possible that this story is just hearsay rather than hard fact, but it is entirely plausible that he said it, seeing Obama’s past actions.

If true we can add this to our list of actions by our presidents to support the Signposts.  In the 2009 photo of five living U.S. presidents, this last action is in gold text.  Here is our list at this moment –

1) Jimmy Carter.  Carter encouraged the founding of the Islamic Republic of Iran including the establishment of the ram’s first horn, the supreme leader, for the Second Signpost.  He allowed the shah to be deposed, clearing the field for Khomeini to move in.  Because of Carter’s action, the seed of the Second Signpost was planted.  God used Carter to set up the Second Signpost, which will be the single most world-changing event in the end times which sets the entire world on the path to the Tribulation.

2) Ronald Reagan.  Reagan is possibly the only president in the end times who worked for the Signposts in a good way.  How is this possible?  He supported financial and military aid to Saddam Hussein in the billions of dollars during the Iran-Iraq War.  From 1980 to 1988 Saddam Hussein and Iraq hung on by their fingernails repelling Iran’s invasion by its Basij troops.  Reagan’s aid made a difference.  It was only by Iraq surviving that prevented the Second Signpost from occurring in the 1980’s and the First Signpost not happening at all.  If Iran had conquered Iraq, Iraq’s mind would have also been changed, but for the worse, and not in a way that would make the lion act more like a civilized man.  God used Reagan so that end time events continued according to God’s timing.

3) George H.W. Bush.  Bush-41 expelled Saddam Hussein’s forces from Kuwait.  This simply upheld the fact that the first horseman, who rode out bent on conquest, indeed rode out only as, or like, a conqueror, not a real conqueror, just like Revelation 6:2 says.  God used the senior Bush to partially fulfill Revelation 6:2.

4) George W. Bush.  Bush-43 led the force that caused the lion with wings in Daniel 7:4 to stand, to have its wings clipped, and to have its mind changed – the First Signpost.  God used junior Bush to completely orchestrate and execute the First Signpost, the kickoff event that will eventually allow the Second Signpost to proceed.

5) Barack Obama and the Second Signpost.  Obama is not only handing Iran a blank check to allow it to develop nuclear weapons to back up its invasion of the Middle East in the Second Signpost, but now…  Obama is actively discouraging those who might otherwise stop Iran by threatening the use of military force to help Iran. (Note toward the end of the news story how the security advisor to Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski and his handling of Iran becoming an Islamic Republic is the same man who encouraged Obama to shoot down Israeli planes.)  God is using Obama to assure that the Second Signpost begins at His ordained time and in the correct way, per Daniel 7:5 and 8:4.

The Shah of Iran meets with Zbigniew Brzezinski (far right), senior security advisor to U.S. President Jimmy Carter (second from right) in 1977.

The Shah of Iran (left) meets with Zbigniew Brzezinski (far right), senior security advisor, and U.S. President Jimmy Carter (second from right) in 1977, two years prior to the deposing of the Shah.

6) Barack Obama and the Third Signpost.  Obama is encouraging the three major Sunni nations of the Third Signpost to become more Sunni Islamist by fostering the deposing of Assad in Syria and the strengthening of the Muslim Brotherhood.  God is also using Obama to plant the seeds for the Third Signpost; that the nations to be allied are all present, and properly made Sunni Islamist.

The five living U.S. Presidents gathered at the White House in 2009, with their end-time accomplishments, per the Signposts.

The five living U.S. Presidents gathered at the White House in 2009, with their end-time accomplishments noted, per the Signposts.


So what’s next, courtesy the Obama administration?  Engraved invitations to the IRGC to run amok all over the Mideast while being given free transportation by the American military?  I’m joking of course.  But by the time this is all over we might be quite surprised at the total contribution that U.S. leadership made so that God’s word is ultimately carried out.

It is interesting and surprising to me that God has chosen the mightiest nation that ever existed – and the only nation dedicated as a Christian nation, the United States of America – to unwittingly orchestrate the execution of the Signposts one by one.  The nation responsible for churches planted all over the dark places of the world and bringing the light of the Gospel to millions of the lost, is the same nation most helpful in allowing the Antichrist to emerge.

How many Christians in the USA even realize that their country is being used by God to bring out the Antichrist?  Who could even imagine such a thing on their own?  The only reason I discovered this is because it is a consequence of the Signpost interpretation of Daniel 7 and 8.  Truth can be definitely stranger than fiction.

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  1. And Erdogan working overtime on making stronger partnerships . . .

    I especially like the quote, “Clearly, things are shaping up in a very different way than they have been in the last several years.” If only they knew how much different . . .

  2. “It is very possible the report was written to make Netanyahu appear as a war monger (and Obama a guarantor of peace with Iran) as the Israeli Prime Minister was set to make his address”.

