Iranian Invasion: Get Ready for Possible SUDDEN Economic Devastation in the West

We don’t know when it will be; before September 13, 2015, or after.  But after it happens many of the things you could have done to prepare before it happened may very well be much harder or even impossible to do.

The Second Signpost, the Iranian invasion of the Middle East, have some worried simply because it is the next sign given in the Bible telling us the Antichrist is on his way.  We will see brutality and war on a scale across the Middle East that no one currently alive has seen.  But there is another factor to the Second Signpost that has had me concerned for some time.  As the author of Daniel Revisited, and a watchman on the wall for the signs soon to come heralding Christ’s return I feel the need – indeed the responsibility – to you all to make you aware of something, and make it clear.  This is a warning.

And between writing the new book, setting up a garden and chicken coop, and doing some consulting to pay the bills, I haven’t had the time to write up a proper article on this topic complete with many references.  I watch many things.  I have most of my adult life, its just the way God has wired me.  I watch the economic and financial news – the stuff not reported by the general American media.  The articles are far too numerous for the time I have here.  But I want to pour out my heart and thoughts.  I hope you read to the end.  Its a longer than average post but I believe you need to know this.  The topic might get complicated for some of you but I believe you need to see the bottom line.  Google the terms I use here.  Check it out.  Do your homework.

The Second Horseman and Removal of Peace

Daniel 7 and 8 speaking of the Second Signpost show us Iran charging out abruptly to the north, south and west, invading many countries.  Some people say that they will watch for this but they are unaware that there is a strong chance more baggage is attached to this event because of the second horseman.  I believe that the Second Signpost is spoken of in Scripture not only by Daniel 7 and 8 but also by Revelation 6:1-8.  With the colors of the horses and the authority only over a quarter of the earth, as well as the winds of heaven connection with Zechariah at the start of Daniel 7 there is a compelling case for the horsemen releasing each of the beasts.

The theme of Daniel 7 is in verses 17-18 where it says that kingdoms will come and go and then Christ will set up His kingdom.  We are talking about geography here in those first four kingdoms – Iraq, Iran, Turkey’s confederacy and then Islam – the four compass directions west, east, north and south.  The horses travel geographically in Zechariah.  There are even four in number – four always refers to the geography of the world in the Bible.  The first four seals of the seven are concerned with geography and the kingdoms situated in that geography here in the end times.

The reason we cannot ignore the horsemen is because of the possible effects the second horseman will have over the entire earth.  He is the only horseman – indeed the only seal – that explicitly is said to take peace from the earth.  This cannot be ignored.

And second horseman or not, just look at a map of the Middle East.  Iran is to run south.  What is to the south other than Kuwait?  The oil fields.  Its rather obvious.

Now what I am about to say here is not meant to be a scare tactic.  But it is meant to wake people up to the very real possibility of the economic devastation coming to some parts of the world, especially here in the USA and Europe.  And a part of it could be sudden.

So many readers, and many pastors, hear of this coming Iranian invasion and say that they will remember it and see if it is true.  The problem is that the Iranian invasion is not going to be your typical violent-day-in-the Mideast-but-how-does-that-affect-my-day garden variety event.  No, if the second horseman is indeed part of all this, than peace, that is, the lack of concern, the lack of worry day-to-day, is going to be removed.  Peace, i-ray’-nay in the Greek, is always spoken of in the New Testament in regards to not being concerned or worried or troubled.  When Christ said “peace be with you” He was telling us to not be concerned or troubled.  But if you are not ready for this you might be, the world will definitely be and you need to be ready for it.

Three Effects to Remove Peace

When Iran takes the oilfields, three things will occur – the price of oil will no doubt spike up.  How high?  I don’t know.  But when the world lost 6% of our oil supply in 1973 the price doubled.  Now we are to lose 25%.  So who knows?  Three to five times, with $10 per gallon gasoline might not be out of the question.  Or it could go much higher.  There will be three things going on when Iran takes the oilfields –

1) Oil Supply endangered;

2) Hyperinflation of the dollar and US government not being able to spend;

3) Sudden economic devastation from derivatives, on a scale greater than 2008.

Oil Supply Endangered

As I talk about in my book, the only way I can imagine Iran could take peace from the earth is with the oil fields there in the Gulf.  Some have said Iran nuking Israel would take peace from the earth.  No, I disagree, half the world would celebrate and the other half wouldn’t care.  But Iran occupying the Middle East would control one quarter of the world’s day-to-day oil supply.  We don’t know what they might do in this position.  Might they turn off the oil spigot?  Temporarily or permanently?  Sell oil only to those countries in certain amounts that they see fit?  Sell it only in gold or Chinese renmendi?  Fortunately for the USA less than 10% of the USA’s oil comes from there, but the oil supply is global and so prices would shoot up because countries like Japan and South Korea who get almost all their oil from there would bid up other supplies like from Canada, if the Gulf was no longer available.  Can you imagine a nation the size of Japan or South Korea, which depend on oil for two-thirds of their energy needs including transportation, having maybe two or three months to scramble to find a new oil supply or their country starts shutting down?  I shudder at the thought.

Just about everything we need, want and purchase for our daily lives involves oil.  It is our society’s lifeblood.  It gives us cheap transportation.  And everything from tires to roof tiles to food to paint to just about anything you can think of.  If the price were to triple or quadruple, what does that do to everything?  Make everything more expensive or even available?  Food would rocket in price.  It takes oil to power modern farm machinery which is used to grow crops for billions of people.  Oil is used to make fertilizer as well.

