Iran Sends More Ships to Yemen

Iran is preparing for its invasion of the Middle East, the Second Signpost.  The moment is getting closer.  The Iranian regime has stated that their country’s mission is to export their brand of Shia Islamic revolution to all countries in Islam.

It is evident from current events and from Scripture that there are two phases to the regime’s plan.  Phase I is currently what they are doing: the slow, methodic conversion of Shia Muslim countries to Iran’s orbit as bona fide and loyal allies in Iran’s quest to spread their revolution.  Once this is accomplished the regime will then begin Phase II of their plan: to spring their trap on all the Sunni countries to the west, north and south of Iran – the fast, massive, jolting and shocking invasion just as Daniel 7 and 8 shows.

Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are firmly within Iran’s grasp.  ISIS is the Sunni target between Iran and its allies to the west.  And now Iran works to bring Yemen into its grasp as well.  Saudi Arabia would be the Sunni target between Iran and its ally to the south if Iran can capture Yemen.  Along these lines Iran is sending a small armada of ships to Yemen just a week or so after they sent two ships.

Iranian naval vessels during a military exercise

Iranian naval vessels during a recent military exercise.  Ships like these – missile destroyers – would likely be part of the small armada sent to Yemen.

A supply line is needed to capture Yemen.  Now that the Sunni militants have taken the airport, and the Saudi navy has blockaded Aden, there is no major direct way to flow supplies and weapons to the Shia Houthi rebels working with Iran.  Taking back the airport or breaking the blockade are next logical steps for Iran and their Houthi allies.  I wrote in this earlier post that one of the events we might see is an attempt to break the Saudi’s naval blockade.  Might we see the first major and direct military naval conflict between the Saudis and the Iranians?  Events will tell what path Iran’s quest takes.

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  1. This is just mind-boggling, Mark. Already there is military conflict between the Saudis and Iranians on Yemeni soil, now it likely spills over into the sea? Meanwhile, Obama shuts his eyes and plugs his ears by unilaterally declaring that the war on terror is over and this is a law enforcement problem for the Muslim countries to sort out for themselves? This is just dangerous naivete’ that will come back to not only haunt Obama, but will directly affect and hurt American interests by suspending ME oil exports to America b/o Iran commandeering the oil fields of its Sunni neighbors.

    I can hardly wait to see how this is going to weigh heavily on the 2016 Presidential elections and how Iran plays it to manipulate the election process. Will they charge before or after the election is over? Time will tell how it goes in their backyard first before they look over the fence…


  2. It’s amazing how the LORD can divert the stubborn waters of Obama’s heart into the eventual purposes of prophecy. Knowing such prophecies assures the Adonai’s sovereignty.

  3. Good4u1,
    I mostly agree with what you are saying. We still don’t know the time of the actual Iranian invasion – is it before the Harbinger date, or after that and before the 2016 election, or is it after 2016?
    What I find compelling about Cahn’s Harbinger is that two events occurred exactly on Elul 29, 7 years apart, with the second event being far more damaging to this country than the first. The tiny chance of those events occurring on those two dates combined with the same pattern as what happened to the northern kingdom of Israel is an incredible set of odds.
    The third event to occur to Israel resulted in the destruction of Israel. If that is the fate of this nation on that date Sep 13, 2015, I almost wish it is via the petrodollar and the Second Signpost rather than something else. The “something else” could be far more deadly.
    But God is in control. We watch for the events in Bible prophecy to see how close our Savior is to returning. As Peter showed us out on the lake on that stormy night, we must keep our focus on Him.

  4. It is a riddle to many why the USA is acting as it does in its dealings with Iran especially and the Middle East generally. Of course it is not just this one man Obama, it is a whole administration, including many advisers, think-tanks and departments. In solving this riddle, I never got further than “They deliberately and wholeheartedly want to disengage from the Middle-East.” But what justifies this in their own eyes? I had no clue. But the following commentary might hit the mark spot-on:

    In this, they are apparently underestimating the power of Iran, and overestimating the power of Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to contain Iran. For that reason, they do not fear an Iranian takeover of the Middle East oil resources. Consequently, they also do not think that the petrodollar system, the very foundation of current economical and financial power and stamina of the USA, is not seriously threatened.

