Erdoğan Continues as Best Candidate for First Horn of the Goat

“…suddenly a goat with a prominent horn between his eyes came from the west…” Daniel 8:5 (NIV)

According to Signpost theory, the Third Signpost requires that Turkey be led by a dynamic Islamist leader and that he reach out to lead a confederacy of nations including Egypt and Syria. But all this would happen only after there is a crisis in the Sunni Muslim world in the Middle East. That crisis of course would be caused by the massive invasion of the Middle East by Iran.

I’ve written about this in Daniel Revisited, and here and here, that of all the possible political figures who could be the fulfillment of the first prominent horn of the goat, Turkish president Erdoğan continues to be the best candidate here in late 2015.

President Erdogan leads the celebration yesterday of the 562nd anniversary of the Turks conquering Constantinople

President Erdogan seen here leading the celebration of the 562nd anniversary of the Turks conquering Constantinople.

After he and his AKP Islamist party did poorly in an election for the first time in about fifteen years, this past June, Erdoğan was forced to call for new elections. So in new elections on November 1 he and his party won 50% of the national vote. Again, Erdoğan is pushing for constitutional changes to give him more power. He seems to be in a position politically such that when the crisis arrives caused by Iran’s invasion, he will step into the position of prominent goat horn.

However, keep in mind that whatever happens to Erdoğan and his AKP, there will be a powerful Sunni Islamist leader that will arise at the start of the Third Signpost. It just appears that Erdoğan is still in the running.

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  1. He does seem to fit the bill he is a very powerful leader in Turkey. He has goals and aspirations to revive the Ottoman Empire, his AKP party won 50% of the vote like you stated and if they did give him more power he would likely revive the empire and literally would be the “first king” of the empire. Or like you said the crisis of the Iran invasion would have him step in as the prominent horn. Very interesting.

  2. All very interesting. A few questions if I can ask..Where does the UN fit in, with their global Agenda 2030? NATO’s response to this emerging power base in the Middle East. The NWO response to the arising Caliphate and Mahdi..

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Forry,
    The UN and the western elite will become irrelevant as we wind our way through the Signposts and in to the Tribulation. China and Islam will become the two great political powers. This is a whole different world than many in the church have envisioned.
    When the Second Signpost strikes the western banking system will come down along with its power.
    If you haven’t read my book, please do so.

  4. Thanks for the prompt response. I will be ordering it today:)

  5. All Glory to God

    Check out the link below

    Ignore the headline. Focus on the quotes below

    “He added that his country is working with other countries in the region, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as Russia and the US, to establish a buffer zone inside Syria”.

    You cannot have “a buffer zone” without troops on the ground because ISIL are not going to stand back because you say so. You also cannot police the zone from the air alone. Only Turkey is in a position to inject massive numbers of troops into Northern Syria quickly. The EU will not deploy troops, the US has ruled out any such adventure and Russia simply can’t deploy troops.

    I believe the Paris attack is a major turning point. Note the statement (below) from Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu

    “Davutoglu said that Turkey feels it is within its rights to defend itself if attacked by “terrorists”, even if other countries, such as the US or Russia, had a different opinion”.

    I won’t be surprised if there is another terrorist attack in Turkey soon.

    God Bless

  6. I visited Turkey a few year ago and immediately realized that Turkey is a warrior nation. I had never seen so many common women with attributes of bravery. Later, I learned that the only female NATO general is Turkish. There were other signs I gleaned from my visit that supports my view of Turkey as a warrior nation.

    Sadly, the bravery will be misused (misplaced) because of their believe system.

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