Preparation – There is not much anyone can do about oil.  There is one mantra and it is easy to remember, but very hard to do: decrease your dependence on oil.  The Amish had it right – they kept their dependence on oil to a minimum.  Shorter commutes, fuel efficient cars, solar panels all help decrease dependency but may not do much.

The US Petrodollar and Hyperinflation

I believe the one country on this planet that will fall the farthest economically will be the USA.  It is the richest nation, but its “wealth” today is built on debt and an unnatural foreign demand of our dollars. This is caused by the U.S. Petrodollar.  I’ve written about it here and here.  China and Russia have already been getting themselves ready with trade agreements with each other and their trade partners to stop using US dollars.  The Gulf oil is the last large pillar.  If Iran controls the oilfields one thing I can say with 99% certainty is that they will end the US Petrodollar system.  Iran has already been working toward that end.  That system is essentially the foundation of the US’ entire economic system and what allows the government to keep spending and going into massive debt without the dollar going into hyperinflation.  It is the underpinning for the unnatural overseas demand for dollars.

But when those dollars are no longer needed, the countries holding them will head for the exits.  They will buy American companies, property, and one way or another a tsunami of dollars will come back here to these shores.  The US government itself will try to keep spending and try to keep itself alive.  It might try to force everyone’s IRAs and 401k’s to liquidate all their investments and buy US Treasuries which of course in turn will become worthless after a few years.

This whole process with the dollar could take months but there is the third effect of removing peace – another process that will go on that is far quicker.  You could wake up the next morning penniless if you are not careful.  Remember 2008?

Preparation – What to do about a dollar that decreases in value?  Put your wealth in things outside of the dollar.  My mantra for this is: Get out of the dollar!  What do you move your wealth or savings to?  Something that can be denominated or priced in something other than dollars so when a new currency comes along it can be sold or priced in the new currency also.  Precious metals, land, farms, foreign stocks are all examples of things that do not have to be, or not currently, priced in dollars.  US Treasuries and bonds, as well as American stocks – they are only priced in US dollars.  Schiff’s Crash Proof  (links at the end here) has some good ideas.

The Suddenness of Derivatives and the Destruction of the West

Currency market prices rise and fall on the slightest things.  The US dollar has gained 25% strength these last few months for no reason at all (actually there is a reason, just no physical reason).  Right now the dollar should be falling but Fed and foreign central bank manipulation allows the dollar to be pushed higher in value.

The dollar may take months to lose much of its value after the initial Iranian invasion as I said earlier.  However, it is the initial spike; say a 10% to 20% loss of value of the dollar which isn’t unheard of, overnight, that has me concerned.  When Iran takes the oilfields we may see a 10% or 20% spike down in the dollar.  Then it would take months or years for it to continue to go down.  Here in the west – the USA and Europe – there are festering in bank asset accounting these things called “derivatives.”  Just like a stock option put or call, or a commodity future, derivatives are bets on all kinds of things – currencies, interest rates, etc.  When you buy options, futures or derivatives you are buying the legal right to buy or sell something at a specific price until a specific date.  If the underlying commodity or thing being bet on goes down and you are betting it will go up, your option or derivative becomes worthless.  Where you might lose 10% on a stock move, you can lose it all in futures and derivatives.  Remember the Duke brothers in the popular and comedy movie Trading Places?  They bet on the wrong price for orange juice futures; they lost everything. (Note: If you haven’t seen the movie, beware there is some female nudity toward the beginning; the movie maker took a wonderful PG-13 movie and turned it into R because of a few seconds of raunchiness. That was the 1980s.)

Official Dukes

Scene from Trading Places after the Duke brothers (Randolph, center, and Mortimer, right) were on the wrong side of a bet in orange juice futures.

Official (at left): You know the rules of the exchange, Mr. Duke. All accounts to be settled at the end of the day’s trading, without exception.

Randolph Duke (center): You know perfectly well we don’t have $394 million in cash!

Official: I’m sorry, boys. Put the Duke brothers’ seats on the exchange up for sale at once. Seize all assets of Duke & Duke Commodities Brokers, as well as all personal holdings of Randolph and Mortimer Duke.

Randolph Duke: My God… [clutching his heart] …we’re ruined.



Many people don’t understand what happened in 2008 and why it happened.  Bank runs were a common sight in the news but most people really didn’t understand why it was happening.

One of the many bank runs and bank failures after 2008.

One of the many bank runs and bank failures after 2008.

At the time the five largest banks on which most of the country’s economy was tied to had $400 trillion – yes that is right, ten times the economy of the USA – in notional value of derivatives.  There were bets placed on $400 trillion of things like houses, dollars and so forth.  Some of these derivatives were bets on the housing market, and when the housing market collapsed so did the western banking system.  Yes, it collapsed essentially and today the western banking system is insolvent.  However, the laws were changed to protect the greedy.

Banks now owned worthless assets on an unimaginable scale.  If a bank had to have, say, 5% cash reserves versus assets like loans and derivatives, so that cash was $50 billion and derivatives were worth 1 trillion, then when just 5% of the derivatives became worthless, and the bank had to pay up on the losing side of those derivatives, that would use up the $50 billion in cash they had and voila, they become insolvent.  This is why Warren Buffett once said that derivatives are a financial WMD.  Here is a short scene from the BBC movie Last Days of Lehman Brothers.  In this scene all the leading bankers met with then Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson (played by James Cromwell).  The full 1 hour movie is here.  It is based on real life events and is fairly entertaining.  The central statement was “We have this one weekend where maybe we can come up with something to hold it all together a little while longer.”  At the time they thought that was it.