  3. “How many Christians in the USA even realize that their country is being used by God to bring out the Antichrist?” Hmm; I never would have looked at it this way. I was busy wondering what President Obama was thinking as he turned our collective backs to Israel. I suppose that makes me a member of the majority in this case. I appreciate the change in perspective; it’s a reminder that the heart of the king is in God’s hands. I can see now that God is in the midst of it all and it’s happening exactly as it should.

  4. Mark,- excellent post.
    Your concluding joke, “What’s next, courtesy the Obama administration? Engraved invitations to the IRGC to run amok all over the Mideast while being given free transportation by the American military?”, may in fact be REALITY according to 1st March exclusive from DebkaFile:

    “…Obama or his National Security Adviser Susan Rice are…not about to confirm intelligence reports, which expose the military collaboration between the Obama administration and Iran’s supreme leader Aytatollah Ali Khamenei as being piped through the office of Iraq’s Shiite Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

    “Washington denies that there is any such collaboration – or any suggestion that the White House had reviewed recommendations and assessments of an option for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Al Qods Brigades to take over the ground war on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as American contractors.

    “Al Qods chief Gen. Qassem Soleimani is frequently spotted these days flitting between Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut, while his intelligence and liaison officers file reports to the Obama administration, through the Iraqi prime minister’s office, on their forthcoming military steps and wait for Washington’s approval….”

  5. And now Iran is THE MAJOR PLAYER in the fight to retake Tikrit!

  6. Thanks Mark:

    Your commentary proves to me that only God is in charge of world destiny and He can persuade any person in authority to accomplish his sovereign will for the sake of his son and his bride.

    We sometimes forget that the very person of Antichrist will be born on this earth by the will of God. Even Antichrist will be a pawn in the chess game that God is orchestrating to show the glory of his Son, as he comes to rule the earth and fulfill the promise He have to King David regarding an everlasting kingdom of God on earth.

  7. Richard,
    Wow! Though I take DEBKAfile with a grain of salt, the idea of collaboration continues the pattern of events God is working.

  8. Yes it really is mind blowing how God has used and is using the USA (and the UK) over the years in regard to the Caliphate. Mark/others may find the writing i did on this topic last year interesting:

  9. Just a side issue, but its interesting to see the differences in how ppl see America. We’ve always seen it as the first truely secular nation – democratic (people power), separation of church and state (God has no say in govt), etc; and Americans have always seen it as the first truely God-tailor-made nation.

  10. I found it interesting that the magnificent speech given by PM Netanyahu today is also the Feast of Purim. Was this our last warning from a Loving God?

  11. Christopher,
    Thanks for linking your article. One thread seems to be emerging here. Whether the USA has been used to keep Islam at bay, or used by God to orchestrate His Signposts, when the Second Signpost breaks, when the invasion occurs, Iran is free to do all it wants and peace of mind is taken from the earth, the USA could quickly end up being a very different country. Where its usefulness is replaced by falling under divine judgment. We shall soon see.

  12. Mark:

    Realistically speaking, we need to start thinking that even the Obama administration will end in 660 days and Iran could just keep patient until their nuclear weapon is ready.

    I don’t think Iran is in a rush to start anything drastic until there is a huge power vacuum in the whole Middle East region.

  13. Afo,
    Possibly, but that is a matter of timing. Realistically we cannot know for sure about times – only the signs. We have two (admittedly) fuzzy things telling us that Iran may well attack during Obama’s term: the last day of the Shemitah in September 2015, and the fact that Iran now has a soft US president to deal with. Better that than a possible Bush or Reagan to deal with from Iran’s standpoint.

  14. Mark, I’m still buzzling over this exceptional piece because it resonates strongly with a couple of personal things:

    1. The 1980s Iran-Iraq war opened my interest as an unbeliever in End-Times because I’d been given a ‘secular’ book on OT prophecies about modern events. Whilst watching a documentary on TV about that war I flicked through the new book and noted references to the significance of Jerusalem. THEN I heard the TV narrator speak about, and showed, elite units from opposing forces rehearsing together an attack upon Jerusalem – despite being at war with one another!!

    2. I emailed friends back in May 2009 (see about Netanyahu meeting Obama to discuss a 2-state solution and wrote: “this involved attempts to turn the Arab world and Europe against Israel, and to appease Iran – even to ‘blackmailing’ Israel over its nuclear defence! (It’s reported Obama wanted to be able to use Iran’s territory for supplying US troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan.)” – the last point from Debka reports.

    At that time there were hints of secret diplomatic, ‘back-channel’ US-Iran contacts, all of which supports your thesis about Obama.

  15. Thanks Mark! It is all falling into place. This op-ed from al-Arabiya is interesting in light of Iran’s movements.

    This quote caught my attention based on what you have pointed out about the IRGC previously:
    “As such, the real Iranian threat is not JUST the regime’s nuclear ambitions, but its expansionist approach and state-sponsored terrorism activities which are still ongoing.

    What is noteworthy, is that whilst in the past Tehran plotted and implemented most of its terror activities in secret (apart from a few obvious examples such as the 1983 Beirut attack on U.S. Marines); the Islamic Republic seems so at ease today that, as noted by renowned media columnist Diana Moukalled recently, it went public with documenting the appearances of Iranian General Qassim Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force.”

