The Signpost Message and The Shemitah: Mid-Year Progress

The topic of this post has been on my mind for a while.  I thought it would be good to let brothers and sisters know what is happening.  And then several days ago Nelson wrote a comment that hit at some truth in the situation.

September 13, 2015

It seems that the Levitical seven-year cycle with that seventh year of rest known as the Shemitah is being used by God as a timepiece for everything prophetic these days.  Saddam began his conquests on the last day of a Shemitah.  9-11 happened on the last day of a Shemitah, as did the worst day of the financial crisis of 2008.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the Tribulation itself spanned over one of these cycles.

I had speculated that the Second Signpost would begin on or before the next Shemitah’s end on September 13, 2015; my speculation turned more towards anticipation after my layoff the first hour of the first day of this current Shemitah year.

March 18 was roughly halfway through the Shemitah year.  Might this mean we have only six months or less before the Second Signpost begins?  If this is the case we are down to half a year for many believers to become aware of the Signpost message.  There is much to do ahead of such a potentially devastating event.

Time is short.

Time is short.

The Numbers

Nelson had the right idea in his comment when he wrote of the percentage of the Church that gets it at “.0001% seems a better estimate IMO”.  Though he might be an order of magnitude off, it is still a small number.

Here are the numbers right now.  At this point there may be 4,000 to 5,000 copies of Daniel Revisited out there which have been presumably read.  With the majority of readers having “got” the message, and some copies passed on to additional readers, there are maybe only 5,000 Christians who have read the Signpost message, understand it, and can read the sign of Iran invading when it happens.

Now with Joel Richardson having “got it” (praise God!) and making his recent video, and of course Nelson also pointing people to the invasion by Iran, we may have 10,000 Christians (and 3 prophecy teachers now) knowing the message that Iran’s invasion is the next thing in prophecy.

So if 1 billion Christians need to be aware for the Church at large to “get it” when the Second Signpost happens, then the current 10,000 is 0.001% of the 1 billion – one zero off from Nelson’s estimate.  I believe it would only take 1 in 1,000, i.e. 1 million believers worldwide, to be able to alert the churches (the 1 billion) once the Iranian invasion occurs, of what the sign really means, that Christ is coming.  Therefore, there needs to be a 100-fold increase in people knowing the message in the next six months (from 10,000 to 1 million).

The Mission

This growth in awareness can happen on a few fronts.  And if it is meant to be, God will make it happen.

Through my publicist, a few national shows are reviewing the book right now (sorry, I will not say which ones).

I have stopped counting on the leadership of churches themselves.  I have taken the message to dozens of pastors.  Though there are numerous pastors (thirty or so large churches right here in the Denver area included) the most interested say they are reviewing it as they have time.  As far as I know, no church is championing this next event.  I may be wrong – if I am please let me know.  Many pastors have had months, and…nothing.

Pastors’ responses are anywhere from outright objection to “we’ll keep it in mind” without telling their congregation about it.  A few have engaged in conversation with me.  There are a few pastors who are more engaged with it but are not currently pastors of a church.  If you are a pastor of a church and want to press the message, I apologize, I am simply not aware.

Up to now the greatest way to spread the message has been word of mouth via brothers and sisters.  I have been contacted by a hundred or more people who have taken the time to tell me how much this message has completely changed their lives.

If you have read the book and the message resonates in your soul as truth – spread the message to others.  If you are a reader of this blog and wondering what is going on and skeptical but have not read the book, I urge you to do so.  Then you will understand.

If God has allowed you to discover the Signpost interpretation of Daniel and understand it, I believe our Lord is giving you a unique time here – a short time here – in the end times to join me as a watchman on the wall, to alert as many in the Church as you can.  If you know the message, you can also prepare.  If the Church knew what was coming they undoubtedly would be better prepared.  I will be writing soon about some of the possible economic fallout to come and how quickly it could come following Iran’s invasion.  When God’s word says the second horseman is given authority to take peace of mind from the earth we need to pay attention.  This invasion by Iran will shock the world both in terms of oil and economics.

