The Brexit: First Crack in Roman AC Theory’s “Proof”?

There are two major arguments used by those teaching that the Antichrist will be from Europe.

The first argument uses a wrong interpretation of Daniel 2:39-40. The interpretation is based on imaginary world history that only occurred in the minds of Roman historians who in fact, exaggerated, i.e. told a lie. Therefore this first argument is very flawed.

The second argument points to the European Union (EU) as fulfillment that the Roman Antichrist is coming. They point to it as proof when it is only mere coincidence. Yes, the Antichrist is to come up among ten nations that come out of an old empire. And yes the EU certainly has ten nations. But if you know real and documented history you would know that the popular “proof” is meaningless because Daniel 2:40 is misunderstood. Rome cannot be the iron leg empire – history shows us it is impossible. Well, with the Brexit we may have our first true crack in the supposed monolith known as “proof.”

The First Argument – A Bad Interpretation of Daniel 2:40

Hal Lindsey wrote an argument in his book The Late Great Planet Earth about Daniel 2:39-40 supposedly proving a Roman Antichrist. On page 90 of the 1970 printing of his book, he started with those two verses from the Amplified Bible:

“And after you shall arise another kingdom [the Medo-Persian], inferior to you, and still a third kingdom of bronze [Greece under Alexander the Great] which shall bear rule over all the earth. And the fourth kingdom [Rome] shall be strong as iron, since iron breaks to pieces and subdues all things; and like iron which crushes, it shall break and crush all these.”

What made quoting the Amplified so convenient is that the translators themselves put the names of empires which they thought were the right ones, in brackets as part of the text of the Bible.  I didn’t add those brackets – the translators did.

Mr. Lindsey then wrote further on page 90,

“These kingdoms would conquer everything that was worth conquering on the known earth of that time.”

Of course this is the long-taught fable. Mr. Lindsey is not reporting the truth of history here, but merely repeating the myth repeated over centuries. Please see Appendix A to my book here – it shows how Daniel 2:40 became so badly misunderstood. It shows that for eighteen centuries Daniel 2:40 was misinterpreted because it was assumed Rome conquered all the other empires. To crush the other empires, like iron crushed the other metals, the iron empire must at least conquer all the other empires. Well, Rome never conquered Persia. Ever. And it was a lie told by historians (see this post) that is now a myth – fairy tale. And that is the first big flaw in the Roman Antichrist argument.

This is all written about in chapter 1 and Appendix A of Daniel Revisited. Richardson wrote about it also in his book Mideast Beast.

As far as this author is concerned, this first argument for Roman Antichrist theory using Daniel 2:40 is dead. Show me that Rome conquered Persia and I’ll reconsider. The problem is, you truly cannot.

The Second Argument – The “Fulfillment” by the European Union

That leaves the second argument. Believing in the popular, but false, interpretation of Daniel 2:40, many point to the European Union as proof that the Roman Antichrist is coming.

One prophecy teacher, Dr. Reagan, in arguing against the Muslim Antichrist theory proposed by Joel Richardson as false, wrote on his website an argument for the Roman Antichrist theory. Speaking against Richardson, and speaking of the “fulfillment” by the European Union, Dr. Reagan wrote:

“How, for example, does he [Richardson] explain the miraculous resurrection of the Roman Empire in the form of the European Union? It’s a development that prophecy experts have been telling us to watch for, and those alerts go back several hundred years. Is the revival of the Roman Empire just an accident of history? I think not. I believe that, just as the Bible prophesies, it is going to serve as the platform for the ascension of the Antichrist.”

Do you see the flaws in Dr. Reagan’s argument? First he writes, “the miraculous resurrection of the Roman Empire in the form of the European Union.” He assumes the European Union is in fact the revived Roman Empire because of his own incorrect interpretation of Daniel 2:40. Second, he says prophecy teachers have been saying to watch this development for “several hundred years.” Again see Appendix A. Yes, it has been several hundred years. And they’ve been wrong over those centuries. Third, he states that, “just as the Bible prophesies, it is going to serve as the platform for the ascension of the Antichrist.” Really? The Bible says that exactly?  I believe he is again using Daniel 2:40’s bad interpretation to derive his position.

