The Coming Iranian Invasion: West and South Come Into Focus

The Second Signpost is the invasion of the Middle East by Iran.  Daniel 7:5 and 8:3-4 tell us about it.  The former passage tells us that many countries will be ravaged by Iranian forces, and the latter passage tells us that Iranian forces will advance in three directions.  About three and a half years ago I created the map of the Second Signpost, shown as Figure 10-2, for my first book Hidden In Plain Sight, published in January 2012.  That map is shown below as Map #1.

Map #1.  The original map showing possible Iranian military advances during the Second Signpost.  (From Hidden In Plain Sight, Nov. 2011)

Map #1. The original map showing possible Iranian military advances during the Second Signpost. (From Hidden In Plain Sight, Nov. 2011)

Map #1, showing the invasion by Iran, was based solely on my interpretation of Scripture (Dan. 7:5, 8:3-4, i.e. the Second Signpost) overlaid on my research of the geopolitical and military landscape in the Middle East.  The map was also used for Figure 10-2 in Daniel Revisited.  Map #1 shows three directions that Iranian forces are to run out from southwestern Iran, if Daniel 7:5 and 8:3-4 are read literally.

Map #2 (a revision of Map #1) shows what has happened in the last year or two – enemies of Iran have either risen as new such as ISIS, or have become of greater concern to Iran with actual military force being used against Iran’s interests.  These enemies are aligned geographically along each of the three directions prescribed by Daniel 8.  Let us take a brief look at the enemies in the three directions, using Map #2 as a guide, seeing how the Second Signpost is drawing nearer and coming into focus.

Map #2.  The view of the setup in the Mideast for the Second Signpost, in March 2015.

Map #2. The view of the setup in the Mideast for the Second Signpost, in March 2015.


ISIS (or IS) is Iran’s new enemy to the west.  In Map #1, in 2011, we knew Iranian forces had to run west, per Scripture.  Since Iraq and Syria were already controlled by Iran by that time, the reason for Iran to run out in that direction was unclear.  However, in April 2013 ISIL became a semi-political entity that held territory and since that time has expanded.  With its extreme Sunni fundamentalism it is has become a major threat – a new enemy – to Iran’s ability to spread its Shia revolutions throughout Syria and Iraq.  Iran declared a set of redlines that, if crossed by ISIS, would result in war.  At the moment, Iran has likely allowed a stalemate between ISIS and Iranian-backed Shia militias to give Iran time until its invasion is ready, while ISIS conveniently provides the crisis.  The reason for Iranian forces to run west is now much clearer.  Battles rage in Syria against Assad, and outside of Baghdad, and in Tikrit.

Iran’s goal of spreading Shiism across the Middle East would require Iran to invade and occupy ISIS-held territory to link Iran and southern Iraq with Syria and Lebanon.  Hence, Iranian forces will charge west.


Saudi Arabia is Iran’s old enemy to the south. What has changed is Saudi Arabia has begun a military campaign against Iran’s ally Yemen.  In Map #1, we knew Iran had to run south, per Scripture.  Saudi Arabia, spreading its brand of Sunnism known as Wahhabism and using its vast oil money to fund the activity has been an ideological enemy of Iran for centuries.  What has changed is that Iran has backed the Shia Houthi rebels who have taken over much of Yemen (see Map #2).

The city of Aden has now become a battleground.  Aden is Yemen’s most important seaport.  Whoever controls Aden controls a major channel for military supplies into the country.  The Houthis began an advance against Aden.  In response, Saudi Arabia has begun bombing Houthi positions and has now set up a naval blockade of Aden to prevent shipping in and out of Aden.  Iran’s recent naval exercise went as far south as Aden, most likely to establish a supply route and to establish a military presence.  We may see a standoff between Saudi and Iranian naval forces.

In addition Saudi troops are clashing with the Houthi militia at the Saudi-Yemen border.  Combine the ground battle with Saudi Arabia bombing Iranian-backed Houthis, there is now a military reason for Iranian forces to charge south.

