“It Cuts Off All of Iran’s Pathways…”

Those words in this post’s title were spoken by President Obama in a speech given three weeks ago. In that speech he was pushing for acceptance of the Iran Nuclear Deal. It felt to me like God was speaking through those words but not in a way intended by the speaker of those words. I’ll explain that in a little bit.

A Tie Between September 13 and the Second Signpost?

In this post that I wrote a couple years ago, I proposed that the events on or around September 13, 2015 might have something to do with the Second Signpost. Well here we are in late August 2015. With the Middle East in the state it is currently in, it seems the Iranian invasion of the Middle East – the Second Signpost – is imminent.

What form might the events take, on or around September 13? I don’t know, but it may very well be related to preventing the United States from being in control in the Middle East. All I do know is what I believe God’s word is telling us: the Second Signpost will happen. Therefore, just as preparations were made for the First Signpost, preparations must be further made for the Second Signpost. September 13 may part of the preparations.

Time wise, events may or may not happen when we think they will. Two Shemitah cycles ago, 9-11 was six days ahead. But on the last Shemitah in 2008, the worst day of the 2008 Financial Crisis was right on the money. So the “September 13” could happen anytime now.

Events may or may not give any warning. 9-11 came with no warning while the 2008 Crisis had about thirteen months warning. Perhaps so many of the little things that have been happening such as the market falling and cyber-attacks are all part of what might happen – I don’t know. Perhaps they are giving us a warning.

Many Little Signs

Right now it seems there have been many little signs telling us that the events that may transpire around September 13 are all part of a symphony orchestrated by God specifically to bring about the Second Signpost, by preventing the US from doing anything about it. Taken one at a time they are noise, but taken together is God trying to tell us something?

What kinds of little signs are we talking about? One was the nuclear deal being agreed on the same day that Greece technically defaulted on its debt. The scenes in Greece could easily be a preview of what we might see across the western world after the Second Signpost strikes. Another is that the nuclear deal’s sixty-day review period for Congress ends on or about September 13 as well.

Did you notice the “glitches” that occurred to two completely disparate institutions as the NYSE and United Airlines, and on the same day? It’s as if we were being shown past Shemitah events – the NYSE related to 2008 and two of the four airplanes used on 9/11 belonged to United Airlines.  Trading was halted and planes were grounded.

Did you notice how the Chinese and now American markets are showing signs of topping off and sliding? Regarding the stock market sliding, I caught this on Greg Hunter’s site where he writes about his interview with gold guru Jim Sinclair (Greg’s emphasis in bold, mine in underline),

Legendary gold expert Jim Sinclair says what is going on right now in the stock market is just the warm-up act. Sinclair contends, This is a pre-crash, and we are not making it through September without the real thing. Everybody is on credit. Main Street is on credit. This seems to be a bubble of historical proportion when it comes to the amount of money supporting the accepted lifestyles as being the new normal. Raising interest rates is impossible today. The market is so fragile…These are times never experienced in financial history. . . .It is very possible that we are going to have a super civilization change.

So a secular financial expert sees a possible civilization change. And in September. The change that he cannot name would be that the Signposts take over.

So could September 13 take the form of cyber-attacks, financial meltdowns or jihadist attacks? I haven’t any idea but the objective would be the hobbling and humbling of America.

Obama and his words

But it is Obama’s own words that caught my attention pointing to the overarching theme that September 13 and the Second Signpost are being forced to conspire by God’s hand.

President Barack Obama speaks on August 5, 2015, at American University in Washington. Obama says that all the pathways to Iran getting the bomb have been cut off. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

President Barack Obama speaks on August 5, 2015, at American University in Washington. Obama says that all the pathways to Iran getting the bomb have been cut off. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

It was Obama’s speech back on August 5th when he was trying to sell the Iran Nuclear Deal and address criticism. Here is the text of the speech. In all the years I have seen Obama on TV he usually says the opposite of the truth. Whether it is him or his backers and speech makers I don’t know, but he frequently says the opposite of reality. One example is when he told us all back in 2010 that Obamacare would bring the cost of healthcare down and you could keep your doctor. Or when he says the nuclear deal is good for us all. Or when he told Joe the Plumber [at 4:44 in the video] back in 2008 that wealth redistribution is just good for everybody. Just take the opposite of what he says and you have the truth.

So in his speech three weeks ago he said about the nuclear deal, “It cuts off all of Iran’s pathways to a bomb.” Of course that is just balderdash and in this post I show why this simply is not true.

Now I have nothing tangible to base this on, but when Obama talked about cutting off all pathways for Iran to get the bomb, I felt in my soul that we were being told just the opposite, that all pathways were being cut off that would allow the Second Signpost to be stopped. Of course, if God’s word says the Signposts will happen than it absolutely will, but how it is made to happen could be in any number of ways. But one by one, the pathways for the Second Signpost to be stopped are in fact being “cut off.” How?

Cutting off the paths

First, the nuclear deal, if approved, would force the world into an international legal framework, that would basically be a ticket for Iran to get the bomb. No nation outside of the US would stop Iran.