So the US government changed the accounting rules to save the big banks – liars rules.  Now they can have 1% or 0.1% reserves and keep going.  There were bailouts – that’s why the banks took all the taxpayer money and government handouts and never paid it back.  It’s part of the large bank bottom line right now.  The audacity of bankers adversely affected the lives of tens of millions of people.  I have found it interesting that while on earth, the only people Jesus got physical with were bankers.

Anyway, the banks were starving for cash to pay back their bad bets in derivatives.  That’s why starting in 2008 you get paid 0.01% on your savings instead of 2% – the banks need it.  That’s why credit dried up and the real unemployment rate was 20% and ordinary people were laid off in the millions – banks needed the money for their balances.

So here we are today and what has happened?  While the government has been lying saying prosperous times are back, we never actually recovered.  Tens of millions never went back to work.  Derivatives are now worth a staggering 1 quadrillion dollars (yes, 1,000 trillion) dollars.  This has happened because banks needed derivatives to pay for derivatives.  That’s their excuse.  It became a bigger mess.

Most of these derivatives (around 80%) are bets on the US dollar and US dollar interest rates.  You might see where this is all going if Iran ends the US Petrodollar.  The Fed and big banks (like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and even Wells Fargo to a lesser degree) manipulate the prices of things they have put bets on.  That’s why they can keep reporting huge profits.  I believe the dollar has been going up recently because the banks are betting the dollar will go up.  This is why gold has been spiked up and down.  Remember April 2013 and how gold fell hundreds of dollars per ounce?  It is because the Fed sold 500 tons of pretend paper gold in the form of futures.  The practice is called “naked shorting” and fairly recently was still illegal.

But if the dollar were to spike down, even just 20% overnight (and that is the key – a move must be quick), and interest rates would naturally have to spike up, this would go against banks’ bets.  What makes this time much worse than 2008 is that instead of 10% of bets like on housing we are talking 80% on the dollar.  Instead of $400 trillion in derivatives we are talking $1,000 trillion.  My concern is that what happened in 2008 would just be a taste of what is coming when the Iranians invade the oilfields. And the west has only done it to themselves.  There would be no way out of what’s coming.

The havoc on banks could be beyond saving and the devastation on your savings and ability to make a living could be unprecedented.  Thus the lack of concern and the lack of worry goes away and is replaced by concern and worry.  Peace is removed just like the Bible says in Revelation 6.

Remember 2008?  Remember the string of bank failures and you didn’t know if your bank was next?  The only reason your savings were preserved was due to these herculean efforts on the part of government and the banks (like in the movie Lehman Brothers) – bailouts, changing the percent reserve required for assets, the Fed buying all the bad derivatives that became worthless, the banks grabbing for every possible dollar including the interest it was supposed to pay you, and forcing larger banks to buy smaller banks to keep bank balances overall looking healthy.  The FDIC had nothing to with it.  Their pot was a few billion dollars and we were talking losses in the hundreds of billions.

Real Life Example

I will give one referenced example of what derivatives can do and how fast it can happen.  Most Americans will not have even heard of this.  Most Americans are clueless about many things like this because the mainstream media doesn’t report it and many people might think they are not smart enough to follow this but I believe they are wrong.  Get yourselves educated.

Back in January of just this year the Swiss franc rose in a 30% spike against the Euro.  It’s a similar percentage move and similar time span to how the dollar may move when Iran ends the petrodollar.  It happened because the Swiss central bank, pegging or locking the value of their franc (known as the symbol “CHF” which stands for Confederacy of Helvetica Franc) in lockstep to the Euro decided out of the blue that it was time to unpeg and let it float free and find its real market value.  The Euro had been sliding and the swiss franc is a good currency relatively speaking.  So when the Swiss central bank unpegged the franc, the franc rose against the euro 30% in one day.  This caused some unexpected losses and here is where derivatives come into the picture.  Everest investment funds had as their largest account a hedge fund worth $830 million in derivatives betting the swiss franc would stay low.  What a surprise!  The hedge fund – $830 million – became worthless overnight.  Now you may not invest in such things, but your stockbroker, your bank, and other institutions you may use, do.

(I remember in 2008 a stockbroker I used – E-Trade of all things – almost went bankrupt because they invested their profits in housing market derivatives!  Really?  I thought.  Is everyone greedy to the point they would put their company on the line?  Even E-Trade?  Remember Lehman brothers?  They started as a cotton merchant in the 1800’s but what brought them down was unbridled greed.)

And this is just one fund not quite worth 1 billion dollars.  As I said before most derivatives today are hooked to the US dollar.  Be ready and be prepared for such an event.

Side Note – A Spectacular Irony

There is a spectacular irony here in the end times.  The institution of fractional reserve central banking – begun in England around 1660 and spread to the entire Christian, western world and even Japan by the twentieth century, is probably the one main institution responsible for allowing Europe to conquer and divide up the Islamic Realm.  It was central banking that not only funded Europe’s huge wars, but it also funded Europe’s exploration, investing in technologies, and supporting large navies and armies.  Spain took Morocco.  France took Algeria, Tunisia, and Syria.  Italy took Libya.  Britain took Iraq and chunks of Arabia.  Russia took central Asia.  Only the cores of Iran, Turkey and Arabia stayed independent.

