Russia and the Second Signpost – Does Putin Know?

It seems to many that things are getting crazier and crazier in the Middle East. One might think that when the “end times” arrive we should expect the Middle East to literally explode. Indeed the Signpost interpretation of the Bible indicates this is true. When the Second Signpost finally arrives, it will seem surreal with the Middle East completely out of control, and all of our lives affected in materially detrimental ways that will make most of the world panic.

In the news this week we saw another loss of control incrementally by the West, in the Middle East. The Russian military is moving into Syria. They initially said they were against the Islamic State (IS). But Russia’s airstrikes of the last two days show us that Russia is more for Assad than against IS.

Russian President Putin meets with Syrian leader Assad assuring him of Russia's support.

Russian President Putin meets with Syrian leader Assad assuring him of Russia’s support.

Looking at the map, the Syrian city of Latakia has a Russian naval base and air bases. The Russians have struck targets within the green area north of Homs, and the green area near Aleppo. Those green areas are held by the US-trained rebels. It has become apparent to me that the first goal of Russia, Assad, and Iran is to destroy and clear out all opposition (IS, Kurd, and rebel) within the red boundary, to re-establish the Assad regime as the ruling government solidly within the western end of Syria.

Looking at the colored areas on the map, it is apparent that IS is a major power within the boundaries of Syria and that the regime itself (with no color on the map) is in danger of winking out of existence with all the pockets of yellow, grey and green encroaching on Damascus.

The partitioning of Syria in September 2015.  Note the dominance of IS and the precarious position of the Assad regime.

The partitioning of Syria in September 2015. Note the dominance of IS and the precarious position of the Assad regime.

The United States has been the major power orchestrating – albeit unwittingly – the Signposts. But now it looks like Russia is now helping as well. If Russia restores the western half of Syria to Assad, then the Russian-Assad nation in the west will allow Iran to run west and allow it to do all it wants to do. Russia is also to the north, allowing Iran to run in that direction with protection. Who knows, might Russia also establish a presence in Yemen and help the Houthis to make all three directions complete?

Why is Russia doing all this? Why is Russia getting involved? News commentators say that it is because Russia wants greater power and influence. I think that is only part of the explanation – the “non-Signpost” answer. Why did General Soleimani go to Russia a month or so ago? I noted in this post that it happened but at the time I did not know why. But I think now there is a very good reason that Soleimani went to Moscow, and it is for a very scary reason: Putin may know Iran’s plans to invade the Middle East, and so Iran and Russia are coordinating plans. Rusia stands to benefit greatly from the Second Signpost.

Russia has been an ally of Iran for many decades because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Russia has been plagued by Sunni Muslim aggression on its southern borders for centuries. By helping the Shia Muslims, they become a better pain in the side of the Sunni Muslim nations.

And now the Second Signpost will be beneficial in the short term to only two countries in the whole world: Iran and Russia. The reason it is beneficial to Iran’s leadership is obvious: the spread of its Islamic revolution and the coming of their Mahdi. Why would it be beneficial to Russia? There are three reasons:

1) The Sunni Muslim realm will be in complete chaos and will not, at first, be any threat to Russia.

2) One fourth of the world’s oil is cutoff and so the price doubles, triples, and keeps going. How high? $200 per barrel might not be out of the question. Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the USA are the largest producers of oil. With Saudi Arabia removed from producing and selling oil, the USA consuming everything itself produces, that makes Russia the world’s greatest exporter of oil. Russia’s economy and military will boom, selling oil at $100, $200 per barrel.

3) The US petrodollar will be removed and the US dollar will lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. The US, Russia’s old cold war nemesis, will be out of commission. China would benefit with the US dollar being removed and the US being reduced in power and ability, but would still literally pay a stiff price to get the oil it needs. This ultimately could be the reason that the kings of the east come to the Middle East to confront the Antichrist himself.

But for those above reasons Russia is probably the one country that stands to gain the most from the Second Signpost. No other nation on earth stands to gain like that.

So might this mean Putin knows that the Second Signpost is going to happen? Of course neither the Iranians nor Putin know about the Third Signpost, or the Fourth Signpost, or that Russia will fight for its very life by igniting the powder keg now. If Russia secures Assad’s position in west Syria, Iranian forces are free to run west, destroy IS, and be completely safe from any possible invasion from the west, or any landing by any other power on the Syrian coast. It is even possible that Russia could assist the Houthis in Yemen before the actual invasion takes place, to secure the south.  It is not required to happen, but it shouldn’t be a surprise if it does.

With the three advantages for Russia, Putin could very well know about the Second Signpost, be coordinating with Iran like through meetings with General Soleimani, and anticipating a windfall for his country that will restore Russia as an economic and military superpower.