The monarchy in Saudi Arabia fears the Iranian nuclear deal and what it may mean for the region (and rightly so).  Therefore, the Saudis are doing everything they can to hedge against Iran’s growing power.

Iran’s goal of spreading Shiism across the Middle East would require Iran to invade and occupy Saudi Arabia.  This would also give Iran the opportunity to take both the oilfields and the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.  It is the control of the oilfields (which is one-quarter of the world’s daily supply) that would take peace from the earth.

To the NORTH

Turkey, like Saudi Arabia, is an old enemy of Iran.  Turkey today considers itself the chief military champion of Sunni Islam.  In addition to that we have seen President Erdogan’s reaching to restore for Turkey the glory and power of the old Ottoman Empire.  Persia and the Ottoman Empire were adversaries for centuries.  Iran is the chief Shia Muslim power.

Unlike the enemies along the Western and Southern directions no clear enemy or goal stands out along the Northern direction.  What might we see in the times ahead of the Second Signpost?  Might there be a new ally of Iran (forced of course) to the north?  Although today Azerbaijan is a secular Shia majority nation, Iran has had its eyes on Azerbaijan since 1979.  Azerbaijan used to be part of Persia until the 1920s and many Azerbaijanis live in Iran.  We might see Azerbaijan become another “ally” like Syria and Yemen.  We might also see, like with Saudi Arabia against Yemen, Turkey getting involved militarily against Iran’s allies by directly intervening in Syria to remove Assad from power.

These are only possibilities of course.  However, since the Bible speaks of the west, south, and north, it might seem consistent for the picture to change in the north along the lines that it has in the west and south.  But again this is speculation.


One thing seems clear – the military situation to the west of Iran and to the south of Iran is ripening for the beginning of the major invasion and war that is the Second Signpost.  We will see if this “ripening” occurs towards the north of Iran.  This is not to say that there must be further developments in the north, for the Bible says Iran will run to the north when it runs west and south.

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  1. Interesting. You know we lost electricity here yesterday through the whole of Turkey. The only place that did in fact have electricity was the city of Van, who gets their electricity from Iran.

  2. That updated map was EXACTLY what I was talking about on my show this week. The Spirit is moving in His people!

    Don’t be surprised if the Kurds ally with Iran against IS and Turkey. Though they are Sunni, it would resurrect the Medo-Persian alliance.

    Keep it up Brother.

  3. Mark, thank you for this article. I am grateful for Bible teachers like yourself and others (Joel Richardson) who have returned to a futuristic interpretation of these Old Testament prophecies. it is clear that these prophecies are unfolding before our very eyes, and the dominance of Islam in the Middle East cannot be ignored.

    Daniel 8:17 tells us that Daniel’s vision was for the “time of the end,” so we must interpret the future war in the Middle east to involve Persia (Iran) and its campaign to gain control. I believe “Javan,” which is most often translated Greece, also clearly implies the region of modern Day Turkey. It is evident that Iran and Turkey will face off soon in a regional conflict that will be the backdrop to antichrist’s emergence.

    Keep studying and informing others of the Biblical truth! As all eyes are on Israel and the Middle East, may we keep our eyes fixed solely on Christ, who will lead us in all wisdom and truth!

  4. A very logical conclusion Mark. The Shiite Militias in Iraq have already retaken Tikrit from ISIS. I would anticipate that the ground forces of the Saudi coalition will have to enter Yemen if the Houthis will not be contained by airstrikes alone.

  5. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    Further to the previous on today’s fulfilment of Daniel’s visions in which I referred to Mark Davidson’s work, it’s fitting to consider his viewpoint and updated maps on the situation, as below. I’d add it’s reported two Iranian Revolutionary Guard battalions now overlook the strategic Bab el-Mandeb straits and Khamenei is sending the Iranian navy. Also, US national security ‘experts’ have long seriously underestimated the Saudi royal family and expected it to collapse. Hence, Obama’s clandestine wooing of Iran. (See Goldman’s opening remarks here) Is it any wonder that the CIA doesn’t know why Muslims join ISIS?