My prayers and my efforts are to further this message.  I hope many out there will make it their mission as well.  We may only have six months – maybe less.  Some have said that I should write another book, and I am as quickly as possible.  But I wonder about the futility of it when 0.001% of the Church has even gotten the message of the first book.  My priority is to spread the message.

As I was about to publish this post, I saw the sprouting plants that my wife had just started.  We will be growing a large vegetable garden.  The growing season in this part of Colorado does not start until May, necessitating planting seeds indoors in March for some types of crops.  So there they are sitting in our nook, just seedlings.  The pot says “pumpkin” or “tomato” or cabbage.”  If you let yourself get taken by the wonder of it all, I am looking at tiny sprouts only 1 inch tall becoming mighty plants yielding giant pumpkins and hundreds of tomatoes.  These plants in September will be 1,000 times greater than the wee sprouts I am looking at right now.  I hope and pray that like these plants, the message grows in the same way over the same time period.

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  1. Brother Mark, as the time draws near the Lord is connecting many of his prophetic voices and they are seeing eye to eye. I would like to know if you are aware of the ministries of Steve Quayle and the Hagmann and Hagmann report. They have many listeners and it would be awesome to connect with them. I listen to them on youtube mostly. and The Hagmann & Hagmann Report The Hagmanns have a 3 hour broadcast each night hosting current events and important areas of end time concern. Blessings, Jym

  2. Hi Mark,
    I am a pastor in Australia (Faith Baptist Church in Gladstone, Queensland), and for what it’s worth I’ve been bringing these teachings to our Bible studies and Sunday messages for the last couple of years or so. Initially it was Joel Richardson’s DVDs and books, which our families are continuing to look at, and more recently your teachings on the coming Iranian invasion of the Middle East. Fascinating material, keep up the good work.
    In Christ,

  3. Jym,
    Thank you for the tip, I’ll look into it.

  4. Thanks for the news, Steve. Glad to hear there is a light in Queensland! It is truly heartening. God bless.

  5. I hate to say this but I remember someone made this comment decades ago and it still sticks in my mind. ” a church that does not preach about prophecy is in danger of becoming worldly.”

  6. I’m in the process of reading the book, and have found it to be very helpful so far. When I try to talk to other Christians about Bible prophecy and about the things that are taking place before our very eyes, they act like they don’t want to hear it. It’s as if they’re in denial, they don’t really want the hour to be as late as it is, and they think that if they can just ignore the things that are happening, maybe they will go away. It’s frustrating to try to prepare, when it seems like no one else is on the same page.

  7. Dear Brother Mike, I hope you don’t get discouraged. Like Pastor Steve, our little bible study group just finished the Joel Richardson DVD’s and we are now transitioning into a study of Daniel Revisited, with books currently en route to us. Pray for me that I will be able to guide my class through it, and that they will eventually pass the information on to others, and the message will grow in this way. Unfortunately, I believe that this message will spread more quickly through members of congregations rather than through their pastors. We mustn’t underestimate the power the Holy Spirit and Christ’s work through simple people. Please pray for us as we pray for you and your message. -Rich (Northern NV)

  8. Here is another ancillary problem, Mark. You know I am a “tweeter” on Twitter. And I actually follow more than tweet mainly because of time constraints and the amount of info there is voluminous. I was reading a retweet from someone who follows Alan Kurshner, who is a very powerful voice within the Christian prophetic community and has many Twitter followers. Kirshner absolutely states through a tweet that the blood moon tetrad craze is a complete myth and chastises Christians for being so easily misled and acting like foolish sheep following strange voices and not that of the Good Shepard, Jesus.

