Another Second Signpost Consequence: Collapse of the Credit System

The second horseman, it says in Revelation 6:4, will take peace from the whole earth. While men are slaying and butchering one another in the Islamic quarter of the earth (Rev. 6:4b, 6:8b), peace of mind and lack of worry will be taken from the whole earth.  This is a component of the great Second Signpost.

This removal of peace will happen in a myriad of ways. Countries like Japan and South Korea who’s oil comes from the Middle East will scramble for new oil. The price in 1973 quadrupled after a 6% loss in oil, so who knows how high the price will go when 25% is removed. The average person may not have gasoline available at a price to allow him or her to get to work, that is if there is still a job.

Getting prepared physically is a good thing to do as I have posted about here and here and here. And yet there is another aspect to all this: the collapse of the credit system.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

I have had Jim Sinclair’s website linked on my site. I check out his site every other day or so to see what is happening in the world of finance. He shows what is happening behind the news headlines. Recently a gentleman has joined him named Bill Holter. He is a Christian as well as knowledgeable as to what is going on in finance and banking. I had some email conversations with him and we had this exchange:

Me: “Bill, I wanted to try to figure out what might happen economically/financially WHEN Iran invades the gulf oil fields and shuts down production…”

Bill: “The credit system will shut down as oil skyrockets in terms of dollars. It will be game over.   Best,  Bill”

That was his short answer but it speaks volumes. I realized what he was talking about was the collapse of the western banking system. It has been insolvent since 2008. Liar accounting laws have covered up the insolvency and the only thing going against tens of trillions of dollars of toxic derivatives has been tens of billions in cash. This is why it is hard to get loans and why interest has gone to zero – the banks are trying to survive and the government is propping them up. A loss of credit means that companies and individuals would no longer be able to easily move money digitally in a universal banking system. That all by itself is huge. How would one buy groceries or gasoline unless you have cash on hand? What would happen to people’s savings and checking accounts?

Bill posted an article recently from an interview that provides more detail explaining the loss of the credit system. It comes down to a “reset” of the markets and of prices. Bill says:

In the reset, Holter contends, “All debt will be impaired. . . . A reset is going to be a shutdown of the system. Everything will stop. When you are talking about bonds being impaired, you are probably going to see that start or begin in the derivatives market. The derivatives is the tail that has been wagging the dog for years. Derivatives are leverage, and you can use that leverage to control prices. If they can put $1 down and control $100, you can pretty much control the price of an asset, and that’s what they have done. They have supported stocks. They pushed interest rates down and supported bonds. They have suppressed gold and silver prices. They were able to paint a picture using derivatives with 100 to 1 or more of leverage, and when they lose control, that derivative chain between bank A, B, C and D is going to snap. When it snaps, the music stops and everything is going to stop. Once something does break, I don’t think it will take much more than 48 hours for you to wake up in the morning and find that nothing works. Your credit card doesn’t work. Your debit card doesn’t work. You go to your bank and the ATM doesn’t work, and nothing is going to work. The entire financial system will shut down. The reset will be the reopening. It’s not the closure that will kill you, it’s going to be the reopening. In the reopening, everything is going to be revalued. How long will it take to reopen? I have no idea. It could be a week, two weeks, one month, two months or six months. Who knows, but the financial landscape is going to look different, and values will be unrecognizable.”

This is not going to just be a financial problem, but a problem getting things you need to live. Holter says, “These big stores get stocked up every single night. . . . The average store only has food for about two or three days. So, this is not going to just be an issue about you paying your bills. It’s going to break down so badly it is going to be an issue about whether or not you can get food.”

So don’t assume stores will have food. It needs to be delivered by trucks which need money to buy gasoline. Workers will need to be paid; they don’t nor can’t work for free. How will companies keep their payroll going? The economy will sort itself out like it has in other countries before where banking has shut down. However, like Bill says it’s the great reopening that could kill you. It could be weeks or months until things settle down, cash is available, and commodities are flowing again. Yes, this will be a problem of getting the things you need to live.  During the reset, a barter economy will likely develop.  And on the other side of the great reset, there will be a shift in the value of items since there will no longer be manipulation of that item’s price.