Second, Iran will get $150 billion in liquidity to fund their plans. This is a major financial enabler.

And third, the only remaining pathway to possibly stop the Second Signpost – major US military intervention of the type called for by Senator Tom Cotton – might very well be blocked by the events to occur on or around September 13. What form might the hobbling of America take and how might it happen? I don’t know. But have you been noticing all the little things going on in the past many weeks that I mentioned earlier? It reminds me of a dress rehearsal prior to the real performance.


We could find in a very short time that the Iran nuclear deal and the events of September 13 causing all of the world’s pathways to stop the Second Signpost to be “cut off.” So is the USA being set up? We will soon see.


[A Note to Readers: Commensurate with September 13 we may also see the next stage in the spread of the message of Daniel Revisited.  Pray that God’s will continue to be done.  I will say more in the days and weeks ahead, but not until the right time.]

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16 replies

  1. Do you believe that Obama is working with Turkey to purposely give Iran temporary power, in order to give Turkey a good reason to fight back and revive the caliphate?

  2. Your post brought to my mind the words I heard Holy Spirit speak about two weeks ago: “pay attention to the rustle.” Your post brings into focus many of the rustlings happening now.

  3. Then there are also the concerns with North Korea that could come into play.

  4. Elul 23 (Jewish Calendar) was 9/11. 14 years later, Elul 23 is September 7th. It will be interesting for me to see if God emphasizes the 7th of September in the same way Elul 23 of 2001 was a historical signpost. I continue to believe the dream I had of seeing a calendar page marked with September 7th was from God. In terms of preparation I’m banking on this earlier date in Sept… partly because of the cyclical rationale to it… and also… it’s better to be ready early than late .

  5. Dan,
    Absolutely. I’m finishing my own household’s preparations this week.

  6. If you have investments in the market, would you pull them out? Where would you put them?

  7. Hi Jackie,
    I sum up some ideas in this post and this post and this post.
    I myself do not have any investments that can only be sold exclusively in US dollars. One key is to get your wealth out of the US dollar. Read the three linked posts. If you have any more questions email me or ask here.

  8. Sounds like a perfect storm is brewing in Sep., that could possibly change the world’s Geo-Econ/political structure.

    God is ordaining and setting the stage for the arrival of AC and finally the arrival of Jesus Messiah.

  9. I am ignorant of investing. If money is in a 401k, is it impossible to “get out of the US dollar?’ Withdrawing the money would mean penalties. Any advice for people in that situation?

  10. Vic,
    Jim Sinclair is the one I listen to most. He is linked on this site. To learn, one must see his site every day or every other day.
    So with that said, according to him and others, 401k’s will be the low hanging fruit for the government. The government will want to keep spending even as the dollar is losing value and tax revenues are falling. I believe they will force you to sell what you have and make you buy US Treasuries which will be worthless in the end. Jim advises you get out of 401k’s. And no its not impossible. You simply take the 10% penalty. As Jim says 10% and normal taxes off is better than losing it all. My wife and I had to put three kids through college. We went ahead and used up our biggest 401k, and yes took the 10% penalty. We figured that the 401k may not be available later, so why not use it now to get the kids through college? So our biggest 401k is now gone and we have one child left with one year to go.
    Most of our assets are not in a 401k. We have a small one, though, with Peter Schiff’s company and it is an international dividend yielding fund. We will empty that in the months ahead if we can. We took our American stocks, sold them, and bought commodities, and foreign dividend yielding stocks (yielding 5-7%) with Euro Pacific, and a hobby farm.
    Also, many will tell you energy is not a good sector. Some of the dividend yielding stocks I have in energy are running low on dividends. As soon as the second signpost strikes and oil prices go through the roof it will be a good sector to invest in again.
    But you must do your own due diligence, i.e. you must do your homework. Everyone should do their homework and study investing. Anyone can do it. The financial advisors out there will give you only the standard line of stocks and bonds.
    When reading Jim’s site, he uses two acronyms often – GOTS – which is Get Out of The System (ie get out of the US dollar), and CIGA – that’s you and me – the little guys (Comets In Golden Arms). He talks about “CIGA” as you and me the little comets in a koi pond taking down the big koi bankers by buying and holding gold.
    Hope this all helps.

  11. Mark, has God given you any insight into how big the crash may be in just two weeks? Do you think the economic decline could be gradual, or do you see something very drastic and sudden happening?

  12. Janae,
    Nothing specific. And it may not even be in two weeks – it could be any time. It could be fast it could be slow. One should simply prepare. Don’t wait till the last minute though, when “fire!” is yelled not everyone can get out of the exit doors at the same time.
    All I believe I think I may know is the Second Signpost is coming. When it starts, oil prices will jump (double? more?) and then gradually keep climbing.

  13. Rob H.

    Your article nails it very hard. Not sure what is scarier: our debts or our uncontrollable derivative gambling habits of our Banks, which the article did not bother mentioning.

    It makes me laugh that all the Fed is concerned about is the Inflation staying close to 2%.
    S&P went down 6% for the month of August. I think September stock index fall will make August look like a great month.

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