New Book Announcement – August 2016

It is with pleasure and excitement that I can announce the first half of my new book has been submitted to my publisher, Thomas Nelson. The second half will be forthcoming. I hope to have it finished by the end of summer. The first half was sent to grease the skids, as it were.

Some may ask why would the second half only take two months to write when the first half took over a year? It’s because the first half set the foundation and it had to be just right. The path is now laid out for the second half.

This book took much longer than I originally thought. Unbeknownst to me the Lord had some things in store to have me stumble upon. Most of you probably have experienced this in one way or another. The book went from something simpler to something more complex and about as long as Daniel Revisited. The complexity does not stem from history (and though there is some history in this book it is not nearly as much as was in DR) but it stems from watching Scripture clarify Scripture.

The book grew from a planned 200 pages to somewhere between 300 and 350 pages (Daniel Revisited was 300 pages), and grew from two Sections to five Sections. I originally envisioned this new book as a sequel to DR or an outcropping of DR, but no, this book has grown to the point where it stands on its own. We don’t need to wait for the Second Signpost to shout out this message to the church (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it is published just ahead of that Signpost). I believe readers of DR will find this new book to be as revolutionary as DR was. I am truly excited about the message of this new book.

I will hold back for now on talking about specific topic details. If I say anything specific it would be like in the time prior to DR coming out announcing Iran was going to invade the Mideast and it wouldn’t make any sense. This can be said: a different way to read Scripture, with a different set of guidelines than what we are used to in our current way of reading, is applied first to Daniel to establish both proof in the usefulness of this reading method and to show several messages in Daniel that we have all been missing. This reading method isn’t Bible codes or something mystical – it’s reading the plain words of Scripture and appreciating what the text shows us. Then the book reviews Zechariah 1-6, Revelation, Matthew 24-25. Finally these chapters of all these books show us what the end times has in store – from start to finish. And yes, the Second Signpost is still next.


Please pray that it can be written before the end of summer. Please stay tuned for developments. In the weeks and months ahead of publishing, I can reveal more of its content, including Section outline and some of the journey behind writing this book. I am truly excited for what God is going to be showing us all, and it’s all in His Word.

I love you all, my brothers and sisters.


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5 replies

  1. Fantastic news, Mark!!

  2. Wow– I’m totally looking forward to purchasing/reading the new book! You’ve probably already thought of this– but just in case you were to graduate to the next life before the book is complete, please make sure someone(s) of your trusted coworkers have enough of your notes or rough drafts to get the book’s message out there one way or another. We increasingly need, as the apostle Paul put it, “in understanding (to) be (mature) men.” Those who are gifted and anointed in rightly dividing the words of truth can assist us in this quest. Of course that gifting implies the investment of much study as well, which I’m confident you’ve done.

  3. Daniel,
    All taken care of, thanks.

  4. I am really looking forward to your newest book. Will there be a pre-sale and will it be on Kindle? I’m on my 4th go through of DR.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  5. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the support and I’m so happy you found the message to be a blessing.
    I know it will be available for Kindle. Regarding a pre-sale I don’t know, but I remember when DR came out the e-book was available a week before the print book.

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