  16. Thank you for sharing, Richard.

  17. They are master chess players, indeed. Calm. Measured moves. This is why the world will be completely taken by surprise.

  18. Mark, given some recent developments it seems like Iraq and Iran are becoming increasingly friendly. Wondering if Iran still needs to “conquer” Iraq . . . Maybe they will come as allies with Iraq against ISIS and then when ISIS is done, Iran stays in Iraq and Turkey gets worried. Your thoughts?

  19. Corban,
    Daniel 7 and 8 form the foundation of this whole interpretation of the sequence of events. Through all these months and years waiting for Iran to invade, friendships, alliances, skirmishes, wars are all noise to the main event which is the Second Signpost. Everything remains on course. The fact that Shia Iran and the Shia part of Iraq are becoming friends simply means that Iraq will provide a launching platform for Iran’s main invasion. And Iran has run Iraq since 2008.
    Keep in mind too from Daniel that Iran must run west all the way to the sea, and run south who knows how far. The Iranian bear must consume much flesh, i.e. ravage many countries. The invasion does not stop with Iraq. Keep watching my friend.

  20. Whether or not your sign post are correct , God only knows. You are correct when you say Americans don’t realize what is happening. Why? Of course it is understandable why non-believers don’t get it. And 95% of Christians don’t get it. Why? They don’t understand the total sovereignty of God in ALL things. They know what compatibilism is.

  21. Alfred, I agree, well said. Except I think you grossly overestimate the number of Christians “getting it.” .0001% seems a better estimate IMO. This makes it our responsibility and great privilege to awaken them. It saddens me to see Christians spending their efforts politically as if a Republican or Democrat could change what the Sovereign Lord of the Universe has set in motion, and ignore the great spiritual battle before us. Nelson

  22. Mark,
    When you comment about America being dedicated as a great Christian nation… I once thought the same thing. However, the history of this nation’s founding is heavily occultic, Masonic, and even designed to bring about Antichrist. The name America itself is derived from the ancient plumed serpent. Consider the occultic associations and designs of the majority of the founders, the Masonic designs of the capital, the meaning of the Great Seal, the dollar symbols, capital dome with obelisk, Statue of Liberty (Isis/Apollo). Readers of this forum would do well to read Zenith 2016 by Tom Horn at least as an introduction.

  23. Mark,
    Regarding the USA and its founding, this nation was dedicated to God in 1789, regardless of how broken the men were themselves. I studied all that Masonic conspiracy theory years ago and I realized a couple things – it doesn’t matter because God still used this nation mightily as a light of the Gospel in many places in the world, and when Mahdi arrives with his revived Islamic empire the best contrivances of the West will not matter either.
    And regarding Tom Horn and his writings, no I have to disagree with you. There is a hole in believers’ souls that they must know what is happening here in the end times. Unfortunately many people don’t know any better so they fill it with the roman antichrist or preterism or nephilism or alien fleets watched by catholic observatories. All these things are the twisting of Scripture. These things are all red herrings and will come to nothing. No, no one would do well chasing Horn’s writings. They would do well to come here or to Joel’s site or to Nelson’s site. People need to wake up and see what is really happening.
    what I am saying here may seem harsh but we are entering a time where all these pet theories will become dangerous because they prevent people from waking up and preparing.

  24. Hi Mark, I have ordered your book, but have not read it completely yet. I do have a question for you, why do we need to be aware of anything that is happening before the rapture, and what are we supposed to do to “prepare”. I am not asking this to challenge you, I really am wanting to know, as I do not have the answer. I just want a better understanding of why and what is happening. I have been a born again Christian for almost 6 years, and no one seems to go into any detail with me on prophecy, so I have a limited understanding. Feel free to email me as well. Thank you.

  25. Hi Anon,
    My book shows that there are to be 4 major events occurring before the rapture. We saw the first and the second is coming. The second event, the second signpost, is to take peace from the earth, probably in the form of oil shortages and high prices, as well as removal of the US Petrodollar. The preparation is knowing that this invasion by Iran is the next sign Christ is coming, and ask the Lord to show you how you might need to prepare. These are events have been sealed in Daniel until now. The book shows you all of this. Be blessed.

  26. Hi Mark
    I have only recently found your site and find it very interesting. For a long time now, I have believed in a European Antichrist, reading many articles that calculate his name to be anyone from the pope to prince Harry. If, as you say, the AC will be Muslim, could we know who he is before he comes to power by calculating his name?

  27. Sean,
    I don’t know; I believe probably not. But in my book I show how you would know who it is, when he appears prior to the Tribulation, without a doubt.

  28. I do find it interesting that Turkey has NATO backing,now that Turkey has decided to attack isis with West’s support.And in the future it could quite possibly have NATO backing to attack the ram, after it captures mid East in 3 directions.we may in the west help the rise of Antichrist initially! even with military backing of some sort.

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