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Well, I never thought I would actually do this but the conditions seem to have come together to indeed ask for help from readers.

In this recent post I had mentioned that my publicist is pitching to several national shows.  Two shows in particular though have been singled out where the pitch would benefit greatly with help from my readers.  I realize that this is a shameless and blatant solicitation on my part for reader help, but there is a need for some boldness here as the time is short and the message points to some terrible consequences.  But, please, do not feel pressured.  Do this if you believe our God would have you do it.

If you believe you should help, you can tell these two shows that you want Mark Davidson to be interviewed on their show, to talk about his book Daniel Revisited, the Signposts, and/or the next event which is the Iranian invasion of the Middle East, and why.  The two shows and the ways to contact them are as follows –

1) The Jim Bakker Show.  You can go to their contact page at where you can write, call, or email them on their webpage.  Jim Bakker’s show and my message make a good fit, and after Joel Richardson told me Jim is a dear brother I realized we had to contact Jim for an interview.

2) The Blaze.  This is Glenn Beck’s new home.  This would be a good fit as well.  There are several ways you can contact the radio/TV show.  You can either email the producer, Billy Hallowell at his email at or tweet Glenn Beck @GlennBeck or you can post at their Facebook page at

Let’s see what God may do.  Thank you, and God bless!

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  1. I’m sure Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly would have you on.

  2. Wow…I just emailed Sean Hannity last week and plugged your name and book. I suggested he consider interviewing you as one who could give some great insight as to the what and why the M.E. is going through what it is going through. I would be more than happy to help on other shows and venues! God bless you Mark.

  3. btw…Some pretty interesting developments in Yemen, wouldn’t you say? This is looking like it may very well be the trigger for the second signpost. What are your thoughts Mark?

  4. Umm…not so sure about O’Reilly, spiritually that I’ve seen, he is more of an agnostic in practice, actually. Tho’ he does lip service as a cultural Catholic/Christian. Perhaps, Hannity. You know, Mark, Hannity should also be tried even though his national demographic audience is smaller, if you could get the public contact for your readers, personally it is worth a college try, in my opinion.


  5. Mark, Done!!!

  6. I would not worry Mark. I anticipate a lot of calls soon. William Koenig stating quite of bit of information about on Yemen and Iran’s involvement. It really lends a lot support towards Iran being the Second Signpost.

  7. Hi Thomas,
    I believe what is going on in Yemen is the same thing going on in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq – the establishment of an Iranian base of power at the far end of the invasion path, to provide support for Iran’s invasion of Sunni lands. So I believe it will not trigger the Second Signpost, Yemen will merely help it.

  8. Good4u1, Jim, and Thomas, and everyone else,
    Please feel free to write to national shows. The two I pointed out were mentioned so that it would complement the focus by my publicist.

  9. Mark,

    I also did my part, because after initial skepticism way back when..the more I see, the more I think your right at least as far as Daniel Chapter 8. As I said before, Iran will have to take its place in ultimate prophetic fulfillment before Obama leaves office. Otherwise, I just don’t see how the signpost theory can be credible in my opinion.


  10. Done with pleasure. Beck would be the perfect crossover platform in my opinion. I encourage ALL readers of this site to do the same ASAP.

  11. Good4u1,
    Don’t forget it’s the signs themselves being fulfilled by Mideast events, and not when they happen, that will fulfill Daniel 7 and 8.

  12. Yes, I do understand prophecy is always a what not the when…however, if I were an Iranian mullah and had in my heart to seek revenge on those who persecuted me for centuries without retribution from the West led by a feckless American President who is leaving a vacuum in my backyard, and I do not know if a stronger more effective American President would prevent me from what I seek, then a blitzkrieg must take place by then. I’m not so sure that it will be this year and all the blood moon tetrad hype, I think that is too expected by many prophecy students, it will be when we do not expect it, imo. So for me, it has to be anytime before Obama leaves office and that leaves 22 months left on the prophetic clock as I see it, so there is time. Time will always be the great teller. And your right, I could be wrong and you could very well be right. It wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

    And think of this Mark as history repeating itself…regarding Iran and foreign policy…

    Carter’s foreign policy was a failure, though he tried to change course during the last part of his presidency and Iran seized the American embassy and held hostages. Iran refused to release the hostages. So what changed their minds? Two words…Ronald Reagan.

    I believe it was the very day that President Reagan was sworn into office that Iran released the American hostages. Iran clearly knew what Reagan was planning to do…and believed him. Reagan was going to bomb the hell out of Iran even thought they didn’t know our military force strength had been gutted by Carter and it would have taken time to rebuild our military strength. We are precisely in that same situation today. Except this time the stakes are far more dangerous now with nuclear weaponry as the tug-of-war with a weak American President. The other unknown currently is who will be the next President-elect? Once this is determined by Iran, the picture will become clearer to Iran and to prophecy students, imo.