    Now, I just happen to be charting the Shemitah cycle and overlayed it with the current blood moon tetrad occurrences and what I found was nothing short of astounding. I do not believe in coincidences. I found a correlation between the the last day of the Shemitah and a partial solar eclipse occurring on the exact same day, and the first Jewish day of Rosh Hashanah also begins at sundown on Sunday, September 13, 2015! This is absolutely fascinating, I thought. I have never ever seen anyone bring this discovery up in my prophetic cyberspace travels…indeed, the second Sunday in September will be an absolute watcher for prophecy students.

    I am not predicting Mark’s Iranian invasion of the Middle East or predicting anything else. All Jesus commands is his followers do is watch and pray and know prophetic Scripture, but the correlation is undeniable.


  9. Hi Mark, as much as I have appreciated your contributions to this subject, I would offer one word of caution when you mention the Shemitah. Cahn’s elaboration on the subject has nothing to do with Gentile nations. The sabbath (and all things pertaining to it in the Mosaic law) is a specific covenant to Israel. Why would God judge nations and bless them according to a sabbath covenant that He never made with them? of course, God is orderly and precise, and who would I be to put such mastery of time past the Creator? But we can determine plainly from Scripture the Sabbath year and Jubilee all pertain to Israel (with the ultimate fulfillment in the Lord, who is our Sabbath). Plus, I believe it will lure you and others into date setting, which is not a good place to be, and will ultimately discredit your whole ministry the Lord has given you. I write this hopefully for iron to sharpen iron. Let’s do our best to stay true to biblical data and not mysterious shemitahs.

  10. Am I correct in the idea that the Shemita year began on Sept, 23rd, 2014? This is what Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has said and because of that I was not planning on planting a garden this year, but if I am incorrect well I need to know now so I can get in gear for that and much more. Blessings dear brother.

  11. Hi Koreyallen,
    I appreciate what you are saying, and the iron sharpening iron is a blessing. And I hope I am never lured to date-set but you and every brother and sister has complete permission to call me on it if it ever happens. Just to be clear, my stand on the topic right now is as follows.
    Yes, the 7-year cycle is for Israel only, as well as for events outside that might affect Israel (like Saddam starting his conquests and kicking off the entire series of end-time events that of course eventually involves Israel). And this might surprise some, but as far as the eclipses go, all of them in a series of four are a sign, I don’t think each individual one taken by itself is significant.
    I don’t know why God has chosen to use the last day of the Shemitah to cause horrific things to happen to America. However, God is sovereign and He can do whatever He wants. I believe September 13, 2015 probably portends something bad happening to the USA only for two reasons: the pattern of the last two setting a trend of getting worse, and my own experience (not Biblical) of being laid off the first hour of this current Shemitah year. It might involve the Second Signpost or not, but the loss of our petrodollar should the Second Signpost occur, would be a horrific event to the USA that would be far and above 2008 in effect. I’ll be making a post about that soon.
    I have resisted date setting so far (except for that next Shemitah-end thing). When the Signposts occur, as well as the Tribulation, well… we are to watch, that’s what our Lord commands us to do.
    May God richly bless you and this whole assembly now and in the days to come.

  12. Sharon,
    Yes the current Shemitah year started September 23/24, 2014 depending on where you live. As far as gardens and other preparations, do it because you enjoy it, or God is indicating to you to do so. The reason we are planting is because (1) its in my wife’s blood, like breathing, and (2) common sense would say people will have a much harder time acquiring the skills and tools while under the Second Signpost conditions then from before. Today a good shovel costs maybe $30. Try getting one after the Second Signpost kicks in. They may be too expensive if you can even get one because everyone else will be getting them. If anyone is thinking of planting a garden or doing any other preparation, do it now.

