Status of the New Book as of May 2016

It was about a year ago I announced the start of work on my next book. And I realize it has been a while since I’ve said anything about it. The path of research and discovery has been longer than anticipated – not because of writer’s block but because the Lord had more things for me to see. The theme started as proving what Daniel Revisited started – that Daniel 7 and its four beasts is indeed the master frame of reference of Bible end time prophecy. That has been accomplished but the overall theme has moved on to something else.

I ended up literally stumbling across a whole new body of scholarship written about in seminaries, little known outside, and not applied; just a curiosity.

The signpost message presented in Daniel Revisited had much to do with connecting dots between the plain and simplest interpretation of prophetic text, and real documented history. This new book is about connecting dots too, but in a different way. The dots involve applying the aforementioned seminary body of scholarship to the prophecy texts with the signpost view which has never been done (as far as I can tell).

Not only do Daniel 7 and 8 and Revelation 6:1-8 open up, but so does all of Daniel, Revelation, Zechariah 1-6 and Matthew 24-25. We go beyond the Signposts to look at the whole time line from the First Signpost to the glorious Second Coming, and how all these books apply. And not only that, but we will take brief glances at many end time prophecy topics besides the time line itself. (Daniel Revisited will not be replaced for it is a different and necessary work, and the new book will assume you have a basic knowledge of the Signposts. The new book may very well encourage those who have not read it to go back and read DR.)

(As an example of extra topics covered, here is one discovery: I believe I have found the reason why the kingdoms are metals in Daniel 2 and beasts in Daniel 7 – not what they represent (we already know that), but why they are represented that way. Daniel Revisited showed how each kingdom was represented by each particular beast; we will see now why they are beasts at all.)

This work has become an obsession. The Signpost message was a new way to interpret a few chapters of the Bible. This new book will present a whole new way to read prophecy. It has opened up Zechariah 1-6 and shows its place alongside Daniel and Revelation. It shows how Daniel 2 and 11 fit in, and much more. This has all been quite unexpected.

The new book will have three sections. The first section will be finished and off to my reviewers in a matter of days. The second section is one third complete. Now that the research itself is done, the writing should go quickly. I know what I need to write.

I apologize for not keeping up on this blog as maybe I should, but I believe this is what the Lord would have me do. I am still watching the Middle East though. Fortunately the news scene has been relatively quiet these days.

Please be patient. As we get closer to release I’ll be posting some articles on book-related topics. Pray that this book can be published ahead of the Second Signpost, removing obstacles to being released. Those of you who have read Daniel Revisited and praised God for opening your eyes to the Signposts (as he opened mine as well) should be equally (if not more) blessed with this new book. That is my prayer.

Praise our Lord who has seen fit to show us what He is truly doing in these end times, the transition time from worldly kingdoms to His rule here on earth.

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  1. Thanks so much for the update–been awaiting the new book ever since reading DR and following you. Praying for your guidance and progress!!

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