    So the people in the Obama administration and those supporting them are not merely blind, nor stupid. They are smart enough, but they, and with them to a large extent all the rich and powerful people of the USA, let themselves be blinded by greed.

  5. Mark, I don’t understand how Israel would be destroyed, when so much prophecy indicates that there is still much in her future — including apparent “peace” and also severe judgments — before the Lord’s return. Jacob’s Trouble/the Great Tribulation is as close as it comes to Israel’s “seeming” destruction, and that is still some time off.

  6. Something I read over the weekend on ISIS advances in the Anbar province was that it was that last province of where Shia and Sunni Muslims were getting along. Basically the article mentioned that if Anbar falls, it will totally split Iraq in two.

  7. I am not a firm supporter of the Sept. 13, 2015 “day of doom” per the BMS theory, as you know. Mainly because I find it to be extra-biblical. But it is well worth watching for possibilities and I don’t dismiss it outright as we out to test all things and events against the certainty of the Holy Scriptures. So in short, we shall see if the BMS theory is valid or not.

    If not, then your Second Signpost should soon be shown to be made manifest at the outside before Obama leaves office. Again, we shall see and God has the final say in His plan for the next step and we are only watchers.

    Watching and praying…


  8. Mark.. this just breaking today on Fox news… the headline reads ‘showdown with Iran?’ but here is the article if you haven’t seen it …

  9. Where in the Word does God give any covenant with the US. There is even discrepancy with biblical dates. For instance, the Septuagint added 100 years to Enoch’s life.

  10. Howard,
    I don’t believe I have supported the notion anywhere that Israel would be destroyed prior to the Tribulation – its unbiblical. Israel will have its trials come the Tribulation like you say. This is also why I say that when the second signpost occurs it will involve Islam. If the Psalm 83 war happens soon, that chapter tells us Israel will have a great victory.

  11. This week, a major prophecy teacher wrote the following about the future of the US in an article:

    “Despite all the morbid sentiments regarding Obama in the White House, he will soon be replaced by a righteous shepherd. In the near future the United States which is referred to as ‘the most terrible of the nations’, that is terrible in battle as mentioned by Ezekiel 28:7-8 and ‘the strongest fortresses’ as mentioned by Daniel 11:39 will wreak havoc on Turkey. This shepherd, alongside 6 other allies (see Micah 5) will fight alongside Christ who will advance against ‘Ionia/Yavan’ (Zechariah 9:13) and will storm against it “

    Do you believe his words have any merit, or do you think the things mentioned in the Harbinger are more likely to happen?

  12. Janae,
    This is a good question. When I read your quote it looked to me like a false prophet speaking. I have heard so many times that a president or president’s successor would be a Christian. When Clinton was president there were prophecies out that Bill Clinton would repent and turn. Of course false prophets have not been held accountable by those that have listened to them.
    Then I “googled” the first phrase the article popped up on Walid’s site. I don’t know what has happened to Walid. Years ago he seemed to have some interesting insight but in the last few years he has been missing things. He predicted about Iran and Turkey forming an alliance which was a ridiculous idea (see this post) and now everyone can see the folly in that.
    For the quote above there is no basis at all for him to predict the “shepherd” after Obama. The US wreak havoc on Turkey? Not a chance. What Walid has been doing is grasping at straws in my view. He grabs verses like sound bites and tries to wrap them together to form a prophetic picture. So to answer your question I do not believe anything Walid says in that quote in your comment; there is no merit.
    Regarding the Harbinger date we do not know what will happen – we are only given a date.
    One thing I believe Joel, myself and Nelson can all agree on and tell you (and guys please correct me if I’m wrong here) is that the Iranian invasion of the Middle East is most likely next, and that the Harbinger gives us a date of something that might happen to the USA but we haven’t a clue as to what it would be. Hope this helps. Blessings.

  13. On this 67th Independence Day in Israel, it is sad for me to see my people taking all the credit for themselves in the amazing and miraculous success story that Israel is for the nations to see. (Is 11:12)

    I didn’t think that you had advocated Israel’s destruction prior to [great] tribulation; I may have misunderstood what you said in your Apr 20 comment to good4u:

    “What I find compelling about Cahn’s Harbinger is that two events occurred exactly on Elul 29, 7 years apart, with the second event being far more damaging to this country than the first. The tiny chance of those events occurring on those two dates combined with the same pattern as what happened to the northern kingdom of Israel is an incredible set of odds.
    The third event to occur to Israel resulted in the destruction of Israel. If that is the fate of this nation on that date Sep 13, 2015, I almost wish it is via the petrodollar and the Second Signpost rather than something else. The “something else” could be far more deadly.”