Back to Mr. Lindsey, he continues in his book on pp. 94-96, talking about why the EU is the likely setting up of the fulfillment of the coming Roman Antichrist. He begins by writing,

“We believe that the Common Market and the trend toward unification of Europe may well be the beginning of the ten-nation confederacy predicted by Daniel and the Book of Revelation.” (p. 94)

Mr. Lindsey goes on to show on pp. 95-96 several reasons why he believes this. The reasons include (1) Europe must go up against the industrial might of the USA (which declined starting right after 1970 when the book was written), (2) Europe must resist Communism (which went away twenty years later), and (3) a former president of the European Community said he believed the European Union will grow to ten members. Mr. Lindsey of course highlights this. (At the time, the union had only six members.)

In addition on page 93, Mr. Lindsey wrote that the ten nations will come “out of the cultural inheritance of the Ancient Roman Empire.”

I imagine that for nations to qualify as the ten they must have (1) Latin in their language, (2) Roman law mixed in with their own code of laws, and (3) territory that lied within the Roman Empire. These could easily be assumed to be Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and the UK to start. On the fringe might be Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany.  And these nations are all in the EU (or, were, in the UK’s case).

The History of the European Union

European nations began to unite in order to lower trade barriers starting in 1957. The European Economic Community (EEC) was founded consisted of France, Germany, Italy, and the three “Benelux” countries – Netherlands, Belgium and tiny Luxembourg. Six nations.

To put Lindsey’s writing into historical perspective, in 1970, Mr. Lindsey published The Late Great Planet Earth talking about this union as growing into the base for the Antichrist, all while basing this idea on the wrong interpretation of Daniel 2:40.

In 1973, the possible fulfillment looked like it was picking up steam: the UK, Ireland, and Denmark joined. Ireland and Denmark, though not ever part of the Roman Empire could be said to have had some influence from Rome. After all, Ireland was Roman Catholic. Now there were nine. At this point the EEC was being called the “Common Market.”

In 1981 Greece joined and now there were ten. At this point the fulfillment looked like it was happening.  Imagine, ten nations!

But starting in 1986 with Spain and Portugal, membership peaked at 28 nations by 2013.

True, it wasn’t “10” it was “28”, but the ten could still probably reveal themselves in time. After all, the European Union looked like a really good fulfillment for a false interpretation of Daniel 2:40. So the European Union is no true fulfillment, but only an entity that arose coincidental to the popularity of the wrong meaning of Daniel 2:40.

Brexit: “Fulfillment” Shows The First Crack

This author has encountered so many that are so gung-ho on the Roman Antichrist theory they simply will not listen to an explanation of Daniel 2:40. If you are one of them I implore you to read Appendix A.

Many in the end time prophecy community will not bother to understand the simple flaws of their interpretation of Daniel 2:40 which really is the cornerstone for their whole theory. Maybe, then, they will listen and pay attention when they watch their supposed fulfillment start cracking and falling apart.

The United Kingdom was very much affected by the Roman Empire. The Romans were there for four centuries. English is riddled with Latin roots. English and American law started with Roman law. And, as Mr. Lindsey pointed out the revived Roman Empire’s influence must be worldwide; the UK and USA have had worldwide influence. The UK controlled an empire on which the sun, it was said, never set. English is now the worldwide language.  The UK, therefore, is central in qualifying as part of the revived Roman Empire.

And now that influential country, the UK, has exited from the European Union. Of all (what was) 28 members of the EU, Germany, France and Britain, in that order, were the three nations that economically and fiscally upheld the EU. When the PIGS nations got into fiscal trouble it was those three nations that did most of the lending. And now one of the lenders is leaving. How will the French and Germans react? Do they like lending to the Greeks and Spaniards, and now without the Brits’ help?

There are only two paths forward for the EU. These two paths exist because of the nature of the EU. Because the EU only has a united monetary policy (the Euro and the central bank) but not a united fiscal policy (for example, Germany is responsible with its spending while Greece is not), the EU’s hand will be forced in the not-too-distant future. This excellent video, The European Debt Crisis Visualized, explains the situation (it is 12 minutes long – it says 19 minutes but it ends and restarts at 12 minutes for some reason).  It will show you why these two paths exist and why they are really the only paths.

Because fiscal policies vary so much between members, the fear is that members will go broke borrowing from more responsible members. And if a member goes broke, the effects could ripple across the world economically. European governments will not allow that to happen. Therefore, the two paths to prevent a meltdown are: (1) EU breakup, and (2) a greater united authoritarian state, defining and enforcing a united and responsible fiscal policy. The UK left because its citizens felt that the EU regulations were becoming onerous. How might other nations’ citizens feel if additional fiscal policy was forced on the member nations? How might the Greeks react if they were told to work ten more years?

