The Drums of War: An Exchange of Insults

The year-long saber-rattling rhetoric between Iran and Saudi Arabia was raised another notch this past week.  This is another thread of activity prior to the Second Signpost  or any war – making enemies out of your neighbors.

I wrote in an earlier post about the Hajj stampede in which 400 Iranians died about a year ago. Iran and Saudi Arabia were always at odds, but the Hajj stampede gave Iran an excuse to make an outright enemy out of Saudi Arabia.  In January 2016 Saudi Arabia executed a number of Shia Muslims and then the Saudi embassy in Tehran was attacked.

And now this past week there was another exchange of rhetoric between Iran and the Saudis. This time the exchange was of outright insults, and not just accusations. Supreme leader Khamenei accused Saudi Arabia yet again of mismanaging the Hajj in Mecca. Then came the following slow-motion exchange between Al-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia on Sept. 6, followed by Mohammad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of Iran in a NY Times Op-ed piece yesterday (Sept 13):

AL SHEIKH: Iranians are “not Muslims” but are “the sons of the Magi.”

ZARIF: “The toxic threat of Wahhabism cannot be ignored…concrete action against extremism is needed.”

Al-Sheikh (L): Iranians are infidels. Zarif (R): Wahhabism

Al-Sheikh (L): Iranians are infidels.
Zarif (R): Wahhabism cannot be ignored and must be dealt with.

The head cleric in Saudi Arabia just declared Iranians to be effectively infidels, accusing them of clinging to Iran’s ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. This is an insult to Iran’s Shia Muslim faith.  As far as they are concerned, it is Sunnis and Wahhabis that are not Muslim.  Zarif, the foreign relations mouthpiece for supreme leader Khameini sounds like he made an outright threat against the religion of central Saudi Arabia. Khameini earlier spoke against the royal family – now his foreign minister spoke against their religion.  Their religion must be dealt with; its the same kind of phrase Islamic fundamentalists might use against Jews or Christians.

How much more will the rhetoric step up before the Second Signpost begins? As always we don’t know, but we will be watching.  At least we believe we know that this is the place to watch, for the next great event is likely the great invasion of the Middle East by Iran just as Daniel 7 and 8 seem to be showing.

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  1. I read about that statement too and thought a declaration of war with Iran was at hand. There is already a proxy war through Yemen. I am convinced this is the reason why Iran is stopping our ships. They simply don’t trust US due to the political entanglements with the House of Saud. Joel Richardson had a very interesting video of the House of Saud earlier this year in May concerning how much money Saud pours into elections and candidates over the last decades. There is a reason why a money drop was made to Iran too. Totally seeing now how Erdogan and the third signpost is setting up.

  2. Noteworthy this is happening almost exactly a year after a lightning strike on a crane that fell on the Meccan Grand mosque on the 14th anniversary of 9/11 attack and killed/injured hundreds! It was assumed to be an ‘act of God’!!

  3. Hey, Mark, any news for us on your new book? It’s hard to wait for it!!

  4. James,
    I’m in prayer on some aspects about it. In others, editing and cover artistry are starting soon.

  5. Genesis 16;12 – (prophesied to Hagar concerning the future of Ishmael): “This son of yours will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him. Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives.” (NLT)

    It seems, as it was written, the descendants of Ishmael have followed in their forefather’s footsteps over the years since. Fortunately there is a spiritual way of escape for all individuals who have been born again of incorruptible seed through faith in (and the faith of) the promised Seed of Abraham… Jesus Christ.

  6. Brother’s-
    After deeply studying everything that i could about an ‘islamic antichrist’ for the last 6 months along with the revelation of daniel chapter 8 i am now in the early stages of ‘intense’ prepping. There is so much information online about what an EMP would do to our country and our military… If any of you don’t know what an EMP would do i’d suggest you look into it…. Anyhow notice in Daniel chapter 8:4 that no one can withstand the ram once he begins to charge. Will Iran take us out completely with an EMP prior to their thrust throughout the middle east so that the U.S. won’t be able to withstand him? Speculation i know, but a possibility…

  7. Jesse,
    It is true, the Bible only tells us the major events – like Iran getting to do all it wants. But keep in mind this could happen any number of ways. They would result in the inability of the USA to stop Iran. Getting ready is good in any event.
    An EMP, as you mention, to me is the ultimate nightmare scenario; would God allow that to be unleashed on the USA? Might be but I hope not. Have you read Forstchen’s One Second After? He makes a powerful case as to why it would wipe out 80% of the US population. I would think that anything unleashed on this country might cause a revival and repentance. Hard to do if 4/5 of everyone is just wiped out. I’m praying He is more merciful on us than that.

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