If this is all true, then Russia joins the United States as supporting the Signposts. But unlike the United States which unwittingly bumbles and stumbles its way through supporting the Signposts, Russia is doing what it is doing purposefully, to earnestly begin the Second Signpost. Putin is also most likely thankful and wondering why the United States is basically handing Russia, Syria. Well, it’s as I said before, Obama is the president that God has given this nation because we deserve it and he is working God’s plan to get the next Signpost rolling. And Putin is the man God has supporting the Second Signpost as well.

Many prophecy teachers will no doubt say that Russia’s moves are the beginning of its invasion of the Middle East a la Hal Lindsey’s teaching and that this will lead to the Ezekiel 38 war. This is not true. Russia’s moves are only contributing as a trigger for the remaining Signposts. When the Third Signpost comes along, Syria will end up being very much in Turkey’s camp, with Sunni leadership. Since the Russians and the Turks have been bitter enemies for centuries, Russia’s position in Syria will have to end one way or another when Turkey takes over.

The Iranian invasion could start at any time. Hallelujah, God has told us about this in His word, and when it happens we will see the next step in Christ’s return.

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  1. ;JULIE, HI :




  2. All Glory to God

    I doubt Russia is interested in any major military deployment. Russia’s main concern is to secure it’s base at Latakia. Putin is stretched in Ukraine as it is (plus Russia’s economy is in tatters), he’s unlikely to be interested in a long term adventure in Syria (with the huge costs that would result). I still think he’s looking for a deal in the Ukraine (plus other former Soviet republics) on his terms. He probably doesn’t like what’s on offer (from Washington) so far and has decided to turn the screws a little bit.

    All Putin has to do to create problems for the West is to ensure that the crisis isn’t resolved by strengthening Assad. This means the refugees keep coming and the terrorists keep growing. The Iranians have thrown everything behind Assad for years now with little effect plus Assad has had total domination of the skies (also to little effect). The Russians will strengthen him (Assad) no doubt but I doubt this is a major game-changer for Assad. The Alawites are just too small to keep Assad in power or to carve out a viable enclave in Syria and no one wants an independent Kurdish state.

    I think this will force the West to look to Turkey to avoid humiliation and turn the tables on Iran. Turkey is the best candidate to remove Assad and prevent Syria from breaking up into smaller, less stable (even dangerous) states. A deal will have to be worked with Russia I suspect. I believe Russia will be deceived into thinking the Turkish action won’t go after Assad/Damascus (just like in Libya). The invasion will lead to the establishment of the Sunnis in power in Syria (which might result in the loss of Russia’s base at Latakia as the Sunnis seek revenge for Russia’s support of Assad). This will lead to a significant rise in international tensions (as Russians hate to be played for fools and may look to hit back) on the road to World War 3.

    God Bless

  3. Rebels (supported by the USA), fighting against Assad (supported by Russia), that was an old-fashioned cold-war style proxy war, until now.
    But Russian troops themselves fighting with Assad against USA-supported rebels, that is a change indeed!

    Your analysis of China & Russia supporting Iran & Assad until and including the second signpost, and of their motives for doing so, seems very sound reasoning to me. It helps Iran to do what it wants, having such powerful allies.

    To my opinion this makes much more probable that USA/NATO/EU (or what is left of them), being weakened by the second signpost, and wanting to regain their former power and wealth, will support the Goat (Sunni nations) in the third signpost against the Ram (Shia Empire), just as Russia now supports the ram.

    The second signpost will weaken the West, and the Third will weaken Russia. Two dogs fighting over one bone, and a third one takes it home… The third dog will be the rising empire of the beast, and take the bone, the Middle East, from both old cold war superpowers. And yes, both might be fighting for their very lives then.

    And yes, maybe both wounded dogs will hope for their salvation to come from China then, being the only force left to be able to take on the Beast…

  4. Mark, all I can say is Thank you!

  5. That was an excellent summation, Mark. I felt like I was reading a manuscript for an upcoming film, yet incredibly ‘It is written.’ Good4u, I too am registered for the Israel trip, my first! YHWH willing, we will walk where He walked.

  6. So…Roz…YOU are going to Israel with Joel too? My first as well. How exciting!!!! So many I’m looking forward to meeting and seeing Joel again! I am praying we will be together and return safely to and from Israel. LORD, we do commit us to your will and your loving protection.


  7. Yes I am! Hard to describe the emotion of anticipation that grows daily, but likely you feel it too. I join you in that prayer for the next 30 days. Look forward to meeting you in a month!

  8. Wondering if any of the “eighties” prophecy writers are speculating that the King of Rus is about to invade?

    Mark, I came across an Creationist author by the name of Dr. Jeffrey Goodman that has a really interesting book called The Comets of God. In it he happens to mention about Gog and Magog and notes that Russia were descendants of the Scandinavians and that God and Magog could never apply to Russia. He states who Gog and Magog are in the book by an Assyrian archeological record. If you haven’t got a chance to look at it, I think you will find it interesting. It backs everything you and Joel have been stating.

