Iranian Nukes and Greek Defaults

Strange, isn’t it? Sometimes, two events that are seemingly disconnected from each other show one way or another that they are, in fact, connected. We had two international deadlines on June 30. These were deadlines of two ongoing international crises. The date came and went, and with both deadlines things did not happen like many were hoping they would. So what do the Iranian nuclear talks and the Greek default and possible Grexit have in common?

The Greek and Iranian flags.

The Greek and Iranian flags.

The Iranians were supposed to reach a deal with the P5+1 nations (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany) regarding Iran’s nuclear program. An agreement did not happen and has been extended into July; not that it would matter since it is a bad agreement giving Iran carte blanche to start the Second Signpost.

The Greek government was supposed to reach a financial deal with a restructuring of debt with the European Union (EU) and the European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). That didn’t happen either and now Greek is technically in default. And now the Greeks voted “Yes” overwhelmingly to continue their early retirement ages and largest public pensions, saying in effect to Europe though individually they probably don’t intend it, “I don’t care if you all go broke supporting us.” This is the reason why the German population is now angry. Greece of course is led by Alexis Tsipras (a would-be Antichrist declared by wrong-thinking Roman Antichrist folks), a Marxist who asked for half of Greece’s debt to be forgiven (it seems that one thing Tsipras and Obama share is a lack of a grasp of reality).

Strange how these two ongoing crises would share the same date for their deadline. Well, when Iranian military forces run out across the Middle East and the Second Signpost as started in earnest, being able to do all they want to do because they have nuclear weapons, Iran will end the U.S. Petrodollar which would cause a terrible ripple of economic effect fulfilling the Scriptures regarding the second horseman:

“Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth…” (Rev. 6:4a)

With U.S. dollars coming back to American shores via the selling of US debt in the foreign reserves of nations across the world, this will put pressure on the dollar to start hyperinflation. The U.S. government, in the habit of incredible spending for decades now, would raid 401k’s. Derivative bets by the U.S. banks would go the wrong way with the raising of interest rates. The “too big to fail banks” would be allowed to have their own capital controls. Not only will U.S. Dollar woes and oil prices cause havoc in the United States, but it will also ripple to the weakest currencies such as the Euro and the Japanese Yen. Not only will a European nation like Greece that has no energy resources and is saddled in debt find itself in financial chaos, but I believe what we are watching in Greece right now, is a preview of what we may see in the USA and Western Europe.

I believe it is possible that the common deadline with Iran is a signal for us to watch what unfolds in Greece. So watch Greece for a while. Look for clues on how to prepare. Look at how the general population reacts.

One thing that caught my attention was capital controls. People were only allowed to take out the equivalent of $55 US dollars per day, assuming one could get to the ATM due to long lines. Restaurants can’t even feed tourists because there is no money to buy enough food. Have some cash on hand; one should anyway for any given disaster. Some might wonder why have cash if the dollar is going down to oblivion? Well, it probably won’t overnight. Cash would probably be a good thing to have in the first few days and weeks of the crisis. Capital controls would absolutely happen if another crisis were to happen even if only at the level of 2008.

Another thing that caught my eye was the Greek voters said “yes” 61% to 38% to continue their spoiled ways. It reminds me of tens of millions here in the U.S. It is my guess that when things get bad, millions of Americans will be outraged that the world is no longer in their orbit. It also makes me wonder how many in the Church will be outraged because the end times aren’t going the way they thought it would.

Again, watch Greece. Please share your observations.

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  1. what do you make of today’s NYSE halt that occurred as well as what is happening in the Chinese economy and markets?

  2. Richard,
    China’s stock market is erasing the huge 50% run up over the last year. That might be all it is. We will see. I’d like to know what drove the index up by 50% in only one year.

  3. Momonapurpose,
    Regarding the NYSE they are investigating. It looks like a technical problem.
    Regarding China we will see. See my response to Richard.

  4. How should the savings of ordinary Americans be kept in view of the imminent September stock market crash, if not in the banks ?

  5. I read an article this week about the many things that are converging right now in the world:

    Regarding the Shemitah and the possible financial meltdown in the US, how would you advise someone who is financially dependent on family members (who don’t believe a thing about the Shemitah) to prepare?

  6. Kim,
    No one knows what will happen on September 13. Imminent? Not sure. There will likely be a market crash at some point – September 13, during the Second Signpost, or at a time we are not expecting.
    If you have more wealth than what is in a bank savings account, I recommend you read Crash Proof by Peter Schiff. The basic idea is to get out of the US dollar but we all need reserve dollars in savings and checking accounts.
    If you only have a checking and small savings account there is not much one can do. Perhaps get some silver. Perhaps start a garden. But definitely pray.