And now, that same institution, western central banking, may be on the verge of collapse when Iran runs out.  This same institution that was the economic engine behind Islam’s demise and its head being mortally wounded, is now about to end and leave the west entirely economically vulnerable to Islam and the coming Antichrist here in these end times.  This will set many countries up for temptation to join the system of the mark.  (I believe this is why God is allowing Russia and China to set up their new currency system, central banking, and trade – it should be relatively unharmed by the second signpost.)

Get Educated and Prepared

Get educated.  There are some resources out there that I recommend –

1) – This site is run by Jim Sinclair.  He is considered by gold experts to be Mr. Gold.  He was a central banker, an undersecretary of the treasury, gold trader, and now gold company CEO.  He reports daily on his site what is going on behind the financial news.  He started the site back in 2001 or so because he wanted to help the average person.  He refers to “CIGAs” quite often.  These are “Comrades in Golden Arms” – average people.  If you don’t understand at first what he is saying and you have an interest, keep reading and studying.  You will pick it up after a time.  He repeats over and over that you must get out of the dollar and into gold.  Before 1933, Americans’ money was gold.  Everyone was their own central bank.  By letting gold be confiscated we handed that duty over to the Fed.  Gold was confiscated only because FDR was trying to convert our money from gold to paper.

2) Peter Schiff’s book Crash Proof.  I highly recommend this book.  Not only does he talk about what happened and why in 2008, but he did it before it actually happened in 2008.  His book came out in 2007.  Peter Schiff offers two economic storm shelters.  He recommends gold as an insurance policy to shelter your wealth.  He also offers investing in foreign dividend paying stocks which would have a good chance of preserving your income stream.  If the dollar falls against the Chinese or Australian currencies by half, your dividend doubles not making you rich, but preserving an income stream.  By investing in utilities, infrastructure or other defensive companies with yields of 5-7% it gives one an alternative to investing in the US.  His brokerage firm is Euro Pacific Capital.  If any of you have been wondering how they can invest in a good foreign stock and avoid having an offshore account, EPC is a good answer.  You can own foreign stocks but it is an American account.  And EPC converts the dividends paid in foreign currencies into dollars automatically.

3) Video about the banking system, Money and Debt, parts 1 and 2.  This is an educational, humorous, entertaining, animated documentary about how banking works.  The narrator is calm and laid back explaining matter-of-factly how our banking system works.  Did you know that when you deposit “your” money in the bank you are actually loaning your money to the bank – it’s theirs at that point?  Did you know that when a bank makes a loan they are creating money out of thin air and then expect you to pay it back with money you earn?  This is why the economy must always expand and why there must always be some inflation otherwise the system runs out of money for people to use?  We live in a debt-based society and it goes down to the foundation of how our economy works.  But in our foundation are the seeds for our economic destruction on the eve of the end times.  Don’t be like King Belshazzar and think Babylon will never fall.  Don’t be like all those passengers that thought the titanic would never sink.  Since roughly 1913 the seeds have been planted waiting to make themselves known in the end times.  In Part 2 of his video series it is explained what happened in 2008.

Don’t Procrastinate

Put this before the Lord in prayer.  Find out what you should do and must do.  What sparked much of this was a reader who told me that they were going to put off starting a garden until they saw this all happen.  That’s the worst thing one could do.  No disrespect intended but many people don’t think things through.

NOW is the time you can get all the materials you need cheaply.  NOW is the time you have money.  My wife and I are building a vegetable and fruit garden because gardening is in her blood and she’s always wanted one, and the way the Lord has been leading us we are to do this.  So it’s a natural for us.  As I’ve been building the garden I wonder how I would get the wood for raised beds after the second signpost begins.  I wonder how I would get a rototiller later or even the gas to run it to break up the untilled earth.  How would I have good food to nourish me in the day-to-day heavy exercise I am now getting that is needed to get everything together?  Where would I get the hoses and lines for the drip system if I waited too long?

You see, when something terrible happens on a nation-wide scale people will head for the exits and prepare at that point.  In hurricane-prone areas is it better to buy and store water ahead of time or to try to get it 2 days before the hurricane strikes.  The shelves would be emptied.  When a possible event like this occurs where the second signpost’s effects are wreaking havoc on everyone’s lives, the mass of people are doing what you would do but then it is too late.

Everyone will want to build a garden – where will you get the lumber and the fertilizer and the tools if you are starting from scratch when everyone else is also?

Everyone will want to buy gold but it will be sky high in price if you can even get it.  Everyone will rush into gold as a safe haven.  It is best to buy it now where it is anywhere from $1000 to $2000 an ounce so when it is $50,000 an ounce people will beg you to sell it to them.  That is how people generally are.

Start thinking about these things.  Start praying about these things.  Seek the Lord’s counsel of what might He have you do to be part of the solution and not part of the problem after the disaster strikes.  Realize this as well – gold, food and even guns (like for hunting and home defense) – can be good things and God might have you use these things to save your family, but don’t make them your God.  The living God is your God and these things are tools that may very well be useful.  But don’t depend on them ultimately – trust only in God.

If you are thinking of acting and doing something about all this please don’t procrastinate.  Stop worrying about the Nephilim they will be a no-show.  Stop worrying about the banking elite controlling the world they will end here.  Stop looking to broke and bankrupt Europe for the Antichrist.  Stop looking for a Rapture to save you from very rough times ahead.  Realize that the Iranian invasion is next and all it portends.  Now is the time for Bible prophecy to become reality and affect your lives.  It is time to get real.