  13. koreyallen: If you had read The Harbinger, you would know how what the Founding Fathers did tied us to Israel. I’m not into date setting, but God has revealed a pattern and I believe it’s because He wants us to know when something is likely to occur. He Himself said He would do nothing unless He revealed it to the prophets, so we have to take a serious look at these things. I haven’t finished reading Daniel Revisited, nor have I been obsessed with watching blood moons and such, but I KNOW that God is speaking to His people about getting prepared and into His will. I do believe something of great import will happen this year, not because of things I read or videos I see, but because I know what God is saying to me. I also have a sense of urgency, but I’m not in a position to do anything. I’ve tried talking to the pastors here and I get blown off, so I just hand it over to God. When these things happen, they won’t be able to say they weren’t warned and they will bear the weight of the consequences from their failure to act. I pray they wake up – and soon.

  14. Thanks for the response, Mark. I appreciate it.
    Fair enough. I’d like to add: Here’s a sobering review and critique of Cahn’s Shemitah theory. It’s kind of long but it’s well worth the time. Please read it.

    Oh, and I thought it was cool you used the Watchman analogy because that’s the name of my blog site here at word press. I think of you click on my name it will take you there.
    Blessings to you, brother.

  15. The Shemitah does implications though for Gentiles. As feast and festivals are shadows so are the years. Also I have mentioned before to someone who was promoting tithing. I mentioned that the doctrine tithing can not be taught separate from the Jewish calendar. I do wonder with regard to Cahn’s insights on notorious situations occurring during the Shemitah are not in some ways a sort of disciplines to Gentiles to quit distorting tithing doctrines. I know of two Christian businessmen brethren that did not release their debts to other brethren this year. The Shemitah judgments may indeed involve this like what happened in 2008.

  16. I got the message. I’m ministering it to my church. It’s an average size congregation. When The Lord came the first time the people had to be led to him(shepherd, wise men ect). I’ve been leading this congregation down this road for 3 years. The information was the last piece of the puzzle for me. Be encouraged. Last night I was glancing at TV looking at someone well know speak on Revelation. It led me to prayer thanking God for the revelation in your book. I’m now continuing deeper into The Revelation in the congregation. Be encouraged.

  17. Mark:
    1) Where do you rank the importance of second signpost in terms of the other 3?

    2) Do you think the AC will be exposed in either 2nd and 3rd signpost?

    3) In what ways do you think Christians being aware of the signposts would help them, as opposed to Christians not watching for the signposts, in their lifetime?

  18. I have also heard others suggest that the tribulation may well coincide with a shemitah cycle, and with all the things that appear to be converging this autumn, do you think it could possibly last another 7 years before this all begins? Feels like it’s all quite urgent?

  19. Thank you Mark – I often feel alone in thinking about end times and prophecy. Maybe that is why I love your writings and Joel Richardson’s writings so much. Please continue giving us things, times, happenings to watch. I do not take your assessments as predictions, but as things to watch, just as Jesus instructed. The Bible says that we should know the seasons and signs. Thank you for sharing what God has put on your heart.

  20. Samuel,
    Thank you for the word of encouragement.

  21. Afo,
    Interesting questions.
    Answer #1 – I believe the Second and the Fourth tie as most important and crucial. The Second I believe is the one that changes the paradigm of the world and sets us on the path to the end – it is good to know and prepare in the head that this is it – the birth pains have begun in earnest. The Fourth is important to watch to see who finally is to be AC.
    Answer #2 – No, neither. See last answer.
    Answer #3 – Please restate #3 – not sure of “would help them.”

  22. Springfielder,
    Seeing the Scriptures on Daniel 7 and 8 showing us these Signposts, neither the visible Second Coming nor the Tribulation will happen soon. We have three Signposts to work through. And it will most likely be some more years before we get to the Tribulation.

  23. Can I jump in here, Mark, to attempt to try and answer Afo’s question #3 in general terms? I will restate his question like this…

    Why should believers who have neglected the study of the prophetic Word begin to examine it now, what are the reasons to think that this truly is the end when many false claims have been made in the past?

    My missions pastor basically posed the above question to me when I was lobbying to show Joel’s “Eyewitness” film in my church home.

