A Call To A Fellowship of Signpost Watchmen

So you’ve read the book, Daniel Revisited. Many of you have expressed the stirring in your soul that the Signpost message is true. You’ve visited this website countless times seeing how Mideast headline news is converging every day on the Signpost interpretation of Daniel. Many of you have talked about this message with your pastors, elders, and/or brothers and sisters in your church. You are a watchman for all those around you.  If these things apply to you, there is another step now becoming available. A next step for you may be at iranprophecy.com.

It is with thankfulness to God that I introduce to all of you a dear brother, Chris Mantei. He is the director of Wings of the Eagle ministry (his ministry’s link is here on this site), and he has a heart for the Signpost message (see his endorsement). After much prayer and many conversations, I have given him permission and my blessing to organize a fellowship of brothers and sisters in order to further the message. I have been praying for those with the skills and time to come alongside me and partner in the ministry of spreading the Signpost message. Chris is an answer to prayer.



He has set up a website called iranprophecy.com. If the Signpost message is resonating in you as truth; if you feel the Holy Spirit calling you to actively be available for spreading the message, please register at iranprophecy.com. You would be “stepping up” your position as watchman from just those around you to those in your community.  In the months and years to come, with the Second Signpost raging, travel across hundreds of miles may be very difficult. You might be the only watchman for a particular town or city, ready to talk to a pastor or Bible study group who would want to know about the message, if needed. If the economy and infrastructure allows, we can make available copies of the book for you to hand out to the leader(s) you would be speaking with.  If copies are not available you would be the living Signpost message, in such a circumstance.

This site will continue Lord willing, as will the next book.  But iranprophecy.com would provide an additional place for those called to expand their role as watchman.  Thank you and may you prayerfully consider this.

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  1. All Glory to God


    Check out the link below


    A quote from the article

    “Mr. Erdogan signaled that he wouldn’t back down from his hawkish stance. He wants to take out Kurdish separatists with a military offensive, rejecting a renewal of the peace talks he launched three years ago but were declared frozen after violence flared up in July”.

    Note that Erdogan has already accused the Kurdish groups in Syria of being behind the bombings in Ankara and of attempting to create their own state out of the ashes of Syria.

    We must watch the mostly Kurdish town of Jarablus, Syria. This town (which is currently controlled by ISIL) has been labeled a red line by the Turks because it’s capture by the Kurdish YPG will allow the Kurds create a contiguous enclave in Northern Syria. However, taking this town is vital in destroying ISIL’s presence in Northern Syria and cutting a key supply line for them.

    Check out the following articles below



    I quote al-Monitor

    “According to the daily Milliyet, which reported behind the scenes of the council meeting, two red lines were drawn: If the Kurdish YPG moves to Jarablus, currently controlled by IS, or if regime forces launch operations that will provoke a refugee wave from north of Idlib to Turkey, then the TSK is authorized to respond without waiting for further orders”.

    By the way, the other red line (which will trigger Turkish entry into Syria) is regime actions in and around Idlib. This (Idlib) is precisely where Assad/Iran have focused their attention of recent. It is inevitable, I believe, that one if not (indeed more likely) both of these red lines will be crossed. The rise of the King of North is imminent

    God Bless

  2. All Glory to God

    Check this out. I just saw this and decided to share


    I quote this from the article

    “Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist close to the palace, took the pulse of AKP leaders and wrote an article in the daily Al Hayat that said, “No need to worry. Erdogan is still the MASTER.”

    He concluded the article by saying, “Turkey has an important role to play as events there are accelerating, especially in the NORTH, whereas in the south Saudi Arabia and Jordan are fulfilling their duties. When north meets south, someone must call Erdogan and ask him to accelerate what has been agreed upon. He is still HEADMASTER, after all”.

    I think the quote above is prophetic (see Daniel 11v15).

    God Bless

  3. Curtis,
    Thanks for the links.
    I do have to take one exception with what you wrote. The King of the North is not imminent. The King of the North will not appear until somewhere in the middle of the Fourth Signpost. And Erdoğan is not the King of the North either – at best he will be the first horn of the goat, assuming he is still around for the Third Signpost.

  4. Daniel chapter 8…..The ram with two horns is Iran and the goat with one horn is Turkey am I correct? Are you suggesting the goat has more than one horn and if so how does this fit. Thank you in advance for your explanation?

  5. Christopher Mantei is a wonderful brother in Christ. I am very excited to see him helping with this effort. May God bless it and bring much awaking.

  6. Shalom Brother Mark! I just signed up. Let me know how I can help, but I have been “brushed” off by Pastors within the established church. The common response is “Daniel 8 was already fulfilled with Alexander the Great *yawn* “.

  7. LJW,
    You are correct. The goat gets four horns after the first horn falls. Its all in Daniel 8.

  8. Shalom, Forrest! Will do. I believe that God is orchestrating a great awakening in the church. One of the greatest publicity moves could be the Second Signpost unleashing at the right moment.

  9. Thank you Mark, I need to remember to connect these sequence of events in the future.

  10. Done. Thanks for the opportunity and the resources.

  11. Hi Mark,

    I’ve been going through your Blog after Joel Richardson recently presented the 2nd Sign Post at a recent conference. So far I am open-minded and lean toward your position particularly because Gabriel did say the passage pertains to the end times. I’m just wondering, in your article about the timing Rapture where you take the position that it doesn’t really matter, why do you place the rapture AFTER the sign posts (irregardless of whether it is before or after the Great Tribulation)? Looking forward to learning more by going through your site.

    God bless!


  12. Hi Philip,
    In my book on pages 77-78 I talk about this. Basically, the pre-Trib rapture, according to the writings of Hal Lindsey and David Jeremiah and other teachers is that the rapture occurs right at the start of the Tribulation, within days.
    The timing of the rapture does not matter to the signposts, because all the signposts, including the fourth, should be done by the time the rapture comes around. At that point in time, we all will have gone through some heck on earth.

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