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  1. Amen and Amen!!! I receive your watchman warning entirely and I will pray and act on what The Lord will have me to do! Thank you for writing this article and may the Church have the ears to hear.

  2. I have been warning for a while about these same things regarding the economy and being self sufficient for several years. I have been called an alarmist and even accused of giving a false word. When i read this Mark i was so relieved to see someone give the exact same warnings! However you give a much deeper explanation i could never do because i am not well versed in banking and derivatives etc.
    but the rest about preparing, getting out of the dollar… i am just so thankful God has confirmed this.
    you are such a blessing Mark… i am still reading your book btw. 😛

  3. To be honest Mark in some ways although there are concerns…the churches and assemblies that work and cooperative approaches in this will be preserved in this (ie bartering services ,goods, etc.) …..the tendency self preservation may not always be the best in such times. Those in the Great Depression that survived operated as such.

  4. Like momonapurpose (above), I have also been trying to warn people about a possible economic collapse, and haven’t been taken seriously. Some people have laughed, thinking it all sounded like another false cry for “wolf,” and others have said that while they agree that we could be in for some pretty serious financial times, they believe our country has enough of an infrastructure to support and sustain itself. One person told me that our economy is doing really well right now, and implied that I shouldn’t be spreading negative messages of false doom & gloom. I pray that their eyes will be opened to the reality of the times we’re living in before it is too late.

  5. Many thanks Mark for your appraisal. A lot of people don’t understand the ramifications and intricacies of the financial world and we need Watchmen like you to bring these to the fore !

    Bless you for all your work and those cold nights watching from the walls !

    Canterbury U.K.

  6. An Iranian conquest of the gulf states and their oil fields as a cause of the collapse of the petrodollar and the rest of the western financial system is a serious possibility.

    The opposite is also possible however, and to my opinion more probable:

    That this collapse starts for other reasons, and that as a consequence the USA will be in such trouble that they have to call most of their overseas forces home. Either because they need them to maintain law and order in the USA, and/or to keep the USA from falling apart, and/or simply because they can no longer afford large overseas military forces. So then they can no longer impose a military threat on Iran.

    The other day the USA has scared away the Iranian weapons-supplies fleet to Yemen by deploying an aircraft carrier. What if they can no longer do that? Then Iran will feel they have the free hand, and then it knows with much more confidence that it can carry out an invasion of the middle east successfully.

    Like Mark Davidson I have done my share of reading these past years on resource depletion, the financial system and the risks they pose for the economy and our modern high-tech society. I agree with everything Mark writes. But on top of that our systems may be even more vulnerable, so much so that they can already collapse for much lesser reasons than an Iranian victory.

    For instance when China and Russia start by deliberately dumping all their dollar reserves on the market, or even “by accident”, such as a repeat of the events of 2008.

  7. Yes, Adamant, things could happen in other ways too. It could be that the petrodollar ending would just be insult on top of an already occurring injury to the US. Just trying to wake people up here.

  8. Thanks for the info Mark, I believe in your signposts however I think Jim Sinclair and Peter Schiff of late have been WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I think the dollar will be chronically strong for a while yet. Why? A thing called capital destruction. That hedge fund you mentioned that lost 830 million “became worthless overnight” if it was denominated in US dollars was deflationary and we are going to see a lot more of it before we see massive inflation. There will be trillions and trillions in capital destruction for some time. Pile on that bankruptcies of persons and companies. Pile on top of that cities, counties even states. How about all those retirement funds invested in bonds of those companies, cities, counties and states? All this will be DEFLATIONARY. I admit I dread what is coming.
    Now as far as oil prices go, I know that oil is a commodity like silver and gold and when economic activities slow or cease, so does demand for commodities. Perhaps that would offset the petro dollar hegemony, or lack thereof for some time? Obviously there will be spikes but intermediately and longer term I am not so sure.
    I would suggest you take the economic advise of Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics . I have been listening to him for a while now and he seems to be the most accurate in his predictions especially about gold. He has stood alone in the face of all the gold and silver pumpers of the past few years.
    I know at some point people will be throwing there gold in the streets, no? I know at some point it will take a days labor to purchase a loaf of bread, no? While right now I work a few minutes for the same. Do we need to invest in bakeries? Ha! I wonder? Food, water, shelter might be the best personal investments. How about fully stocked RV filled with fuel ready to go in case that all crumbles?
    Thanks for your hard work and study, I look forward to every audio interview you give. God Bless you, your readers, subscribers and posters. God help us know what to do.

  9. Hi Vince,
    Thanks for your support. You bring up many more points to all this. If I tried to cover every topic to this I might end up writing a book on it which I would rather not do. Most people do not know about these things. I wanted to identify a basic string: oilfields captured -> petrodollar removed -> dollar spike down -> derivatives go wrong way -> bank failure / bankruptcy / accounts go away. Yes there are many other avenues to this.
    I do not think Jim Sinclair or Peter Schiff are wrong. They both say that at some point the dollar will lose much/most of its current value which I believe will happen. There will be some deflation in prices, but hyperinflation is not a supply/demand event but a currency event. All (and I mean all) paper currencies in history have gone to nothing, the dollar will be no exception.
    I disagree with Martin Armstrong. And he has themed through much of his writing the viewpoint of a central banker in sheep’s clothing. He writes about history where the bankers were heroic trying to save this country and were underappreciated. I do not trust him. Back in 2002 Sinclair, though, predicted that gold would go to $1650. It did when everyone else was telling him he was crazy. He doesn’t give dates, just the signs and he has been right. If you think Jim and Peter are wrong recently its only because the conditions they say should happen haven’t happened yet.
    Food, water and shelter are all excellent things to invest in, but diversification is good too. People will not throw their gold away until the Day of the Lord. A fully-fueled vehicle is good only if you do not live in the right area now. One reader told me how his family has a plan to drive from their homes and unite on their uncle’s working farm.
    May you be filled with wisdom from our Lord on what He would have you do for your family and neighbors.

