The Signpost Perspective: Return of the Neocons!

So Hillary lost the election. If the Second Signpost was to happen sometime during the next American presidential administration, and Hillary had won, the possible path to the Iranian invasion would be via Hillary’s continuation of the way Obama handled Iran: when Iran was good and ready, it would start its invasion.

But now Trump has won. And while his cabinet picks and appointees domestically seem to be good ones (like Scott Pruitt being head of the EPA!) I see the various state, defense and foreign affairs positions being peopled with neocons.

Remember the “neocons” (neocon is short for neoconservative)? They’re the politicians who, for whatever reason, think that the United States must be engaged in continuous war to defeat enemies across the globe, assert America’s will, and instill democracies wherever possible.

During the Obama administration they didn’t become extinct; they just went into hiding.

Well, now it seems they are making a comeback. I thought it was just me, but Alex Jones at InfoWars has made the same observation.

It was the neocons, running and influencing the George W. administration that brought us the First Signpost! Among them were Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and others.

And now they’re back! This is how they are lining up. While Mike Pence is busy making good choices for domestic posts, Frank Gaffney and Michael Ledeen – two rabid neocons – are, as the InfoWars article says,

“Working closely with former Defense Intelligence Agency chief Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, to ensure that as many neocons from the Bush 43 and Reagan eras find senior positions in the Trump administration.”

Lord, help us.

The Appointees

First is Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor. The jury is out as to whether he is a neocon or a realist. In a recent speech he stated, “So first of all, we need to demolish the terror armies, above all in the Middle East and Libya. We have the wherewithal, but lack the will. That has to change.” The bottom-line is that he believes military intervention is the order of the day in the Middle East, and in his position he will be working closely with the Secretary of Defense and will be closest to Trump’s ears.

Retired army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the appointee for National Security Advisor.

Retired army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the appointee for National Security Advisor.

Second are the candidates for Secretary of State. Two of the leading names – Bolton and Giuliani – are neocons who still believe it was a good idea to go into Iraq and undertake the First Signpost, i.e. removing Saddam and instilling a democracy in Iraq. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has said he will oppose any candidate who doesn’t “get it” that going into Iraq was a mistake. Bolton has gone so far as to call for bombing Iran, using military aggression, and removing the regime – that can only be done with boots on the ground.

Undersecretary of State John Bolton speaks during a news conference at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, in this Jan. 24, 2002 file photo.  Although presidential nominees are usually approved there have been exceptions and the latest fury surrounding Bolton, picked by President Bush as the next U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has people wondering if he may be one of those exceptions.  (AP Photo/Keystone, Laurent Gillieron, File) ** SWITZERLAND OUT **

Former Undersecretary of State John Bolton speaks during a news conference at the UN in 2002. (AP Photo)

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani speaks during the dedication ceremony in Foundation Hall, of the National September 11 Memorial Museum, in New York, Thursday, May 15, 2014. (AP Photo/Richard Drew/POOL)

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani speaks in New York. (AP Photo)

Third, is the pick for Secretary of Defense, Marine General Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis. He is not a neocon. No, he is far more dangerous. He wants to go to into Iran for an entirely different reason than those of neocons.

Former Marine General Jim "Mad Dog" Mattis.

Former Marine General Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis.

I’ll write about him in a separate post.


Many may be celebrating the election of Trump and the defeat of Hillary. I find the whole thing foreboding. It’s one thing to let Iran do what it wants as the Left would do. But as Daniel 8:4 says the Persian ram will get to do all it wants, and no one will be able to stop or rescue. How much more clear can that be?

And if the Second Signpost begins in the next four years, I am fearful that it will start with something much worse: the USA sends a large army into Iran and that army is utterly defeated. Judgment on the USA then becomes worse than loss of oil and loss of the dollar and people’s wealth, no, we lose a major chunk of our fighting men and women.

We may likely see more and more people calling for military intervention in Iran – even from Christian pastors.  However, it will be a disaster.  America and the Coalition went into Iraq and won and caused the First Signpost.  We would be going into Iran to lose and cause the Second Signpost. Once Iran has no fear of being stopped by the USA they will feel free to execute all their plans on the Middle East.

