Another Reason Iran Can Use to go South

I watched the ram as he charged toward the west and the north and the south. Daniel 8:4a (NIV)

Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth…” Rev 6:4a (NIV)

When the Second Signpost is in overdrive we will likely see Iran’s forces run south, along with north and west, out of southwest Iran. The second horseman, who is associated with this Second Signpost, will remove peace of mind and lack of concern from the people of earth.

Shia Muslims have long sought to take control of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. In this story where almost 1,000 people died, we see yet another reason Iran could use to go south and take the holy cities.

Pilgrims and rescuers gather around where people where people were stampeded and died.  This occurred in Mina, a tent city housing two million adjacent to Mecca on September 24. (AP Photo)

Pilgrims and rescuers gather around where people were stampeded and died. This occurred in Mina, a tent city housing two million adjacent to Mecca on September 24. (AP Photo)

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  1. In this morning news feeds it is reported that Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran are working together against Isis… can’t wrap my brain around this lol … we have the two sides of islam against the worst of islam and added to the mixture a i have no idea what to catogorize Russia as… he seems to be inclined to protect christians and against western immorality and also against the radical islam including what is going on within his own country with the chechen muslim rebels etc … so this is very interesting indeed

  2. Mark, is there a specific post you would recommend people read, if they haven’t read your book and know nothing about the signposts? I’m wanting to share one of your posts with a friend who knows nothing about these things.

  3. I have come to the conclusion that the rider of the red horse is the false prophet. The Middle East religious leader is the one to decide if and when their country goes to war. Am I correct? I guess this country would be Turkey and the AC would be outwardly seeking the divine advice of his religious leader? But in reality the A C believes he is God himself. Thoughts anyone?

  4. Yes, that’s great. Thanks.

  5. momonapurpose, IMO:

    Putin is a lying snake, his/Russia’s intentions are completely selfish. He doesn’t care a bit about the persecuted Christians or immorality etc. He is: 1. out for revenge against the Chechens/Dagastanis/etc who threaten him, and 2. defeating/humiliating America in any way possible. Going to Syria was the entire reason why he stoked the war in Ukraine and re-conquered Crimea. That naval base in Sevastopol is where all the war hardware for Syria is coming from.

    Remember Dan. 8:4 when the Ram invades, they do whatever they please, no one can stop them. It appears that the role of Russia (and China?) is to keep any who would interfere with Iran at bay. ISIS is the target of them all – at least publically. Western air strikes as we can see are doing absolutely nothing, the “boots on the ground” will have to be a Shia force.

  6. Maybe instead of the bones in the bears teeth representing direction… they may just represent Russia, Syria, And Iraq being in the bears pocket…. so to speak.

  7. Thomas,
    I say this to you and to many who make speculations and I say this with the respect and love due all brothers and sisters. Beware of postulating things without considering everything. One must consider all the verses of Daniel 7 all the verses of Daniel 8 and all the verses of Revelation 6, as well as all other Bible prophecy as well. Everything must fit.
    There are several parallels between Daniel 7 and 8. The three ribs in the bear’s mouth are the same as the three directions the ram runs. The ground covered by the ram is the same as the bear being told to get up and gorge. So if you want to consider what the three ribs are other than directions one must come up with a whole new construct on Daniel 7 and 8 and how they may or may not relate to each other. The Signposts is a construct where everything fits. There may be other theories/constructs out there, but they must be worked out.
    And as far as Russia is concerned, Russia is not in prophecy. Prophecy is about the Middle East. The only reason people bring up Russia is because of a false interpretation of Ezekiel 38:1-2. Rosh is rosh, i.e. first or chief – why would it be “Russia” there and it be “first” in the other 697 places rosh appears? Besides, “rosh” or properly “Rus” did not exist for another 1,500 years after Ezekiel. All the other nations in Ezekiel 38 existed in his time and now.
    I will show in my upcoming book why Russia will actually be fighting for its life during the Tribulation.
    Blessings, Thomas, as you search for the truth.

  8. Mark,
    Thank you. I receive your correction in the love that you send it. In the words of Johnny Cochran…if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit…(smile).

  9. I believe for many of us in the Body of Christ we enjoy studying the prophetic significance of the book of Daniel and yet… can so easily miss the major relevance of its content. Daniel is a forerunner like others in the OT like Joseph who receive the unmerited favor of God, foreshadowing the grace to come upon the Church. Nebuchadnezzar in some Jewish circles today is still considered to be the “scourge of Jerusalem” and a man synonymous with evil but was that Daniel’s heart for King Nebuchadnezzar? No, he hesitated to even speak the punitive dimension of his dream of the tall chopped down tree not fearing retribution but rather from a heart who truly wished for the stability of his ruler’s kingdom and Nebuchadnezzar knew that! What does all this lead to..??… the seeming salvation of King Nebuchadnezzar and glorious proclamation of the Lord’s greatness in Daniel 4. If Daniel could show grace to Nebuchadnezzar and the Apostle Paul instruct us to pray for our leaders and submit to them (by the way… in the context of the era…Paul is talking about Emperor Nero amongst others) Let us not be so rash as to denounce Putin, Obama or anyone else for that matter. Let us pray for their salvation and good governance that it may go well with us. Let us stand firm in the truth with grace and love. God is Sovereign and puts all leaders in their positions for His purposes.