  9. It will be interesting to see what Iran does next,but these sign post will take may years even a decade or two to complete. Daniel 11:11-14 suggest a period of time where a back and forth war between north and south, verse 13 speaks of several years to recoup for another war,verse 20 taxes to be levied for a few years to maintain a lavish life style, this all before the contemptible one appears.Am I wrong to think this is to be a protracted end times affair?

  10. All Glory to God

    I found this article today

    I quote this from the article

    “Mr. Assad’s forces are worn down and demoralized, and they are in control of only about 20 percent of Syria’s territory. Mr. Assad himself is vilified by many in the majority Sunni population as his forces use barrel bombs and other indiscriminate weapons against an insurgency that began with political protests.

    This past summer the Syrian Army lost ground to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL, in the east and to a rival insurgent coalition, the Army of Conquest, in the northwest. Mr. Assad even went on television to declare that the army was facing a manpower shortage. People from government-held areas and draft-age men were increasingly joining the accelerating flow of refugees heading for Europe and elsewhere.

    In a country that is 80 percent Sunni, he was also relying increasingly on Shiite fighters from Iran and Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia group, injecting a sectarian edge into an already vicious conflict”.

    Now look at Daniel 11v15

    “So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand.” (KJV)

    Compare both quotes and notice the similarity. Note that the “arms of the south” represents Iran and it’s allies in Syria (which includes Russia who will not be injecting large numbers of ground troops). The “chosen people” are Assad and the Alawite minority. The Lord says “neither shall there be any strength to withstand”. I really want us to take note of that line because I believe we are approaching the point where the King of the North (Turkey) will enter the fray.

    Check out this link below

    and note this statement attributed to UK defence minister Michael Fallon

    “Fallon said the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, was “shoring up Assad and perpetuating the suffering”.

    But he denied that Putin’s actions had left Europe and the US looking weak.

    “I don’t accept he has OUTMANEUVERED us. He has complicated the situation in Syria. But we’re not POWERLESS.”

    As I wrote in my previous comment…there is a feeling of humiliation in the West. The West will not want to intervene directly in the conflict so they will look to Turkey since just supporting local insurgents has proved ineffective.

    The Church needs to be alerted and prepared because the time for our Lord arrival draws near. The times are about to get really turbulent now

    God Bless

  11. You should find a newspaper, Mark, to publish this in some way as an opinion piece. It could be very stimulating and maybe become a “talking point”. Thank-you.

    Good4u and Roz, do you know if your itinerary brings you to the south of Israel?

  12. Thank you Mark for all that you do. Great summary. Here is an article by Allen West I found to be right in step with the third signpost. In it he says:
    “But here is Putin’s power play: he has allied with the Iranians who will now become a regional economic, military, and soon nuclear power in the Middle East. Russia has decided it will side with the Shiite hegemony which will force the Sunni hand – they’re not just going to sit back and watch this Greek tragedy unfold.”

  13. Here is the link

  14. Mike,
    Daniel 11 has complete fulfillment by historical events up to verse 35. And yes, those places where it says “years” in Daniel 11 were 30 years or 57 years, etc. So if all of Daniel 11 applied to now, then, yeah, maybe your grandchildren might see Christ arrive. But this is not the case.
    However, the Signposts may take 5, 10 or 20 years to complete before the Tribulation arrives.

  15. Mark:

    It sounds like you are alluding that Iran will wipe S.A. out of oil production? Something like what Sadam did to Kuwait.

    Please explain.

  16. Howard,

    Looking at our itinerary it appears that the farthest south will will tour is to the Dead Sea. So unless Roz knows something about geography that I don’t and I could be wrong, that is as far as we go.


  17. All Glory to God


    Daniel is full of historical events which are foreshadows (signs) of end-time events. The Bible itself is full of these as well. You use one in Daniel 8. the ram and the goat prophecy was fulfilled in Alexander the great’s campaign against the Persians in 331 BC , but that campaign (as you know) is also a foreshadow of end time events. Another foreshadow is Antiochus IV Epiphanes who most prophecy watchers agree is a foreshadow of the antiChrist, in fact both are referred to as “little horns” in Daniel 7 & 8. Antiochus overran Jerusalem for 2300 days but the antiChrist will do so for 1260 days, so I think we should not look at time-spans. I believe the Lord used this style to seal the prophecies of Daniel.

    It seems things are happening quickly now. Check out the link below

    We all know Saudi Arabia won’t be invading Syria by itself not least because it lacks the manpower and will have to pass through Jordan (taking away any surprise element in the operation). No doubt Turkey will be the country they will be looking to.