  10. Gary
    to suggest that people are going to barter there way through financial crisis is naive at best. What do you barter for food when no one is able to procure food full stop.

  11. Mark
    Good article. There are many of us out there that know the evils of our banking and investment companies. I have been a big precious metals believer and food for when hard times hit the world. The Lord has put it on my heart and blessed me with the resources so I can help others. We need to make sure we are Christians during these coming times since there will be many out there to do as much harm as they can. Let us all prepare and keep the love of Christ in our hearts and help our neighbor. We will have a great opportunity to reach out to a lost greedy world and tell them about the love of Christ. I keep telling people about the coming times and they keep looking at me like I have a third eye but I’m sure they will come have dinner with me when food is hard to come by and I will tell them of Jesus. Keep up the good work and let us all pray.

  12. Amen, Chris. I agree wholeheartedly and my household is doing this too. For those reading this remember Matthew 25:31-46. This prophecy applies to helping our brothers and sisters during the end times. I believe Nelson writes on this topic.

  13. It seems you are ignoring Joel Richardson’s clear and indisputable prediction about the nuclear attack of Saudi Arabia’s oil fields by Iran.

    If I put your’s and Joel’s prediction together it seems very probably that the “second sign” includes the prophecied nuclear attack in Saudi Arabia oil fields. That will obviously destroy the petro-dollard overnite!

  14. Martinezjosei,
    I may be wrong but I wouldn’t think Joel would take such a solid stance on that topic. He might say its a “maybe” as would I. The Bible doesn’t tell us “how” peace is taken away, and all we know is Iran marches south to the oilfields. And how the petrodollar is removed whether by nuke or by edict we do not know.

  15. I has not seen mentioning of the Bible prophecied nuclear attack of Saudi Arabia by Iran. Where do you see that happening in your prophetic timeline?

  16. Thinking the Yemen-Saudi conflict will escalate.

  17. saved 25yrs ago, convicted by the Holy Spirit the very day, to get ready, you think its tough now to wake the sleeping virgin. now she is waking and looking for lamp oil. most wont wake in time. good post and faithful work Mark. in my prayers Greg

  18. Interesting comments all. Momonapurpose and Janae, God’s word is clear that famine is a major component of the end times. When that is to happen is anyone’s guess. There are many, many references to end time food shortages (Genesis, Judges, Joel, Matthew, Luke, Revelation, etc.) These shortages will more than likely happen suddenly just like Mark states.

    Matthew 24: 45 says “Who then is the faithful and sensible slave whom his master put in charge of his household to give them their food at the proper time (Gk: KAIROS, meaning appointed time)?” Jesus saw that food is going to be an important issue and providing it for our brothers and sisters will be key. This isn’t about self preservation, it’s about preservation of God’s household. Chris P has the right idea. The famine is coming. “When” is the only question.

  19. Oh, Mark! I am going with Joel to tour Israel in November…please God, I want to go the dream trip of my life! Then to return safely so that I can see for myself first hand how God is preparing his people for His coming!


  20. I didn’t know how else to contact you Mark but today are two very interesting articles regarding Iran the possible move to take the oil fields and Iran’s guard accusing Saudi Arabia of serious stuff…. I look forward to your thoughts on this. Very timely to your article above.

  21. Momonapurpose,
    You can always email me at
    Thanks for the links.

  22. Famine is simply to explain: No oil, No food!

    I think God knew our dependency on oil is so big that if we have no oil then we will starve to death. Imagine weeks without oil!
    Oil is needed not only for farm equipment and machinery but just basic things like to pump water! Hospitals without oil? No oil = no electricity! Summer heat with no cooling electricity. Winter cold with no heating oil.

    There it goes! Famine 101 explained in 30 seconds!

    Now imagine Iran telling countries that if they do not change their constitution to Shariah Law then they get non oil from them!

    After Saudi oil is gone, the world will be theirs – Iran!

  23. Martinezjosei,
    On top of that a country like Japan uses oil for a full 3/4 of all energy needs – transportation, electricity, everything – and it all comes from the Gulf. South Korea and Taiwan are in almost the same fix. Any cutoff of oil would make life in those three countries unimaginable if those countries cannot replace the supply.

  24. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    As the End-time prophecies of Daniel move towards fulfilment, fellow watcher Mark Davidson investigates a scenario similar to the conclusion I drew last July: “We may be about to witness major upheavals that will affect not only the ancient world’s centres of civilisation but also the modern world’s global petro-economy” (Middle-East events & fulfilment of Bible prophecy – 1) Mark explains his grounds for this being a distinct possibility and considers the consequential severe damage upon the western economies. He also provides a very helpful, succinct outline of global finance as well as updating Hadik’s reference to the Swiss Franc (see previous post). Thank you Mark.