  10. This occurred to me when I read about the stampede at Mecca and reports that Iran believes that Saudi Arabia has mismanaged the site. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is a traditional enemy of Iran.

  11. I have recently seen the following headlines
    1. Isis will move on Damascus
    2. Isis looking to use nuclear weapons

    Given that with the imminent Russian, Chinese intervention and perhaps finally,real active US intervention against Isis, they might wish to play the Nuclear card.

    Could this be the Isaiah 17 destruction of Damascus . This would also act as a ‘black swan’ which might panic the huge sell off and collapse of the financial markets that so many are expecting to happen.

    If these things were sadly to happen then the signposts could only be accelerated.

  12. Brian,
    We don’t know how or when the destruction of Damascus will occur, so your ideas there are as valid as any.

  13. the prophecy of Damascus keeps coming up especially with Russia getting active over there. So I went and reread the chapter and other related stuff and something i didn’t particularly notice before …
    note the last verse of this chapter refers to ‘he’ after talking the rest of the time to a city, people and multitudes etc..
    Is. 17
    Woe to the multitude of many people
    Who make a noise like the roar of the seas,
    And to the rushing of nations
    That make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!
    The nations will rush like the rushing of many waters;
    But God will rebuke them and they will flee far away,
    And be chased like the chaff of the mountains before the wind,
    Like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.
    Then behold, at eventide, trouble!
    And before the morning, he is no more.
    This is the portion of those who plunder us,
    And the lot of those who rob us.

    If the ‘he’ referred to is antichrist then this event apparently takes place at the time of Christ’s coming the final battle going on. just my take..

  14. All Glory to God

    I found an interesting article today. Check out the link below

    Consider the final paragraph of this piece

    “Regional and world powers have also been drawn into the conflict. Iran and Russia, along with Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement, are propping up the Alawite-led government. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are backing the Sunni-dominated opposition, along with the US, UK and France”.

    Note that there is now a clear dividing in this conflict. Also note that the BBC puts IRAN as the leader on one side…TURKEY as the leader of the other. I think this is prophetic. See Daniel 11v15.

    God Bless

  15. Drudge report suggests Iran and others Mobilizing, interesting things happening in mid East?

  16. Momonapurpose,
    A major step closer to the Second signpost with Russia moving in to Syria.

  17. I just don’t see how Iran can invade until next year until the $150B is released to do what it seeks in masse. This is just insane and why the nations cannot see Iran’s intentions, it is so clearly obvious. Israel @ the UN is jumping up and down about this today through Netanyahu’s speech scolding deaf ears and the US standing in the world is a laughing stock before other nations as Russia basically have given us the middle finger salute and fully intends to do as it pleases as we weakly say, “Don’t do this, pretty please.” This is just insanity and how quickly all this has come to a trigger point.

    I am praying I get to go on my trip to Israel in a month and return home safely. Please continue to pray for Joel and I and the others who are going to Israel.


  18. Good4u1,
    Pray that God’s will be done. Yes, things are crazy; insane. Iran is only to receive $50 billion in the months ahead. Will they wait? Do they need it? I don’t know.

  19. The ram has already sharpened his horns, and starting today it became very open and honest about it:

    1. “US confirms Iran tested nuclear-capable ballistic missile”

    2. “Iranian underground missile bases enable ‘surprise launches’”

    3. “Israeli arms control expert: Iranian long-range missile test is challenge to US”

    Apparently the Iranians have long anticipated possible long-range attacks by Israel (or the US) on its nuclear sites and launch sites, and they seem well prepared to withstand them.

    Maybe it is the recent open cooperation with Russia that makes Iran so bold as to openly show its strength and resilience?

  20. Adamant,
    Thanks for the links. Iran is masterfully playing a game of chess, with measured moves. When Iran is bold it is because the leadership believes their plans cannot be stopped, whether due to Allah, the coming Mehdi, the weakness of their neighbors, or whatever. The first story is not a “boast” – it is a monitoring of Iran’s bold activities from the outside.
    But I hold the other stories at arm’s length for now. I find the Jerusalem Post has done the same thing Debka does though not to Debka’s extent – exaggerate and speculate. Both JPost and Debka are run by Israelis who tend to make news about Iran. As an example remember General Soleimani several months ago being reported as dead and then showing up a few days later alive?
    I say this not to discourage you from watching, but to weigh the source.

  21. Thanks for your cautioning.

    In this case however, it was the Iranian Republican Guard itself that aired the PR on at least one underground missile facility. According to Iranian FARS news itself:

    Taken over by CNN:

    And by big British newspapers:

    And by many others.
    So this is serious, unless the IRGC has set it up as a fake, as pure propaganda to seem stronger than they are…
    But if true, then this is an open threat againt everyone and anyone not on their side.

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