The First Step After My Prayer Asking for Wisdom

This is my testimony of an experience that occurred which, going unmentioned until now, could fit between two sentences in Daniel Revisited. I’ve shared this story with a few friends and all have suggested I should share it.  I believe it is time.


“In the months following September 11, it hit me how quiet it seemed in places like Europe in terms of incidents related to the prophecy picture. One could almost hear the crickets chirping there. Russia and Europe appeared to be out of the picture as the headlines were full of news about Iraq, suicide bombings, the ousting of Saddam Hussein, developments in Iran, and so on.

“These thoughts nagged me. At that time it was thirty-five years after Israel took the Temple Mount, and we were even past the year 2000. Surely we were in the end times. Surely Jesus’ return was now much closer. So wouldn’t news events be of great significance relative to, or at least somewhat applicable to, prophetic scripture? When ecumenical meetings in Europe or developments with the euro were touted as prophetically significant, I had problems with the proposition. Really? I thought. We are getting closer to Christ’s return, and this is all anybody can come up with as significant events?

“On the other hand, in the Middle East there were suicide bombings, riots, revolutions, and even major wars; yet, I hadn’t heard anything being specifically reported as prophetically significant there. These were all assigned to the “increasing wars and disasters” category. There seemed to be nothing in Scripture to connect ongoing Middle Eastern events to biblical end-times prophecy.

“Something just didn’t feel right. So I did what we as Christians are supposed to do; I sought the Lord’s counsel and wisdom on the matter. Thankfully, the Lord saw fit to send me on a journey of discovery.   [The following account goes here.]   Within days of beginning my quest for an answer, I found Joel Richardson’s writings on, a forum where Christians and Muslims discuss theology.”

Daniel Revisited, p. 7


It was a strange time in those days after September 11.  I was in thought and prayer wondering if there could be any sense made from what had just happened.  Many I’m sure felt the same way.

At that time I worked for a defense contractor. My commute was very long so I took a train and a bus every day. The company facility campus was large, covering many city blocks. The bus would come to my building and take us to the train station. It was in those days while waiting for the bus my mind wandered to the events of 9-11. What did it all mean? And so I prayed that prayer I wrote about in Daniel Revisited. “Lord, would you please show me what you are doing?”

The next day – it must have been sometime in late October 2001 – I was again waiting for the bus at the bus stop. But on this day my heart quickened. A thought came – that kind of thought that takes you a little by surprise – it isn’t from the evil one or your own thoughts. It was the kind of thought really only a follower of Christ would understand – it pops into your head seemingly out of nowhere, peaceful, filling your being inexplicably with comfort both from the message itself and from the knowledge that He is guiding your life. Unexplainable but nevertheless there it is.

The bus stop structure was long – enough seating for perhaps twelve people with a roof to shelter us from the rain. At either end was a place for advertisements. A new movie poster had been put up there at the bus stop. I had never seen the title before and was unfamiliar with it. It was for Ocean’s Eleven.

The thought I received was to look at that movie poster. It would show me the connection between 9-11 and the end times. “Really?” I thought. I stared at it for a few minutes, anticipating what the Lord might show me. I knew from my own experience following Christ and from brothers and sisters that God meets you right where you are and can speak to you via all sorts of avenues.  I was intrigued.

The poster is pictured. The first thing I noticed was the references to 9-11.

The movie poster as it appeared at the bus stop. The red "11" stood out; the "Ocean's" required some poking.

The movie poster as it appeared at the bus stop. The red “11” stood out of course; the “Ocean’s” required some poking.

Now, I had been in much prayer about 9-11 in the days immediately following. I realized God’s signature was all over that day’s events. Not only was it a sign from God to our nation that we had fallen out of covenant with God, but that our nation from that moment was now under judgment. Three thousand people died – the same number used in the Bible to show a people entering or falling out of covenant with God. Two examples are the 3,000 soldiers sent on that ill-fated mission to conquer Ai in the book of Joshua, and the 3,000 that were baptized into the church on its first day. As far as judgment is concerned, it starts with the house of God. New York City set up a victim numbering system. I found it interesting that the very first victim at Ground Zero according to the city of New York, was victim No. 0001 – a Father Mychal Judge, a Catholic priest. Pieces of the World Trade Center fell on him.  Interesting last name.

Judgment or chaos seems to accompany some of the occurrences of the number eleven in the Bible: the eleven Apostles, the eleven-year rule of two of the kings of Judah when Jerusalem was under siege by Nebuchadnezzar. The number eleven was all over the events of that day. The Pentagon is at 11 Dupont Circle. The World Trade Center, shaped like a giant “11” had 111 stories and was located in the eleventh state.

God can use our broken knowledge – what we think we know – to teach us his truths to lead us closer to Him. So he used my incomplete or broken knowledge of 9-11 to teach me the answer to my prayer. Looking at the poster I saw “Eleven” in the movie title, and the blood red shadow of an eleven, or what might have been the World Trade Center. At the bottom I noticed that the movie came out on the same day as that other infamous day to which 9-11 was compared – December 7.