    I’m leaning towards the Iranian ME blitz to be sometime after the 2016 election but before Obama leaves office, I’m not dogmatic about this, just a theory for me as I watch history repeat itself. However, I’m open for it to be anytime prior to Obama leaving office in general and only God knows the exact time of ultimate fulfillment of Daniel Chapter 8. But I’m watching daily.


  13. Hi Good4u1,
    I think you are forgetting something. You make an initial assumption up front in your comment – “if I were an Iranian mullah and had in my heart to seek revenge on those who persecuted me for centuries without retribution from the West led by a feckless American President who is leaving a vacuum in my backyard, and I do not know if a stronger more effective American President would prevent me from what I seek, then a blitzkrieg must take place by then.”
    But that is not what is in their heart, in my opinion. What is in their heart is to spread their version of Islamic revolution, radical Shiism, to all nations in Islam; that all Islamic nations and regions must be Shia, that the holy cities of Mecca and Medina must be controlled by Shiism, and that the Mahdi must rise from Shiism; and to do these things at all costs even if it means the martyrdom of most Iranians. The talk of America and the Great Satan – this is a strategy both to put attention on an enemy standing in their way and to sidetrack people from their main goals. This push they will do, the bible has already said it will happen, they want to do it, and so timing is less important. Any scenarios and guesses should be based on the correct assumption.
    However, I believe on the timing issue you are right about one thing – they will do it before Obama leaves office. Just as Carter was the perfect man to get the ram started, Obama will be the perfect man to finish it.

  14. Whatever their real motivation in their hearts and only God truly understands it, we (you and I or others) can only guess looking on the outside at their behavior, the fruit of the heart. The outcome will be the same to do what is least expected by Iran from these nuclear negotiations resulting in a false security letting the West’s vigilance come down and foolishly trusting Iran. The Middle East reporting on this is non-stop now because a deadline on the talks is actually tomorrow.

    I don’t think the Iranian invasion will happen this year, tho’ I could be wrong. The Iranians will continue to play the game until they feel that the West seems to trust them. When that time comes and the West relaxes, then Iran will blitz out as the Prophet Daniel foretells in Chapter 8…this is why I love biblical prophecy…and only those called by God will understand its ultimate fulfillment and this will certainly start to awaken the universal church!


  15. Good4u1,
    I could see the Second Signpost happening next year, sure. If September 13, 2015 does portend something terrible for this nation that is non-second-signpost related, then whatever happens on that day might be the final nail in the coffin keeping the USA from stopping Iran (not that it would anyway). Lets keep watching.

  16. Not offering anything new here but this is how I am looking at the situation and thinking about it:

    These are the key factors I see that could lead to the following: “No beast could stand before him, and there was no one who could rescue from his power. He did as he pleased and became great.” (Daniel 8:4b).

    1) As you have mentioned Mark, the Basij are potentially so numerous that they could fulfill this in their own right.
    2) Nuclear weapons (or the threat of them) would of course supplement the Basij in a powerful way.
    3) Economic crisis across the West (significantly America, of course) and the loss of the petrodollar would go a long way to limiting American military action in the Middle East. Plus, the American population would be largely hostile towards the government if military action was suggested in the midst of a great financial crisis at home.

    All of the above are possible as are the various combinations of them.

    Either way, even the mainstream media are beginning to suggest that that Shia and Sunni are going to go at it – they fail to mention it will be for the crown of the Caliphate, the title of “true Muslims,” and the establishment of their respective eschatological visions. I think we all agree that Syria and Yemen will be mere skirmishes compared to what we will see.

  17. Happily done! Glen Beck @ Facebook.

    Since reading Daniel Revisited, I’ve also started reading God’s War on Terrorism, by Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson.

    Some of what is said in that book strongly supports the motivation that Iran would have for striking a false deal that could lull the world briefly, before a planned strike. The tradition of making a “hudna” treaty, in particular, if memory serves.

    Bless you for having opened my eyes! I recommend your book to anyone who will listen. As a practicing Catholic, I’m especially grateful for release from the shameful worry that the Church would somehow betray us. That never sat right, but that was the prevailing guess for so long. So, thank you!

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading the next book!

  18. After I read Daniel Revisited, I actually emailed Glenn Beck and suggested he read your book! That was about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I really believe it would be a great interview and a good way to get the message out to more people.

  19. Amy,
    Good to hear from you. True, as many will point out, the Catholic church hasn’t been the best example of God’s church, but one thing you cannot accuse the Catholic church of ever doing is denying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. From its inception Islam has denied Christ’s nature. God bless.

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