Announcing: The Next Book

This announcement might be slightly premature, but I cannot hold it in.  It is with great excitement that I announce I am now writing a new book.  I am aiming for it to come out around mid-year 2015 (and hopefully prior to the Second Signpost).

I had been considering various prophetic topics in Daniel and Revelation, but did not have the peace from my King to move forward.  The last piece was put in place this morning.  I now have the peace and the excitement I had when I started Daniel Revisited, with a clear path forward.  This new book will have a greater scope than the Four Signposts, going on through the Tribulation and Second Coming, from the new perspective birthed by Signpost theory.

As I write chapters, I will write posts here which are topically related to the subject matter in various chapters.

It may come as a relief for some that this new book will not be as cerebral as Daniel Revisited, but will nonetheless be an eye-opener.  The subject matter was for me.  And for the serious student, this new book won’t be fluff either.

Daniel Revisited was necessary in all of its scholarship to lay a foundation in order to challenge dear and long held beliefs.  It has succeeded at that – innumerable emails have told me above all it challenged its readers and made them think and see things differently.  Thousands are now watching for the invasion by Iran, who were previously waiting for the Rapture or Tribulation.  This new book should be convincing all by itself, but the scholarship of Daniel Revisited should come in handy for those needing more background.

One can think of prophetic scripture, describing the end-times as a house, with various passages acting as foundation, structure, and finishes.  I had stumbled across pieces of this proper house when researching and writing Daniel Revisited.  I tried my best to describe these pieces without seeing the whole house.  My hope is that I am able to convey the features of this house much more easily.  For example, describing a rectangular piece of wood by itself with metal attachments with no other point of reference is more complicated than to simply say “it is a door.”

And with the pieces falling in together with the proper perspective to each other, it is easier to just hear the music than to describe each note.

So in summary, the book will be shorter and simpler than Daniel Revisited, but surprisingly in some ways more elegant in its simplicity, wider in scope, and impacting in its message.  [However, here is a warning.  The Second Signpost is coming.  The world is about to change and head down the path to the Tribulation.  Daniel Revisited will give you the message so you can know and see these things.  If you haven’t read Daniel Revisited, I urge you not to wait for the new book for if I cannot finish due to Second Signpost or other unforeseen circumstances you will be less informed.  Daniel Revisited will give you a much greater appreciation of the message of the new book as well.]

I am thankful to our King for His grace in showing these things to me, and am now feeling full responsibility and imperative in being obedient and getting this message out.

Please watch for future announcements.  To our King be the glory!

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13 replies

  1. Good News Mark! May our King continue to bless you, and those who read your books. -Rich

  2. That is great news! I look forward to this new/continued writing. Did you see that Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes against the Iranian backed groups in Yemen over night?
    The next two years in the US will be telling as we enter our elections. Seems that the mideast angst that needs to happen for the second signpost is on display and the US is quickly becoming a non-player in the mid-east events.

  3. Mark: I guess now you have no choice but to choose between pre/mid/pre wrath/post rapture choices. May be The Lord will have you discover something new about his second coming in “revelation revisited”!

  4. Praise God! I will be praying for you!

  5. Great News Mark! May the Lord continue to bless you on this endeavor.

  6. Mark as one of your loyal readers, I look forward to reading your book. These are great times we live in and looking forward to His return. May we all keep pushing back the darkness and let our light shine.

  7. Intriguing. Looking forward to this development Mark. May the Lord open all your spiritual senses and bless you with profound insights.

  8. Praying much success in your efforts to awaken the church, Mark, with your new book. The time may much shorter than anyone realizes.


  9. Fantastic news Mark. May the Lord bless and inspire this new work .


  10. Hi Mark:

    Will you have an audiobook version? Many busy people like me prefer to drive and listen while commuting.


  11. I’d like to, but no plans right now.

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