Paris: A Tipping Point for the Second Signpost?

The big news this past week has been the multi-pronged terrorist attacks on the iconic city of Paris. Watching the news coming out of Paris this past week where over one hundred died and over three hundred were injured, and on the heels of a Russian airliner being blown up, we can see that Islamic State has never reached out globally like this before. Their atrocities were usually contained to Syria and Iraq.

The Eiffel Tower is lit with the blue, white and red colors of the French flag following the attack on Paris. (REUTERS/Charles Platiau)

The Eiffel Tower is lit with the blue, white and red colors of the French flag following the attack on Paris. (REUTERS/Charles Platiau)

But with the downing of an airliner with over two-hundred killed, and the Paris attacks being a “one-sixth 9-11” in terms of the number murdered on a per capita basis in France, could this be a tipping point? Could the peace-loving powers of the west, who are tired of war, be pushed to do something more about IS than just bombing campaigns? Could this problem with IS rise in urgency to somewhere near the priority that the 9-11 attacks instantly achieved on that September morning when 3,000 lost their lives? Might these attacks do what the refugee crisis and beheadings could not?

This rise in urgency to “do something” about IS, for those who do not know the Signposts, would likely translate into simply “more boots on the ground.” But for those of us who do know the Signposts, might a rise of urgency in the west possibly invite Iran to charge to the west to take out IS?

In the last two days I’ve been seeing editorials confirming these thoughts – that Paris might be a tipping point.

A DailyMail editorial stated, “Will Paris be the tipping-point…?” Steven Biddle, George Washington University professor on international affairs, was interviewed on PBS as saying, “the Paris attack may create a political imperative to do more militarily against IS.” This Newsweek article states, “the world needs to understand how Paris has changed everything.”

The west’s response is also mentioned in all of these articles – an expanded ground war, but most also say it won’t happen. Biddle was quoted as saying, “To defeat ISIL decisively would require hundreds of thousands of Western ground troops.” I do think he is wrong about that. Hundreds of thousands of Iranian soldiers could do it too.

I believe at this point that the west will not mount a ground invasion. The US is no longer leading in the world. Reagan and Bush have been replaced by a Marxist president who hates the exceptionalism of America. After a trillion-dollar war in Iraq, all western powers are hesitant to commit to new monies for a major war for this will only increase the debt of all countries involved. The way may be opening for the world to ask, if not beg, Iran to do something about IS, and charge out to the west.

The Bible does not tell us how the Second Signpost will begin. But we may be watching right now the tipping point – where the world may soon beg Iran to act for them. And if that happens and Iran acts, the second horseman rides.  The world will then see how IS pales against what is coming.

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  1. I fear this is spot on, Mark.

    And do not forget Russia… Putin may have hardly bombed ISIS, and mostly bombed other anti-Assad groups, yet this did not lead to ISIS treating the Russians friendly.

    Putin seems to have gotten the message. Yesterday it was in the news that the Russians finally acknowledged that the plane in the Sinai exploded in mid air because of a bomb. Their research was conclusive, they said.

    Putin has to the West been a pariah for the last two years because of the Crimea and the Ukraine, but now he has already spoken personally with both Obama and president Hollande of France. They are all driven together because of the terror.

    Or is this also a nice excuse for Putin to make himself acceptable in the West again, and to personally make a case to the West for his ally Iran to do the job once and for all? Perhaps initially even with Russian and/or Western air support?

    And even if Iran then conquers “a little” more than just ISIS territory, even the Gulf oil fields, then that will be profitable to Russia too.

    Even if the present attacks are not yet enough to be a tipping point, I fear ISIS will do its very best to make their next atrocities worse to force a tipping point. ISIS really wants to lure Roman boots on the ground to battle them man to man, they have been very clear about this.

    With Roman I mean both the West and Russia. Both are somehow heirs to the Roman empire. The Christian Roman empire itself (nowadays called Byzantine) has collapsed against the Caliphates, first the Arabic one and later the Turkish one. But both the Russian and Western heirs of Rome have taken a vengeance; they have gradually eaten up nearly all Islamic territory in the past centuries.

    Yet Mohammed has foretold that the Muslims would first conquer Persia, then Rome. Apparently ISIS believes that this happens today again, and that Allah will aid them and vanquish the modern-day Roman powers. Because ISIS seems to concentrate on this, it seems to be totally blind to the possibility that Iran will come against them.

  2. I have been of the opinion since ISIS formed that it would be a major player to the final end time events. Many poo pooed the idea and relegated ISIS to being a local islamic gang so to speak.. but as i have read and studied and prayed for wisdom.. I just couldn’t shake the idea that ISIS would in fact be a major player. Well as it turns out my hunch is correct it seems… I too wondered Mark as you state above that Iran may charge west to deal with these yahoo’s and may in fact be doing the bidding of the west and europe and then when they succeed get all puffed up with themselves thinking, why stop there? Go the whole way.. And that would make perfect logical sense for Turkey to strike back.
    Amazing times we are in…

  3. All Glory to God

    Very interesting article. ISIS is simply a tool in hands of bigger players who remain in the shadows for now.