That made three references to 9-11: half the movie title, the big red bloody shadow, and “12-07-01.” “Ok, Lord, I see the connections to 9-11.” Let every matter be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses, I thought. My mind started looking for the end times connection.

First was the catch-phrase at the bottom – “Are you in or out?” After Christ grabbed me in November 1997 and showed me He had to be my God, He gave me a hunger for his word. Matthew 12:30: “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters.” Are you in or out? Are you going to follow me or not? And when it comes to the end times, one must follow Him always and be close to Him in prayer every day, staying sensitive to his promptings.

The second thing that caught my eye was the first word in the title: “Ocean’s”. Not knowing what the movie or story was about, I looked it up online when I got home. “Ocean” was the last name of a “Danny Ocean.” Hmm. “Daniel’s ocean?” I wondered. My mind went to the beginning of Daniel 7, “Daniel said: “In my vision at night I looked, and there before me were the four winds of heaven churning up the great sea. Four great beasts, each different from the others, came up out of the sea.” (NIV 1984, emphasis mine)  That’s Daniel’s ocean.  Though at the time I believed the popular interpretation of Daniel 7, the eleventh horn was still viewed by everyone it seemed as the Antichrist – the overarching end time figure.  That sea and Daniel 7 seemed to me to be associated with the end since the Antichrist, the little horn, appeared later in that vision.

Late afternoon the next day, there I was in front of that movie poster again. Three features of 9-11 blended and worked into a picture with two features of the end times. “Eleven” and “11” and “12-07-01” met “Ocean’s” and “Are you in or out?”

Alright Lord, you’ve shown me the poster connects 9-11 to the end times. Thank you for that.  “What next?” I asked. My mind then immediately realized a possible common thread between the two. Islam? I knew 9-11 was carried out by 19 men who were Islamic zealots from Saudi Arabia. But, Islam have something to do with the end times? “How could this be?” I thought. If Islam did have something to do with the end times what role might it play? Maybe Islam has something closer to do with the Antichrist than I was taught? I decided on the spot in front of that movie poster at the bus stop, on that November day with the yellowing leaves of the poplar trees lining the street on both sides, to Google “Islam” and “Antichrist.”

When I got home, I did just that. Hmm. “Joel Richardson? Who’s that guy?” I thought. Hmm. Some writer on He thinks the Antichrist will be Muslim? It seems crazy, but on the other hand the Lord seems to be leading.  Let’s check this out…


The rest is history. Joel’s writings led to a challenge to my own beliefs about the end times. This led to researching how the Bible supports such a notion, which led to my own discovery of the Signposts, which led to Daniel Revisited. So it all started with a prayer asking a question, and God planting me in front of a movie poster giving me an answer. I praise God for his reaching out to me and guiding me to the Signpost interpretation!

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  1. God is awesome. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Thanks Mark for sharing. Before 9.11 I really did not pay attention to the Middle East. I remember when the Soviet Union fell and I thought to myself, don’t believe that/them because like most of us, I thought our eyes were to be on Russia and Europe. I began to read about Islam on my own. There were verses in the bible I didn’t think made sense until I found Joel Richardson. For me and my point to my comment here is I had a real hatred for Muslims and what they were doing. I had read enough about their religion before Joel how dangerous they were and everyone seemed asleep. Then about 3 years ago, I saw Joel on some religious channel (which I don’t usually watch, but I was home sick and just flipping through the channels), and I listened to what Joel was saying. Long story short, after reading MidEast Beast and listening to him my heart changed from hate to love. I have contributed financially to some of the ministries on his site and many prayers for Muslims since. I am so grateful God has given us Joel and his ministry. And of course I found your site and your book. 🙂

  3. I remember in 1991, being bewildered about the fall of Communism in Russia. Wondering as to what was next and sort of being a bit obsessive about it. At some point I just quit being concerned about it but felt impressed with the thought “keeping my eye on Turkey” and NATO. I didn’t really understand it at the time until coming across Joel’s books.

  4. Thank you for sharing your testimony of how God showed you this truth. I believe that God has used you to help me. I have read your book and I have been following Joel Richardson and it all lines up. I praise God for what he has done through you and I share your information from your book, Daniel Revisited with my small group.

  5. Thank you for sharing your testimony . It is an encouragement for believers to not trust in themselves but to seek wisdom and knowledge from above. During the turbulent times of today we need all the Divine wisdom that we can get.

  6. Just read this article, Mark, from Wiliam Koenig’s website…..the IRGC is expanding out and developing a larger Sh’ia force. This second signpost is definitely materializing.

