Brexit Wins!

It’s late here in the Mountain Time Zone, but I thought I’d check the news one more time.  This is a follow-up to the last post.  The Leave vote beat the Remain vote.  Brexit wins!  The stories are here and here.

From a UK Telegraph website screen grab: Brexit vote wins.

From a UK Telegraph website screen grab: Brexit vote wins.

The citizens of Great Britain have chosen the sovereignty of their nation over becoming part of a possible United States of Europe.

This is huge not only economically and politically, but it also is big in another arena no one is talking about: Bible end time prophecy.  I’ll report on this story later today (Friday).

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5 replies

  1. Looking for the goat (Turkey) to become more dominant in future years and perhaps key to supporting Greece’s economy.

  2. Gary,
    Yes, with the UK out there will be more potential for a Turkish/Muslim influence on the EU.

  3. been thinking on this all day and seems to me the EU will be inclined to allow Turkey in for mostly economic reasons and perhaps to quell the immigration issues everyone is complaining about. Perhaps Turkey will convince the EU that they have the ability to speak to their ‘brethren’ so to speak and if this is Gog rising then as it says in Daniel.. by peace many are destroyed…

  4. Since reading your book Mark along with Joel Richardson’s material, I am reminded as to why it is important to biblical as well as historical detail. Paying attention to such details reminds me of the video clip from Raiders of the Lost Ark, you’ll end up looking in the wrong place…

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