  25. good stuff guys, welcome to the world of the “prepper”, like it or not, only two reasons to be here, panic or wisdom. From your conversion I see wisdom seems to prevail, though panic is a good motivator and as Mark so clearly shows preparation time may be very short. The scripture make it clear not to care for ourselves as to what we should eat, drink or ware, so this is not about self preservation. The scripture also makes it clear we should care for our families, church, neighbor, and even the lost, Prov.22:3 ” the prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and or punished.” The proverbs 31 wife is a classic example of a biblical prepper. There are lots of different ways the life we enjoy could soon be interrupted, and we are not the same culture as the 1930’s depression. 50% receive a Gov. check. Our government as long been preparing for great social unrest, Fema camps, stock piles of caskets, underground bunkers and the rest of that paranoid stuff, you may have some reason to panic, but Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. and we are grafted in! keep the faith

  26. These all will require two things: #1. Prepare, prepare and prepare! Yes, become a preper! Store food and GAS for the coming oil “embargo” as you had never seen before! #2. Trust in God completely!!!

    No contradiction!

    Be smart and prepare like snakes! Actually, i prefer “squerrels”.

    But at the sametime be humble as doves and trust in the Lord!!!

    So prepare to help others that are NOT preparing BUT trust in the Lord! Cause YOU will be their help! Especially Jews!!!

    Yes, something we forget in all this prophecy talk is the whole purpose of Iran and Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc is for Satan to use those countries to persecute and kill the Jews cause Satan KNOWS 144,000 of them will start the Millennium! We Christians are just in the way!!! The persecution is for the Jews not for the Christians!!! Christians are just a distraction of Satan’s goal – the destruction of Israel and the Jews!!!

    Jews will be persecuted, even in America!!! As the weed of Islam grows in the middle of the Christian wheat, the Jews will be blamed for all the coming chaos, NOT IRAN!!!

    So we as Christians will have to decide to either help the Jews, which by then will all be labeled ” terrorists,” and helping them will get you into “aiding terrorism” federal crime OR helping yourself!!! Then Jesus will ask you if you helped the Jews in their hour of need, during Judgment day!

    See? As the Middle East gets on fire, the created humanitarian disaster will bring million of Muslims, still not seeing the Islamic cause connection, and they will populate the cities in Europe and America and attacking the Jews they find in their way!

    USA will help bring thousands and thousand of Sunni “refugee” displaced due to Irans’s Shia takeover of the Middle East. Those same Sunni refugees WILL kill and destroy the Christian cities they end up at when they become more than 20% of the population. But, Jews will be their main target!

    But many, many, many will convert to Christianism if and only if we reach to them and risk our lives in the process!

  27. Iran is stepping it up again… seized a merchant ship in the straight of hormuz and US is sending a destroyer ship there now too… sigh… headline on Drudge Report and now showing up elsewhere

  28. We can safely assume that if Iran takes over Saudi Arabia oil fields then one of two things might likely happen:

    #1. USA and Europe/NATO will NOT sit idle and will attempt to regain the oil fields which in turn motivate Iran to actually destroy them as part of their “bring chaos for the Mahdi” doctrine.


    #2. Suadi Arabia will preemptively destroy them so no one will benefit from them!

    But there is a third likely scenario:

    #3: Iran nukes Saudi Arabia port of Jedah, near Mecca!!!

    However, for that to happen Iran will need to subscribe to ISIS ideology where IIS claims the stone/rock in Mecca is a pagan idol!!!

    The nuking of Saudi Arabia port of Jedah will fulfill Bible prophecy precisely as Joel Richardson had already shown in his books.

    It will also cause the change in Muslim prostration around the world from Mecca to Babylon and then later, during Antichrist reign, toward Jerusalem. It is interesting to notice that the direction of prostration had changed in the past from Jerusalem to Mecca!

  29. Mark: In your book, you mention that the Sunnies will vehemently attack Iran Shia with a vengeance after sign post number two. You do not say why will thay happen but instead speculate some reasons.

    Here is a very possible reason: if Iran nuke Saudi Arabia’s Mecca, as noted by Joel Richardson, then the Sunnies will be very mad at the Shias for destroying THEIR Mecca, Kabah and Black Stone!

    What could motivate the Sunnies more than to see Shias destroying the Sunnies holiest site?

    Once again: ISIS already promised to destroy Mecca. So this scenarion will most likely happen only if Iran adopts the ISIS doctrine.

  30. Momonapurpose,
    I saw that story on TV and while I was watching it, it occurred to me, from here on out Iran is going to “act” like a big-time regional power. Sort of like marketing its image to the world.

  31. Martinezjosei,
    Actually, I do (DR, pp 217-218). And I know I’ve written about it on this site and said it in many interviews – the goat will have a rage of embitterment simply due to a zealous Sunni attacking zealous Shias. What motivates Sunnis and Shias now is a centuries-old hatred of each other. No Muslim will nuke Mecca or Medina, nor is there a reason to.
    And again as far as I know Joel was talking about the possible destruction of Jeddah as representing Mystery Babylon; nothing was said to be sure.

  32. On thinking about Iran and how it is acting as you say Mark, like a big time regional power… and while the political pundits ferclemp amongst themselves speculating.. i can now see clearly how Iran could get all full of itself and move quickly and deadly while the rest of the world sips their drinks and considers the scenery like on the ship Titanic.

  33. Of we follow your logic about the ‘sign posts” then the only possible opportunity for Iran to nuke Saudi Stsbis will be during sign post number two and BEFORE sign post number three.

