Russian Tu-22M Bombers Based in Iran

A few days ago Russian Tu-22M bombers began bombing runs out of an air base in Iran. The Tu-22M is roughly equivalent in performance to the USAF B-1 bomber. Since the bomber would fly from Iran instead of southern Russia each plane could deliver its full payload of 20,000 pounds of bombs.

Russian Tu-22M3 bombers.  (Wikipedia photo)

Russian Tu-22M3 bombers. (Wikipedia photo)

A few were deployed to Hamadan Air Base to attack Islamic State in eastern Syria. The air base is located about midway between Tehran and Kirkuk.

Su-34’s have also been sighted, which are roughly equivalent in range and payload to the USAF F-18.

What might all this mean for the Second Signpost?

For one, as one reader put it, it might make the shock of the Persian ram’s outward charges across the Mideast more shocking. Heavy bombers would definitely soften many targets that IRGC ground forces could secure. Going west to Syria is already being done today, but flying south into Saudi Arabia and north into Turkey would definitely set off a major war. However, Iran’s ground forces would be the main reason war would begin.

This brings up a question – when Iran runs out and invades the Mideast will other nations like Russia play a side role being allied to the main antagonist in the region that is Iran? If nations in the Mideast, like Egypt and Turkey, declare war on Iran, will they need to declare war on Russia as well? Will this deployment of Russian bombers to Iran be more common?

Watching the Mideast for developments is always interesting.

This is the first time in the history of the Islamic Republic that the regime has allowed a foreign military force onto its soil. That in itself is major. Stay tuned.

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  1. Mark, am reading breaking news this afternoon of supreme ayatollah saying Russia “has no base in Iran” (’s-high-flying-Tupolev refers)

  2. Richard,
    Well that’s what I get for being 5 days late. The basing of Russian bombers in Iran has still set a precedent.

  3. Sorry to have brought that news, and i was going to have re-blogged. Nevertheless i agree something’s going on in that ‘Ezekiel 38 axis’.

  4. Richard,
    I believe I know what you mean when you say “Ezekiel 38 axis” but technically that axis does not exist yet (at least in my interpretation of Scripture) – it won’t until the Fourth Signpost.
    And I appreciate the sentiment, but revealing reality is what this site is all about.

  5. Agree with you Mark and I too prefer to watch the facts and see how they match scripture.

    I’m inclined to think the revelations Ezekiel and Daniel received may be related to the same developments in afar-off times – very possibly nowadays. As to how they may directly connect we see dimly, yet you’re to be congratulated in bringing welcome clarity from the book of Daniel.

    The modern Libya we may have supposed to be referred to in Ezekiel could no longer be the Gaddafi regime – but those rebels are directly related to the ‘daesh’ Islamist State and its trampling down various peoples across the Middle-East.

  6. Richard,
    Your assertion on Libya I believe is correct. God is preparing all ten nations to join AC at the right time.
    They must all likely have either an Islamist government or an Islamist majority. We see this in Libya and Egypt, and in countries that have already reached the Islamists’ goal like Algeria, Sudan, and Iran.

  7. This is another step towards expanding the coming regional Shia-Sunni conflict to a potential global one. As this site has discussed the potential of previously, Sino/Russia supporting Iran and the Shia’s, NATO backing Turkey and the Sunni’s. Just speculation but interesting enough as we see Mark’s Second Signpost draw near.

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