    It also seems like Turkey’s refugee tactic has worked. Erdogan has been invited to Brussels for a meeting. The first since 2011!!!

    The writer says

    “Whether Erdoğan is prepared to help on migration may depend on what Europe is prepared to give him in return.”

    We know (from prophecy) what Erdogan wants. He wants the fall of Assad to do for Turkey in Syria what the fall of Saddam Hussein did for Iran in Iraq. Things are hotting up!

    God Bless

  18. Mark
    Thanks for your comments and work,some times it seems hard to figure out what is futuristic and past.When it says things like prince of the covenant I automatically think,7 year treaty.It seems many people think chapter 11 is futuristic, Curtis mentioned 11v15 in relation to Syria? Earlier,When your new book comes out on Daniel, 10-12 it may explain much.Thanks for all you good work and fighting against the grain.Blessings

    Turkey’s prime minister vowed Monday to take all necessary measures to protect the nation’s borders from violation after a Russian fighter jet entered its airspace over the weekend, prompting Turkey to scramble jets and summon the Russian ambassador in protest.

  20. Afo,
    As I wrote in my book, Iran will be in total control of the oil of the entire Gulf – SA, Kuwait, UAE, etc. They could stop the spigot entirely or sell to special customers. So, yes.

  21. Curtis,
    Just a couple quick points.
    First, Saudi Arabia won’t be invading anyone – it will be a victim and get swallowed up by the great empires to develop in the secondand third signposts.
    Second, I believe there are no second fulfillments, only one fulfillment and one or more foreshadows. To this end, Alexander the Great was not a fulfillment of Daniel 8 only a foreshadow. A fulfillment is just that – a “filling” of the text. Alexander was not personally bitterly enraged (the word is “mara”) at Persia, but the Third Signpost leader will be. Alexander did not fly across the earth, Turkey will with the second largest airlift capability in NATO. It can airlift 150,000 troops quickly. When ancient Persia ran out it did not go south into Arabia – only west. Iran will go south this time.

  22. Does the potential influx of “refugees” into the US change anything in your opinion? When I read the book, I felt like we would be isolated from Muslim agression in person and only suffer collateral consequences from abroad; with the current administration pushing to import more Muslims, I wonder how things will go here.

  23. Vicky,
    That is an open question. The degree to which the USA is besieged by Islam from within, and the degree of “collateral consequences from abroad” (nice way of putting it, btw) we must suffer, is unknown. From what I have seen on the BBC news and elsewhere, the vast majority of refugees at least seem to be Christians or secular Muslims seeking a better life and want to assimilate in their new homes; at least that is encouraging.
    Because the USA is still supposedly a Christian nation we need to be active in our hometowns, start relationships with Muslims, and eventually show them Christ. I’ve read that the most effective way to evangelize Muslims is to first be friends with them. Perhaps in this way we can minimize any impact here.

  24. I was just wondering if you know anything about any of the conditions that Obama placed on Iran in the lifting of sanctions. I would be interested in knowing if he was trying to get them to be soft somewhat on homosexuality or if it was not even brought up.

  25. Gary,
    As far as I know he only required Iran to be onboard with the nuclear deal. He gave away everything else.

  26. All Glory to God,


    I did not say that Saudi Arabia would by itself be invading Syria but I expect it to be supportive. Alexander WAS personally enraged with Persia. He accused Persia of being behind the assassination of his father Philip II of Macedon. He was also tutored by Aristotle who had advocated a war of revenge (by the Greeks) against the Persians (King Xerxes) for the burning of Athens and in particular the Acropolis. This war (Xerxes’s war against the Greeks) is prophesied in Daniel 11v1. Alexander burns down Persepolis as revenge. Alexander was said to have described it (Persepolis) to the Macedonians as their worst enemy among the cities of Asia.

    I agree with you that they are foreshadows as I stated in my comment. I simply wanted to show that limiting Daniel’s prophecies to just ancient events and not looking at them as foreshadows of future events was wrong. All of Daniel’s prophecies (I believe) comprise of two parts- the foreshadow and the end time event.

    Concerning speed of conquest and I believe the feet not touching the ground symbolizes speed. Note that Alexander conquered an area, in just a decade, that took the Persians (the superpower of the ancient world) a hundred years to conquer.

    God Bless

  27. All good points, Curtis. Blessings.

  28. Momonapurpose,
    If this oil find pans out, that would be Israel’s inoculation against all the Signposts regarding oil. God is taking care of the apple of His eye. Nice catch.

  29. Russia’s Syrian bombing gives boost to Iran

    Mark: BBC is also in alignment with the second signpost.


    I found this article that may be of interest to many watching for the second signpost.

  31. Saw this video today and thought it was an interesting perspective considering the signposts interpretation.

  32. This recent insightful article confirms the notion that Iran will target Iraq at some not-too-distant point in time:

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