    I said basically this, that it is is now vital because as events take place that ultimately fulfill the words of prophetic scripture, we as the Body of Christ will need to understand where we are in orientation in God’s plan to close out the end of this age so that we are not caught unaware of Jesus’s return to earth. In addition, unless and until something else comes along, the Islamic Paradigm fits prophetic scripture unlike any other theory before it and therefore, vital that we know it and therefore watch, pray and be ready.

    My missions pastor was satisfied with this above answer or I would not be showing Joel’s dvd on Friday in my church home.



  24. I just purchased your book finally! What is really interesting is about the same time you woke to the idea of the unsealing of Daniel regarding the first signpost of Iraq … i remember back then watching news when the first Gulf war got started. When we went after Saddam with a vengance i remember thinking .. wow.. we just entered the plains of Shinar! that was such a imposing idea but after that while i was a moderator on a major forum regarding the roman ideas and especially focusing on Javier Solana.. by fall of 2003 and reading Daniel and the beast of Revelation my eyes were opened to the idea of the Islamic Antichrist. At the same time I came across Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson in that time period and they confirmed what i had begun to understand. Sadly when i tried to share what i was thinking I ended up having to leave that forum and some others and lost ‘friends’ back then because it was becoming clear we had in fact been looking in the wrong direction just as you say in your book. Amazing. You were chosen to write this but clearly the Lord was waking up many of us. The Lord bless you Mark. Maranatha

  25. Before I read your book, at some point in time my interest peaked about an Islamic anti-christ. I have always believed that he would come out of the EU, not anymore. I feel like the scales have fallen from my eyes. Watching all the terrorism coming out of Islamic countries is constantly intensifying. The Bible talks about beheadings and who is doing that? Islam. I never thought I would have a change of heart from what I have been taught and that has changed drastically. I never thought I would live to see a president turn his back on Israel and that is happening now. I’m sickened by this turn of events. Cried over the Jordanian pilot burned to death, Christians being killed and the lack of concern coming from Obama administration. People need to wake up. Thank you for getting the word out and I have shared with others a review of your book. I’m going to reread your book again. Why are pastors not getting the word out?

  26. Wanda,
    Things are indeed intensifying. The scales falling from the eyes describes it perfectly. That’s the way I describe my own awakening to all this.
    You ask a good question about pastors. I wish I had definite answers. My own guess? Two reasons most pastors probably fall into either one – either the pastor is about themselves and their agenda, and the other is that many pastors in larger denomination/movements are afraid to speak out and fear chastisement by leaders in their movement.

  27. Well it looks like brother Furnish has the final brackets set up for future scenarios as well. If you have not seen his recent post, it is a well put satire on this.

  28. One thing that is clearly neglected in prophecies is the relationship of Ishmael’s and Esau’s lineage to the end time prophecies relating to Arabic and Islamic nations. Whether Satan, through the embodiment of AC, will try to accomplish his rule over Israel and the rest of the nations through Ishmael’s lineage.

    I think Daniel needs to be better explained through the relationship of AC and Ishmael’s family.

    Your thoughts.

  29. Thanks Gary, He may not have the dots all connected but he is entertaining.

  30. Afo,
    Esau is Edom, southwestern Jordan. That nation and those people will be pawns like many other peoples during the end times. The AC on the other hand, i.e. the Mahdi is to claim lineage to Mohammad and therefore to Ishmael. I believe Scripture, Daniel or otherwise, will explain the situation when it is time.

  31. Hi Koreyallen, re the shemitah and gentile nations, I’d add to usafbeth’s comment:

    USA may be financially tied into it because had it not been for a self-sacrificing Jewish financier, Haym Salomon, America wouldn’t exist as we know it today. Your uprising against king George left you colonials insolvent! (My refers)

    Also, factual data of events should not be ignored, same too with coincidental God-incidents!

