Sounds of the Second Signpost

The Second Signpost is very close, I believe. Having watched for it since 2003, it seems that the situation in the Middle East and Iran is more than ever ready for the ground invasion to begin.

The Russians are providing a safe wall for Iranian forces to run out west. The nuclear deal has given Iran carte blanche to make the bomb if they haven’t already. The Houthis are running interference in Yemen to the far south. And now Iranian leadership is threatening action on Saudi Arabia for the stampede that killed hundreds of Iranian pilgrims.

This story appeared, quoting Major General Ali Jafari, the head commander of the entire IRGC:

“The IRGC has prepared all its possible potentials in order to fulfill the will of the great leader of the Islamic Revolution and make the Saudi dynasty answer for the crimes it committed in Mina and restore the rights of the victims. We are ready and are awaiting orders.”

Major General Ali Jafari, Commander of the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

Major General Ali Jafari, Commander of the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC): “We are ready and are awaiting orders.”

In this post, I wrote that it looked like Iran was using the Hajj stampede as a reason to make Saudi Arabia a “bad guy.” It looks like Jafari just took it further.

The writer of the story offers six scenarios that Iran could do militarily, and dismisses as impossible the first scenario: an Iranian ground invasion of Saudi Arabia, i.e. the Second Signpost. This is yet another data point showing a big reason why the Second Signpost will shock people – it is so unexpected.

But those who know the Signpost interpretation can see the invasion coming.  Indeed, it looks very close.

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  1. Can you remind me how the second signpost would fit in with Ezekiel 38? Many people seem to see this being lined up too and it’s getting confusing. I’m sure you have covered this before?

  2. Oh, Mark! You are scaring me! Joel, Roz, myself and others are heading to Israel three weeks from today! The last thing I want to have happen is us to be trapped over there if your Second Signpost begins! All the signs are aligning, but perhaps God will be gracious to us and allow us to walk where his Son walked for just a brief period of time and return safely home. I am asking God diligently to be gracious to us so that we may complete this trip I have dreamed up for so long.

    Also, it is very tense in Jerusalem. The Palestinians have rejected the Oslo Peace Accords and declared violence against the Jews in Jerusalem. The blood is flowing on the streets as a result. I continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem


  3. Hi Springfielder,
    Yes, in chapter 12 of Daniel Revisited I talk about the Ezekiel 38 passage. The Second Signpost of course is Iran invading the Middle East – the first great war of the end times. The Ezekiel 38 war is the Antichrist himself leading the armies of the Islamic realm against Israel just before Christ returns at the end of the Tribulation.

  4. Good4u1,
    Chances are you should be fine. And for those in Israel when the second signpost breaks out, I believe they will be safe. The Psalm 83 war should occur with a great victory, at that time. I do believe you are going in the last slice of time where things should be normal.
    I cannot go to Israel or anywhere in the Muslim realm – orders from headquarters. My trip to Israel will be on the day of Isaiah 13.
    God bless you, Joel and all the others going over there in November, and may He keep you safe.

  5. Whaaaatttt??????? Orders from “headquarters”????? Your publisher????? Your wife???? *cocking head side ways* Me no understand.


  6. Thanks Mark, I will read it again!

  7. Good4u1,
    God. I used to belong to a fellowship of brothers back in California. We all have different ways of saying how God is guiding our lives, and one elderly gentleman used to talk about “getting his orders from headquarters”, i.e. the Lord Sorry for the confusion.

  8. If Russia starts getting bogged down in Syria,you can see them asking Iran to invade,so Russia, s stay in syria may not be long.Seems so many scenarios could happen.

  9. All Glory to God

    I find this article below very interesting

    Watch this space!!

    God Bless

  10. Mark.. today’s news… 10,000 number listed in some article but thousands of Iranian troops heading into Syria for Aleppo offensive etc…

  11. Momonapurpose,
    Thanks for the link, but it says “hundreds.” Other articles I have seen say thousands. This is not the second signpost…yet. Iran must go into many countries and ravage like the bear. Supporting Assad’s regime in Syria does not qualify for this.

  12. Just read moments ago, Iran voted against the agreement made with Obama even after the sanctions were dropped. And get this, in the new plan drawn up by the Iranian government, they want Israel to dismantle their nuclear capabilities.

  13. @Good4You-

    I shall pray for you.

  14. Your attack on the Irian deal makes me wonder if you are in the camp of the “Christian Zionists” which i find to be a contradiction in terms. Do you decry the apartheid and genocidal rampages the Israelis have done to the Palestinians, or are you one of those promise curses from God if one dares to decry these actions and even far worse the evils being taught in synagogues found in the Talmud? I doubt you will answer any of my questions, but I think the answer is found in your bogus attack on the Iranian nuclear agreement.

  15. Mary,
    I completely support Israel. If you simply look at the history – study it carefully – of Israel and the Palestinians in the last few decades you see that when Israel attacks the Palestinians it is only as a response for a specific attack the Palestinians carried out first. The western media of course doesn’t report it that way.
    As far as the Iranian nuclear deal is concerned you only need to read it for yourself and think about what it says. I read it. Did you?

  16. Before Iran begins its conquest across the middle east should we be waiting for the fourth king of Persia (Iran) to come to power as spoke in Daniel 11:2? If I remember correctly Ali Khamenei is only the third “king”. Is this correct?

  17. JKA,
    I don’t think you would have heard that from me. There are those who have commented such things. If there is any applicability of Dan 11:2 to the Second Signpost, Khamenei is only the second king, for the Persian ram only began to stand with the first horn which was originally Khomeini.

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