    God Bless

  4. (Israel 6 Day War 1967) – 1335 = 632
    Daniel 12: (Palestine Mandate 1922) -1290 = 632
    Age when son born
    Jacob 91
    Isaac 60
    Sarah 91
    Abraham 100
    Terah 70
    Nahor 29
    Serug 30
    Reu 32
    Peleg 30
    Eber 34
    Shelah 30
    Arpachshad 35

    Total: 632

  5. I agree, Mark. The western nation/powers will not intervene in a major way against ISIS because Obama will not lead in defeating ISIL fearing another debacle in Iraq costing more American blood and treasure that is why he completely pulled out of Iraq with the unintended consequence of the rise of ISIS, to his shame I might add. Therefore, the European powers will up the rhetoric but little else.

    I see Daniel 8 regarding Iran/ram as something that happens “suddenly” taking the whole world by surprise, not that the west begs Iran to defeat ISIS. Though the west may be relieved at first, it will be like the old saying, “careful what you wish for” the wish will somehow some way come true, but the details are unknown currently.


    The Israel trip was great, but I never go back using the WND again as sponsors.

  6. Good4u1,
    I believe I might disagree on one thing you say, but it made me think and it is an interesting aspect: Iran invading “suddenly”.
    It is the goat that “suddenly” appears, while the ram was standing around waiting for its second horn to grow longer. I think a better word then “suddenly” for Iran is “startling.” The ram, while invading, is “startling” like a ram butting people and animals. But, whether suddenly or startling, it will overwhelmingly impact peoples’ lives. The impact too will be sudden and startling.
    I’m so glad you made it back safely!

  7. I think we are more in agreement than you realize, it is just a matter of semantics, I think. All of your signposts to me are another way of seeing part of the Olivet Discourse by Jesus on the Mount of Olives (which I have seen with my own eyes and it made me cry as we stood on Mt. Scopus @ sunset knowing this was part of the mountain Jesus will physically return to earth @ his second coming!) Particularly, the “kingdom against kingdom” aspect of his last discourse to his disciples regarding his physical return.

    Whether I use “suddenly” or your word, “startling” it will be unexpected that Iran would be so brazen and bold to try such a thing, let alone wildly succeed. The world will be aghast and unable to process what has actually happened until the fallout of the oilfields become evident when 25% of the oil is cut off to the West who do not do Iran’s bidding. You have clearly spelled out the consequences financially as the dust settles from Iran’s doings.


  8. I was just thinking this, this morning. There seems to be a push for local nations to do the job on the ground and only Iran appears to be willing to commit. Interesting days.

  9. Sorry I didn’t meet you, good4u, when you were in Israel, but it was good to meet Joel.

    I read an interesting article today that says that ISIS and the other Islamic terrorists are not acting out of miserable lives, but in the hope of taking over the world. The sad truth of the matter is that their god has made their lives miserable, and he is out to destroy the world: “If we can’t have it, neither will you!”

  10. Yes, Howard, Joel told me before breakfast one day that he had seen you and he looked for me but I had already gone up to my room. I know we will meet again some day in the future. I too am sorry I missed you. Joel had quite a few posters that were directly because of him on the tour.

    It should be clear to anyone now who watched cable news, particularly FOXNEWS that the true goal is to establish a global Caliphate, but the Islamist also know that it won’t happen without their long-awaited Mehdi. But it doesn’t keep them from trying constantly.


  11. Wow! This one is very interesting, talking about Iran and the dome of the rock.

    Two-day military exercises involving battalions of Basij volunteer fighters also involved fighter drops bombing targets in the desert

  12. All Glory to God

    Check out the link below

    A crucial quote

    “Erdogan also said that Turkey, together with its allies, would soon realize a “humanitarian safe zone” between Syria’s Jarablus and the Mediterranean coast”.

    Hold on to your seats everybody!

    God Bless

  13. Giles,
    More preparation for the Second Signpost. Nice catch. The linked article mentions the Basij. I wrote about Basij involvement in this post.

  14. All Glory to God

    I found this piece below

    I will also point to my earlier comment where the “humanitarian safe zone” planned by Turkey and it’s allies was described as being “between Syria’s Jarablus and the Mediterranean coast”.

    Looking at the map of Syria, this is precisely the North-East quadrant which is predicted in Jeremiah 49 v 23-27 to be the site of a Turkish incursion into Syria. The cities of Hama (Hamath) and Tell Rifaat (Arpad) will provide quick access to a major highway that runs from Aleppo through Hama to Damascus (the real target). Seizing this highway will allow Turkey quickly seal up Iranian, Hezbollah and regime forces currently based on the coast of Latakia. It is useful to note that Israe has launched strikes repeatedly (not widely reported) against regime elements in the south over the past year.

    Jeremiah 49 v 23-27

    “Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted; there is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet.

    Damascus is waxed feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear hath seized on her: anguish and sorrows have taken her, as a woman in travail.

    How is the city of praise not left, the city of my joy!

    Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, and all the men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the Lord of hosts.

    And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces of Benhadad”.(KJV)

    God Bless

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