  6. Agreed, Chris, and thanks. The Kurds are Medes, not Turks.

  7. Thanks for the info, Jane.
    I found this link on the story about Turkey’s blackout yesterday.

  8. Marcus,
    I’m glad to hear more and more brothers and sisters like yourself are hearing and receiving the message. As I wrote in my book Daniel Revisited, Daniel 8:17 as well as vs 19 and vs 26 make it very hard to deny that Daniel 8 applies to anything but the end-times. And yet major well-published commentators didn’t see this.
    I am thankful that Joel finally read my book and is helping to spread this message. He wrote in an article on,

    “Now, I have always interpreted the vision to pertain to the historical empires of Medo-Persia and Greece, and then the little horn, while being partially fulfilled in the life of Antiochus Epiphanes, to be ultimately fulfilled in the last days through Antichrist. Many other commentators hold to this view as well. Although I have more than 100 commentaries on the book of Daniel, I had never really considered any other view until I read “Daniel Revisited” by Mark Davidson. In that book, Davidson, taking a radical futurist perspective, makes some excellent points that I had simply never considered. When we actually read the explanation of Gabriel, the truth is that he does not make any such break in the vision, placing some of it in history and some of it the future. He simply says that the vision pertains to the time of the end. And then he says it again.”

    If you haven’t read my book yet, Marcus, I highly recommend that you do. It should put the current events, the nations and the prophecies of the Middle East in perspective. Blessings to you.

  9. I reckon some goose just hit the wrong button lol! It was a bloody nightmare though.

    Great blog. Enjoy your opinion.

  10. Watching how oil prices are going to be affected in this….I noticed in one article I read about three months ago that the Saudis controlled almost twice much oil production as Iran. I am sure that the desire for more oil production is an influence. The Saudis I am sure are aware of the oil fields that Iran will gain in Iraq and Yemen.

  11. Mark, i am presently reading your book, “Daniel Revisited” and have a couple of questions that i would really appreciate someone with your knowledge of ME events to answer. First, what is your take on Islam taking over the USA since it seems the Brotherhood is involved in government, courts, and in other places of importance to gain a foothold. Second, do you think that the AntiChrist will be the Mahdi and not of jewish descent in order to be viewed as Christ the Messiah? So much information out there that give really good evidence to prove both. The second point was from “” Thank you and God Bless..D.

  12. Diana,
    Your second question is easier. Yes, the Antichrist is to be a Muslim, likely a Syrian Arab. Antichrist and Mahdi will be the same thing. Probably the best book out there for the Antichrist/Mahdi comparison is Joel Richardson’s Islamic Antichrist. My book proves that the Antichrist will be Muslim, but Joel’s book digs into Islamic eschatology as well.
    Now your first question. I don’t know. I hope not. And I wouldn’t think so. Much of Muslim Brotherhood involvement in the government is because of Obama, and his siege of America will end in 21 months.

  13. Thank you so much for your reply Mark..I have been reading sites like and it really seemed plausible that A/C would be a jewish messiah like Christ…I know that many others as yourself and Walid Shoebat are looking for a muslim Mahdi..Phew! Things are ramping up:)

  14. Diana,
    You’re welcome. Perhaps the best verse to tell us Antichrist is NOT a Jew is Daniel 9:26. That verse tells us that the people who destroyed the Temple in AD 70 are those ethnically related to the Antichrist. So he cannot be a Jew.

  15. Mark and Diana,

    I would like to address Diana’s first question, Mark, if I may regarding radical Islam infiltrating our open society in our own country. I know, Mark, you hoped this is not the case but this is simply not true. And I have evidence to back it up and it indeed involves the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the think tank for radical Islam. The MB have been devising plans since the the 1990’s to use our own Constitution and freedom to exercise our religious rights against Americans. When you read the link below this has been underway way before Obama took the presidency, but of course, he has accelerated Islamic influence within our own country.

    I firmly believe that what our Christian brothers and sisters are now experiencing in the Middle East will eventually come to our American shores, especially during the Great Tribulation period for we are not immune to the influence of the radical Islamic Beast.


    Click to access 91.pdf

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