  7. Gary,
    Yes, I saw that too. Its an ongoing development. Thanks for the link.

  8. Thank You Mark for sharing how God speaks to you. Very similar to my experience.
    I’m an artist and architect by trade, and he often does as His word says in Psalm 32:8 :
    ” I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with MINE EYE.”
    And often as you noted. using things in the secular world, and my ways of understanding.
    He helps me properly discern many visual ” dot ” connections, and seeing into words and etymologies.

    Such things as…your own blessed name. What a great biblical name.
    Mark Davidson = Mark (make note of, declare ) David’s Son ( Jesus )

  9. Thomas,
    Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  10. I just reread the Chapters 5 – 9 of the book. I have only one question. You described in the earlier section of the book that there were seven heads of the dragon that attempted to destroy the woman (israel) and devour the male child. Therefore the dragon’s heads in history tried to do one or more of the following: (1) wipe out the Jews, or (2) remove or keep them from their land, or (3) destroy their holy city and holy place of worship, or (4) destroy their religion or their faith.

    The seventh head of the dragon is Islam. So here’s the question. The first sign post (Iraq) doesn’t seem to have anything particular to do with Islam or it’s attempts to destroy Israel. Iraq was/is more secular than religious because of Sadam. I just don’t understand how Iraq “fits” into the sign posts from that perspective. All of the other six heads and the final three signposts are clearly anti Israel in their actions and ideology. Would you speak to this issue of the first sign post?


  11. Rick,
    Good question. Your first paragraph states the situation well, in my opinion. Here’s an answer.
    In chapter 5, I make the case for the seven heads of the dragon being empires in history going against Israel, in the end times being the modern versions of those empires, the seven heads of the four beasts (Rev. 13:1-2 is the crucial passage here making the connection).
    The seventh head of the dragon was historical Islam up to 1924 (or it could be said to be 1948 when Israel became a nation again). The first six heads were not Islam, but pre-Islamic kingdoms. Of the seven heads of the beasts, only the fourth beast is end time Islam; the other six heads are Islamic nations, but the action is centered on those nations, even though they are Islamic.
    The First Signpost was all about Iraq, but Saddam did his conquests and Saddam was removed, not because of Islam, but because of Saddam and his nationalistic leanings leading Iraq. Likewise, the Second Signpost is not due to Islam – that’s the excuse Iran uses – but ultimately it is Persian nationalism (see chapter 10). (In fact, much of Iran’s clinging to Shia Islam was at its root its antagonism toward its Arab Sunni conquerors with raged from 700-1500 AD.) In the Third Signpost the raging, indignant Erdoğan will charge east using the excuse of Sunni Islam, but ultimately it will be all about Erdoğan and his being king over a brand new version of the Ottoman Empire covering the Middle East. The Fourth Signpost will be all about Islam – who gets to lead, who unites it, it becoming a real world-class force to reckon with, and who gets to lead Islam in it attack on Israel.
    In addition, keep in mind the First Signpost while being about Iraq, its corresponding head of the dragon was Babylon – both Babylon and the actions of Iraq were all about “Babylonians”, not Muslims.
    Does this help?

  12. Mark, like you, a turning point for me was when I googled ‘ Islam Antichrist’ and Joel Richardson’s name came up. Before that I did not know if anyone was having thoughts similar to mine. When I discovered Joel’s ideas I took it as possible confirmation from God that I was on the right track.

    After 9-11 when beheadings became public it reminded me of verses in Revelation. I knew Europe had outlawed capital punishment and it caused me to rethink the idea of a European Antichrist. The verses in the writings of John saying he is antichrist who denies the Son reminded me of how Islam teaches that Jesus is not the Son of God and that he did not die on a cross. It caused me to rethink the idea of the false prophet coming from the Catholic system. That system does not deny that Jesus is the Son of God or that he died on a cross. In fact, crosses are a common symbol with them. When I looked at the power structure of Iran with a political leader and a religious leader it caused me to wonder if that was a model of the Antichrist and False prophet.

    I also wondered why the nations would fight against Christ when He returns to rule the world.
    How could they think Christ was an enemy? If true prophecy teachings were turned upside down and good was called evil and evil good then people following that would be deceived into thinking Christ was ‘the bad guy.’ I knew that the prophecy of Islam does just that! The one we know in truth as the Antichrist is the one Islam will welcome as their ‘Messiah.’ The true Messiah coming to put down evil and rule the world will be seen as the evil one.

    Since that time some years ago when I googled ‘Islam Antichrist’ I have leaned toward that interpretation more and more. In recent days I discovered your writings and videos after your name was mentioned in one of Joel’s videos. Because of your interpretations I am revisting the writings of Daniel.

  13. Larry,
    May you be sensitive to the Lord’s promptings and may He bless your voyage of discovery. I’m glad you found my work, and that Joel pointed you this way. In Daniel Revisited I recount the steps I took on my voyage and realized that with an Islamic Antichrist realized it might turn our whole interpretation of everything else prophetic on its ear, which it does.

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