  32. Koreyallen I read that review at the link you posted regarding Cahn and the Harbinger and shemitah books. I am always in a state of practicing discernment because we really do live in perilous times and as believers we are to examine everything in the light of the Word of God Period! Anyway, halfway down the review the author makes a flat out statement that says Christ fulfilled it all so there is nothing we need to observe or pay attention to … meaning we are not under the law. And on the premise he discounts the mystery of the Shemitah.
    I disagree because if God is the same yesterday, today and forever.. where in scripture does it explicitly say Jesus didn’t expect anything in particular from us except the two great commandments? herein is the error of that thinking… The two great commandments were/are the summary of the entire Ten commandments and the five books Moses dictated from the Father. (i am not saying we can observe all the nitty gritty but the spirit of the law written Jesus gave understanding of. And he made it pretty clear in his teachings he spoke only what the Father said and all Jesus taught is exactly from the OT. Jesus fulfilled it all to show we can’t unless we are in Christ.. make sense? )
    Flash forward to Revelation and you see in several places that a special commendation is given to those who ‘Obey the commands of God AND hold to the testimony of Jesus. ‘
    this brings us back to the prophecies being opened today….. clearly the shemitah mystery is factually shown and appears to be a truth God the Father wants his kids to understand. Second, if we are not to obey God’s commands then what does this mean?
    I think it imperative we understand these things otherwise we can err or be caught off guard. I am not talking legalism but if one reads Paul’s letters explaining all this things it become clearer.
    don’t want too start a theology war here but plainly put.. if we are to be watchful and ready, and given these four signposts are the riders of Revelation 6 we can’t pick and choose what to believe so doesn’t it behoove us to want to understand what it says to believers in Revelation to regarding being obedient?? just saying

  33. Mark, I am totally on board but there are a couple of things that occur to me as I try to get this all clear enough in my mind to pass it on to others.
    Do you think the Iran invasion could be less dramatic than we are assuming, and actually be happening right now as they wheedle their way into so many nations? (Have you seen Joel c rosenberg’ today?) Also, the Sunni nations fighting back are getting like signpost 3??
    So appreciate your insight as these things develop.just wondering if it might be happening already.

  34. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    Another ‘watcher’ also has his eye on time and Iran! (Recent posts refer.)

  35. Springfielder,
    I’ve seen this question before. It would seem that way if one does not pay attention to the Scriptures describing the Second Signpost, the Iranian invasion. Joel Rosenberg does not know the Signpost interpretation. The things that Iran is doing is in preparation for the invasion.
    Remember Daniel 8:4 how the ram butts in three directions. Like a ram butting this invasion will shock and startle. Iran is establishing a presence in Shia areas, but will charge and shock the Sunni areas. Daniel 7:5 shows that MANY nations will be ravaged; Iran will “gorge” and stuff itself on many animals. Right now its Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. That’s 4 – it hasn’t started gorging yet in my opinion. And finally don’t forget Revelation 6:3. We will see two things – butchering over the Middle East, and peace of mind taken from the entire earth.

  36. Greetings Mark! A few years ago I was laying in bed reading a fiction novel when out of the blue this thought popped into my head, “The Ottoman empire, study”. With the joy of Kindle, that same night I found both Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson. Not too long after reading their books, Daniel Revisited popped into my “for further study” list. I’ve now read it 4 times and shared it with many people both in and out of churches. Some are just completely wedded to the Roman Empire idea, there is no budging them. A few friends are believing it and they are in an “employment situation” to where they see what is happening before we do, unfortunately, they are not being listened to either. I guess this begs the question, how big is a Remnant?
    Looking forward to your next book and congratulations!


    The above is one of several dreams that I’ve had concerning what you posted.

  38. I have been pondering and weighing – bringing to the Lord all that I have been reading and trying to make sense of things. Thank you, Mark for Daniel Revisited as it piqued my interest and opened my eyes to your well-argued assessment of Biblical end-times prophecy; having sensed personally we were actually in the end times, your work gave me much insight to confirm my thinking.