Nigel Farage, head of the UK Independent Party (UKIP) and one of the greatest supporters of the Brexit.  The ad he stood in front of had a tagline on it which I found might end up being the final tag line for supporters of the Roman Antichrist theory.

Nigel Farage, head of the UK Independent Party (UKIP) and one of the greatest supporters of the Brexit, stands in front of a political ad for Brexit. Oddly, on the ad is a tagline I found that might end up being the final tag line for supporters of the Roman Antichrist theory: “The EU has failed us all.”

What the Brexit Signifies

Britain’s exit highlights the problem with the EU: it is not sustainable. Either the EU will break up to prevent a fiscal meltdown, of the EU must become more central and authoritarian to avoid the same. The EU is not the base of the coming Roman Antichrist. The EU is a compromise between sharing a currency among nations and members taking advantage of not needing fiscal responsibility.  The EU has only been a coincidence giving supposed proof to a false interpretation of Scripture.

My guess is the members will choose for the EU to break apart. The Brexit has highlighted the reasons why the EU is not sustainable.  More than that, the citizens of Britain have confirmed those reasons with their votes.

Therefore, this past week when we witnessed the Brexit, we also witnessed the first visible crack in the “proof” of fulfillment used by those supporting the Roman Antichrist theory.

In 1973 the visible “proof” that held a whole end time prophecy community captive, began.  Questioning the interpretation of Daniel 2:40 could likely never enter anyone’s mind as long as “proof” was out and about.  And now, after 43 years, that “proof” might finally start cracking, allowing people to go back to Scripture and real and documented history, and search for the truth.


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  1. EU leaders have asked the UK already to start the two-year leaving process ASAP – while the brexit camp in the UK wants to wait a few months…

    The EU wants to act quickly, the original six founders have a meeting today. (The other members do not like that they were not invited!), and are talking about making a stronger united core of EU countries, with those not wanting that being allowed to not set those steps – so a EU with a core and a periphery, so to say.

  2. Hi Mark!

    Taking a break to read your last blog spot and since being one of a handful of original posters to your site has been a tremendous blessing to me in a variety of ways.

    1) After praying about your long-standing recommendation to begin acquiring metals, I did so starting last summer. I began having the means then at that time to do just that and acquired metal commodities. It has improved my financial security and bought them at what was then the bottom of the market. It is not any longer. I thank you for your wise advice here and the LORD who unexpectedly provided the means.

    2) Hal Lindsey known as “The Father of Modern Day Prophecy” has I believed abandoned the the revived Roman Empire theory in favor of Joel Richardson’s position of a revived Islamic Caliphate theory. I just happened to catch one of his shows once and it appears he has wisely abandoned the old sinking ship of a future rising Roman Empire. He obviously is willing to admit his error publicly. Stand up guy for it.

    3) Dr. David Reagan of Lion and Lamb Ministries has been a fierce critic of Joel Richardson. He has railed against Joel for as long as I have been on Joel’s Trumpet web site and I have been there a very long time! We must pray for Dr. Reagan who needs to repent of deep seated pride and I believe, jealousy over the great success of Joel that has won most fervent prophecy geeks and starting to have influence in the Body of Christ regarding biblical prophecy fulfillment. Let us all reason together to know the LORD’s will as what is God’s revealed truth and not lies and distractions weaved by Satan so that we are not found sleeping when the time is at hand for alertness and most of all readiness.

    Mark, now this is to you, my brother, when you start to undergo fierce criticisms (as Joel did) for your interpretive work on the Book of Daniel, know that Satan is the one ultimately attacking you because you dared to reveal God’s truth to uniformed believers. Satan will do everything in his power under God’s sovereignty to prevent you from accomplishing God’s will. Your endurance and patience is required here and know that God is with you when you undergo such testing which requires deep faith. You can look to Joel as a human guide and he can help you if you let him. But for now is a season for you to have patience and watch, promote your current book where you can and continue with your next book which I look forward to reading as you know. 🙂


  3. Adamant,
    Good link. Here’s a story from BBC with similar content –

  4. Hi Good4u1,
    Thanks for the info and advice.
    Regarding metals, make sure you have access to the physical metal – any paper versions like ETFs or funds won’t be worth anything when things go bad.
    Regarding Reagan, I’ve had my own exchange with him; I agree, we must pray for him.
    I didn’t know about a change of heart with Hal Lindsey. If it is true, and he has repented of teaching the other way, I believe he would need to try to stop the publishing of his book. Last I saw it was still for sale; perhaps the publisher has all the rights.

