A Potential Arsenal for Iran?

“I watched the ram as he charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power. He did as he pleased and became great. (Daniel 8:4, NIV 1984, emphasis mine)

One factor that makes watching for the Signposts interesting is seeing how exactly events will play out to fulfill prophecy. And we are commanded to this because Jesus said, “Watch!”

For example, how exactly will Iran become great as it says in Daniel 8:4 above? Daniel Revisited chapter 10 mentions a few ways. Recently, the “failed” Turkish coup which happened in mid-July suggests another way.

This story from the Washington Post brings up a frightening possibility. The United States, as part of its treaty and deals with various NATO countries, stores some of its nuclear arsenal in certain countries. The fact that about 50 American B1 nuclear bombs are kept at Incirlik Airbase in Turkey is kept quiet – it’s not Classified, but it’s also not advertised.

A B-61 variable yield nuclear bomb. (Wikipedia)

A B-61 variable yield nuclear bomb. (Wikipedia)

These nuclear bombs are meant to be carried by fighters such as the F-15 and F-16. They have a variable yield up to 340 kT (the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was only about 17 kT).

While the news article reflects an anxiety about Turkish forces possibly grabbing them, I don’t think that is the problem. Only if you know about the Second Signpost, the invasion by Iran of the Middle East, are you thinking of a far worse scenario. That’s right, if the Defense Dept. under Obama hasn’t pulled them out by the time the IRGC charges out, there is a very real possibility the IRGC could get hold of them. The Air Base is only 70 miles or so beyond Syrian territory.

Incirlik Air Base (the big red star) located relevant to Iran, Syria, and possible areas of conquest by Iran.

Incirlik Air Base (the big red star) located relevant to Iran, Syria, and possible areas of conquest by Iran.

Iran may be able to cobble together a few nuclear bombs on its own. Now imagine what Iran could do with 50 more nuclear warheads, courtesy the US DoD.  The Persian ram “did as he pleased and became great.”

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  1. Do you think that Iran is ready for such a move? Have you considered what might still need to be in place for them to make their move? What do they still need to mobilize? In other words if you were in the shoes of their military commander, what else is needed to prepare and put in place and mobilize prior to a full force attack on the middle east? Is there a necessary event to take place? And is there something that needs to happen on behalf of the other surrounding countries and Russia?
    I know that we don’t really know, and that it is all a timing of God’s sovereignty, i only ask because your last two posts have been as if you are greatly anticipating the soon start of the second sign post.
    When this event does happen what sort of changes do you plan to make in your life?
    Gospel preaching in the streets? Prepping? Moving to another country? A greater attempt to wake up the church? In other words what will all of the diligent watching that you have done lead you to do differently than you may be doing in God’s kingdom than at this time? (My last question is kind of in line with my last reply)

  2. Jesse,
    Good questions. I probably answer most of them in all the posts I’ve made over the last few years.
    I don’t know everything Iran still needs in order to move out. But this is why Scripture is so high level – we watch the major Signposts and let God worry about the details. We can guess at the details but God has put in the level of detail He wants us to know. We watch the news for clues telling us (1) if we are still on track for the next Signpost, and (2) might there be a chance we see something that tells us we are indeed close.
    Regarding myself, I am only doing what my Lord would have me do. I am not being called in for talks, speeches or conferences. The church will not wake up until the Second Signpost happens. I am to occupy right now which is working half time and working furiously on the book.
    When Iran runs out that’s when I, you, and everyone else who knows the Signposts declares it to their church. I need to finish the book so I am free to speak to the churches as necessary. In regards to physical preparation, I have done everything I have preached in various posts. As far as I know I am staying put right here north of Denver until I hear different from my Captain.

  3. I feel that is a very wise response on your part, Mark. When Iran does charge out as prophetic scripture indicates it will, you will be in the position of Joel. Actually, it is not an easy place that Joel is in and he endures much, much scrutiny and haters just recently are attempting to sabotage is fine, ground-breaking work. Frankly, he and his family undergo a great deal and being a prophetic voice to the church is only endured because God has called you to it. When your time comes, you will understand exactly what Joel has experienced.


  4. This article caught my attention:

    We recall what happened to the now-deceased ex-leader of Libya, reportedly as a result of planning to abandon the US$ in their sales of petroleum products. Chaos. Erdogan may be bluffing– in an attempt to gain free handouts from the US. But if he’s serious about abandoning US$ trading, that’s a invitation for Western Elites and their associated political powers-that-be, to allow (if not secretly encourage) rival mid-east power Iran to put a stop to this in a military fashion (i.e., a trigger for ‘the 2nd signpost’ may be on the horizon). Western political powers fear threats to the reserve currency status of the US$ more than is commonly realized.

    On a side note, it’s surprised me how little news our western media is reporting concerning Turkish events. Perhaps they were reluctant to report much on the rising power of Hitler also. Interesting.

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