The Brexit and The Antichrist

The UK will be having a vote tomorrow, June 23, on a referendum as to whether or not Britain should leave the European Union (EU). Hence, “Brexit”.  I know I’ll be watching this developing story. From what I’ve been able to gather it is a rather heated debate, and the vote itself will potentially be a close call.

Here is a news story about it. Here is another.

A political ad supporting the Brexit.

A political ad supporting the Brexit.

The European Union started as the European Economic Community (EEC) back in 1957, with France, West Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries – a total of six. Denmark, Ireland and the UK joined in 1973. The group of nine was also referred to as the Common Market in Christian circles. This union of European countries was pointed out by Hal Lindsey and others as proof that the Roman Antichrist was coming, and would come out of Europe. It was to be the revived Roman Empire. Greece was its tenth member in 1981.

Over the 1980s and 90s potential “fulfillments” of the Roman Antichrist scenario began to disintegrate. The Soviet Union went away and the EU grew in size. The EU today has 28 member nations – a tad over the ten called for in Daniel 2 (the ten toes) and Daniel 7 (the ten horns).

Of course if you are a reader of this site, my book, and/or Joel Richardson’s works you know that the Roman Antichrist theory is full of holes, and real documented history does not support that interpretation of Bible prophecy. Daniel 2:40 and Daniel 9:26 do not support a Roman Antichrist, but an Islamic Antichrist. I write about this in the first two chapters of my book, Daniel Revisited.

If British citizens vote to leave the EU here is what could happen.

First, theologically, this could be seen to Roman Antichrist theory supporters as another crack in the whole Roman school of thought. The UK was a part of the old Roman Empire, and now would not be part of the revived empire. Also, there are some in that school of thought that see Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, etc. based in Britain no longer part of the revived empire either.

Second, economically, Germany, France and Britain are the three largest contributors to the EU’s economic health, and are lenders to the debtor nations known as the “PIGS” – Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain. If the UK leaves, there would be downward pressure on the Euro, and both Germany and France would have to pick up the slack or there must be more austerity among the poorer nations. These factors could ultimately contribute to a breakup of the EU.

Of course if the UK votes to stay in the EU its business as usual – the end time events continue to prove themselves as leading to an Islamic Antichrist as the Signposts unwind. But if the UK votes to leave, this might be a good opportunity for Roman Antichrist folk to reexamine their position, and for those who see the coming Islamic Antichrist to dialogue with their “Roman” brothers and sisters.

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  1. So amusing and ‘coincidental’ Mark that I mistook your email alert to this post as being a ‘new post’ that I’d just published on the same topics. So I added a PS and link for readers. The Lord bless you more in your serving Him

  2. Mark, thank you so much for staying on top of this and putting it in terms that we can more easily understand.

  3. And the Lord bless you too, Richard.

  4. Just happened to see this post at 3:30am, (9:30am GB time). If they withdraw, major economic shifts will occur that I believe will not be good. Whats interesting is that Turkey could be more prominent in terms of influence on the EU and may be able to support those in debt like Greece. Really would move things toward the end time economy.

  5. No way the world is going to give it’s allegiance to an Islamic figure. there is no global appeal to a Muslim world leader whatsoever. It is the opposite. what a crazy idea.

  6. Have you considered that the anti Christ will be an Assyrian? David Winston Busch has written an interesting book on this subject.

  7. Hi Thelma,
    Yes. And welcome to the site.
    Have you read my book on the topic? I ask this because anyone who is familiar with my work knows that is my position; the AC will be Syrian (and Assyrian).
    More than the premise of AC being Syrian/Assyrian, my book/ministry shows its the gate to understand the Four Signposts. The Four Signposts will see the emergence of this AC. The First Signpost has happened. The second is next and it will turn the world upside down. I invite you to explore the Signposts.

  8. Joe,
    I admit it sounds crazy. Nevertheless the Signpost interpretation takes history, the plainest reading of Daniel 7 and 8, and the geopolitics of the Mideast to create one construct, the Signposts which hasn’t changed in years.
    Wait until the Second Signpost – the next one – occurs and then see if it stays seemingly crazy.
    One more thing – please realize, Joe, I didn’t write the book or maintain this blog to argue prophecy (although I could do that), but I do these things to warn the church of the terrible things to come.
    God’s blessing to you as you seek the truth.

  9. 10 toes and 10 horns ? could be twenty countries remain in the EU as horn in the bible represents strength therefore could 10 countries be the strong ones while the toes are the weaker ones ?

  10. David,
    Not likely. The toes are the end time kingdoms and are the same thing as the ten horns. Check out chapter 12 in Daniel Revisited. It might help.

  11. I don’t see how anyone can know for sure where the antichrist comes from except the Roman Empire,, and I guess The North. Personally, I think he is going to head up military that takes out the Muslim resistance , then go back and take over Jerusalem, out of Europe, from an area that was in the Roman Empire.

  12. Vicki,
    Both in my book, Daniel Revisited in chapter 2, and in Joel Richardson’s book, Mideast Beast, it is explained why we can have a fairly good idea where he comes from because of Daniel 9:26. He will likely be of Syrian descent, and be a Muslim.

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