  14. I have wondered about some of the things Walid has said, and have, at times, found myself confused about the conflicting messages I’ve heard being taught by different people. Thanks for your explanation – it makes a lot of sense.

  15. Howard,
    It might be pronoun trouble. “Far more damaging to this country” meant the USA. Also, when I mention the destruction of Israel I’m referring to the historical event in 722 B.C. or thereabouts where the northern kingdom was destroyed. That is the pattern Cahn used to compare to the US.
    Blessings to you too my Israeli brother.

  16. Janae/Mark: Walid is not a good source of biblical information IMO. Many, many misleading articles. A month or so ago, he claimed Mary (Jesus’s earthly mother) was the Ark of the Covenant. A month or so before that we saw the horrid article about Joel Richardson. Plus numerous articles about Turkey and Iran that are misleading. Unfortunately I take them all with extreme suspicion.

  17. Thanks Nelson, you and Mark have both cleared some things up for me. It’s surprising that Walid would say negative things about Joel Richardson, since the two of them wrote a book together some years back.

  18. Nelson and all.. Walid’s son Theodore is writing alot of those articles. He is very much a eastern orthodox practicing christian and is the one who touts the whole mariology thing etc. On Facebook i have contended with him (theo) in the past only to be scorched by his orthodox friends and priests etc.
    I have also written to Walid expressing my concerns on this and the spirit of contempt going on of not calling people to pray for the persecutors.
    I firmly believe in the beginning God has and did use Walid to wake up the western church and help bring a more mideast perspective to prophecy and the scriptures as a whole. We tend to see with a narrow mindset because we do not understand many of the hard sayings Jesus used for example like.. it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.

    But it appears that Walid has lost his way somewhere and his son has become an avid apologist for eastern orthodox catholicism.

  19. Thanks for your part in illuminating The Word to the church. If it were not foretold by The Lord God Himself, mainstream articles like this one would be completely outlandish and head scratching.

  20. Roz,
    Yes, we actually see everyday prophecy taking place step by step in detail, but most in the church don’t know it yet.

  21. Indeed, Mark! For those who have watched this take shape both on your blog and on the national cable news organizations is breath-taking. Most of the church is completely unaware of how God is positioning small events to cause His prophetic Word to become ultimately fulfilled. When I first joined your blog, I was fairly skeptical that this was going to take place…but no more! For those who carefully watch like you and report events to align with His Word he will give witness to your clarion call that the next even biblically is the final fulfillment of part of Daniel 8 regarding Iran the ram with no one to stop it…and Obama is certainly playing his part perfectly.

    Just breath-taking…


  22. The USS Theodore Roosevelt is on its way to the Yemeni coast to help stop the Iraninans from supplying the rebels with weapons and ammunition. What has me worried is that this could be a possible trap for the US Navy. We could possibly lose an aircraft carrier to Iran. No doubt Iran would suffer a loss also, but the psychological boost of sinking a US war ship, especially a carrier, would give the Iranians is incalculable.

  23. Agreed, Earl. But it looks like the Iranian ships turned around and the Saudis stopped bombing. Unthinkable things are delayed again thankfully.

  24. It doesn’t have to mean individual economic stuff about peace taken away. It could mean being embroiled in war going on there and many countries involved in that.
    The U.S. is not dependent on foreign oil any longer because of fracking. We are an exporter. We don’t have to buy any foreign oil if we so choose. If the oil supply goes down we will make money. The price would go up but our economy would benefit. We also have room for production to increase. It would have an effect to some extent on prices in the US and around the world but not enough to take peace from the earth.
    Also the dollar is strong now. The value of the dollar compared to other currencies is going up.
    I don’t think oil is a good theory for why peace will be taken from the earth anymore based on current circumstances. I would have agreed with you back when we were dependent on foreign oil.

  25. Lisa,
    You’re right, it could be what you are saying. But I show in my book all the details as to why I arrive at the position I am holding.

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