Russia’s Military Buildup in Syria

This story was reported a few days ago. It seems Russia is building a couple air bases in Syria and expanding its naval ports on the Syrian coast. So what does this mean?

Supporters of Assad and Putin rally.

Supporters of Assad and Putin rally.

Some prophecy sites clinging to the old popular teaching might point to it and say there is the start of staging for the supposed Russian invasion of the Middle East. This is false. There will likely never be a Middle East invasion by Russia.

Rather, there will be an invasion of the Middle East by Iran, otherwise known as the Second Signpost. God’s word says so in Daniel 7 and 8. Daniel 8:4 says,

“I watched the ram as he charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power. He did as he pleased and became great.” (NIV)

Iranian forces will charge to the west of Susa, otherwise known as southwestern Iran, called Khuzestan province. Iranian leadership will get to do all it wants to do, such as invade countries it wants, conquer targets it wants, and spread its revolution like it wants.

Iranian forces will go towards and through Islamic State. Syrian president Assad and the Russian military backing him up, if anything, will help assure that Iran can indeed do all it wants towards the west. Assad and the Russians will assure Iran that it will not be attacked from the direction of western Syria. Another case in point is Yemen.  In another direction called out in Daniel 8:4 (i.e., south), the Houthis in Yemen, if allowed by God, will occupy much of Yemen and provide assurance that Iran will not be attacked from the south, when Iran runs south.

When the Third Signpost begins, and Turkey and Syria and two other Sunni nations all join together, than presumably Assad will be finished, and the Russian backup will be gone. The Third Signpost’s main force is the goat in Daniel 8:5-7, but the confederacy ruling the Middle East after the confederacy’s conquest will be the four-headed leopard of Daniel 7:6. If you are confused you can read Daniel Revisited – it’s all explained.

So the final answer on Russia’s activities is given the way the answer is given for anything going on in the Middle East – read Daniel 7 and 8 for the big answer and see how real world events relate. The answer is that Russia will provide backup for Assad to help assure Iran’s success during the Second Signpost. This story even reports, “President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday defended Russia’s military support for Syria, saying it was necessary to defeat the Islamic State and ‘terrorist aggression’.” How right he is – Iran will destroy IS during the Second Signpost. But Russian forces and Assad will likely be gone when the Third Signpost is in full swing.

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  1. All Glory to God

    I completely agree with you that this is no Russian invasion of the Middle East. I suspect Russia’s attempting to force a deal on Ukraine. In other words, you give me a free hand in Ukraine (without sanctions) and I help you in Syria.

    However, I believe a Turkish invasion of Syria is imminent. Erdogan is taking a big risk going for a repeat election during an economic downturn and falling popularity. All this because he simply wants a parliamentary majority to change the constitution to an American-style Presidential system? I don’t think so. He could have simply waited for the economy to recover along with his party’s popularity to do that since he still retains control of both the party and the government. He’s planning something BIG so he needs a parliamentary majority and constitutional changes to ensure he can execute his plans without opposition and weather any resulting political backlash.

    God bless


  2. okay,,, thoughts… Russia is in Syria to beat back ISIS as reported… yet Syria which is mostly sunni yet Assad is alawite or off shoot of shia islam… which makes the iran syria connection make sense. Russia wants to beat back Isis and sees the western nations neutered in this arena… but also Assad has in the past been accused of playing all sides to his advantage like purchasing oil from Isis and also in the beginning of all this was funding under the table al qaida forces etc.
    so he is a man who is pragmatic in that he will do for the moment what is advantageous for him.
    now then.. Iran as you state above and in your book butts out westward… if Iran already has hooks in Syria and will most likely betray any agreement with Russia then what we ought to expect is more of a partnership on the surface with these three and then Iran moves suddenly removing Assad and beats back Russia.
    This is going to be very interesting how this plays out… the scripture says no beast can stand against the ram… until the time greece gets all lathered up and comes charging… so then the question comes up are the sunni’s in Syria going to join with Turkey? Or will Iran completely obliterate opposition and we see another mass migration into Turkey and then Turkey/greece/goat will act? just trying to sort this out.. lol … with russia in the equation now that kinda threw me lol

  3. Curtis,
    I wouldn’t use the word “imminent” as that means it could happen at any time. I believe the only thing that is imminent is the Second Signpost itself. I do believe you are right about the intention of forcing a deal with Ukraine.

