The Second Signpost Won’t Be Stopped

This morning I was working on the new book with the news on the TV on low in the background. And it was this morning I just heard Obama has his 34th senator to resist breaking Obama’s veto. The details are in this story from ABC.

The IRGC on parade.  This will be the main invasion force of the Second Signpost

The IRGC on parade. This will be the main invasion force of the Second Signpost.

Of course it could still be rejected by Iran, but I doubt that would happen. It’s a real deal for Iran.

So unless there is some last minute change or surprise, the nuclear deal is going through. Iran will have inspectors from China and Russia who will check on Iran’s doings and if they see anything wrong (not likely) Iran has only 24 days to give in and open up.

The Second Signpost.  With or without the nuclear deal, it’s coming.  It’s imminent.  It’s in God’s word.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    I thought the title of this article from Truth Revolt was fitting. The democratic support is enough to “Ram” through the Iran deal.

  2. Indeed it is. And oh, what a wake-up call to the universal church it will be! I find it ironic that it is retiring Senator Barbara Mikulski from Maryland that has stabbed Americans in the back. She cannot lose since she is not up for re-election and skates off with her big fat government pension. Tho’ your second signpost could happen anytime, I personally believe it will be according to the Shemittah year which according to Jonathan Cahn will be between Sept. 2015 thru Sept. 2016 if the pattern is followed. All so interesting, right during the presidential election cycle and perhaps to deeply embarrass Obama and his minion, Sec. of State Kerry. But of course, I could be totally wrong (it wouldn’t be the first time) as the Sovereign of the Universe will have the final say when the Ram of Daniel 8 charges forth.

    So we keep watching and praying as the LORD commands and always studying His prophetic Word.


  3. Good4u1,
    I’m in agreement with you on timing – at least if I was a betting man that’s what I would bet on. I am going to be making a post on this topic.

  4. Mark, a question for you. As you have pondered the events in the M.E. & U.S. involvement with regard to this deal, do you see a substantial military strike by Israel as Ms Glick and so many others believe is inevitable? There is of course nothing to indicate this type of provocation in The Scriptures pertaining to the 2nd signpost but this subject has been cloudy to me, and I would like to know your opinion. If this does happen, Lord willing it will be after my first ever Nov trip to Israel!

  5. R,
    Sorry I have no idea if Israel will strike Iran. We only know what the Bible is showing us – Iran will invade the Middle East, whether or not Israel strikes. We can speculate that the event(s) on or after September 13 will lead to the USA losing its power.

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