PRESS RELEASE: Thomas Nelson Picks Up Daniel Revisited

It was in this earlier post I announced Thomas Nelson had acquired Daniel Revisited.  Here is the official press release from Westbow and Thomas Nelson.

Thomas Nelson acquires Daniel Revisited.

Press Release – Thomas Nelson acquires Daniel Revisited.

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  1. Congratulations Mark! This is great news. I am praying that the church awakes and prepares.

  2. Congratulations Mark.

  3. So, so happy for you, Mark! A long time in coming and pray it is well received by the Christian media to inform the church body of your work and more importantly, to begin preparing for what may be to come.

  4. Congratulations Mark! This is HUGE!!!

  5. Thank you, all. I look forward to all of you joining me as watchmen and watchwomen on the wall.

  6. Congratulations Mark. Praise to God for your success

  7. Thanks for sharing ,

    How do you think the jubilee just starting after the shemitah could play into all of this?

  8. Jason,
    The year started with the Iran nuclear deal approved by the US senate. I believe there is a good chance that over the course of the coming jubilee year, the second signpost could begin.

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