Antichrist’s Land of Origin?

It is interesting how sometimes the past, the present and the future conspire to show us a truth.  And so it was when reviewing a series of maps recently the question struck me, “Are we looking at a rather limited stretch of land that could be the homeland of the man to be Antichrist?”  I refer the reader to the map for the following discussion.

Territories of the past, present and future overlap.  Might this be the homeland of the Antichrist?

Territories of the past, present and future overlap. Might this be the homeland of the Antichrist?

From the Past: Both my book Daniel Revisited (Chapter 2) and Joel’s book Mideast Beast (Chapter 7) give rationale as to why Daniel 9:26 is telling us the Antichrist will probably be Syrian.  The text of the verse tells us that the Antichrist to come will be of the people who destroyed the Temple in A.D. 70.  The people were of course Roman soldiers, of the main legion, Legio X, which was based in the Syrian province for 70 years prior to attacking Jerusalem.  Its inductees were all Syrians.  On the map, the Roman Province of Syria is shown in red – the homeland of the soldiers who destroyed Jerusalem.

From the Present: In green we see the territory of ISIS (or IS) at the present time.  In this post I showed how ISIS is a sign of the things to come in the Signposts.  One of these is the Caliphate.  It is interesting that not only does ISIS portend butchery, boundary erasures and the Caliphate, but is roughly covering the area of the ancient Assyrian Empire.  Isaiah 14:25 speaks of the Assyrian, the Antichrist.  It is possible that the Antichrist to come would come from the territory held by ISIS.

From the Future: Dominating the map is the future nation of “New Turkey”, the name I gave one of the four new nations that are the pieces of the former Sunni confederacy.  The great nation of the Sunni confederacy comes to power in the Third Signpost, and the four nations emerge in the Fourth Signpost.  “New Turkey” is the northwestern nation of the four.  Based on Scripture in Daniel 8 the man to be Antichrist can only emerge from the northwestern nation, “New Turkey.”  He will take over leadership of that nation before his power grows to the south and to the east.

Putting the Pieces Together

So we have a future nation the Antichrist will likely come from, coupled with territory held by a radical organization that portends the possible conditions during his reign located in old Assyria, and we have the province from which the people came who destroyed the Temple.  When all three stretches of territory are overlapped – “New Turkey”, ISIS-controlled territory, and the ancient Roman Province of Syria – we see a smaller, almost heart-shaped piece of land on the map marked in red and green stripes.  Could this be the patch of land that the Antichrist will come from?  It’s an intriguing thought.  We will soon see.

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  1. Fascinating, Mark! This is truly a serious possibility, and as the LORD always cautions to watch and pray to see how events unfold first to check against God’s plan as described in biblical prophecy to those who are called to do so for verification. I find this even more astonishing to see Raqqa (hq for ISIS) to be the “bull’s eye” for the location from which the Antichrist could arise.

    It is obvious that Turkey’s President Erdogan cannot be the Antichrist, even tho’ he desperately wants to be Caliph. But it is someone within the radical Islamic element…there will be many false starts and assumptions and we must be careful not to rush to judgment as many will be inclined to do so and that will not help the prophetic cause.

    This was an interesting post by you, Mark. Thank you.


  2. doesnt the book of Nahum say that the AC will be coming from ninevah? it speaks of a specific king in 1:11, which sounds similar to the angels description in daniel 8:23.

  3. Giles,
    It might. On the other hand Nahum 1:11 could be talking about (1) Sannacherib the Assyrian king who tried to destroy Jerusalem in 701 bc after the northern kingdom was taken out, for the phrase “has one come” could be any time past or future, or (2) it could be the Antichrist and if he comes from Ninevah/Mosel might he live in the heart-shaped area? Prophecies about Christ said he would be born in Bethlehem, come from Egypt, and be called a Nazarene. Good question.

  4. And George III didnt speak a word of English. He vass a German.

  5. Why is it I have this feeling that the AC will most likely start his path to leadership as a successful General and a war hero and later on will be voted to a presidential status of a country, especially since we are told that AC is a man of war.

    We have seen that happen in both Israel (Ariel Sharon) and US (Dwight Eisenhocer) and I believe Turkey( Ataturk) as well.

    If we look at the way currently presidents are voted in both middle eastern and European countries, they do not start as generals. The only country that might have that possibility is Turkey or Syria( if factions take over Assad regime).

    Just a thought.

  6. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    Once again Mark Davidson’s observations are noteworthy, and those watching Turkey’s moves over recent years will be interested in the following discussion. President Erdogan is moving Turkey increasingly toward End-time events, as indicated for example in ‘Turkey & Iran Locked in Struggle’ (by Chuck Missler’s senior analyst Dr Stewart Elwart) and the Huff Post’s ‘Saudi Arabia, Turkey Discussing Unlikely Alliance to Oust Syria’s Assad’.

  7. This leader that rises, will he be to them the Mahdi? If not then how will he convince the Islamic world to allow the Jews to rebuild their temple?