    If Turkey attacks Iran during sign post three then it must be because either: #1. Turkey intelligence, like a leopard, knows that Iran has no more nuclear bombs left to retaliate against Turkey. Why? Maybe Israel obliterated them by then.
    #2. Turkey has a nuclear bomb too by then so Iran will hesitate to use theirs.
    #3. Turkey knows exactly how to stop Iran’s nuclear capabilities on the spot. That would require an immediate air assault so fast that Iran will have no time to retaliate nuclearly. Turkey will have to be fast as a leopard if they expect to win a nuclear Iran.

    Arabia is mentioned clearly with reference to Babylon (Isaiah 21). Even in Islam, the Hadith speaks of the destruction of the Kaaba by Muslims. Such declarations already circulate the Muslim world, that Muslims themselves will destroy Mecca as declared by the Islamic Hadith.
    The lavish construction by the Royal family of Saudi Arabia is only infuriating Muslims globally. Saudi luxury has caused Muslims to turn on the Royal family.

  34. Paul B …a lot of churches hung in together in the Great Depression by collaboration. My granddad could attest to it. I suspect definitely an economic downturn in the following year but a recovery in 2017. I am thinking that the pound will be affected in this as well. The major calamity will come later so as to encourage buying into last economic system before Christ’s return. The thing about economic speculation is that fear of the future always leads to bad judgment, no pun intended. Let faith lead in these things. The thing I get more concern with in regards to Iran is some sort of military aggression.

  35. Was reading up on the Iranian Oil Bourse and how they invest now can help. I noticed that they do invest in the Euro.

  36. Gary,
    All currencies currently in existence are drifting to valuelessness. But the three in the lead to the bottom are the US dollar, the yen and the euro. Norway, Britain and Switzerland made the right decision to stay out of the Euro.

  37. I find the idea of oil and economic devastation very interesting. I haven’t looked into it myself yet but was wondering how you interpret Revelation 6:6, specifically the last 1/2 of the verse, “. . . and do not harm the oil and the wine.”

  38. Hi Corban,
    I wrote on this topic in my book. Not harming the oil and the wine, I believe, means that when food prices go ballistic, two items’ prices that will not go that way is for oil and wine. We had a preview in 2007-8.

  39. things keep escalating incrementally over there… more Iranian ships in the Gulf of Aden and the US has also positioned more ships there…

  40. another article i found interesting…
    quote””Today, in 2015, while the United States may be there physically, it is not quite clear that they can or will do what it takes to keep those Straits open.

    The Iranians, always ahead of the game in strategy and tactics, have developed a style of naval attack specifically designed for the Straits. It is called swarming. Extremely fast rubber speed boats are sent out to sprint about and surround the enemy. They are too small and too fast to be detected and they simply, suddenly, appear and take over. Iran has also produced mini submarines to maneuver in the Straits.”” end quote

  41. If what Mark predicts is true then we must talk and get ready for the million of Sunnis refugees escaping Shia Iran’s killings!

    Those refugees will bring their hatred toward Christians and Jews with them!

    This is an example of what is coming:

    In an interview with The Muslim News, Miliband from the UK Labor Party said:

    “We are going to make it [Islamophobia] an aggravated crime. We are going to make sure it is marked on people’s records with the police to make sure they root out Islamophobia as a hate crime.

    “We are going to change the law on this so we make it absolutely clear of our abhorrence of hate crime and Islamophobia. It will be the first time that the police will record Islamophobic attacks right across the country.”

    Miliband’s renewed promise to make “Islamophobia” (a term he has not defined) an “aggravated crime” may signal an attempt to turn the 2006 Act — which already stipulates a maximum penalty of seven years in prison for stirring up religious hatred — into a full-blown Muslim blasphemy law.

    According to British commentator Leo McKinstry, “Miliband’s proposal goes against the entire tradition of Western democracy, which holds that people should be punished only for their deeds, not their opinions.” In an opinion article, he added:

    “In Miliband’s Britain, it will become impossible to criticise any aspect of Islamic culture, whether it be the spread of the burka or the establishment of Sharia courts or the construction of colossal new mosques. We already live in a society where Mohammed is now the most popular boy’s name and where a child born in Birmingham is more likely to be a Muslim than a Christian. If he wins, Miliband will ensure that the accelerating Islamification of our country will go unchallenged.”

  42. Here is the thing investments move and shift in downturns. Where I get concerned Mark is not losses but not thinking how to beware of the tendency of running in the opposite direction. It’s people that love the high risk investment that really have it all wrong and then go broke. Solid in investments like certain high demand industries may go down as well but because there is still a dedicated consumer that buys even in a bad period, they are usually the industry that also pulls an economy back into shape later on. Now if military strikes are involved that is another story. Also if there is a cut an run by the elites toward another currency that is another problem as well.

  43. Hey Mark!

    I just saw one of your maps from your book posted on Twitter! Yes!


  44. Just read this earlier. It mentioned that Iran has a lot in their reserves. I am convinced those in Yemen will try to go at striking the oil fields in Saudi Arabia., Mark.

  45. Something I have wondered about Mark. The making an image to the beast seems like could also mean to be an icon and then given a number could be a password because it requires some level of memorization. The binding to the back of the hand or forehead I noticed in connection the Torah dealt with meditation on God’s Law. Has anyone considered this as an end time option? If this is the case it could mean basically a currency devaluation has to take place first.

  46. Gary,
    I haven’t heard of anyone bringing up this idea before, but it is an interesting angle.

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