“It’s rider was given power to take peace from the earth,” it says of the second horseman. You need to prepare for yourself and your family. You need to prepare and spread the signpost message for your church. Spend some time thinking and praying about how the loss of liquidity in the town around you will affect you and your town. Don’t put it off.  The Second Signpost could happen at any time.  The way one physically prepares for the loss of the credit system is to have cash, precious metals or barterable items at the ready to purchase what you need.

When might all this happen? We don’t know when the Second Signpost will begin to cause this havoc. We don’t know and the Bible doesn’t tell us. Jesus though did say to “Watch!” And that all by itself has implications.

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  1. You’re right on, Mark. I would add to the list of things to have on hand at least one months supply of food. We have three months supply here. You won’t worry about food and water if you have a stock, thus your barter items won’t go so fast. Ammo and fishing rods help too in providing meat. If we make it this long, I’d advise planting a garden in your backyard. Precious metals are smart any time. Silver is the cheapest way to go, but physical silver not bonds or stock. Not even in a safety deposit box at the bank but on hand. Some people store up nearly a year or more of food but wisdom should be our guide in preparing with scripture our compass. Blessings my friend!

  2. Years ago already the Chinese warned the USA openly that its debts are getting too high. They said they are no philanthropic organization. So they will support the US dollar only as long as it is profitable for them, and let it fall when supporting it becomes more expensive than keeping it up.

    Russia’s Putin was honest too. About a year or two ago he has declared openly that the petrodollar system, which keeps the wealth flowing to the West in general and to the USA in particular, has to go. For years he is trying to set up a pan-Asian union, including China, with its own banking system, independent of the present, West-dominated financial system. And trading oil in their own currencies and not in dollars any more.

    It is Clear Russia and China do whatever they can to not be dragged down when our Western Bubble bursts. And whatever you can say about them, you cannot say they have not warned us.

    I do not know how far they really are in becoming proof against our collapse. Also Russia and China have their own economical problems, so their preparations might not be enough. Time will tell.

    But just suppose they actually ARE better prepared against financial collapse than we are… And then Iran, their trading partner and sort of ally, takes over most of the Middle East oil fields… Then oil, which will become very expensive for us, will be much cheaper for China – they can buy directly from Iran. And Russia, big oil producer as it is, will fare very well too with higher oil prices.

    There will not be “one oil price” any more. No global oil market. It will be traded directly between countries, for whatever goods (including food and weapons), currencies or support (become our ally, then you get nice cheap oil) they put in their local mutual contracts.

    How long this new situation will last nobody knows. Months? Years? But a scenario in which the West makes a desperate counter move in supporting Iran’s remaining enemies (Turkey?) against it cannot wait too long… For soon they will have sunk too deep to do anything any more.

  3. Once again the window has been extended to prepare, praise God. do not take Marks warning lightly, the events described in this post may be a best case scenario. thanks Mark

  4. Its not going to be just a new paradigm in a financial reset although as Mark and the commentary has described.. that in and of itself is bad enough. There has been a “Zimmerman Note” distributed to Iran, Mexico, Cuba, etc.. emanating from a Sino-Russia axis. The farmland in the center of the United States is the goal and yes America will be invaded. This Neo Zimmerman Note is a multi-nation effort to wage war on the United States and follow the lead of Russia and China in its methodically planned destruction of the U.S. I have taught on this subject (mostly in terms of China) at the Bohemian Grove encampment while later that day dining with a former President of the U.S. and PM of Britain. When this occurs in terms of the Signposts I am not sure. (yes Mark is making a believer out of me as while teaching Daniel and piecing together incredible insights from Ironside and others leading me towards a piece of the signposts view.. Holy Spirit brought me to Mark’s website to explain much more thoroughly) This post and forum is not the place for me to go on a long-winded diatribe of my call as a Watchman for some 20 years and the overwhelming confirmation provided to me for others as God leads. Instead… dive deep into the Signposts message and look for ways to bless Mark and the message.

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