Has Turkey’s Turnaround on ISIS Changed Anything?

In a word, “no”. Without the knowledge of the Signposts such a development can seem rather significant. The one country that used to tolerate ISIS is now attacking it. But from the Signpost viewpoint, nothing has changed.

Turkish tanks at the border with Syria.

Many prophecy commentators invent reasons why things are happening in the Middle East. For instance, it seems several have been trumpeting how ISIS is the greatest threat and is heralding the coming of Antichrist. But the Signpost interpretation of the word of God tells us Iran – not ISIS – will herald the next step to the Antichrist. When Iran runs out as the bear ravaging many countries and as the ram shocking and butting many, ISIS will melt away.

Prophecy teachers who had concocted future scenarios where Turkey was advancing its agenda across the Mideast using its proxy, ISIS, now must reassess their positions. But this change with Turkey has not only shown no problem with the Signpost interpretation, but has shown even more clearly the nature and agenda of the leader of the future Sunni confederacy which will be the main player of the Third Signpost.

First, Turkey wants to add Syria into its strategic orbit. Turkey wants this so that it can expand its influence and possibly its sovereignty beyond its present borders, into the former Ottoman province of Syria. By removing Assad as the Shia Muslim leader of Syria, Turkey can then ally with Syria. By attacking ISIS, Turkey has now opened the door for the possibility of actually moving troops into Syria. Instead of waiting for ISIS to perhaps oppose Assad directly Turkey can do it. The Third Signpost calls for Syria to be one of the three nations to join Turkey in the future confederacy. We don’t know how Syria will join Turkey, we only know from the Bible that it will happen.

Second, Turkey has attacked the Kurds living in Syria because it views the Kurds as a threat to its territory. Turkey is afraid that the Kurds in Turkey will try to break away with Kurds in Iraq or Syria to form a new Kurd nation and carve a chunk out of Turkey’s realm. This of course reveals that the leadership of Turkey – Erdoğan and his AKP – will vehemently defend Turkish territory. The goat of Daniel 8 attacks the Persian ram in an embittered rage. As I wrote about in Daniel Revisited, the goat was embittered likely due to its being the Sunni Muslim defender of Sunni Islam being threatened by the Shia Islam surging by Iran’s invasion. But might that embittered rage also be due to Erdoğan’s territory being invaded by Iran? It could only add to the goat’s rage.

This development in the Middle East reminds us that not only do we see day by day and week by week the Second Signpost coming closer, but every now and then we get a glimpse of the nations and conditions of the future Third Signpost.

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3 replies

  1. ok now I´m a little confused always thougth the goat was alexander in 333bc and syria is joining the new ottman empire at the moment Turkey says it is fighting ISIS but in the real world they are fighting the kurds who are the only force standing up to ISIS so the join is already going on.

    Or did I miss anything ??

  2. Sandra,
    I recommend you read the book.
    Daniel 8 with the ram and goat take place in the end time – verses 17, 19 and 26 all say so.
    Daniel 7 and 8 both present the same four signposts just from different perspectives.
    Turkey, the main player of the third signpost in the future, is merely showing its true colors.

  3. I am sure they noted the Iranian troops that came into Syria to help Assad and thus backed off.

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