Talk of World War 3: What Do The Signposts Say?

Maybe you’ve seen the subject of “World War 3” talked about more often these last few weeks on the internet. I know I have. For as long as I can remember, there have always been articles about nuclear war triggered by events in the Middle East, or by China, or by Russia, and about how a third world war would play out. And most recently there is the made-up story of 350,000 troops invading Syria, being the trigger.

What would qualify a future war to be a third world war? At the very least it would have to include several nations, like World War I did back in 1914-19. It might include more than one theater of war like World War II. And today it might include the use of nuclear weapons, though it doesn’t have to.

Does the Bible talk about the next world war? Many have their opinions but my bet is with the simplest and plainest reading of Daniel 7 and 8 – the Signpost interpretation. Those who know the Signpost interpretation of Bible prophecy already know what it says about the next world war. And the next world war will not be the Gog-Magog War.

According to the Four Signposts, the next world war will be fought in the Middle East between the Sunni and Shia factions of Islam. The scenario for the war is unlike other stories you will read on the internet today.

The first half of the war (the Second Signpost), akin to Nazi Germany’s blitzkrieg across Europe in 1940-41, will likely see Iran run out as it says in Daniel 8:3-4 in three directions: north, south and west, from southwestern Iran. What might the trigger be? It won’t matter. Iran will use any event du jour as a reason to invade. Its regime has been planning to spread its revolution to the rest of the Middle East since 1979. The “trigger” will be irrelevant.

From the cover of Daniel Revisited: the Persian ram of Iran and the goat that is Turkey tell us of a great Mideast War to come.

From the cover of Daniel Revisited: the Persian ram of Iran and the goat that is Turkey tell us of a great Mideast War to come.  The ram and the goat represent the first and second halves of the next great world war.

The first half of World War 3 will involve many Middle East nations as Daniel 7:5 suggests where the Persian bear “gorges” on many beasts/nations. A dozen or more nations will be involved in this first half of the war, when Shia Muslim troops run out, cause havoc, and attempt to instill a Shia Islam revolution in all these nations. For a short time, maybe weeks, maybe months, Iranian troops will be free to run amok and do what it wants. It may shut off one quarter of the world’s oil supply that is now under its control which causes incredible havoc in the rest of the world. It might take control of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. We might even see the Psalm 83 war during this time, as Iran – busy with the Muslim world – unleashes its coordinated minions around Israel in an all-out attack.

The second half of the war (the Third Signpost) will be fought and won by the coming Sunni Confederacy. Egypt and Albania, if not already involved in the war, will now become involved. The goat of Daniel 8:5-8 charges out. The Sunni Confederacy’s airlifted troops, led by Turkey, and including Egypt, Syria and Albania, will fan out across the Middle East taking back all the occupied territory and invade Iran proper. Iran’s current government will be removed, and the power of the supreme leader and of the IRGC will be ended per Daniel 8:7 (the horns of the ram are broken).

Once all the Middle East (except Israel) has been conquered by this new Sunni confederacy, the war will be over and the four-fold Sunni confederacy will then be given authority to rule (Daniel 7:6). This new Confederacy will be a mighty united nation stretching from the east border of Libya to the west border of Pakistan. All the old European-made borders of the Middle East will be gone. We may see this one new nation stand for a few years, though the Bible is silent on how long the peace will last.

As soon as the leader of this Confederacy dies or is removed from office, a new round of war begins, which is the Fourth Signpost. Just like World War I set the stage for World War II, the Great Sunni-Shia conflict of World War III will set the stage for the war of the Fourth Signpost. The Fourth Signpost is not the Gog-Magog War, nor an attack on Israel, but the last great world war that will occur within Islam itself, prior to the Tribulation.

This is the third world war to watch for.  Watch Iran.  Watch what it does.


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  1. Have you seen the recent post by Tim Furnish at It’s about a just found ancient Koran that has an additional chapter that tells Muslims not to kill infidels and to listen to Christians. Very interesting article. Perhaps the coming war is not Sunni vs Shia but those that don’t accept the newly found doctrine vs those that do.

  2. That article is dated April 1, 2016. It is obviously an April Fool’s joke.

  3. Wouldn’t you say Mark that in a sense Iran has advanced somewhat North (Kurdish region) and West (with troops in Syria) and just needs perhaps will make its presence stronger when it engages the Saudis (South)? Really believing it will be within the next 12 months.

  4. Gary,
    All the advances you write of, are part of Iran setting up their great invasion. Because of Scripture – Daniel 7 with the ram butting, Daniel 8 with the bear gorging/eating, Rev 6 with the butchery, and Matt 24 with the screaming/panicking – I still believe that when the Second Signpost begins we will all know it – plainly, with no guessing. It will be on every news channel, and every talk show.

  5. Wondering if this is something to watch for, Mark.

  6. Gary,
    Yes, these kinds of actions will result in the US dollar being dumped. Also, you can plainly see Iran’s attitude towards the dollar.

  7. Read something awhile back about Japan’s leader being interested in rewriting WW II history like the Naking massacre and his fellow staff becoming more involved in visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, where Japanese war criminals are enshrined as gods. Also was reading of there is some noted influence of the Turks in the Ancient past of the Japanese. Thinking Iran will engage into a major move of their investments toward someone’s currency before making a major move. It would have to be someone with good high tech capabilities as well like China or Japan.

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