  7. Janae,
    Michael Snyder does not know the Signpost message. He like most of the world is being blown here and there by every frightful thing. If you know the Signposts you know the main thread of what is happening in this world – Christ is coming back, preceded by some well defined major events. Many of the minor events like what Snyder writes about are just things that God is using to set up the nations for the end times. (I had an email exchange with Michael about 3 years ago about the Signposts – he was not interested and brushed me off, so let him worry about the many things that are noise.)
    Of Snyder’s list of 10, #1 thru #3 are being blown out of proportion, #4 is wrong (its the syrian rebels not ISIL), #5 is just typical market forces (since the price is being held down, more people want it, so the supply is exhausted – nothing extraordinary), #6 America will be judged, #7 is prudent, #8 is Obama being Obama, #9 is the meaningless spouting of a marxist pope, and #10, yes, Greece may exit the Euro and they will get what is coming to them unfortunately.
    As far as being dependent on family members who do not see anything coming, that could potentially be a worrisome position to be in. But God has assured us in His word in Matthew 6:25-34 that if we pursue His kingdom, i.e. we are His, He will take care of the rest. Make sure you are close to Him. God’s word says if we are to go to prison we will go; if we are to be killed we will be killed; but no where do I see His word saying that He will let you starve and go unclothed as long as you are His.
    As Nelson has said and I agree wholeheartedly there are those who have the resources and are being shown by God that they are to be like Joseph – storing up for the hard times to come. That means of all the myriad ways in which God could provide for you, he could also use these brothers and sisters to help you. But we have God’s promise. Your job would be to follow Him.
    I hope this has helped.

  8. Thanks Mark, this is helpful.

  9. Hi Mark

    I am recently saved and since then I have been pointed towards end-times study spiritually. Sometimes it comes to me as dreams and other times ideas flood into my head when I read the scriptures. Recently I was Daniel 7 (which I thought referred to events concerning the ancient empires of Babylon, Persia and Alexander the Great) and puzzled by the 4th beast which seemed to be a future empire (but not Rome). I prayed for the meaning of this…the next day (and this is the honest truth) I stumbled on your website.

    I believe your signposts are correct. Your 2nd signpost, I think relates to the events described in Dan 11 v 15-19. I think Turkey/Asia Minor (led by Erdogan) is the King of the North (one of the 4 Hellenistic Kingdoms) while Iran is the King of the South (Medo-Persia). Notice the bear (Dan 7) is raised on one side which seems to mean only one member of this partnership is acting (Iran/ Persia). Turkey will invade Syria and come against Damascus (the fenced city) to destroy it. “The arms of the south shall not withstand” (Dan 11v15),”neither will his chosen people ” (Assad/Alawites), “for there will be no strength to withstand” (they are exhausted after years of war).

    I had a dream where I believe I saw Israel (led by Netanyahu) in partnership with another middle-eastern country attack one of her neighbours. I think this neighbour is Syria and the partner is Turkey…This may point to Dan 11v17 (he will give him the daughter to corrupt her) however it seems that Israel may betray Erdogan and not support his ambitions in Syria.

    The whole Greece thing is being staged (by the Synagogue of Satan) to the force the EU members to concentrate more power in Brussels (the EU is one the ten Kings which are I think are all regional bodies “kings without a kingdom” Rev 17v12). Just like they staged the financial crisis to create the EU Banking Union (do you think these guys don’t know that sub-prime mortgages will lead to defaults?). Your 4th signpost is already in the works it seems (the emergence of the beast and the ten kings), the beast I think is a UN type organization (with more powers) with the ten kings forming the security council. Let me know what you think


  10. Interesting developments today with the Iranian nuclear agreement . . . I wonder if the influx of cash (from lifted sanctions) will be the final piece to allow Iran to charge out . . .

    Also, I found this article pretty interesting . . .

    Apparently, it seems like Eid al[-]Fitr happens this week . . . stay tuned!

  11. Could this Iran deal be the covenant with the many? The anti-christ behind the scene helping to broker the deal through Obama and 5 other world powers?

  12. Kensme,
    In a word, no. The Antichrist confirms the covenant at the start of the Tribulation just like Daniel 9:27 says. The man to be Antichrist does not emerge until the Fourth Signpost just prior to the Tribulation. The Second Signpost has not even started yet. I recommend you read my book.

  13. Curtis…I encourage you to read the book, Daniel Revisited.

  14. Now that the Iranian Nuke agreement has been finalized…the Mullahs are elated saying, “We received EVERYTHING we requested!” Palestine is dancing in the streets and so is the IRCG and Obama sold American hostages down the river along with the rest of their fellow Americans. It is up to Congress to right this wrong and reject this agreement, but then Obama will certainly override the veto and uphold this disastrous agreement.

    It appears early 2016 is a good time to leave the stock market and I am making plans to do so. Not only will I need to help myself, but others who do not understand.

    Mark, your blog has been just invaluable to me to make such life-changing decisions along with good financial counsel, thoughtful prayer and looking at Bible prophecy. Even Joel is agreeing with you regarding Iran.

    Just astounding…


  15. Amen Good4u1. Early 2016 might beat the Second Signpost. However, September 13 might bring a reason why you might leave the NYSE sooner.
    We might be at the threshold.

  16. Interesting, it seems Iran and USA are allies, now at least at political level the only thing Iran needs to do is spend some of that 100billion plus dollars on terror and weapons,maybe wait for a financial crisis and bingo,mid eastern invasion is on.But how it all plYs out the Lord only knows.Also I can see Iran success as Germany had in the ww2, by doing a blitz on the weary nations

  17. I m coming around to your point of view Mark I,m surprised that so few people consider Daniel 8 the way you do,and I think many ,if not most people role their eyes at another end time scenario! I also read Joel’s book,as well as Alan kruchaners book a mixture all very insight full.but I think your book tells us to watch and is more specific on what to look for and what to do.thanks for your efforts. Come Lord Jesus come.

  18. Mike,
    Thanks. As I wrote in my book, the main reason I wrote it was due to the message itself brought about by the Signposts: this is where prophecy becomes reality and I realized the message had to be proclaimed. And as far as I know I was the only one proclaiming Daniel 8 as end time until Nelson and Joel read my book, praise the Lord. Now there are three of us!

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