Thomas-Nelson Picks Up Daniel Revisited!

It is with exuberant thanks to God that I can tell you of a great development in the spread of the message of Daniel Revisited: Thomas-Nelson is picking up the book! Yes, you read that correctly.

Thomas Nelson Logo

The new Thomas-Nelson edition of Daniel Revisited should be available in the December timeframe. It would then be sold in brick-and-mortar stores, besides on-line. The transition from the current Westbow edition to the Thomas-Nelson should be seamless.

To that end, the book by-and-large will not change. The only difference in content between the Westbow edition and the Thomas-Nelson edition is a new Preface and some technical editing. The manuscript and the cover should not change. The Preface will discuss recent news developments such as the Iran nuclear deal and ISIS – things that have been written about here.

I praise the Lord that we have a new partner – a very large and influential partner – to get the Signpost message out to the churches. If this truly is in tune with the Lord’s will that this happen and in this timeframe, then whatever may happen in the times around September 13 and in the times leading up to the Second Signpost, may still allow for a time, a functioning economy to get the book printed and distributed.  I pray and I hope that Thomas-Nelson is successful at breaking down doors that have been closed up until now.

All of you brothers and sisters who have been trying to spread the message to your churches can now tell your skeptical pastors and friends that it is going to be a Thomas-Nelson book. Be encouraged brothers and sisters. Many readers have said in the past that the Four Signposts would become widely known when the Second Signpost begins. I believed it could, but how when only a few thousand brothers and sisters knew the message?  I should have known God works all things. I see now how He might use Thomas-Nelson to bring the message to many tens of thousands if not more. So when the Second Signpost does strike, the Church will know what is happening.

I pray that when the Second Signpost strikes, that not only does the Church know what is happening, but brothers and sisters take this one time opportunity to witness to the lost to know the Lord Jesus Christ as we can literally see His arrival coming closer day by day! Praise you Lord Jesus! Amen.

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17 replies

  1. Praise our God indeed! May millions hear and respond to the call.

  2. Praise the Lord! God is good, God is great, let us thank him for answered prayer!

  3. I couldn’t be happier for you, Mark! It has been a long time in coming with many twists and turns and yes, dead ends. But it is sovereign God who makes the pathway clear when His will is ready to be made known publicly through many current events as the stars align for your book to be widely distributed, especially to the wider Church body.

    Do you have a release date yet?


  4. Hey, if something comes up I am available…in ministry and job hunting currently Mark. Thinking possibly going back to seminary to get a Doctorate in Divinity.

  5. Congratulations, Mark!

  6. Great!

    Anything that brings Iran, and therefore Islam, into the light the better!

    Glen Beck’s book “It IS about Islam” will most likely generate new interest among the general public on that topic!

  7. Glenn Beck’s new book “It IS about Islam” will generate more interest on that topic among the public!

    That interest will most likely turn into greater sales of your book!

  8. Good4u1,
    No definite release date yet. I’ll post it here when I know.

  9. Anyway, I am glad to see this. I know of several ministers that were not aware of your book that I thought would. Thomas Nelson will help to place this book better for you. I know when I came across your book through Joel’s Richardson’s recommendation. As I was reading it, prophecy was making a lot of sense to me. I knew 24 years ago prophecy was not making any sense with the end of the Cold War. Something kept hitting me like Indiana Jones looking at his map for the Ark. “They’re looking in the wrong place” and not seeing the signposts.

  10. Gary,
    Thanks. I have approached many pastors and ministry leaders. So many excuses to put off looking at it.

  11. Congratulations Mark! Shalom & may God bless you. “Patience & persistence are virtues” 🙂

  12. Good news

  13. [Mark] Levin has charged, “Barack Obama has planted the seeds, in my view, for World War III. They were already there, but he’s moved it along. I honestly believe that the next, massive, conflagration, war will now be in the Middle East.”


  14. This is awesome news Mark. Awaken the Church!

  15. Praise God, Mark, that this will put the idea more in the mainstream, without being mainstream!

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