Davidson Interview with Rick Wiles on TruNews to Air…

The latest interview of Mark Davidson on Rick Wiles’ TruNews will air beginning at 5:00 pm EST, Friday, November 13.  According to Rick it airs at different times on various venues, beginning at 5 pm.  If you listen to TruNews on your favorite channel this Friday it should air.

This interview will be a bit different.  Besides being our third interview, and being one-hour long, Chris Mantei of Iranprophecy.com will be joining us in a roundtable discussion.

The interview will also be posted here at foursignposts.com after it airs.

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  1. Actually caught your interview with Rick Wiles earlier tonight. Though you might appreciate this link from Rodrigo Silva’s site.


  2. Gary,
    I am familiar with Rodrigo’s work. Its another perspective arguing the Islamic Antichrist.

  3. Dear Mark,
    Have just finished listening to the Rick Wiles slot. May the Lord bless you in your work and outreach, your spoken word surely comes across as accessible as your written work. it is so encouraging to see the Lord choosing people such as yourself to explain the intricacies if the Prophecies.

    I, often listen to Rick, who I can see is so very articulate and, no doubt appreciates others that share the same power of clarity of expression (no doubt with the help of the Holy Spirit !)

    Best wishes

    Ps the Russian Fighter has just been downed by Turkey, events gather pace and your work becomes increasingly important.

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