The Transition to the New Daniel Revisited Edition

Well, the anticipated time is upon us.  I wanted to let all readers and supporters of Daniel Revisited and its message know that the last day you can order the Westbow edition online is December 8.  The scheduled release date for the new Thomas-Nelson edition is December 22.  The gap between dates is to allow online book sellers to use up their current inventory.

So if any of you are thinking of ordering any copies, please keep these dates in mind.  You may order between those dates, but you may have a delay or need to re-order the new edition.  Also, physical copies should be available in brick-and-mortar stores starting about January 19.

The differences between editions will be minimal.  The preface will be replaced, which will mention the new developments with IS and the nuclear deal.  I will try to post the new preface here on this blog.  There will be some technical editing to conform the book to Thomas-Nelson’s style.  Anyone looking for new material will have to wait for the next book after Daniel Revisited.

May our Lord use this new edition and Thomas-Nelson to greatly spread the Signpost message.  Amen.

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  1. When’s your new book coming out? I believe you’ve hinted at one….

  2. Thank you for the update! I am looking forward to seeing the new book in stores soon! God has perfect timing, so I agree in prayer with you that this is His timing and the message will be used for His purpose and to prepare the hearts of people everywhere.

  3. James,
    I’m hoping for sometime earlier in 2016, ahead of the Second Signpost. The material has taken on some life of its own and research is begetting more research. Also, Daniel 11 required some more attention.

  4. I ordered a copy on Amazon last week for a friend and asked it to be sent to his house,so I guess he can expect it in new year?

  5. Mike,
    If a copy was ordered last week you should get it in the normal amount of time – a few days. He should get it any day now.

  6. Best wishes on your new launch with your publisher, Mark. 🙂

  7. After reading Daniel Revisited, I noticed that certain words and phrases in Daniel 8 are repeated in Daniel 11. The word “broken” in Daniel 8:8 and 8:21 is repeated in Daniel 11:4. The phrase “toward the four winds of heaven” in Daniel 8:8 is repeated in Daniel 11:4. I hope your second book will examine these correspondencies.

  8. Prismplay,
    It will. Notice too, how in Daniel 11:4 there is no number given of the number of inheritors of Alexander’s empire, but in Daniel 8 it is precisely four. There is a reason for this.

  9. Congratulations Marc on the significant “upgrade.” It has been a long trail since “Hidden in Plain Sight” which is still on my bookshelf.

  10. Thanks, Nelson. Third time’s a charm, eh?

  11. About what Prismsplay said. Wouldn’t the “4” winds of heaven in Daniel 11:4 signify that there would be 4 inheritors though? My suspicions are like Christopher Mantei that Daniel 11 is saying the same thing as Daniel 8 just in more detail. Thanks.

  12. Jlils05,
    Not necessarily. And I will be proving that Daniel 8 is end time and Daniel 11:4 is ancient. However, there are some interesting parallels in foreshadows and backshadows.

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