  8. Giles, Mark: Although Nahum 1 probably was foreshadowed by Sennacherib, IMO it almost certainly is a reference to the Antichrist as well. Look at all the end time references.

    v. 3 coming on the clouds
    v. 4 dries up rivers (as far as Lebanon)
    v. 5 Earth up-heaved, the world and all its inhabitants with it
    v. 6 indignation, wrath poured out like fire
    v. 8 pursue his enemies into darkness
    v. 15 never again will the wicked one pass thru

    The two verses that convince me are the world wide upheaval and the “never again” verse. Neither of these can really be applied to Sennacherib. Giles, thanks for bringing this passage to our attention. I plan to keep a close eye on Mosul. Nelson

  9. Barry,
    The leader that arises in the first new nation will be simply a leader. When he unites three of the nations with new Iran (nation #4) yielding to him I believe that’s when he will be Caliph. He wont be Antichrist until he has reunited most of Islam, having 10 nations, and ready to start his 7-year run.

  10. Mark,
    I really have been enjoying your web site. I believe you are dead on about the origin of the Antichrist and these wars that are getting ready to take place to form the 10 kingdoms. These 10 kingdoms have to be in place in order for the Antichrist to rise out of one of them. The “little horn” was seen coming out of one of the four divisions of the Grecian Empire. These four divisions are Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Egypt. Your maps are really good. I believe that the Antichrist will be a Islamic poser though, because when he turns on the Jews half way through the week(Daniel 9:27) he will sit in the temple and demand self worship claiming to be God. Daniel 11:36-37; 2 Thess. 2:4. Bless you.

  11. Mark,
    Even though it isn’t deeply addressed on your sight I believe the Rapture plays a very important role for all of this to come together properly. Paul says that before the Antichrist can be revealed a “he” has to be removed out of the way. Now a lot of Bible scholars claim the “he” is the Holy Spirit, but you have a multitude of people during the Tribulation period getting saved. The Bible says that no one gets saved unless drawn by the Spirit. This “he” would have to be the Church. I don’t think that the Islamic world can do anything hudge until the Christians are gone, and America is crippled from this event. I find it interesting that America isn’t even mentioned in all the end time prophecies. God bless

  12. Barry,
    But as I show in my book the USA is all over the signposts. The USA lifted up the lion and changed its mind. The USA is fostering Iran’s plans for its invasion. True, the USA (or anyone else) will not stop Iran because Daniel 8 says Iran will do all it wills to do.
    Remember though these four signposts are all prior to the rapture or tribulation.

  13. Mark,
    I’m getting your book. Sounds very good. God bless.

  14. Right now today May 26, 2015 forces in Iraq, probably Iranian backed or led, surround ISIS on three sides in a major offensive to take back Ramadi. Could this be the three ribs of the bear, if they are able to win these three fronts?

  15. I’m thinking the Sunni Triangle as being represented by the three ribs???
    The roughly triangular area’s corners are said to lie near Baqubah (on the east side of the triangle), Baghdad (on the South side), Ramadi (on the west side) and Tikrit (on the north side). Each side is approximately 125 kilometers (80 miles) long. The area also contains the cities of Samarra and Fallujah.

    The area was a center of strong support for Saddam Hussein’s government;

  16. Thomas,
    No. As I show in my book, the three ribs are the three directions that Iranian forces will run out across the Middle East; the same three directions as the ram. What is going on now is only preparation.

  17. Thomas,
    See my comment to your last comment.

  18. Yes, I have read your book, and continue to use it as reference. Great book! In regards to page 191 and the vision of the bear, you do say that the ribs in the bears teeth mean more than just direction. So maybe I got a little excited when the thought came to me about the three sides of the current offensive. I do however think that there may be some correlation here with the Sunni Triangle. If you start at the bottom right of the triangle and move westward, then northward, then southward…you complete the Triangle. It is interesting to note that along the westward path of the triangle lies Fallujah and Ramadi, then up to the north Tikrit is in the Triangle, then back down to Baghdad. This could very well be the “animal / nation carcasses to be stripped clean by a hungry bear in each of the three directions– one direction for each rib.” Setting the stage for the bear to then devour much flesh. I think the “order” of the directions given in Daniel 8:4 lay out the triangle (Westward towards Ramadi and Syria; Northward towards Tikrit and Turkey; Southward back towards Baghdad, Saudi Arabia and Yemen). What do you think?

  19. Greetings Mark,
    First time poster. Thanks to good4u, I found this website and have begun reading your e-book, Daniel Revisited. I have recently been exposed to this way of thinking through Richardson and Shoebat, so I’m really looking forward to finishing your book.

    Yes, the Bible does call the antichrist the Assyrian, so it certainly has my eyes opened to this possibility. But thanks to you three guys I am no longer looking for an Italian to be that man. Lol. (I’m glad, because I am Italian.)

    Well, let me get back to your book. I’m having LASIK surgery in 3 hours so I need to get as much in as I can today because it looks like I may be on the shelf for a day or so. Take care and thanks for your diligence regarding the scriptures.

    The Stallion (also known as TM)

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