    Further discussion on your blog about Shemitah cycles and how important they have been, mostly in hindsight, but now possibly with some forth-telling capability, also coupled to ‘celestial signs’ e.g. double red moons in 2014 and 2015 lead me to think that September 2015 could well be critical as you have postulated.

    Signs of greater darkness (evil and enemy activity) around the world and especially the Middle East in the last year or so and alongside your assessment that 1st Signpost has now happened, I believe, that the Signpost theory is very relevant and the timelines for now in 2015, valid, although like you, I am very cautious about being date specific. However things seem to point to around September 13 2015 as a likely date when when the 2nd Signpost trigger is pulled. Yes it will all be horrible and deeply troubling but we are called to keep our eyes on Jesus and heavenly things. Time may well be, indeed, very short.

    What has troubled me, though, is that in other prophetic posts and blogs which as watchmen we need to also be aware and weigh, where there is often no apparent eschatological comment, have also pointed to a seven year cycle of global awakening and blessings for example see and where there is a prophecy that 1 billion souls will come to Christ. I certainly sense that the Spirit is on the move around the world but many including many in the Church see only the darkness perpetrated by the media.

    I have asked myself and the Lord – will 1bn souls come into the Kingdom in the next few years as a result of the second Signpost i.e. as a result of the desperately dark times of and through the Iranian invasion and subsequently or prior to it so that the 1bn souls can come in and then be prepared for it when it happens with might not be September 2015 but possibly Sept 2022- the next Shemitah. or between the two?

    I would be interested to get other’s thoughts and comments as my sense is that the former is more likely in the light of current events e.g. ISIS threatening Iran through Syria and Iraq and also now from the Saudi Arabian coalition attacking the Shia (Iran inspired) Houthi in Yemen. These ‘events’ may cause Iran after any March 31 nuclear deal to pounce in 2015 rather than continue to build for some further time until till 2022.

    Hence what I am seeing and sensing is that the global awakening prophesied by many as already started into this year, will usher in 1bn souls through the next 7 years as many, in ‘desperation’, and the Spirit’s move, turn to the Lord, through the 2nd Signpost events and the release of the Red Horseman that has the power to “take peace from the earth” (Rev 6:4).

    We are called to keep our eyes on Him and heavenly things and while we watch for Jesus’ return and are aware of the enemy’s evil strategies and the dark and dangerous times that allow us to prepare and warn others that time is indeed short, we should also joyfully respond to and cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the a Global Awakening of new saints to help us to live through the evil times by seeking and celebrating the growth of His Kingdom.



    Must read article describing Iran’s Master plan…2nd signpost just ahead!

  40. Thank you Mark.

  41. David,
    I’ve seen this mindset before, where millions upon millions of souls will come to Christ in the last days. My sense of it is that the last opportunity for worldwide evangelism to large crowds will be during the Signposts prior to the Tribulation. Some say the 144,000 are evangelists – I see no scriptural evidence for this assertion. Some say the Tribulation will see worldwide repentance – again I see no evidence.
    As we head into the time of the Second Signpost, that will be our time to do prophetic (or apocalyptic) evangelism.

  42. David: I doubt that 1billion souls will be saved. This theory of latter day rain has been blown out of its context. I think the context belongs to many Jews getting saved as the time of Gentiles will end during the seventieth week. This also happened during Pentecost, speaking of former rain from 120 to 3000 members.
    Look at the clues from the words of Jesus. “Will I find faith on earth when I return”? Paul and Peter both say many will fall away in the last days. If believers will fall away, why would 1billion unbelievers will come to saving faith. I personally believe the path to heaven will always stay narrow and probably narrower in the last days. People’s hearts will grow more cold, as in the days of Noah. The new world order will convince all that AC is God. Christianity will be a rare commodity, especially that majority of them will be murdered. Jesus will probably save the captives and poor in spirit, who truly seek him and ask for repentance. Satan’s power will increase as he will establish his authority in the new world order.
    If Jesus, Paul and Peter were pessimistic about the last days, why should we be optimistic with our God’s glory being manifested theory in the last days!