  5. Thank you for these signs. Enjoyed all the reading that this brought. I just have one problem if I may point it out…the dark green of your background makes it quite difficult to read the type. Is there any chance of your lightening it at all? Thank you so much.

    Blessings, Lynn.

  6. Hi Mark,

    Which book are you referring to? “The Late Great Planet Earth” or something more recent? And it may be as you say, Lindsey’s publisher may have exclusive rights to his books. If that is true, what a bind that puts Mr. Lindsey in for credibility in the eyes of the reading public.

    And now, back to your topic at hand and the break away from the EU by the UK. For those who have even a peripheral interest in biblical prophecy this should be an obvious “red flag” that some revived Roman Empire theory so long engrained in the church is bogus. Just watching normal network news even if you do not have cable reports constant events regarding radical Islam within the Middle East and elsewhere. This should just be normal common sense and not hard to connect the dots for a reasonably thinking person. I do not understand how the supposed authors or pastors (?) can continue to support such positions when the overwhelming evidence clearly points to radical Islam and a revived Islamic Caliphate. Frankly, it is an embarrassment to them and more importantly, the Cause of Christ. *sigh*


  7. Hi Lynn,
    Glad you are here reading the website.
    Regarding the background – and I’m no expert on browsers and maybe someone else can chime in – perhaps it is your browser/version of browser? When I visit the site from the outside it is fine. The green of Islam is meant to be a decoration, not a background. I’ll mention it to a couple people I work with, thanks.

  8. Good4u1,
    Yes, The Late Great Planet Earth. I still have the copy I received waaaay back in 1971, lol.
    Well said.

  9. The only certainty we know about the AC is that he will be a descendent of the Assyrian empire. As you know he is referred to as the Assyrian in several prophecies. Will he be a muslim, christian or jew, could be anyone’s guess. But he will have the dna of an Assyrian. The Assyrian empire was extensive and included a large region in the middle east, and southern Europe as well. Many countries have changed names and territories and even religious beliefs since the empire was at its zenith. At its demise,through conquests of insurgents, the Assyrian people were scattered. There are many credible scholars and studies, in both the secular and biblical history arenas, that trace a portion of the Assyrian migration to the Germanic tribes — Germany today. With the break-up of the EU of today, one cannot discount that there stands a significant statistical probability that the AC could ascend from Germany. Just as Hitler. This probability is as valid as any other. A maybe more reliable.

  10. Kesme,
    I’ll have to take issue on the geographic spread of the Assyrian Empire. It only covered what is today Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and maybe a little more into Turkey and Iran but that was it.
    It is certainly possible that the Assyrian AC could travel to Germany, but there is a problem with that. The little horn of Daniel 8, the AC, grows out of one of the four horns with his power growing to the south and east – its right there in Scripture. So, yes, the man to be AC could travel anywhere as you say, but he will control one of the four future countries in the Mideast and his power as a leader will grow from his Mideast country. See Daniel 8 and chapter 12 of my book.

  11. Mark,

    My name is Dr. William Payne. For years I taught a Revived and Revised Roman Empire and a European Antichrist, but that changed in 2015 when studying Daniel 7 and 8. I saw in Daniel 7:17 that the four beast would be four future kingdoms. As I studied these Scriptures, I began to ask the Holy Spirit to show me the truth of what I was reading. After completing my Bible study time, I came to my computer, looking for something, and stumbled (not really, as it was the Holy Spirit directing me) upon your book “Daniel Revisited.” As I began to read your book, I knew I had found the answers I was looking for. Years ago, I felt to begin studying Islam and put together a teaching on it. My spirit was so excited as I knew the Lord had me on this new path for a reason, never knowing at the time what He had in store.

    I have been an avid supporter of Israel for a long time and do a lot of teaching on end time events. I was blessed to be able to acquire the first ever television footage of the archaeological excavations underneath the Temple Mount area in Jerusalem, dating back to the times of King Solomon and this is where your book comes in, as you have made so clear the series of events that have, and are, leading up to the Islamic Antichrist and soon return of our Lord Jesus.

    Mark, I have a weekly television program called “The Jerusalem Chronicles” in which I did a seven part series entitled “Islam and the Islamic Antichrist.” I used much of the material from your book and have given you credit for it on the programs. It can be seen on the Creative Christian Network using Roku, on YouTube, and on my website, under “Videos.” I will be forever grateful to you and Joel Richardson for your insight and love for our Lord Jesus Christ.

    All my heart,
    Dr. William L “Sonny” Payne
    President, New Gate Ministries

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