  4. Momonapurpose,
    Yes, it will be interesting how this plays out and you have a good handle on all this. I might take exception to the “betray any agreement with Russia,” though. Iran may not want to anger Russia because Russia is a trade partner and provider of weaponry. Russia allies itself with Assad and Iran specifically because Sunni Islam is on Russia’s border. Helping my enemy’s enemy is the strategy here. Russia has been trying to make Iran the thorn in the side to its Sunni enemies, and will succeed mightily when the Second Signpost begins.
    Iran removing Assad may be a option. Another is that Iran appoints Assad as the governor of the Syrian province of Iran. How Assad gets removed is still a guess. Could be Iran because of convenience. Could be Turkey out of necessity. All we do know is Syria and Turkey will unite in a confederacy but cannot do that now as long as Syria is led by a Shia government. Sunni Syria will join Turkey. Shia Syria will not, nor does Turkey want it. We might see more refugees per this post.
    Russia was a surprise to me too, but Iran’s success could be due to a number of factors – Russia defending it in the west, Obama inviting it out to battle IS, Iran’s nukes, etc. All we know is Iran will get to do what it wants. It will indeed be interesting to see how God plays out the world scene and how His prophetic Scripture is fulfilled. Amen, sister.

  5. thanks Mark… as i read your response it came to mind the three that are subdued as the little horn comes up… what is interesting is we have three main players now front and center… just thought i would put that out there .. something is niggling my mind about all this … but this russia thing is really really intriguing. Maybe there won’t be a betrayal and one thing i am concerned about is those who think russia is the king of the north are going to be greatly disappointed

  6. All Glory to God


    I found some articles today that might interest you concerning what you and I think about Russia’s intentions.

    Here is an article about Erdogan’s feelings towards Iran

    I only said I BELIEVED a Turkish invasion of Iran was imminent, I didn’t say I was right or that it was a fact. I noticed that Erdogan was using the PKK terrorist incidents as cover to build up forces and equipment at the Turkey/Syria border.

    Many people inside Turkey believe Erdogan facilitated the sudden resurgence of the PKK for political gain (I believe he did it to create a nationalist excuse to enter Syria).

    Right now Assad is finished (and the Russians know it), whether he (Assad) realizes this, is not at all clear. Despite the total commitment of the IRGC (Iran) he has been losing ground. I think Erdogan sees this as a golden opportunity to expand Turkish influence (or more likely hegemony) in the region that must not be missed. He knows this opportunity will not be there for long especially if the Syria crisis is resolved peacefully without Turkey. Hence Erdogan’s political gamble of going for a repeat election under less than favourable conditions. We will see how all this plays out. Check out Daniel 11v15.

    God Bless

  7. All Glory to God

    Correction: I meant Turkish invasion of Syria not Iran

    God Bless

  8. All Glory to God

    I have found another article that might interest you

    This article suggests that Erdogan is behind (at least in part) the recent upsurge in refugees (from Syria) arriving at Europe’s doorstep. The question we should all ask is why all this sudden activity from Erdogan? from PKK uprisings, ISIS, to the recent upsurge in refugees etc. I believe Erdogan is preparing for war and it’s coming soon. This coming Turkish election will be a major determining factor.

    I believe Daniel 11v15-16 tells us what is happening right now. Why engineer an upsurge in refugees to Europe? The article says

    “In response to a question about what would stop the flood of refugees now, the source said, “There is no way of avoiding boots on the ground in a simultaneous attack against Assad and the Islamic State [IS].”

    Who is best positioned to provide these “boots on the ground”? From the West’s perspective it has to be Turkey. This is what Erdogan is counting on.

    The article also suggests that Turkey may have the support of Israel in it’s anti-Assad plans at least for now. Check out Daniel 11v16 (“…and he shall stand in the land of beauty”)

    God bless

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