  43. I have some thoughts that are really niggling me. If the seven year shemitah is our interpretive time table to keep an eye on, this year being a shemitah year and 2016 is to be the super shemitah or Jubilee year. Now then.. if true the final years follow this theme then one of two things are going on hence the significance of the warnings to stay awake and the thief in the night concept.
    Okay, many also say only the wicked will be taken by surprise which makes sense but also why are WE warned about staying awake? think the parable of the ten virgins.. they ALL slept until the trumpet blast of the coming Bridegroom.
    We know Revelation states the beast/AC rules for 1290 days or 3.5 years or 42 months. In light of the shemitah just where the heck then are we?? lol
    so here is what i am munching on: If shemitah is true then seven years from 2016 is our timeline to the end? With Iran front and center and now those 10 arab nations joining together to fight the Iranian proxy thing in Yemen this makes me wonder.
    Or the first 3.5 years have commenced and any moment we will see the start of the final 3.5? Just thinking here. if Shemitah especially the great Shemitah of 2016 if this is important to the timeline then what do we make of this??

  44. Momonapurpose,
    The Shemitah and these cycles seem to have the fulfillment of prophecy and various events conforming to these times. However, we shouldn’t be concerned with the times, only the signs themselves. We saints are warned to stay awake because it isn’t about the rapture, its about watching event after event and knowing what they mean so that we are not led astray.
    And no, we do not know in which cycle Christ returns. Its just the four signposts, and then the tribulation and then Christ’s return, with no time given. We are waiting for the second signpost. As for the rapture, it will happen before or after the tribulation.

  45. I agree it isn’t about the rapture. And fwiw i am not pre-trib either. Anyway, what is it about the end times that we are warned to keep alert? is it as simple as seeing like middle east nations saber rattling and people equate it only to same ole’ same ole? I wonder too in light of this and in reading your book and other books similar in theme… i can see how the popular theology has many thinking certain things, expecting certain events or signs and not budging on that. In other words not being teachable in the spirit concerning these matters.
    I just sense there is something we are suppose to understand more than we are now. having read Joel Richardson’ books, Carl Gallup I’m just finishing up the Final Warning, and now working through your book and comparing all these books to notes of mine and the scriptures and in great prayer for understanding, all three of you appear to have large pieces of the big picture. Just amazing. Keep it up!

  46. Momonapurpose,

    Believers get all hung on the when of the rapture. It has caused many to ignore the study of end time events as Jesus expects his followers to know. As they falsely think that the true church would surely not go through the Great Tribulation as so many wrongly have been led astray by misinterpretation of key Scriptures. This misunderstanding is extremely dangerous as it causes spiritual sleepiness as to the alertness of the signs of the return of Jesus and his command to be ready for him. Btw, which is exactly what Satan wants so that he may hope to destroy the Church along with Israel to try and prevent the return of Jesus.

    If Jesus did not expect his Church to be shaken and sifted during the Great Tribulation by Satan so as to separate the chaff (false followers) from wheat (true followers), why all this warning to keep alert? If we are going to be removed before the Great Tribulation (the great shaking) then this “keep alert” business is pointless by Jesus and the apostles. But it is not pointless because Jesus and the apostles mean what they say and say what they mean…the living Church and all living Jews who represent Israel will be the most hunted peoples on earth during the Great Tribulation because we oppose the rule of AC and the revived Caliphate.

    The sooner we understand the implications of “being alert” and the great apostasy of the Church that must take place before the return of Jesus, the more we will begin to take prophetic scripture seriously and study.


  47. The Lord called me to be a watchman back in the early 90’s. I have seen judgements coming in both dreams and visions.

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