The Specter of War

“War will continue until the end…”      (Daniel 9:26, NIV)

Looking at the headlines this morning, there has been yet another bombing in Baghdad by Islamic State (IS). This is the eighth bombing since the end of February, meaning one has occurred on an average every three weeks in and around Baghdad for the last five months.

It was a suicide car bombing. What made this one stand out is that it had the heaviest toll of human life – 120 dead and more than that wounded. It happened in the Karrada neighborhood – an upper middle class district where Christians and Shia Muslims live. And it happened in a shopping area at a busy time.  The photo shows how this one event makes that prosperous neighborhood look like a war zone.

The aftermath of the suicide car bombing in the Karrada neighborhood of Baghdad, July 2, 2016.

The aftermath of the suicide car bombing in the Karrada neighborhood of Baghdad, July 2, 2016.

Many think there will be peace once IS is taken out. Sadly, according to the Scripture there will be no peace until Christ himself returns to this earth to rule. War will continue until the end as Daniel wrote. When IS is taken out, the new oppressors will be the Iranians having invaded and occupied much of the Middle East, in the imminent Second Signpost.

Will they treat people any better than IS fighters have? I doubt it. The second horseman will have been given authority over a quarter of the earth to allow men to butcher one another (Rev. 6:4,8). That quarter is the Islamic Realm. Anyone living there will be in danger. This bombing is representative of the Signposts to come – whether Christian, or Muslim, or Jew, poor or middle class or wealthy, this is only the beginning for the Middle East.

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