This is one of the problems with being under judgment. You always make the wrong decision.

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9 replies

  1. Well, we are in a no-win situation here: Is there anything that can be done to slow Iran from charging? Is it too little, too late? Would it be possible to return economic sanctions on Iran, if so, would that make any significant difference now? Iran has played a masterful game in the Mideast and now appears to have the upper hand in regional hegemony when it choses to forcefully exercise it. Trump better be ready; he will surely be tested by many of our enemies including Iran. We need to pray for him and all of his new administration heads that they seek wise counsel and not heavy-handedness in the Mideast cauldron.

    As an aside, Joel is no fan of the newly appointed NSC Advisor, General Michael Flynn. In fact, he has called for Trump to dismiss him because of his views on Muslims and fear-mongering inciting racist comments that could be misconstrued as support by Trump before the American people.

    Giuliani has voluntarily taking himself out of contention for Secretary of State as of today which he official announced. It appears that that position will be held till last to announce because of its high profile status within the administration. I found it curious that it was reported today that Romney’s daughter has been appointed chairperson of the NRC and that may be the bargaining chip to bounce Romney out of serious contention since others are coming into view. It is just my personal speculation.


  2. Believing there is a lot more God has not revealed yet. Believing that there is a lot yet in the coming months in terms what will happen globally and thinking they will focus first on ISIL. Have you seen Joel Richardson’s opinion of Flynn? He does not think much of him either. Trump should really look at someone like Tim Furnish for insight.

  3. Since Giuliani dropped out. Who is left besides the dog hater?

  4. Maybe no one can stop the ram is not because the USA has fallen, but that the mutual fear of a larger direct confrontation between the USA and Russia keeps both on the sidelines, continuing the proxy fight.

  5. Pam, Bolton the super-neocon is still in the running.

  6. This is a grim possibility, but there are other possibilities…

    Iran knows all of this even better than you and me, and if I were them I would not wait for the USA to form a coalition with Sunni States and then invade Iran. If Iran expects this, I expect them to strike pre-emptively, to take out as many as possible of the Sunni allies of the USA, before the USA can base big forces there. In this case, neocon policies would only make Iran unleash sooner than it originally planned.

    But neocon USA policies would fit very well with the USA supporting Turkey/Egypt etc. in striking back to Iran – the third signpost.

  7. Certainly another possibility, Adamant.

  8. What planet are you from? Iran’s starved and strapped army is no match for a US attack! There is no way the US would lose against Iran. I’m not saying that I disagree with your 2nd signpost, I just don’t see the fall or even a short term loss by the US as being the cause.
    The “Ram” is already bucking to the North, South, East and West. Enter the Bear…. not the young lion.

  9. Jason,
    Oh I’m very much born and living on this planet that the God of the universe created.
    Look at it this way: the US would go in to Iran for the specific reason to remove the regime. That would be the requirement for a “victory.” If that were to occur there will be no second signpost – at least not in our lifetime.
    Remember Daniel 8:4 – not only does the ram run, but it specifically says no one could stop it, and it did all it pleased. To me that sounds ominous. If the signpost interpretation of Daniel is true, and it is to happen in our lifetime, there is no army on earth that will stop Iran because God’s Word says so. Pay attention to every word of Daniel 8:4.
    Keep in mind too, that every great nation and empire, before their downfall, said exactly what you are saying – “There is no way [we] would lose against [our enemy].”
    If you don’t see Iran beginning its invasion after a loss by the US, keep in mind that the regime, like all evil, fears more powerful forces. If the opposition is finally seen as not a problem, the regime would run out without hesitation. The threat of US interception is probably the main problem in the strategists minds, I would bet. A loss of an America army would definitely give Iran all the encouragement it needed to run out.
    And no, the ram has not run out yet. When it does it will be obvious. And earthshaking. Be patient – give prophecy more time to be properly fulfilled.

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