Egypt’s New Gas Discovery and the Third Signpost

The Italian energy conglomerate Eni has just announced a huge natural gas find just off the coast of Egypt. An estimate of the size of this new field is that it holds 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, which is the energy equivalent of 5.5 billion barrels of oil. For an idea of how much energy that is, that much oil would supply the entire world all by itself for two months. But it will cover Egypt’s needs for at least a decade.

Natural gas burning off from a well in Qatar.

Natural gas burning off from a well in Qatar.

Would a discovery of this size be significant to affect the Signposts? Perhaps. It wouldn’t affect the Second Signpost if the Iranian invasion is soon because it would take at least a couple years to develop the field. But it might help Egypt during the Third Signpost.

Egypt was an oil exporter until recently, but now it uses all it produces. It needed natural gas too and is currently Israel’s biggest customer. The natural gas off the coast of Israel supplies all of Israel’s needs and allows Israel to actually sell gas to Egypt. But now it looks like Israel will need to find a new customer for its natural gas.

But when Turkey, Egypt and Syria begin to take back the Middle East from Iranian forces, I would think this new gas field would come in handy to give Egypt the energy its infrastructure would need as Egyptian forces run out with Turkish forces to take the Middle East.

God is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, attending to all the details to make the Signposts happen as He has ordained them in His word.

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  1. Interesting detail, Mark. For those who watch and report like you to your readers like me, mainly die-hard prophecy geeks. It is a sure sign that God is quietly working in the background to set the stage for the main finale’…the grand ovation for those who watch for the return of Jesus. In a strange way, this is somehow comforting to me. Don’t ask me why.


  2. Good4u1,
    I have had the same feeling. Comfort. I think that’s what God’s Signposts do – they show us that despite all the chaos in the Middle East His word is showing us how each small event relates to His major events.

  3. Now it all makes sense why the King of the North will attack the King of the South. Does my comment make sense?

  4. Good catch Afo. A huge gas find could be a big lure to the new Turkey in the Fourth Signpost.

  5. Mark:

    Do you think it is possible to know the identity of A.C. in 2nd or 3rd signpost era? I am assuming that A.C. Will be self-evident in the 4th signpost!!

  6. Afo,
    The man who will be AC is only recognizable starting with the Fourth Signpost. He might be n officer in the Turkish army during the Third Signpost. He might even be shown on video. But we will never know it is him until we see the events of the Fourth Signpost.

  7. Mark, in the past when I have taught on the book of Daniel I have been blessed with referencing so many great resources. A wise scribe takes out of his treasure what is old and what is new. (Matt 13:52) One of those resources is a wonderful commentary on Daniel by the “legendary” Dr. Henry Ironside. Amazing when you read Ironside’s commentary on Daniel 8 and his reference to the return of the Ottoman Empire and the “Assyrian” of Isaiah 14 rising from Turkey. Especially incredible when considering Ironside wrote his commentary on Daniel almost 100 years ago but he saw in Scripture the return of the Ottoman Empire and Caliph to once again rule over the Mid-East during the time of the end. This doesn’t mean you, I or others would agree with everything Ironside pontificates about in his commentary but he was writing in the confines of his own time. I often wonder what Ironside, Stedman and other powerfully gifted men called by God to be used to the Church at large and great expositors of the Word would think of your study… I think many… and I would go on record as saying definitely Stedman.. would be looking into these things with great thankfulness for your work and living out the Berean call to test what is written and to do so in love. I tell everyone to refer to what God has laid on your heart and consider it. I also believe we will see the “Assyrian” (AC) play out a role similar to Antiochus Epiphanes and fulfill the rest of Daniel 11 starting at I believe.. verse 36? Will the Roman power of our day (America and the West) draw a “line in the sand” and turn this next Antiochus Epiphanes back from his rampage into Egypt as world events unfold globally but the AC dominates the Mid-East? I do not know as honestly.. America’s days appear to be numbered but I do know this.. “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings (His Church) to seek them out” (Proverbs 25:2) Praying for your ministry to increase by the power of Christ!

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